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Thread: The Numismatic Thread

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    Re: The Numismatic Thread

    100 Peso University of the Philippines Silver Proof



    I commemmoration of UP's 75th anniversary. Only 2000 pieces were made.
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    Re: The Numismatic Thread

    Pictures of the Canadian Silver Maple that I normally buy. Funny, there's now a shortage of ACTUAL silver coins but the PAPER price has collapsed. Probably the works of the "PLUNGE PROTECTION TEAM" and other price manipulators. Now back to the picture: :D

    Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin Specifications (1 oz)

    Front Design Maple Leaf
    Back Design Queen Elizabeth II
    Diameter * * * * 38 mm
    Thickness * * * * 2.87 mm
    Weight * * * * 31.104 g
    Purity * * * * 99.99% Silver
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    Re: The Numismatic Thread

    Still no Silver Coins available in the marketplace. Demand is high but there is no supply. The price of Silver and Gold are still down. I guess the Law of Supply and Demand has been repealed. :D

    Freaking Fiat Currency lovers.
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    Re: The Numismatic Thread

    Then there were the* coins back then which were distinguished by several species of animals stamped on the reverse side, depending on the coin's denomination.

    I still have some pieces of the 50-centavo coin wherein the scientific name for the Philippine Eagle, "Pithecophaga jefferyi" was wrongly spelled as Pithecobhaga jefferyi. :P

    They rectified the error on succeeding minting, though.

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