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Thread: 2008 NBA Finals: LA Lakers vs. Boston Celtics

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    2008 NBA Finals: LA Lakers vs. Boston Celtics

    It's Boston vs Lakers in NBA finals

    Agence France-Presse

    DETROIT - The Boston Celtics rallied to beat the Detroit Pistons 89-81 Friday, advancing to the National Basketball Association finals for the first time in 21 years.

    The Celtics trailed 68-60 to start the final quarter before out scoring Detroit 29-13 in the fourth to win the semi-final series in six games.

    The Celtics will face the Los Angeles Lakers in the finals which begins Thursday in Boston.

    Paul Pierce had 27 points, Kevin Garnett had 16 points and Ray Allen added 17 points for Boston who have not met the Lakers in the finals since 1987.

    Kendrick Perkins had seven points and seven rebounds and also made a crucial shot block in the final minute to help blunt the Pistons' late rally.

    Pierce iced the victory by making one of two free throws with 30.7 left to give Boston a seven-point lead. Changing The Face of The Game!

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    Re: 2008 NBA Finals: LA Lakers vs. Boston Celtics

    LA-Boston again
    BLEACHER TALK By Rico S. Navarro
    Sunday, June 1, 2008
    The Freeman

    They were bound to meet again in a historical case of de ja vu. As if scripted by the gods of basketball, the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics will be facing off again in the NBA Finals. They have faced off ten times in the history of the NBA Finals with each series always described as classics, and now, they’re at it again. The green against the purple and gold. Both are hands-down, the two most dominant franchises in NBA history whose consistency since 1946 is simply unmatched.

    I’m not sure if it’s the age gap or era, but we just can’t help but look back and reminisce at the 80’s when talking about the LA-Boston rivalry. I’m sure that the younger NBA fans out there will contest us on this one, but the today’s rivalry is nowhere near the one we followed in the 80’s. But then again, it just started and has a long way to go.

    The 1980s has been described as the second era of the Lakers and Celtics after Boston ’s dominance of the NBA in the 60’s. During this period (1980-1990), eight of the eleven NBA championships were won by either the LA or Boston . The Lakers won five titles in 1980, 1982, 1985, 1987 and 1988, while Boston won three titles in 1981, 1984, 1986. Through all these, they faced off against each other three times in 1984, 1985 and 1987. LA had eight appearances in an NBA Finals in this decade alone while Boston had five. How do you top that? But you can’t win ‘em all. For the record, Detroit won a couple of championships in the same period, while Philadelphia won another. I’m afraid it’s too early to gauge if the Kobe and KG show can top that.

    What were you doing in 1987? How old were you then? Do you remember that this was the last time the Lakers and Celtics met in an NBA Finals? The Lakers won their fourth (out of five) championship of the decade, with Magic Johnson named Finals MVP. Do you still remember the proud pronouncement of then Laker Coach Pat Riley that the Lakers would repeat to defend the championship again in 1988 (which they did)?

    Or how about 1984? Where were you then? This was the first time that Magic Johnson and Larry Bird would meet in an NBA Finals, some five years after they were drafted into the NBA after outstanding collegiate careers where they played against each other in an NCAA Finals. Boston won this one, with Larry Bird coming out as MVP by “unanimous decision.”

    The Lakers made up for the loss in 1984 by coming back to defeat the Celtics in 1985 in a series where Kareem Abdul-Jabbar defied the gods of time by leading the Lakers and being named MVP of the Finals.

    Indeed, those were the days! Laker fans went nuts each time Showtime Basketball dominated the wide-screen at “On The Boulevard” where beer flowed each time an NBA game was shown, thanks to the outlet’s satellite dish. The AB and more affluent crowd enjoyed the NBA games in the comforts of their houses which also had hook-ups to either satellite dishes or UHF connections to receive the live feed of FEN intended for the U.S. air bases (mostly in Manila). In a way, we’re thankful for the arrival of cable TV into our homes, but for those with Sky Cable, ambot na lang.

    The Laker of the 80’s thrived on the core group of Magic Johnson, Abdul-Jabbar, James Worthy, Byron Scott, Michael Cooper, A.C. Green, Jamaal Wilkes, Kurt Rambis and Mychal Thompson. They were unstoppable especially when their running game was on high gear.

    On the other side, the Celtics banked on a slow-down physical style of play behind the leadership of Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Dennis Johnson, Robert Parish, Danny Ainge and role players like Bill Walton, Cedric Maxwell, Gerald Henderson, Greg Kite, Scott Wedman, Quin Buckner and ML Carr.

