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Thread: DLSU vs Ateneo part 2

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    DLSU vs Ateneo part 2

    This is the all important game between bitter rivals.

    Gamfacers, your opinions (and predictions) please. ;D
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    Re: DLSU vs Ateneo part 2

    sana manalo ateneo ;D

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    Re: DLSU vs Ateneo part 2

    Malamang DLSU and Ateneo na ang match-up sa F4. Kung sino mananalo dito would carry over some psychological advantage pagdating ng F4. Goodluck to both teams.
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    Re: DLSU vs Ateneo part 2

    Sana talaga manalo Ateneo. Just so nobody can ever say that the last game was just chamba.

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    Re: DLSU vs Ateneo part 2

    ateneo.. simply because they need this game more than la salle.. well, for sure this will be very exciting..
    sana nga magno. 4 na lang ang ateneo..para makaharap nila UE.. na sa tingen ko, ay mas magandang laban sa F4..
    finals na lang un ADMU vs. DLSU..hehehe

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    Re: DLSU vs Ateneo part 2

    Forget about the #1 position. Ateneo needs the #2 position. Stepladder or Final Four, winning games would always give the boost.
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    Re: DLSU vs Ateneo part 2

    If La Salle wins, they're automatically #2 at the Final 4.

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    Re: DLSU vs Ateneo part 2

    I'm hoping for an Ateneo win for the simple reason that it will benefit UST. ;D

    Anyway, good luck to both teams.

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    Re: DLSU vs Ateneo part 2

    Magandang laban ito.
    I'd cheer for the team na mas kakaonti ang supporters sa loob ng Araneta. ;D

    UST na iyun siyempre.
    Araneta will be covered in blue and green, with a little yellow-gold in between. ;D

    Seriously, now, I'd go for ADMU, too, for the same exact reason as tigerman has stated.
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    Re: DLSU vs Ateneo part 2

    what are the complications of this game on the final 4 scenario? Why would it be beneficial for UST if ADMU wins this one?

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