Basketball patron puts up ‘worry-free’ tourney
Sunstar Cebu
Tuesday, November 06, 2007

BASKETBALL enthusiast Lorenzo “Chao” Sy said he wants to put up as much competitions as he can.

True to his word, Sy is organizing a twin event, the Inter-City and the inter-collegiate this December aimed at giving another the collegiate varsity teams more exposure after the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation Inc. season.

The competition will be dubbed the Hotel Fortuna Cup II Inter-Collegiate Basketball Competition. The first time the Hotel Fortuna Cup was staged was during the pre-season of the Mindanao-Visayas Basketball Association.

To entice more teams to join, Sy said he will take away the concerns of the coaches when it comes to the safety of the players.

“I pledge to shoulder any expenses incurred should an injury befall any player while playing for the Inter-collegiate league,” Sy said.

The champion and the runnerup will receive P25,000 and P15,000, respectively.

“We will only give prizes to the top two so that the teams will really work hard to win,” Sy said.

On top of the roster of the competing teams is University of the Visayas, which had earlier expressed its concern about joining another league because of safety reasons.


UV, considered the strongest team in Cebu and the seven-time champion of the premier basketball league Cesafi, will be meeting resistance from its Cesafi antagonist University of San Carlos and with the rest of the top four teams of the Cesafi—University of San Jose Recoletos and Southwestern University with Salazar Institute of Technology and the Asian College of Technology.

The winning team in this match up will get a chance to face either Letran, De La Salle University or Ateneo de Manila in a goodwill match in January in time for the Sinulog celebration.

The teams will be divided into two brackets, and each will play a round-robin match with the top two moving to the cross over semifinals.

The competition will start on Dec. 1 until Dec. 5 so as not to conflict with the Partners Cup, which will open on Dec. 9. (MCB)