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    Basketball Crazy - Exclusive Basketball Show for Gamefacers on Channel 76

    There are plenty of basketball shows out there like NBA Live, House of Hoops, Hardball, etc-etc...

    I see them and I see a lot of the same things: game recaps, latest news, analysis, top 10 plays, ad infinitum.

    Comes now the question: If YOU had a basketball show what would you be featuring on YOUR show?

    I'd like to see more of these:

    1. Highlight reels and plays: dunks, blocks, handles, threading the needle, etc-etc...

    2. No holds barred interviews: "So, did you really fake your papers just to play college ball...?"

    3. Investigative features: "We traveled to Samar and Leyte and found out that the hottest Fil-Am in the L does not have a drop of Filipino blood..."

    4. Hoops 101 with different coaches: "What do we want to happen on a fastbreak? First, to get a basket. Second, to get a foul. Third, to take freethrows..."

    5. Hoops jokes: "You got six guys, five block one white, what do you call the white guy... Coach!" "What do you call a seven-foot tall black guy with a basketball... A millionaire!"

    6. Projections on games: "We like FEU over UE in their game this Saturday at the Big Dome! FEU is coming off back to back wins including an overtime thriller over Ateneo and that means m-o-m - mentum. UE on the other hand split its last two games, the last being a loss to surging Adamson. FEU has been playing smart ball while UE seems to be in a funk. We see FEU over UE by 6-8 points..."

    7. Rookie / newcomer watch: what high school a guy came from, what school he transferred from, what position he plays, how you think he'll do..."

    How about you guys? What would you like to see in a basketball show?

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    Re: If I Had A Basketball Show...

    An educational debate (for about 10 minutes) between the representatives of two teams, about whos better between their respective teams.

    And a muse of the week feature.
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    Re: If I Had A Basketball Show...

    ^ I like the second idea better Dark. ;D

    How about a cheerdancer of the week feature as well.

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    Re: If I Had A Basketball Show...

    or a "player's girlfriend of the week"
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    Re: If I Had A Basketball Show...

    Or a "Girls Dribble, Boys Drool" segment on women's basketball to show that the sistahs play, too!
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    Re: If I Had A Basketball Show...

    i like to have:

    1. Lots of Gorgeous girls segments!!!

    - female cheerleader of the week
    - school chick/muse of the week
    - baller's girlfriend of the week
    - female courtside reporter of the week
    - pretty athlete of the week (denise tan.. hehe)

    *a la slumbook or better yet, a la FHM interview for each girl. BWAHAHAHA!!!

    2. I also like to have a sort of flashback game segment, where the viewers will be able to see clips from an exciting or historical game, and hear some trivia about it.

    3. Interview with players, coaches, school officials, or MANCOM and referees with Lie Detector tests!!!

    "totoo bang nagppower trip lang kayo at hindi pinayagan maglaro itong si *toot*?"

    "ah e, hindi po totoo yan.. may rule po tayong ganyan dito sa section... section, san nga ba un banda?"


    "ref, may foul ba talaga dun sa play na un. sa tingin mo ba tama ang tawag na ginawa mo dun sa pagkakataon na un?"


    **heart beating faster and faster...

    isip pa ko...
    Silence Hung Suspcious and Anxious, Like A Blanket Covered Scream

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    Re: If I Had A Basketball Show...

    Since we're at it, i would like to include

    Dumb Referee Of The Week. ;D
    Everything's Eventual

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    Re: If I Had A Basketball Show...

    How about the following segment: "Most idiotic/delayed/what-other-malicious-accusation-can-I-think-of rule or decision?"

    I'm sure the NCAA MANCOM would be constant feature.
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    Re: If I Had A Basketball Show...

    Bloopers caught on tape, similar to the classic "T@ng 'nang buuulah 'yan, di ma-i-shoht-shoht". Similary, audio-visual recordings of on-court trash talking and other exchanges of sweet-nothings. Now that I'd like to see.

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    Re: If I Had A Basketball Show...

    Lots of stats, presented by graphics, and cutting edge news regarding developments in the teams, whether in the big or collegiate leagues, just like Gameface.
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