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Thread: FILOIL – FLYING V Pre-Season Invitational Cup

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    FILOIL – FLYING V Pre-Season Invitational Cup

    PRESS KIT - FILOIL – FLYING V Pre-Season Invitational Cup.

    Filoil – Flying V Sports (FFVS) kicks off this April 29, 2007, a Sunday at the new San Juan ARENA, at the San Juan Government Center, Santolan, San Juan, with another basketball tournament.

    This basketball event will showcase 14 teams, 7 from the NCAA and 7 from the UAAP. The new event has been dubbed the FILOIL – FLYING V Pre-Season Invitational Cup.

    Fans shall be treated to heated rivalries in the openers as San Beda faces Letran at 2:00pm in the first game and the fabled Ateneo vs. La Salle match-up takes place right after at 4:00pm.

    The Pre-Season tournament was created in order to give basketball fans a glimpse of how teams may perform in the coming collegiate wars, i.e. the NCAA and UAAP. Unlike other summer leagues where teams just play to hone up their basketball skills, FFVS organizers have requested the participating college and universities to bring their bands and cheering squads in order to ensure an atmosphere similar to that of the NCAA or UAAP.

    The participating colleges and universities are all set to send the best players in their line-ups in order to prepare them for their respective major leagues.

    Just like the last offering, adopted in the Filoil – Flying V Homegrown Invitational Cup, the tournament format in the elimination phase will be an inter group format wherein the participants have been divided into 2 groups. Group A and Group B will have 7.teams each. Teams assigned to Group A play only those from Group B and vice versa. The top 4 teams from each group advance to the quarter final stage. This will be based on their win-loss record in the elimination stage.

    Should a tie occur in the elimination phase, it shall be broken via a quotient system. The tie-break system shall take into account all games played and calculate the teams’ performance using the point scored for and scored against them. This would ensure that all teams play to the fullest of their capability in all games. A win or loss of a significant margin may determine if a team would be favored in case of a tie.

    In the quarter final stage, teams play within their group. The team with the best record plays the team with the fourth best record within its group. Likewise the second placed team plays the third place team. Winners of the intra group quarter final stage play each other for the semi finals. Theses are the Group Champions. Winners of the semi final stage or Group Champions play each other for the finals.

    Prizes in terms of athletic scholarships await the winners of the tournament. The Champion Team will receive Php100,000. Php60,000 and Php40,000 shall be awarded to the second and third placers respectively.

    Tickets shall be available at all TicketNet outlets.

    Sponsors for this tournament include FILOIL Portagas, Flying V Bio-Diesel, Filpride - USA 88, Total Petroleum, Elf Lubricants, CDO Sausages, Smart Communications, Metro Oil, Bubble Tea, Banco de Oro, Security Bank, Immuvit, Gerry’s Grill and ACCEL. Changing The Face of The Game!

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    Re: FILOIL – FLYING V Pre-Season Invitational Cup

    What schools will be playing in this league?

    Thanks thanks..:D

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    Re: FILOIL – FLYING V Pre-Season Invitational Cup

    May line-up po ba kayo ng teams? Schedule?

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    Re: FILOIL – FLYING V Pre-Season Invitational Cup

    May DLSU-ADMU game on Sunday April 29, 2007. can someone please confirm this? Venue is the Arena in San Juan daw.

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