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Thread: San Beda - La Salle Finals Showdown

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    Re: San Beda - La Salle Finals Showdown

    Frankie Lim should take advantage of the training of previous San Beda athletes. Even back when DLSU and ADMU were in the NCAA, San Beda athletes were always given healthy respect due to their excellent conditioning. Back then, even the basketball and volleyball teams of San Beda, took their conditioning regime from the football team under the legendary Juan Cutillas who also trained the champion RP basketball teams. DLSU's conditioning is a year round program based on an INDIVIDUALIZED conditioning regimen designed by Dan Rose. San Beda should continue their tradition of having their basketball team do their condition training with their football team. Trust me, your players will develop longer stamina and better feet balance and control.

    Anyway, I loved the game last night because regardless of the outcome, both teams gave their all. This is one of those games where you just hate the fact that one team has to lose. DLSU, and I can speak for the community on this, has a very high respect for San Beda. Not only because Renren Ritualo and Jvee Casio were former Bedans who played for DLSU but because La Salle athletes and San Beda athletes have always had some form of bond among each other. Sure our supporters and your supporters bash each other during the games and in fora like this, but deep down inside, you can really feel the respect that we mutually have.

    Congrats San Beda! I look forward to your campaign for a back-to-back championship. You have a great team!

    Oh, by the way, can you guess what Jvee Casio was doing while San Beda was singing their alma mater song? Look at this:

    You can take the Bedan out of San Beda, but you can't take out San Beda from the Bedan, este now a La Sallian too. will always be...AN1MO LA SALLE!!!

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    Re: San Beda - La Salle Finals Showdown

    Thanks GreenArrows!

    It was indeed a great game. 'Til we meet again.

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    Re: San Beda - La Salle Finals Showdown

    Thanks GreenArrows! Nice pic! Great game, until our next meeting.

    Some other time, some other day.

    Be proud Bedans!

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    Re: San Beda - La Salle Finals Showdown

    Sana mangyari ito sa Champions League.

    Pareho namang kasali ang dalawa, eh.

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    Re: San Beda - La Salle Finals Showdown

    Filoil-Flying V will be the sponsor of the Collegiate Champions League.

    Pero baka La Salle will NOT play in the tournament.

    Coach Franz said in a sports forum this morning na his boys are dead tired from their UAAP campaign and they may not be in the best of shape to play in the Champions League.

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