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Thread: Zeroing In On the Zebras

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    Now here's an idea for the college basketball season...

    Fans kill and quarter football referee in Brazil

    Associated Press

    12:51 pm | Sunday, July 7th, 2013

    SAO PAULO — Police say enraged spectators invaded a football field, stoned the referee to death and quartered his body after he stabbed a player to death.

    The Public Safety Department of the state of Maranhao says in a statement that it all started when referee Otavio da Silva expelled player Josenir Abreu from a game last weekend. The two got into a fist fight, then Silva took out a knife and stabbed Abreu, who died on his way to the hospital.

    The statement issued this week says Abreu’s friends and relatives immediately “rushed into the field, stoned the referee to death and quartered his body.”

    Local news media say the spectators also decapitated Silva and stuck his head on a stake in the middle of the field.

    Police have arrested one suspect.

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    Just sharing....

    Permanent refs in UAAP?

    SPORTING CHANCE By Joaquin M. Henson (The Philippine Star) | Updated August 1, 2013 - 12:00am

    UAAP commissioner Chito Loyzaga is swamped by complaints from officials representing schools in the varsity league about the poor level of officiating so far in the league but he’s not fazed. Loyzaga isn’t shirking from his responsibility of making sure the referees are above board, qualified and ready to run when their number is called.

    It’s Loyzaga’s first year on the job and while he’s a rookie, the former PBA player knows what basketball is all about especially when it comes to fair play. If there are referees out to make things happen on the court, he’ll be the first to spot them. He’s been around in the game too long to be fooled by scalawags disguised as whistle-blowers. ...

    Read the rest here:
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    Kung balasubas lang mga Bedista, madami na kaming pinakatay na ref. Haha!
    Understand? / ¿Entiendes?

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    UAAP Season 80 Referee Number 85, Sambrano (or Sembrano?), has it in for everybody. Ito din 'yung magaling na nagsiguro na magkakaron ng Game 3 ang 2009 UAAP Finals between Ateneo and UE.

    Nasa baseline kami that time, magkakasama kami nung mga ibang reporters at photographers, most of whom had no stake in either Ateneo or UE.

    Nasha-shock lahat na parang andaming pinakakawalang bira ng mga refs from UE against Ateneo, lalo na Lucas Tagarda's elbows against Jai Reyes, Pari Llagas' simpleng tuhod versus Rabeh Al Hussaini, Paul Lee's constant grabs against Kirk Long and Eric Salamat.

    Nagkakatinginan na nga kami nung mga iba pang media guys.

    Guess who was the ref assigned to the baseline area that time?

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    Franz Pumaren on officiating in game vs La Salle: 'Malakas na nga sila, tapos ... di ba?

    From: Reuben Terrado November 18, 2017, 07:52 pm

    ADAMSON coach Franz Pumaren was the picture of a frustrated man at the end of the Final Four game against La Salle on Saturday.

    The former PBA guard was all over the referees late in the game and didn't let up at the end of a game which the Green Archers won, 82-75, shouting 'worst officiating' at the referees on his way to the Falcons' locker room.

    He was obviously biting his tongue during the post-game interview but still let out a mouthful against the officials after a game that saw Adamson called for more fouls, 33-12, and awarded just five free throws to the Green Archers' 39.

    "They are lucky. During my time, I didn't get that kind of call," said Pumaren, who led La Salle to five UAAP championships during his time in charge at the Taft campus.

    Pumaren even claimed friends from La Salle were similarly aghast over the way the game was called.

    "I don't want to sound sour-graping but I guess, all of the basketball fans saw the game. In fact, me coming from La Salle, even my friends from La Salle, friends that I've not been in touch with for the longest time, parang they can't even celebrate the victory," said Pumaren.

    Pumaren said he feels for his players who he said worked so hard to build a 15-point lead only to lose it in the end in the face of a searing rally by the reigning champions.

    "I pity my players. They worked so hard for this. But I guess, you saw the game. I don't have to elaborate it," said Pumaren. "Malakas na nga sila tapos... di ba?"

    "Anyway, no use in discussing it. I want to say a lot of thin,gs because here, no fine eh. I just want to be saying na kami lang natalo because of... it shows."

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    Renren Ritualo joins chorus of jeers against officiating after Falcons loss to La Salle

    From: Christian Jacinto November 19, 2017, 03:30 pm

    LA SALLE legend Renren Ritualo found himself on the opposite end of the floor against a school he led to multiple championships on saturday night.

    That didn't stop him from lashing out at how the officials handled the UAAP Season 80 semifinal game which the Greenn Archers won over Adamson, 82-75.

    Ritualo, now an assistant coach for the Falcons, was one of the most animated figures on the Adamson bench in a game that saw La Salle get a 39-5 advantage in free throws awarded.

    After the match, a furious Ritualo was heard shouting, 'Sinisira niyo ang laro e,' while the referees were within hearing distance in the tunnel leading to the Smart Araneta Coliseum dugouts.

    Asked about that incident, Ritualo didn't hold back.

    "Violent reactions because there were non-calls and there were 'calls.' I don't know what happened there pero the quality of the game went down," said Ritualo.

