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Thread: Is Pato Gregorio up to the job?

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    Is Pato Gregorio up to the job?

    Is BAP-SBP crumbling?

    By Julius Manicad


    This, business tycoon Manny Pangilinan, MVP to many and regarded as savior of Philippine basketball, apparently doesn’t know.

    The Basketball Association of the Philippines-Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas (BAP-SBP), the merger Pangilinan nurtured after years of dormancy when it was still known as the Basketball Association of the Philippines, is again on the verge of collapse after three of its five-man core left the group in protest over the management style of executive director Patrick “Pato” Gregorio.

    Two members of Gregorio’s core group have resigned due to what a source claimed as “Gregorio’s abusive impositions,” while the third, Alfonso “Dayong” Mendoza, son of newsman Al Mendoza, was fired over a disagreement on a working schedule.

    Mendoza was given the pink slip after Noel Zarate and Edison Ching quit without receiving their salaries in full, which the source said never happens in any of the Pangilinan-owned companies.

    “They’re a big loss to the BAP-SBP. But there has been an uneasy silence in the group since tension built up due to disagreements on Gregorio’s management style. Besides, they do not receive their salaries in full, how can they work without salaries?” the Tribune source asked.

    Zarate, who quit his high-paying job with Solar Sports to join the BAP-SBP, was described by the source as the biggest loss to the group, having been the BAP-SBP’s business unit manager tasked by Gregorio to raise P90 million, an amount already lowered from the P150 million Gregorio originally set as target.

    Ching, meanwhile, was tasked to help as a marketing associate, but not even his designation was clear as Gregorio was reportedly slow in putting up an office for the BAP-SBP and runs the association on his mobile phone and through a lady, who is also connected with a bus company, acting as his secretary.

    Mendoza, meanwhile, was reportedly fired through short messaging system (SMS) in one of the reported outbursts of Gregorio, whom the source claimed as continuously flaunting his having received a Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) award as his way to silence critics within the group.

    “That’s his way of reminding his men who he is,” the source said. “But he runs the group through his phone and even fired one of his staff through text. Where can you find an official, a top one at that, who does things in the most unorganized manner? And it’s in his hands where the future of Philippine basketball lies, kawawa naman ang bayan.”

    Mendoza’s only fault, according to the source, was his failure to join Gregorio in two hurriedly called appointments. Mendoza had to keep his job as a coach in Adamson University and at Purefoods which are his sources of steady income.

    Gregorio, however, said: “We have no staff, only volunteers. When they have other jobs, they are free to work there and earn a living.”

    Gregorio also admitted not having a permanent office for the BAP-SBP months after the merger was sealed last February.

    “We don’t have an office yet, baka mid-October pa,” Gregorio said.

    Their departure left the BAP-SBP with a big organizational vacuum as Gregorio is known to rely on his key people, whom he described only as “volunteers” during the first meeting he had with Pangilinan and the other stakeholders who made the merger possible.

    Of his original group, only Nolan Bernardino, son of the late PBA Commissioner Jun Bernardino who was originally picked for Gregorio’s position, was left to serve as BAP-SBP workhorse. The younger Bernardino was recruited to the group by Ricky Vargas, Talk ‘N Text governor in the PBA and one of Pangilinan’s most trusted men.

    Like the rest, Bernardino also served as a “volunteer” before their status was changed to “part-time retainers” while, according to the source, “Gregorio receives his salary in full six figures.”

    The source, however, claimed Gregorio made the impression he was spending his own money whenever his staff ask for reimbursements on their expenses.

    According to the source: “(Gregorio) often said ‘wala pang binibigay si boss (Pangilinan) e. I really doubted if that was true, but I know it’s quite impossible since MVP (Pangilinan) has funding specially allocated for the monthly expenses of the organization.”

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    Re: Is Pato Gregorio up to the job?

    Gregorio na naman?!

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    Re: Is Pato Gregorio up to the job?

    Gregorio doesn’t know his basketball’

