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Thread: NCAA Denies PCU Probe

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    NCAA Denies PCU Probe

    NCAA denies probe on PCU

    The Philippine Star 03/15/2007

    NCAA Management Committee chair Henry Atayde of St. Benilde yesterday described as plain rumor allegations that Philippine Christian U has been fielding ineligible players.

    "We’re actually hearing a lot of things these past two weeks," said Atayde, who assumed the Mancom post after Bernie Atienza resigned last year. "These are all rumors, of course, because there are no protests filed by any school."

    Atayde, however, said he would conduct his own investigation on the controversy.

    "There’s a lot of names involved so we have to conduct an inquiry even if it is just an informal one," said Atayde.

    Alfredo Olano, PCU’s representative to the board, pointed to a former athlete of the school as the one who started the rumor.

    "There’s no truth to the matter, these are purely rumors from a disgruntled athlete," said Olano. "The NCAA has not received any formal complaint from anybody."

    PCU, which recently won the NCAA overall championships this year, is being accused of allegedly fielding ineligible athletes not only in basketball but also in other sports. – Joey Villar

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    Re: NCAA Denies PCU Probe

    NCAA mancom chair: No ineligibility probe

    By Marc Anthony Reyes
    Last updated 06:11am (Mla time) 03/15/2007

    MANILA, Philippines -- The National College Athletic Association Wednesday brushed off allegations that one of its schools has been fielding ineligible players.

    NCAA management committee (mancom) chair Henry Atayde said the league is not taking any official step toward the incident which he said stemmed from anonymous text messages sent to the members of the mancom two weeks ago.

    “We met Wednesday and we brought up the topics of those anonymous text messages,” Atayde told the Philippine Daily Inquirer. “And we found out that the person behind this went straight to the press.”

    He said the person responsible for the controversy must be a disgruntled Philippine Christian University athlete judging from the details of information he has.

    “Until a formal complaint is lodged and evidence is presented to us, we are not taking any official step on this,” said Atayde.

    But that doesn’t stop him, according to Atayde, from making his own inquiry into the matter. “I am interested in getting into the bottom of this.”

    Atayde added that he has talked to PCU officials and advised them to “check their own ranks.”

    Reports alleged that PCU used over-aged players in different sports disciplines, including basketball.

    The reports even went as far as alleging Gabby Espinas didn’t make the NCAA qualification which only allows players who have graduated from high school no more than seven years.

    Espinas steered the PCU Dolphins to the championship in 2004 where he was awarded the league MVP. The forward signed up with San Miguel Beer in the pro league Philippine Basketball Association this year.

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    Re: NCAA Denies PCU Probe

    NCAA says eligibility allegations just rumors

    By Kristel satumbaga

    The National Collegiate Athletic Association is conducting an unofficial inquiry into reported allegations that certain athletes from Philippine Christian University were ineligible while competing in the league. PCU officials denied the accusations.

    Officials of the NCAA, however, said they could not open a formal inquiry as no protest from school members has been received by the association.

    The alleged ineligibility were sent by text messages to NCAA officials.

    NCAA Management Committee chairman Henry Atayde yesterday confirmed that rumors were indeed spreading the past weeks, but the ManCom cannot open a formal investigation without any written protest filed by a member school.

    But he said they have asked some NCAA officials about the matter during informal gatherings but no one has so far come forward to submit evidence although some names were mentioned.

    "We have known about the rumors, but I have not yet called for an investigation," said Atayde. "Unless there’s hard evidence and a filed complaint given to us, hindi namin aaksyonan muna."

    PCU athletic moderator Alfredo Olano yesterday denied any wrongdoing.

    "There is no truth to the matter. These are purely rumors from a disgruntled former athletes. NCAA has not received any formal complaint from anybody," Olano said.

    Atayde, however, said the ManCom will just be waiting "for PCU to look into their ranks."

    "We don’t know how these came up. We have strict eligibility rules and we scrutinize each filed document of an athlete," said Atayde.