    Fast forward to today and let’s give credit where it’s due. The Lakers have become more than a Kobe Bryant show with the arrival of Pau Gasol and the support of Lamar Odom, but I’m afraid it will always be remembered as Kobe ’s team. Kobe will be known for his one-on-one moves, but I’ll always root for showtime basketball of fastbreaks, nifty passes and team ball. The Garnett-Pierce-Allen trio have done a good job of keeping tradition, but Bird, DJ, McHale and “The Chief” were a lot simpler in getting the job done despite their being superstars. I’m sorry but I guess it must be the age gap?

    Age gap or not, the Lakers and Celtics are back on air, and it’s showtime!

    * * *
    Time-out: Happy birthday to Mark Calo of Pilipinas Shell. >>> You can reach me at

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    Re: 2008 NBA Finals: LA Lakers vs. Boston Celtics

    Sunday, June 01, 2008
    Pages: Are you ready? It's Celtics vs. Lakers
    By John Pages
    Match Point
    Sunstar Cebu

    SINCE the NBA was founded in June 6, 1946, the two have met 10 times in the NBA Finals. For the first eight encounters—would you believe—the Celtics prevailed against the Lakers.

    In 1959, when the teams first met and the Lakers were then called the “Minneapolis Lakers,” the Celtics clobbered their nemesis, 4-0. This domination continued for decades—including the 1984 victory at Boston Garden, 4-3, when Larry Bird bested Magic Johnson and emerged as the series MVP.

    That’s 8-0 for Boston.

    Then, in 1985, the Lakers—named after the state’s nickname, “Land of 10,000 Lakes”—finally escaped from embarrassment and, with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as Finals MVP, captured the title, 4-2.

    Next, two years after, in 1987, it was the last time the Green-and-White Team met the Purple-and-Gold Squad in the NBA Finals. The result? In favor of the La-La-Land, 4-2.

    So, here we are, two decades and a year from that last memory....

    Can you believe this? At the season’s start, did you picture this happening? Can you imagine how huge this is for the NBA? For basketball? For the “young ones” who haven’t seen such a contest in 21 years and, to those who saw plenty of the past, to the “once young?”

    Flashbacks of Bill Russell, Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain and Bob Cousy will rush to mind. Thoughts of Kurt Rambis diving to the parquet floor, James Worthy wearing those plastic goggles and Danny Ainge taunting Michael Cooper will envelop our memories.

    The NBA Commissioner David Stern, when asked two weeks ago about the prospect a Lakers-Celtics final, replied, “Never think of it.”

    Yeah, right, Mr. Stern. To think that he smiled when he answered that question. That’s because David Stern doesn’t “think” about it, he “dreams” about it.

    I saw the last three minutes of each game the past two days. With the Lakers vs. the Spurs, I caught glimpses at the Cebu Country Club with Macky Michael and Angchung Chiu just minutes before we awarded the winners of the 13th Gullas Tennis Cup. Yesterday at the Bar Mixto of the Casino Español, I joined Glenn Loop, Ralph Zuluaga, Vic Torres and Jeffrey Dico as the Celtics won at The Palace.

    The question is: Who are you rooting for?

    “Anybody but Kobe,” answered Glenn Loop. “I’m for the Celtics because I don’t like Kobe. I think he should be humbled.”

    We laughed. The Most Valuable Player, the man whose intensity and will to win is taller than the 10-foot-tall ring, Kobe is still disliked by plenty.

    My brother Charlie, whose physique matches a smaller Kobe and one who can mimic many of Kobe’s moves, is the same: He dislikes No. 24.

    But while plenty find Kobe too much of a trying-hard-to-be-like-MJ player, there’s no denying that he’s playing his best ever basketball.

    Me? Like millions of others, I applaud Kobe. Remember nearly five years ago? When he sat in a courtroom in Colorado, accused of forcing himself on 19-year-old Katelyn Faber? We all thought that moment was the end of Mr. Kobe Bean Bryant.

    Now we know how he escaped from that ordeal and persevered. To me, that sorry episode humbled Kobe. Because while none of that cockiness and self-confidence is gone today—if you don’t have those deep-inside, say the champions, then you can’t be No.1—I believe Kobe’s learned from his mistakes.

    And so this series will be extra special. If his Lakers win, I’m sure this will be sweeter than his three previous NBA titles. Why? Because this time, no one can say he won it because of Shaq.

    As to the TV coverage of the NBA playoffs? I made a mistake. Last Thursday, I wrote saying that, other than Destiny Cable who shows BTV, we can’t watch the games in Cebu. I was wrong. There’s RPN among the local networks and, with SkyCable, there’s channel 44. Thank God I’m mistaken.

