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Thread: soc rivera, will gonna play for adamson

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    Re: soc rivera, will gonna play for adamson

    Regarding the scholarship, I believe that the athlete should not be required to reimburse the school if ever he decides to leave and play for another school.

    But what about certain things that were given to him on the clear understanding that he will really play for the team like the following:

    - Monthly allowance given by the boosters who adopted him, say 10 - 15k a month? Normally, a blue chip recruit would even fix the amount of the allowance which is acceptable to him. If he has been receiving a fixed allowance for, say, 8 months already and the athlete suddenly decides to go to another school, is he under a moral obligation, at the very least, to refund the allowances he demanded from his sponsors?

    - Outside training which normally costs hundreds of thousands of pesos. What if, after the school spent a big amount of money to train an athlete and after that he decides to transfer to another school, what is the moral obligation, if any, of the athlete or the school which pirated him?

    - Board and lodging, which is one of the normal demands of a blue chip recruit.

    In the real world, blue chip athletes demand a lot of things. They have practically commoditized themselves. Mercenaries, so to speak. For these kinds of athletes, is it really bad to ask for a refund?
    Or is it a caveat emptor?

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    Re: soc rivera, will gonna play for adamson

    ^^^ Lion, in the case of Soc Rivera, I would have to go with your last words - Caveat Emptor indeed.

    Unless the boosters giving the allowance over and above that given by the school personally binds the athlete to a contract regarding staying with the school until his playing years are done I do not believe it is fair to tie up the athlete so to speak. If he agrees to and signs a contract with the booster/s then by all means sue his sorry arse if he violates the terms and conditions thereof, but if there is no contract, then he should be allowed to walk.

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