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Thread: Pinoy athletes in the Beijing Olympics

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    Pinoy athletes in the Beijing Olympics

    Articles, discussion regarding our pinoy athletes in the Beijing Olympics.
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    Re: Pinoy athletes in the Beijing Olympics

    good luck harry!

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    Re: Pinoy athletes in the Beijing Olympics

    Go for Gold Harry.* One step at a time.

    I like his chances. At least the draw was a bit to his favor. True that he may face a Thai, an American and a Cuban in his bracket but he has already beaten the Thai and the American in the last World Championships.* The Cuban boxer is a relative new comer as their defending Olympic champion (Yan Berthelemy) defected last year and turned pro. Not that the Cuban will be a pushover as they are always gold medal favorites regardless of experience but I like Harry's chances against him than against the guys in the other bracket.* The defending World Champion from China and the 2002 Busan Asiad gold medalist are together in the other group.* They also happen to hold winning records against Tanamor with big wins in big stages.*

    Let's all pray that our lone boxer makes it to the finals.* Once he's there, all bets are off.* I don't care about winning records.* He will practically kill for that gold medal.


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    Re: Pinoy athletes in the Beijing Olympics

    Harry's at the bottom part of the bracket, so it's likely his fights will be the last of each session.

    Here's hoping that by next Sunday we'll all be witnessing one of the most historic moments in Philippine sports.

    bracket from:*
    times from:*

    Wed Aug 13* 20:15* Men's Light Fly (48kg) - Round of 32
    Bout 114 (GHA) PLANGE Manyo* vs (PHI) TANAMOR Harry* - (8:15 PM)

    next :
    Bout 191 (114) vs (115) : Sat Aug 16 Evening 7-9 PM - Round of 16
    Bout 223 (190) vs (191) : Tue Aug 19 Evening 7-8 PM - QF
    Bout 251 (222) vs (223) : Fri Aug 22 Evening 7-730 PM - Semis
    Bout 267 (250) vs (251) : Sun Aug 24 Afternoon 130-145 PM - Final

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    Re: Pinoy athletes in the Beijing Olympics

    i remember being in gweilos makati last monday. all of us inside were all cheering jb walsh's win in the heat. afterwards, kitchie nadal sang "isang araw" (a.k.a the theme song of solar's olympics coverage).
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    Re: Pinoy athletes in the Beijing Olympics

    A sad day for the Philippines as one of our best bets to medal lost in the first round.* Harry Tanamor just couldn't get his game going.* He looked too tight and wasn't firing on all cylinders against a defensively solid fighter from Ghana.* Looks like he overtrained.

    It's just one of those days probably.* Too much pressure perhaps to perform very well.* He just picked a wrong day to take a day off.*

    Our hopes are now pinned on our jins.


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    Re: Pinoy athletes in the Beijing Olympics

    It's now up to the likes of Tshomlee Go and co.

    Go Pinoy!

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    Re: Pinoy athletes in the Beijing Olympics

    in some ways this might turn out to be the best thing to happen to pinoy amateur boxing. with this latest debacle, maybe the lopezes will finally have the delicadeza to resign. we have some of the best amateur boxers not just in asia but in the world - tipon, payla, basadre - yet we couldn't even get them to qualify for beijing. we have the talent but we don't train them properly enough. amateur boxing relies a lot on science, technique and intellect yet here we are still relying on brute force and sheer courage. we get cuban coaches but what can they accomplish in 6 months? if we want to succeed in 2012, coach tissert has to train our boxers from now until then. tipon and basadre will still be young enough to be competitive by then. but knowing us, we'll start cramming in 2011.

    the thais must be laughing their socks off at the memory of us walking out of the boxing competitions in the SEA Games, accusing them of rigging the fights. well here they are with 8 fighters in the olympics. i hope each of those fighters wins a medal including a couple of golds. that will clearly illustrate how far ahead the thais are and how low the lopezes have driven our program.

    the ball is in our hands, or, specifically, chairman buhain's. if we still don't sack the lopezes after this, kasalanan na natin kung bakit perrenial kulelat tayo.

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    Re: Pinoy athletes in the Beijing Olympics

    Asa pa!

    Hindi magbibitiw ang mga Lopez sa ABAP.
    We had a head start in this game. At one time we had a glorious 3rd place finish in the World Championship and was the undisputed power in Asia. But the world has learned how to play it. They may not be as good as us,but they have enough smarts to make use of their height. That is enough to beat us.

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    Re: Pinoy athletes in the Beijing Olympics

    Can anyone tell us about our Olympic tradition?
    Understand? / ¿Entiendes?

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