    For who’d want to miss the 11th Round of this fight between two of history’s greatest rivalries?

    Not the young ones.

    Not the once young.


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    Re: 2008 NBA Finals: LA Lakers vs. Boston Celtics

    Celtics batok Lakers
    ARANGKADA By Leo Lastimosa
    Sunday, June 1, 2008
    The Freeman

    Ang pagsugod sa NBA Finals sa Boston Celtics ug Los Angeles Lakers karong Biyernes (oras sa Pilipinas) mobanhaw sa higpit nga panagribal sa duha ka higanteng dinastiya. Natuman ang pangandoy sa minilyon nila ka fans dihang nilig-on ang Celtics tungod sa panag-ipon nilang Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce ug Ray Allen ug nisulbong ang Lakers ubos ni Kobe Bryant.

    Sibaw nang nagkasungi nga mga pangangkon kinsay mamahimong kampiyon. Emosyonal ang lalis. Ang Lakers maoy paborito dinhi sa ato, ug bisan sa Estados Unidos.

    * * *
    Kaliboan ug usa ang mga hinungdan nganong lahi ang engkuwentro sa Celtics ug Lakers kay sa finals sa Spurs batok Pistons, Bulls batok Jazz, o Lakers batok Kings. Niang pipila:

    • Mao ni ika-11 nga finals sa Celtics ug Lakers, walo nay daog sa Celtics, apan ang kataposang duha nasakmit sa Lakers;

    • Silay nakakuha sa 30 ka kampiyonato sa lima na ka dekada nga liga (16 sa Celtics, 14 sa Lakers);

    • Mao ni labing unang finals ni Kobe nga di na siya sidekick ni Shaquille O'Neal;

    • Mao ni labing unang finals nilang Garnett, Pierce ug Allen, nga maoy ganti sa ilang pagbali sa pagtibugsok sa Celtics, 66 ang daog sa 2007-2008 human sa 24 lang ka daog sa 2006-2007;

    • Mao ni unang finals sa Celtics human sa 21 ka tuig, kataposang nakaduwa sa kampiyonato niadtong 1987 dihang gipangulohan pang Larry Bird; ug

    • Kon makadaog ang Lakers, maangkon ni Phil Jackson ang iyang ika-napu nga kampiyonato, malabwan na niya si Red Auerbach sa Celtics.

    * * *
    Ang kulbahinam nga finals sa Celtics ug Lakers karibalan lang sa kamabulukon sa panagsangka sa mga nag-una nila:

    • Ang pagtumaw sa mga higante sa NBA sa 60’s, silang Bill Russell ug Bob Cousy sa Celtics ug Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain ug Elgin Baylor sa Lakers;

    • Nitumaw ang higpit nga sambunot nilang Bird ug Magic Johnson sa 80’s;

    • Nitumaw ang gubat sa korte sa East Coast batok West Coast;

    • Karaang tradisyon (Celtics) batok kasuwaw sa Hollywood (Lakers); ug

    • Puti (kay puti silang Bird ug kasagaran sa Celtics) batok itom (kay itom silang Magic ug kasagaran sa Lakers).

    * * *
    Gikan sa 1980 ngadto sa 1988, nakuha nilang walo sa siyam ka kampiyonato: Tulo sa Celtics, lima sa Lakers. Nihupas ang panagribal pagtumaw ni Michael Jordan ug sa Chicago Bulls nga nagtukod og ilang kaugalingong dinastiya uban ang unom ka kampiyonato sa 90s.

    Kay sila may labing daogan sa regular season, sa Celtics ang homecourt advantage, sa ilang korte ang Games 1, 2, 6 ug 7, ang Games 3, 4 ug 5 sa Staples Center sa Lakers. Kon pasikaran ang kasaysayan, kutas ang series. Kasagaran sa nangagi nilang finals niabot og unom ngadto sa pito ka duwa.

    * * *

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    Re: 2008 NBA Finals: LA Lakers vs. Boston Celtics

    A position-by-position look at the matchups in the NBA finals between the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers.
    By BRIAN MAHONEY, AP Basketball Write

    CENTER: Kendrick Perkins vs. Pau Gasol. The Lakers wouldn’t be here without their midseason acquisition of Gasol from Memphis. He’s a good passer for a big man, making him an excellent fit for the triangle offense, and is shooting 53 percent in the postseason while averaging 17.7 points. Perkins made 61.5 percent of his shots in the regular season and had some strong games in the Eastern Conference finals, including an 18-point, 16-rebound performance in Game 5. Edge: Lakers.