    "We were playing so hard with all our hearts, we sacrificed everything and that happened," he added.

    Ritualo said he couldn't stand seeing how hard their players prepared for the game only to fade in a final stretch marred by a number of controversial calls.

    "It was heartbreaking, lalo na with the kids. Pag nakita mo yung mga bata para talagang heartbroken, parang nakipag-break sa kanila mga girlfriend nila because they were all crying," Ritualo said.

    "They pour their hearts out in this game and in the practices. We don't practice light, we practice hard. The effort, the sacrifices were really there but we came up short so it was really unfortunate for the kids."

    But Ritualo - one of only two players which had his jersey retired after winning four championships with La Salle - insisted that it was nothing personal against his alma mater.

    "Alam naman ng La Salle community that I served them and I'm very honored that I represented La Salle throughout my career," Ritualo continued.

    "I won't be here, I won't be Renren Ritualo kundi dahil sa La Salle din. Yung character ko ngayon, it was honed here.

    "We're all La Sallians, we don't want to lose. We're used to winning. So if you're watching us, and looking at us, gusto namin na manalo. We're really emotional cause we love this game, we want to win, we just don't show up and play, we really want to win."
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    Contrary to Falcons' claim, Aldin Ayo insists referees 'consistent with their calls'

    From: Reuben Terrado November 19, 2017, 05:23 pm

    CONTRARY to claims by Adamson coaches, La Salle coach Aldin Ayo insisted the officiating in their UAAP Season 80 Final Four showdown was consistent.

    The Falcons, from coach Franz Pumaren down to the players, expressed their displeasure over the referees' calls after a 75-82 loss to La Salle that knocked them out of the championship race.

    Ayo, however, insisted the referees were consistent during the game and blamed the 33-12 disparity in fouls as well as the 39-5 edge La Salle enjoyed in free throws attempted to the Falcons' physicality.

    "I told the boys to return the favor because they were doing it in the first quarter. Actually, n the whole first half," said Ayo of the Falcons' physicality.

    Ayo also said the Green Archers were quicker to adjust to the calls when it became apparent the referees were allowing the players more room for contact.

    "(The Falcons) kept on doing it. They kept on bumping us and the referees were allowing it. I told the boys that since they are not calling it, ibato din natin sa kanila," said Ayo.

    "Good thing, the referees were consistent," he added.

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    I thought it was just fine that Ateneo had a 40-24 advantage in freethrows against Roi and UE back in 2015 - with Phenom by himself taking 25 - so I should also be fine with Lasalle getting a 39-5 edge against Adamson on freethrows, right?
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    UAAP suspends three referees as Adamson Falcons file protest after loss to La Salle

    From: Christian Jacinto November 21, 2017, 04:32 am

    ADAMSON has formally filed a protest before the UAAP board after its controversial 82-75 loss to La Salle in the Final Four last Saturday at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

    In a post by the Adamson University Alumni Sports Executive Group on Facebook late Monday evening hours after the protest was filed, the group shared a letter by Fr. Aldrin R. Suar addressed to league executive director and commissioner Rebo Saguisag regarding their grievances with how the game was officiated.

    Suar blasted the referees as "downrightly unfair and biased," saying the game officiating was "revolting" and that it "calls for an immediate action in order to forestall its duplication in the future."

    The school said that it was asking for a "judicious review of the recording of the match," in order to "arrive at an objective resolution," of their grievances.

    In his reply, Saguisag said that the Falcons weren't alone in feeling that way and that he "called for an emergency meeting the very next day to address the seeming public outrage over the said game."

    The youthful commissioner even invited Mark Molina of Far Eastern University and Erika Dy of Ateneo to the meeting to make sure that the referees know what was at stake with the semifinal match.

    Saguisag also bared that the referees Enan Alejo, Ian Borbe and Mollie de Luna were immediately suspended, with two being recommended to be banned for the season – though the letter didn’t indicate who.

    Borbe and de Luna aren't new to controversy as they were called out publicly two years ago by then FEU coach Nash Racela in their championship match against UST.

    Borbe was also suspended for three games by the NCAA in 2014 for challenging then Letran star Mark Cruz to a fist fight.

    The Green Archers had a 39-5 advantage in free throws given after the Falcons got called for 33 fouls compared to the defending champions' 12.

    The third seeded Falcons were actually in control for most of the match, even taking a 15-point lead early in the game only to slip in the face of a furious La Salle fourth quarter.

    The Adamson coaching staff, led by Franz Pumaren, didn’t mince words in their interviews, with Pumaren calling it the "worst officiated game," that he's seen in his coaching career.

    La Salle coach Aldin Ayo, on the other hand, played down the complaints, saying that the referees called the match consistently for both squads.

    Saguisag said they are still in the process of evaluating the whole game.

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    ^ Dati na palang may issue sina De Luna at Borbe, lalo na si Borber, eh bakit naman kasi pinapatakbo pa sa kahit anong liga ang mga ganyan?

    Kung kahit suspecha meron na, dapat naman siguro ang gawin diyan huwag nang kunin as referee kahit kelan.

    Ganyan na pala ang pagkakakilala sa kanya, tapos binibigyan pa din ng takbo, sino na ang tanga pag ganun?

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