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Thread: "Exporting" Filipino Basketball Skills and Talent

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    Re: "Exporting" Filipino Basketball Skills and Talent

    Sapul ang Esposo-NEGRO. LOL
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    Re: "Exporting" Filipino Basketball Skills and Talent

    Is Kieffer Ravena good enough to play in a US NCAA Division 1 team RIGHT NOW? I think so. Unbelievable basketball IQ and coordination, and fantastic side-step that makes him incredibly shifty.
    - Kieffer Ravena Demo Reel

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    Re: "Exporting" Filipino Basketball Skills and Talent

    Ray Parks is confirmed to have signed with Georgia Tech:


    Bobby Parks Signs With Georgia Tech

    By Rod Mackenzie Staff

    Posted Nov 21, 2010

    The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets picked up their second recruit of the 2011 class when Collierville, Tennessee shooting guard Bobby Ray Parks Jr. signed with the Jackets.

    Profile - Bobby Parks

    The 6’5” Parks joins Milton High School (GA) forward Julian Royal in Tech’s class after choosing the Jackets over New Mexico. Ray retuned to the Philippines following his visits to Georgia Tech and New Mexico. Parks was born and raised in Manila where his dad Bobby Parks Sr. played following a career in the NBA.


    O, si Kieffer naman. LOL

    Take note that there are over three hundred schools in the US NCAA Division 1. Imposib-le na wala kahit na isang eskwelahan dyan ang kukuha ng such a talent as Kieffer.

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    Re: "Exporting" Filipino Basketball Skills and Talent

    Akala ni Rayray sasali siya sa pep squad. Ma re-realize din niya ang pagkakamali nya at babalik din sa Maynila yan. P. Noval in particular. Future YJ...

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    Re: "Exporting" Filipino Basketball Skills and Talent

    One of those 300 NCAA schools should be the target of our local boys. I you are really talented, go the the US NCAA rather than limit your potential in the fractured local leagues with delusions of grandeur.

    Got get them boys!
    Understand? / ¿Entiendes?

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    Foreign Players Developing Their Basketball Skills in the Philippines

    Related din naman sa topic. What if the foreign players came here to develop their skills and bring them back to their native country. What the Philippines got?

    1) Passion for basketball
    IMO we are the most passionate ballers in the whole world. Its what this players want. Noundo of FEU could have gone to Thailand but basketball there is not that popular.

    2) Fan support for basketball with players achieving celebrity status
    Foreign players here became instant celebrity. Sa bansa nila mahirap yan. Either you became a football player or anything else (politician). Here, GOOD PLAYERS are treated well.

    3) English-speaking country and low cost of living
    Same argument also for our call-center industry here. The players will live comfortably compared if they live in a First World country.

    4) Basketball skills
    Not maybe the best in the world but one of the best. For a player who live in football crazy nation like Bahrain (Bader Malabes), basketball skills is low or yet to be developed.

    Some of the players I know who is developing their skills here are:

    1) Bader Malabes (Bahrain)- STAR PLAYER for the Bahraini team but bench warmer in DLSU ;D
    2) Pipou Nondou (Cameroon)- Et'oo (footballer) is more popular there than Kobe Bryant
    3) Chris Sentcheu (Cameroon)- same with Pipou. I also noticed their headband with the Cameroonian colors
    4) Ayi Aryi (Ghana)- actually a footballer for UP but I heard he came here not just to play football but to learn basketball from us. Nakakataba ng puso.
    5) Emmanuel Mbe (Cameroon?)-will plan to play abroad after his NU stint.
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    Re: "Exporting" Filipino Basketball Skills and Talent

    6) Karim Abdul (Cameroon) - Yes, he wants to develop his basketball skillls but it doesn;t stop there. He wants to take advantage of the scholarship so he can parlay it to an IT career. I hope he doesn't lose sight of his objectives

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    Re: "Exporting" Filipino Basketball Skills and Talent

    ^ Dagdag ko sana si Ferdinand of Indonesia but when I look at the Indonesian roster in FIBA Asia, I couldn't find him. Napansin ko lang sa mga African imports, karamihan sa CAMEROON. Malakas din naman sila at rank 42 sa FIBA (better than our 45). Siguro tumitingin ng ways para matalo ang Angola (the perennial African champ). Sa dami nila pwede na magtayo ng CAMEROONIAN NATIONAL TEAM sa Philippines. Maybe its the fact that FOOTBALL (Samuel Eto'o is their Pacquiao) is more popular there so they came here.
    "The end justifies the means"-from Machiavelli? Nope.  :D

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