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Thread: Dukes Up: The Boxing Thread

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    Re: Dukes Up: The Boxing Thread

    And as usual boring nanaman si Mayweather. Takbo ng takbo.

    At bakit may singit na Rocky Juarez fight?

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    Re: Dukes Up: The Boxing Thread

    Basta ang tingin ko, asar na asar si De la Hoya. Nagpapasuntok na sa kanya si Mayweather, tinatawan lang ni Mayweather mga suntok niya.

    Tama rin yang talo ni De la Hoya para bumaba siya sa pedestal niya. He thinks too highly of himself, sobrang ganid na rin kaya pati si Pacquiao gusto angkinin niya for Golden Boy Promotions. He should give what the public wants to see, allow Barrera or Marquez vs. Pacquiao!

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    Re: Dukes Up: The Boxing Thread

    It had all the makings of a boring fight. De La Hoya not having the speed to match up and expected to plod with Mayweather not having the hands (battered from past fights) to stand toe to toe and just be content to snipe and jab on the pedal. Mayweather is far from being his old knockout artist self (5 of his last 6 fights being decisions) and he couldn't expect Oscar to make an Arturo Gatti impersonation for his benefit. He just relied on what he had too much for De La hoya: speed. To slip, bob and weave, back pedal and fire counter punches. Boring fight but he still got the win and cashed in on his biggest payday.

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    Re: Dukes Up: The Boxing Thread

    I believe that we have a good future with Boom-boom Bautista. He has good footwork and has power in his punches. Malayo mararating ng bata na ito. I hope he continues to workout with Freddie Roach.

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    Re: Dukes Up: The Boxing Thread

    I just hope they don't rush him. He's only 20 and they are lining him up for a title shot against the guy that recently defeated Gerry Penalosa. ANother two fights with world class contenders will do him good.

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    Re: Dukes Up: The Boxing Thread

    tama ka bruiser. kahit sa galing ni boom boom bautista ngayon, ibang klase hetong si daniel ponce de leon, ang kampeon ng WBO sa 122-lbs category. HBO sports named his first round, one-punch stoppage of a thai fighter as the knockout of 2006. i'm just glad gerry penalosa lasted the distance against de leon. ganyan talaga, si boom boom na ang susunod na susubok kay daniel ponce de leon. medyo dehado ang bata natin, pero sana makapag-ensayo sya nang mabuti sa ilalim ni freddie roach.
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    Re: Dukes Up: The Boxing Thread

    Ponce De Leon is one of the best pure punchers in the business.* But he still has his deficiencies.* He has problems with crafty boxers who can avoid his punches, moves well to throw off his timing and can counterpunch.* Much like our Gerry Penalosa who is as heady as they come. Too bad he is a lot older, two weight classes out of his natural fighting weight and too small to really inflict any telling damage on Ponce De Leon that could have made the scoring tilt more to his favor. He did a good accounting of himself and a lot of boxing experts were of the opinion that Ponce de Leon was lucky to escape with the UD.* Boom may be good but he still has a long way to go to match up to the guile of Gerry Penalosa. That's my reason for*wanting him to gain more experience fighting veterans.* Getting him to train with Gery regularly is not a bad idea too.* *If he does fight Ponce De Leon soon, I hope he learns enough from Freddie Roach to defend against the one punch menu and that he has enough power in his two handed attack to put the champ away.

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    Re: Dukes Up: The Boxing Thread

    boom boom has phenomenal handspeed and is as far ahead in terms of skill as any 20-year old there is. think of him as a young pinoy erik morales. he's far better skilled than the slow, plodding de leon but boom doesn't have the one-punch knockout power that de leon has.

    i see boom dominating the the first 6 rounds, using his footspeed to dance around the mexican and his combinations to pepper de leon's head with jabs and his body with power shots. de leon will get desperate, seeking that one punch that will knock boom out and salvage his crown. he'll catch the pinoy youngster in the late rounds and stagger him once or twice, but if boom manages to stay on his feet, he'll snatch the crown.

    anyway, much as i hate oscar dela hoya and GBP, i'm definitely flying to cebu to watch this boxing world cup.

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    Re: Dukes Up: The Boxing Thread


    Diego "Chico" Corrales

    Former four time two division world champion. Remembered for one of the best fights in boxing history with his come from behind 10th round knockout win over Jose Luis Castillo in May 7, 2005 to unify their lightweight world titles.

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    Re: Dukes Up: The Boxing Thread

    Wow. Too tragic. Rest in Peace, Chico...

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