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Thread: UAAP Season 71 Game 4: DLSU Green Archers vs. NU Bulldogs

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    UAAP Season 71 Game 4: DLSU Green Archers vs. NU Bulldogs

    With just one day of rest, the Green Archers will go for win number three this season as they'll face the dangerous NU Bulldogs. After a heart-stopping victory against the UST Tigers yesterday, energy and fatigue factor will play important roles for the Archers' game tomorrow afternoon. The Archers shouldn't take the game lightly as the Bulldogs have had good games against the Taft-based squad in recent years.

    Edwin Asoro will again lead the attack for the Bulldogs along with Jonathan Jahnke and Raymond Aguilar who will try to bull his way inside the paint. Aguilar may not be the Jervy Cruz-type of center but he can still pose problems for the Archers due to his low post moves and bruising attitude which should give a long day for our front men. La Salle's perimeter guys should be ready as well to prevent NU's long bombs which is their main weapon on the Manny Dandan era.

    Jvee Casio will be there for sure to carry the scoring bulk for the Archers but who will be the spark plug and the second, third scorers for this game? For sure the Bulldogs will focus their defense on Jvee so La Salle's other players should be ready to take the scoring cudgels once left open to take the shot. Bader Malabes has had good games against NU and the La Salle community is hoping that he continues his good game just like how he waxed hot against UST yesterday.

    The Bulldogs also had an answer to our pressure defense in recent history. They are one of the teams that had great success in breaking the press so the Archers maybe may try to apply various types of pressure defenses to rock the NU backcourt especially when Jahnke is not around to bring down the basketball for the Bulldogs. They still have inexperienced substitute point guards thus far so this might be an edge for the Archers' pressure defense.

    If the Archers want to win tomorrow, they should match the hustle and effort of the Bulldogs as NU is one of the teams who love to play a mix of system and street-type basketball. The Archers must not fall into the trap of playing the same type of basketball tempo that NU wants to play and instead should be the one enforcing what NU must do and react in their game tomorrow.
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    Re: UAAP Season 71 Game 4: DLSU Green Archers vs. NU Bulldogs

    I swear i saw the same thing yesterday ;D

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    Re: UAAP Season 71 Game 4: DLSU Green Archers vs. NU Bulldogs

    Nainggit si PJ Barua kay Mangahas and Malabes.* He had a career high 26 points today as he led scoring for the Green Archers in beating NU.* He was hot from outside making six 3-pt shots.* Coach Franz had the luxury of fielding in his bench warmers in the 4th quarter with Manoj Chandumal and Rejan Lee seeing action for the first time this season I believe.* Everyone was able to contribute in scoring if I'm not mistaken.

    After that season opening loss to Ateneo, La Salle has jacked up three straight wins over FEU, UST and NU.

    Next patient, please.* *;D

    Correction: Revilla, Malabes and Atkins were scoreless pala.

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    Re: UAAP Season 71 Game 4: DLSU Green Archers vs. NU Bulldogs

    Great game by the entire team, most especially by PJ Barua. PJ was really on fire that he burned Edwin Asoro and the Bulldogs big time. I also would like to commend JV Casio for being able to lead the team effectively although he did not contribute that much to the offensive effort. Great too from Rico Maierhofer, Maui Villanueva, Mark Mendoza (hanep ka boy!) and James Mangahas.

    As for the Bulldogs, well, Edwin Asoro was on his usual self but then his effort was not enough for them to win. Jonathan Jahnke too played good basketball but I never liked his angas. Raymond Aguilar... stop resenting the call by the refs, okay?

    P.S.: If the UP-Ateneo game's officiating was already TERRIBLE (too many obvious fouls and traveling violations not called by the NABRO boys), the officiating on our game against NU was terrible as well. NABRO really sucks.

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