    In the NCAA, there is no time limit for aspiring collegiate athletes as long as he is not over 25 years old.

    The NCAA seeks to come up with specific plans to solve this issue before the College of St. Benilde turns over the hosting to Jose Rizal University in a ceremony on March 22.

    PCU is a recognize powerhouse in the league, having been just awarded the overall championship, it’s second in three years.

    It is also one of the league’s top basketbal teams, having won the title in 2004 and was runnerup in 2005 and 2006.

    This year, PCU won titles in men’s and women’s beach volleyball, second in men’s basketball, swimming, football, chess and table tennis.

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    Re: NCAA Denies PCU Probe

    We’re clean, and NCAA can check documents, says PCU

    By Marc Anthony Reyes
    Last updated 03:29am (Mla time) 03/16/2007

    MANILA, Philippines -- We have nothing to hide.

    That’s the stand of Philippine Christian University amid allegations the school violated eligibility rules of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, particularly in basketball, so it could field stronger teams.

    Fred Olano, the school’s representative to the NCAA management committee, said they stand by the documents they presented to the league.

    “It’s all there, they can check all the documents we presented to them,” Olano told the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

    Olano said the institution is not conducting any investigation on the matter because as far as it is concerned, “they are all just allegations.”

    He said PCU will only dignify the allegations if charges are formally filed against them.

    NCAA management committee chair Henry Atayde of the College of St. Benilde also brushed off reports about PCU’s alleged manipulations, but he said that he will conduct his own personal inquiry.

    Atayde said the reports stemmed from anonymous text messages sent to members of the Mancom.

    Olano said he did not receive any of those text messages.

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    Re: NCAA Denies PCU Probe

    PCU hits ‘text brigade’

    AN OFFICIAL of the Philippine Christian University said they have no plan to investigate the reported irregularity on their athletes’ papers as they stood pat on their claim that all documents they submitted to the Management Committee were all reliable and genuine.

    PCU athletic moderator Alfredo Olano said this yesterday, believing the school was simply a victim of vicious "text-message" brigade determined to malign the school’s reputation.

    "We strongly believe that our athletes’ documents are reliable and genuine so there’s no need to dig deeply into the papers to completely prove it," said Olano.

    "Wala pa namang complaint filed at the NCAA ManCom. All issues raised are just based on rumors. So what we will be doing is to scrutinize first kung paano at kanino nagmula ito bago pa namin pakialaman ang mga eligibility papers ng mga sinasabing atleta," said Olano.

    The rumors, according Olano, might come from disgruntled athletes.

    Olano said four varsity players were recently kicked out for breaking the school’s policy.

    The PCU and the NCAA ManCom did not divulge the names of the disqualified players pending their "unofficial" inquiry to the matter.

    They theorized that the "text brigade" might be the handiwork of an athlete from basketball, athletics and table tennis teams.

    Olano said the university will continue to stick to the documents submitted to the ManCom and is confident of its authenticity.

    Members of the ManCom could not open a formal investigations unless there are calls for such from other member schools. —Kristel Satumbaga

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    Re: NCAA Denies PCU Probe

    Heard that the NCAA decided to conduct a probe on PCU after all

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    Re: NCAA Denies PCU Probe

    PCU cager faked papers, probe bares

    The Philippine Star 03/30/2007

    The NCAA yesterday identified one member of the Philippine Christian U high school basketball team for his involvement in the "identity switching" scandal that recently rocked the country’s oldest collegiate league.

    St. Benilde’s Henry Atayde, who chairs the two fact-finding committees formed last week to look into PCU’s alleged irregularities, said Jaypee Importante was the player they found to have reportedly switched birth certificates with a cousin in Cebu to be able to play for the school.

    "It’s been confirmed, he’s not who he claims he is," Atayde said.

    Atayde added he has already informed PCU board representative Alfredo Olano about their findings and they have given the school time to answer the charge.

    "We’re giving PCU until April 10 to come up with a position paper," Atayde said. "It’s now up to them to make their move and maybe clean their own backyard."