    By Aldrin Cardona
    It did not go unnoticed, that nudge Patrick Gregorio gave to one of his assistants to fire off the names of each basketball stakeholder attending the first board meeting of the newly formed merger between the Basketball Association of the Philippines (BAP) and the Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas (SBP) last July 2 at the PLDT office in Makati.
    Gregorio, also newly appointed as executive director of the group on the recommendation of former Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) commissioner Noli Eala, apparently did not know many of the sport’s stakeholders, those who fought for years to gain leadership of the sport long wrecked by mismanagement and cult-like leadership until its suspension by the Fiba (International Basketball Federation) three years ago.
    At one instance, Gregorio had to elbow one of his staff members to know the name of the next visitor, Eliezer “Eli” Capacio, he who does not wield the recognizable face of Sonny Jaworski or Alvin Patrimonio, but was a PBA player as well as a champion coach with Purefoods in the early 1990s.
    It was a meeting Gregorio reportedly wanted to end in a jiffy, even allegedly telling his staff he wanted no less than a standing ovation from the board as soon as he declared the meeting ended. He did not get it, as the board raised more questions than answers to what he presented, mainly focused on the monetary side of the sport that has long reeled on the fringes of its international cousins because it lacked direction from its past and current leaders.
    It also did not go unnoticed to some key provincial leaders how they were left out in the cold after engaging the BAP in a long, arduous struggle basically because of the same leadership style that Gregorio showed right in his first face-off with they key stakeholders nonetheless.
    “(Gregorio) does not know his basketball,” a provincial leader, one of the key figures who fought against the BAP and its Chinese leader Graham Lim in the past, said. “We know he is a marketing man, but we need somebody who understands the game first, because we need to know where he will lead us. Not back towards the dark years of the BAP, but onward as the SBP has envisioned it. Sayang ang pagod dito ni MVP (Manny V. Pangilinan, president of the merger).”
    Two more officials representing provincial leagues have also aired their concern over Gregorio’s projects, especially his grassroots training approach which he centralized by naming figures known to be close to him.
    “Nawalan na kami ng saysay, kami pa naman yung umpisa pa lang, tumaya na sa basketball,” one of the provincial executives said.
    The officials vowed to come out in the open as soon as they have firmed their ranks: “We will try to send our position to Mr. Pangilinan. Baka lang he will realize that it was a mistake to name a non-basketball person as his man-Friday in the BAP-SBP.”
    Gregorio has been under tremendous fire lately.
    He was pointed as responsible for pushing for the late inclusion of provincial journalist Lolito de los Reyes into the official Philippine delegation to the Tokushima, Japan Olympic qualifying. De los Reyes went missing in Japan as soon as he arrived with the all-professional RP squad that failed to win a ticket to the Beijing Olympics. Gregorio, a former tourism employee, reportedly has good connections with embassies, including Japan.
    Two of his staff have also resigned in protest of his “management style.” He fired another one for not joining him in two appointments. The former BAP-SBP volunteers also complained of not receiving their salaries in full.

    Yan ang masama kung if you rely on the "weather-weather principle"

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    Re: Is Pato Gregorio up to the job?

    That's* typical of the gregorios', and to think that he was yearning to change the basketball program of UP, Pwe!
    The man who has GOD as his TREASURE has all things in one...... he has it PURELY, LEGITIMATELY and FOREVER!

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    Re: Is Pato Gregorio up to the job?

    BAP-SBP validates ‘imperial Manila’

    By Julius Manicad


    Provincial basketball stakeholders yesterday lashed at the BAP-SBP’s (Basketball Association of the Philippines-Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas) seeming neglect of their participation in the new merger, with one official going as far as branding the federation as a “validation of imperial Manila” in protest of the centralized approach on projects taken by the group.

    “We’re seeing the same signs of the cancer that we’ve fought against when basketball was still under the BAP,” the official who comes from the South said. “Pero ngayon inbred na pala sa SBP. It is lamentable that we are again being taken for granted, after all our contributions to rectify the past mistakes of the BAP, sayang!”

    The emerging group of provincial basketball stakeholders also said it plans to seek audience with BAP-SBP president Manny Pangilinan to appraise the business tycoon of the goings-on in the group even as its officials lambasted the “divisive management style” of BAP-SBP executive director Patrick “Pato” Gregorio, whom they earlier called as “a basketball official who does not know his basketball.”

    “Now we are also beginning to suspect his management acumen. Imagine, since we were formed in February, hanggang ngayon wala pa kaming opisina. Pato runs the association through his cellular phone, and by way of his secretary who has her own main job to look after,” the Tribune source said.

    Gregorio, in a message to the Tribune, claimed the BAP-SBP office will be ready by middle of this month.

    He, however, called the Tribune reports unfair, saying: “I thought na-clarify ko na yan partner. I need your help. The Tribune write-up was unfair.”

    Gregorio was referring to a Tribune exclusive report claiming two of his staff have resigned while a third, Alfonso “Dayong” Mendoza was fired over a conflict in schedule.

    What transpired in his backyard, however, are not the only issues Gregorio is facing. He is also being pointed as responsible for the sudden disappearance of journalist Lolito de los Reyes in Japan. Gregorio endorsed his travel with the national team that failed to win a ticket to the Beijing Olympics recently before De los Reyes was feared to have gone illegal.

    And then there’s the issue of his recent appointments of veteran collegiate champion coach Franz Pumaren and Fritz Gaston, which did not sit well with the provincial stakeholders.

    Gregorio is now also being accused of “putting prominence above expertise and qualification” for what the stakeholders claimed was his apparent snub of “more qualified candidates” to national coaching positions.

    The stakeholders were referring to San Beda coach Ato Badolato, a many-time mentor of champion junior squads, whom the source claimed “was overlooked” when Gregorio named Pumaren to the post.

