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Thread: Should Agents Be Banned From Watching Collegiate Leagues?

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    Should Agents Be Banned From Watching Collegiate Leagues?

    IT'S a given that some of these people are good friends of mine, but sometimes I think they should not be allowed to watch collegiate leagues live much more hanging around and fraternizing with collegiate players.

    Some of these agents even get VIP treatment, being given access passes and choice seating by league or team officials. It can be likened to allowing vultures (in the case of the shady agents) to hover around their next meal. Heck, being good or bad does not matter as long as the person is an agent, he or she must be barred from being there.

    In the US NCAA, a player or school can be penalized just for being in the same room with an agent, much more talking (even if it is not about basketball) with an agent. A player who contracts the services of an agent automatically forfeits his eligibility.

    It's shocking that as early as high schools, some kids have agents disguised as "advisers" or "guardians"! We must protect the youth from unscrupulous characters

    Hope this leads to the cleansing process of Pinoy basketball.

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    Re: Should Agents Be Banned From Watching Collegiate Leagues?

    A lot of young basketball players, particularly those from the provinces, are victimized by so-called "managers" who bind them to long-term contracts (I'm talking about 10 year deals!) and do not take care of these kids until it's time to collect their commission!

    I'm with you on this, Anthony. I hope there can be ways to protect young players from selfish money-grubbing agents...
    "It takes two to tango and ten to play basketball."

    --- Horace Dump

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    Re: Should Agents Be Banned From Watching Collegiate Leagues?

    Agree 100% Anthony. College hoops should be rid of these managers. No matter what they say, in the end it's the "porsiyento" that counts with these agents. The kids' priorities will suffer as a consequence.

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    Re: Should Agents Be Banned From Watching Collegiate Leagues?

    Dito sa atin this is a "profession" that is unregulated and informal. May accreditation ba ang trabaho nila, much less licensure? Wala.

    You may know a person to be dealing as such, but if a ban is to be made on such grounds, malamang i-challenge yan. Now, would a league or event organizer go to the extent defending their act of banning said persons?

    I agree with the "premise" of such ban. These people "corrupt the minds of these young kids".

    Maganda pa, mag lagay kayo ng tarpauline sa venues na humihiyaw, "Agents, Salot!"

    Pag hindi lumabas walang ban na uubra.* ;D ;D ;D
    We had a head start in this game. At one time we had a glorious 3rd place finish in the World Championship and was the undisputed power in Asia. But the world has learned how to play it. They may not be as good as us,but they have enough smarts to make use of their height. That is enough to beat us.

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    Re: Should Agents Be Banned From Watching Collegiate Leagues?

    I remember during the NCAA mid 80's, there was this guy who would always be present during the Games. You would always see him talking with Patrimonio, Meneses, Alvarez and Other PBA material players. There was even an instance that i saw him handing out a brand new rubber shoes to Meneses, i think the guy was Nap Gutierez.

    Yup, they were always around.
    Go San Beda Fight!!!

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    Re: Should Agents Be Banned From Watching Collegiate Leagues?

    Basta pogi ang player andun palagi si Nap Gutierrez. ;D

    And because of agents like Charlie Dy, gumulo ang buhay ng maraming players kagaya nina JR Reyes at Ogie Menor.

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    Re: Should Agents Be Banned From Watching Collegiate Leagues?

    Nap wants to nap with players.Parang me gusto siyang maganap. ;D

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    Re: Should Agents Be Banned From Watching Collegiate Leagues?

    bakit, ano ba ang reputation ni Charlie Dy? Siya pa naman sana ang napupusuang agent ng isang fil-for na kilala ko
    Cebu will be a stronger power in basketball very soon...
    Sulong Sri Vijaya!

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    Re: Should Agents Be Banned From Watching Collegiate Leagues?

    I find this topic interesting. Kaya lang hindi ako maka-relate masyado kasi hindi ko alam directly kung paano ang siste ng basketball agents dito sa atin. Sa US, somehow oriented ako ng konti as I am also tracking top NBA prospects from college and high school ranks.

    Seriously, banning these agents is not just a matter of saying wag ka dito sa loob ng venue. Sa TV ka lang. The imposition have to come from a legal pronoucements/decree. Dapat merong distinct law that will regulate who care the bonafide basketball agents and kung ano ang boundaries nila. Hanggat wala ito, malabo ang ideyang pag-baban sa mga agents. Much like sa showbiz, kahit me karapatang tayong sabihin wala kang karapatan or sumusobra ka na. Eh ano ngayon? ;D

    Pero kung me congressman na nagbabasa dito or SBP member siguro. Baka sakali lang po me paraan.
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    Re: Should Agents Be Banned From Watching Collegiate Leagues?

    A law need not be pass by Congress to shackle the so called vultures known as agents, street agents or "family consultants".* It is hard to police the agents from watching the organized games or simply running into the players.* Agents also do not have to go directly through players, they can reach the players indirectly through the parents or other family members, see former USC Trojans running back Bush who now plays for New Orleans.* Unscrupulous school officials and coaches can also influence the athletes.

    What is needed is the education of the athletes in the high school level of the perils of street agents.* Secondly, there should be a pronouncement that can be enforced that dealing with agents may lead to suspension from competition and even outright banning from college or high school competition.* Pressure can be put on the school by stating that if proven a school will forfeit all record ; ie. won games, championship, suspension from competition, limitation on recruiting and number of recruits to be signed and shares from proceeds generated in games involving the school and suspected athlete.

    In the States, said language is in the NCAA, NAIA and other college organization by-laws.* Each state high school sports organization also have a similar language.* With this in place, athletes and schools are put on notice that if rules are broken, there are consequences to be paid.* In the country, there is no central sports body that have this rule in their bylaws.* If they did, it is not enforceable.

    I am not stating that the structure in the States cures all ills brought about by street agents.* We see such cases as Bush, Webber at Michigan and the basketball shoes scandal that involved Maggette and the Rush brothers to name a few.* People will find a way to circumvent the rules if money is at stake but certain safeguards are in place.* An athlete will have second thoughts of dealing with agents if they know that they may loose their eligiibility and they are not ready to hit the big time.* Schools will not deal with recruits if they know that the athletes are tainted.

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