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Thread: Adornado "fired" by Adamson?

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    Adornado "fired" by Adamson?

    Correct me if I am wrong but I heard from Aaron Atayde earlier today that Adamson "fired" Coach Bogs Adornado and replaced him on the interim by Assistant Coach Jing Ruiz. Any word on this?

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    Re: Adornado "fired" by Adamson?

    no wonder that bogs was just sitting there and he was calling the shots...

    but this is one reason why adamson is progressing slowly than what we expect...
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    Re: Adornado "fired" by Adamson?

    I watched the entire broadcast myself and it was really Coach Jing who was calling the shots for Adamson while Coach Bogs was just sitting idly on the bench. Kahit sa huddles ng Falcons, si Coach Jing lang ang nagsasalita at tahimik lang na nanonood si Coach Bogs.

    Ang sinabi pa ni Aaron kanina, "demoted" daw sa pagiging assistant coach si Coach Bogs at "promoted" si Coach Jing. ???

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    Re: Adornado "fired" by Adamson?

    baka naman "promoted" to "consultant" si bogs.

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    Re: Adornado "fired" by Adamson?

    Quote Originally Posted by BigBlue
    baka naman "promoted" to "consultant" si bogs.
    Ha? Eh mas maayos pa yung mga plays ni Jing kaysa sa plays ni Bogs tapos promoted pa to consultant si Bogs? Labo, ano? ;D

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    Re: Adornado "fired" by Adamson?

    Quote Originally Posted by BigBlue
    baka naman "promoted" to "consultant" si bogs.
    consultant but never consulted? ahahaha
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    Re: Adornado "fired" by Adamson?

    Napansin ko rin kahapon sa UAAP trivia na "Adamson has had four head coaches in the last four years". Baka next week, maging "...five head coaches in the last four years" na 'yan.

    At nandoon ang problema. You can't expect to build a quality team and attract quality recruits if you keep on changing your coaches and your playbooks. Last year was a good year; however, AdU team management just failed to capitalize on the chance.
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    Re: Adornado "fired" by Adamson?

    I've observed Ruiz as head coach of the Letran Squires, the man knows how to communicate with the players. Which to me is very important. Yung Xs and Os napag-aaralan lahat yan, but how to send your message across, iba yun. Maganda rin ang tiempo niya in calling timeouts and making substitutions.

    Tanong lang ay. "Hhinog na ba siya for a head coaching job sa level na ito?".

    Well, the remaining games of the Falcons should be a good indicator.
    We had a head start in this game. At one time we had a glorious 3rd place finish in the World Championship and was the undisputed power in Asia. But the world has learned how to play it. They may not be as good as us,but they have enough smarts to make use of their height. That is enough to beat us.

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    Re: Adornado "fired" by Adamson?

    ^He's been an assitant of Coach Louie Alas with the Knights before tagging along with Coach Mel Alas two years ago in joining the Falcons.

    Prior to that, he's had stints as head coach of Shark in the PBL. To a certain extent, he does have the experience to run a college team as a head coach.

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    Re: Adornado "fired" by Adamson?

    ^^^ As a career assistant coach over several seasons in both the amateur and pro ranks Jing Ruiz should have both the experience and the street cred to take over as headcoach for a UAAP college program.

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