    POWER FORWARD: Kevin Garnett vs. Lamar Odom. The Defensive Player of the Year, Garnett increased his offensive production in the conference finals, averaging 22.8 points in Boston’s victory over Detroit. His intensity on both ends of the floor is what makes the Celtics go. The versatile Odom was inconsistent against San Antonio in the Western Conference finals, but rebounded from a poor Game 3 with strong performances in the last two games. Edge: Celtics.

    SMALL FORWARD: Paul Pierce vs. Vladimir Radmanovic. Finally in the NBA finals in his 10th year with Boston, Pierce is set to face his hometown team. He has shown in the playoffs he can still be a potent scorer, notably in his 41-point effort to beat Cleveland in Game 7 of the second round, and has become an underrated defender. Radmanovic is a good perimeter shooter who doesn’t do much else, and the Lakers need his jumper to be on to soften a Boston defense that held opponents to the lowest field goal percentage in the league. Edge: Celtics.

    : Ray Allen vs. Kobe Bryant. Allen seemed to break out of his shooting slump in the final two games of the conference finals, averaging 23 points and going 8-of-14 from 3-point range. Bryant, a tenacious defender, will certainly welcome the challenge of trying to get that slump started again. And the league MVP has been at his best in the playoffs, averaging 31.9 points to lead all players in the postseason and shooting 51 percent. Edge: Lakers.

    POINT GUARD: Rajon Rondo vs. Derek Fisher. Fisher had a fairly quiet series in the conference finals, but his postseason experience, solid defense and courage to take big shots remain a comfort to the Lakers even when his shot isn’t falling. Rondo’s poor jumper was especially off late in the last round, when he shot 10-of-35 in the final three games. The Lakers will make him beat them from the outside. Edge: Lakers.

    RESERVES: James Posey, P.J. Brown, Sam Cassell, Eddie House, Leon Powe, Glen Davis and Tony Allen vs. Sasha Vujacic, Luke Walton, Jordan Farmar, Ronny Turiaf, DJ Mbenga and Trevor Ariza. Posey won a title with Miami two years ago and is a key contributor who will help defend Bryant, but tough to figure out what else to expect from Celtics’ reserves. Minutes greatly fluctuated along with their production for most of them during the postseason. The Lakers counter with a much younger bench that tries to increase the tempo and energy when Bryant is resting. Edge: Lakers.

    : Doc Rivers vs. Phil Jackson. Rivers did a great job molding all the Celtics’ new pieces into a 66-win team. But he’s appeared to lose confidence in some of his role players during the postseason, creating some inconsistent rotations. Jackson, the career leader in postseason victories, did one of his best coaching jobs this season on a team that started with the turmoil surrounding a possible Bryant trade and was never expected to be here. He seeks a 10th title, which would break Red Auerbach’s record. Edge: Lakers.
    What you grinning at Pyscho?

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    Re: 2008 NBA Finals: LA Lakers vs. Boston Celtics

    Mods, baka pwede add ng survey para sa series i.e. lakers in 4, 5, 6 or 7 games vice-versa. I'll go for Lakers in 5 or 6 games. LA champion dito
    Practice makes perfect but nobody's perfect so why practice!!!

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    Re: 2008 NBA Finals: LA Lakers vs. Boston Celtics

    Lakers in 6

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    Re: 2008 NBA Finals: LA Lakers vs. Boston Celtics

    Celtics in 6.

    BEAT LA! ;D

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    Re: 2008 NBA Finals: LA Lakers vs. Boston Celtics

    Sa wakas eliminated na ang Spurs! ;D ;D

    - from a bitter Suns fan. ;D

    ok. ok. back to the topic.
    "I got a goal, and it's a huge goal, and that's to bring an NBA championship here to Cleveland. And I won't stop until I get it." - LeBron James

    The very next NBA season Lebron changed uniform..... Bading!

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    Re: 2008 NBA Finals: LA Lakers vs. Boston Celtics

    React lang dun sa column sa itaas:

    Kobe is not imitating his airness Micheal Jordan. When he was interviewed two days ago, he already clarified this matter because for him no one can replace a Jordan.

    Sa mga Kobe haters: I think the guy is already humbled by his (negative) past experiences. During a press briefing in Makati, nakita ko ang pagbabago kay Kobe. Hindi na siya yung dating arrogant na player na nakita natin when he was still starting out in the NBA. Nag mature na siya as a person and a player. What driving him now is to prove to the whole world that he is currently the best basketball player in the world and is ready to lead LA to its 15th NBA title.

    For me LA will take the series in five games.

    And that's the bottom line, because I said so!

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