    And then, according to the same source, there was former lady cager now coach Emilia Vega, who was reportedly by-passed in favor of Gaston.

    “Maybe (Gregorio) is convinced prominence far outweighs expertise and experience in these fields,” the source said.

    According to the source, although Pumaren is also a champion coach, his expertise is not with junior cagers but with youth players. He was reportedly chosen because he is a prominent Quezon City councilor and for the glamor his La Salle team had brought him in their classic battles against Ateneo.

    Vega, meanwhile, was snubbed “simply because Pato said she doesn’t look good being interviewed on television.”

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    Re: Is Pato Gregorio up to the job?

    Now it can be said, the true colors of the Gregorio bloodline has surfaced.

    To think that Tycoon Manny Pangilinan reportedly pays this guy Php250,000.00 a month as Executive Director of the SBP. Wow! 250K and he decides to do all business on his celfone.

    The problem started when Manny Pangilinan listened to the advice of Noli Eala, a Pato Gregorio business associate to place him as Executive Director of the SBP. Now why would anyone put a hotel guy or a marketing guy in a tough position like that. Fine, so he has some marketing savvy, but when you are dealing with the basketball powers in the provinces, well no fine tuned english will ever impress these people. The people in the provinces want a solid basketball program.

    Pato Gregorio does not have the stature, the wisdom, clout and credibility to deal with basketball people in the provinces. They want a sincere and honest guy to lead the development of the sport in the province.

    The guy is condescending, you could read it in the papers by the way he dealt with the people in the provinces and the way he spoke about Vega, the current coach of the Lady Falcons.

    Hindi pwedeng bola ka lang ng bola ng mga tao sa probinsya.

    It was also obvious that Pato Gregorio tried to appease all the former BAP officials by putting them in positions that will make them quiet. Now these same BAP officials that we were all disgusted with are making waves in provinces probably trying to consolidate their position for the upcoming elections in April. Whoever wins this election will stand to rule the SBP till the 2012 London Olympics.

    If the BAP people get the reins of power, then this will be all of Pato Gregorios fault. The guy is so stupid he missed the last bus towards improving the sport that Filipinos love.

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    Re: Is Pato Gregorio up to the job?

    It’s very astonishing that Pato is*arrogantly bragging his TOYM Award.* It is better to deserve* honors and not to have them than to have them and not deserve them.* When a person cannot deceive himself the chances are against his being able to deceive other people.

    These are all based on truth and stated facts, again, I would just like to reiterate I'm not one those who in expressing opinions confine themselves to facts!* :D
    The man who has GOD as his TREASURE has all things in one...... he has it PURELY, LEGITIMATELY and FOREVER!

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    Re: Is Pato Gregorio up to the job?

    well the good news so far assuming that the articles about gregorio if true is that, so far, the problem is confined to him and not to the SBP as an organization. Better fix the problem before it gets bigger and while its early.

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    Re: Is Pato Gregorio up to the job?

    Martin to the rescue!!!!! The same thing he did to appease the Gatchalians' to "WATERFRONTGATE". How many millions were involved?
    The man who has GOD as his TREASURE has all things in one...... he has it PURELY, LEGITIMATELY and FOREVER!

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    Re: Is Pato Gregorio up to the job?

    Resigning in mind of* ‘tired’ exec.-dir. Gregorio
    By Dominic Menor
    Patrick Gregorio, the first to be named executive director of the powerful Basketball Association of the Philippines-Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas (BAP-SBP), is contemplating stepping down from his post, a source said.

    It was also revealed that Gregorio will sit down with BAP-SBP president Manny V. Pangilinan Wednesday to discuss the matter.

    The development comes at the heels of the recent Southeast Asian Basketball Association (Seaba) Champions Cup in Indonesia, where the Philippine team, backed by Harbour Centre, lost its title in controversial fashion.

    Gregorio flew to Jakarta primarily to settle the eligibility of Sam Ekwe, who was barred by organizers from playing. Ekwe’s absence was taken as a major reason why Harbour Centre, lost its crown.

    Seaba officials blocked Ekwe’s stint because he failed to present a player’s clearance certificate, which was to come from his home country Nigeria and which was supposed to be secured by the BAP-SBP.

    Gregorio reiterated that the federation had attempted several times to secure the document from Nigeria, but the BAP-SBP’s counterparts in the African nation did not comply.

    In the aftermath of the missing documents, Gregorio lamented he was blamed heavily for Ekwe’s ban and essentially Harbour Centre’s loss.

    During the awarding ceremonies of the Seaba, in which the RP 5 settled for runner-up, Gregorio told the BusinessMirror, “I’m tired.”

    When the BAP-SBP was formed last year, the position of executive director was left vacant for weeks after the merger, as the federation sought what it considered “a most credible man” for the job. Gregorio, a marketing man, will complete his first full year as executive director next month.

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