    Olano, for his part, said he is still awaiting the results of PCU’s separate inquiry on the case.

    "We’ll wait until we have completed our own review," said Olano, who also took part in the Management Committee’s three-day planning session that concluded yesterday in Binangonan, Rizal.

    Atayde said a possible forfeiture of their games could be slapped on the Baby Dolphins, who made it to the finals but lost to the San Sebastian Staglets in Season 82. – Joey Villar

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    Re: NCAA Denies PCU Probe

    just today, PCU has been suspended from the 83rd Season of the NCAA. And its president, Dr. Oscar Suarez has accepted the decision of the NCAA Board. So see you PCU in the 84th Season.
    There are also rumors that some members want PCU to be kicked out of the NCAA. How true is this?

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    Re: NCAA Denies PCU Probe

    NCAA imposes one-year ban on PCU
    By Joey Villar
    The Philippine Star 04/24/2007

    The NCAA Policy Board yesterday slapped a one-year suspension on Philippine Christian University for fielding in a high school basketball player later found to be involved in "identity switching."

    In a statement, the board said it voted unanimously for the suspension with hopes of giving PCU time to institute reforms on its recruitment program.

    Incoming NCAA president Vince Fabella of Jose Rizal, host of the 83rd NCAA, presided over the meeting at the Jose Rizal University attended by heads and presidents of member schools except for PCU president Dr. Oscar Suarez.

    "In a special meeting held at JRU, the NCAA Policy Board unanimously decided to suspend Philippine Christian University for one year in all events of the 83rd Season of the NCAA effective immediately," said the board in a statement released last night.

    The board said it based its decision on two investigations conducted by the league, headed by Henry Atayde of St. Benilde, and by PCU itself under its athletic director Alfredo Olano.

    "The findings of both inquiries have proven that there was indeed identity switching. The policy board considered the findings as a grave violation of the core objectives of the NCAA," the board added.

    With the suspension, all the games of the Baby Dolphins, who finished runner-up to the San Sebastian Staglets, in Season 82 will be forfeited.

    "The policy board also upheld the recommendations of the management committee to forfeit all games of the Baby Dolphins, return their second place trophy together with individual awards and ban the player involved from future participation in the league," the statement added.

    "The board wishes to stress that all member schools of NCAA have much to learn from this experience and that the board decision should not be interpreted as singling out PCU," Fabella said. "The board believes that institutional responsibility is important in the NCAA, hence its decision."

    The name of the player found to have played as a Baby Dolphin was Jaypee Importante, who switched identities with another person.

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    Re: NCAA Denies PCU Probe

    Dolphins continuing training, rebuilding

    By Marc Anthony Reyes
    Last updated 03:35am (Mla time) 04/25/2007

    MANILA, Philippines -- Make something good out of the bad.

    Its schedule suddenly freed up by a one-year suspension slapped on it by the NCAA, Philippine Christian University plans to acquire new talents to bolster its bid in the 2008 basketball season.

    The university was punished by the National Collegiate Athletic Association after its junior basketball team was found guilty of switching the identities of players to fit them into the league’s age ceiling.

    The PCU varsity basketball team, according to coach Joel Dualan, will continue to train and even spend the rest of the season “rebuilding” in preparation for the next season.

    PCU, which placed second last year, was to have fielded core players Beau Belga and Jason Castro for one last season before they join the PBA rookie draft this October.

    “It’s hard to accept (the decision) but we can’t do anything about it anymore,” said Dualan. “It’s not just the senior team that was affected, but all the teams of PCU.”

    But Dualan remained optimistic about their prospects, adding they will field teams in tournaments and make good use of their idle time.

    The NCAA slapped the stiffest penalty in league history on PCU after finding out that junior cager JP Importante used the school documents of his younger cousin to qualify for the Baby Dolphins.

    “That decision was based on the investigation made by the management committee and PCU itself,” said NCAA management committee chair Paul Supan of host Jose Rizal University.

    Supan also said the cases of brothers James and Cesar Degano and Victor Miguel Oliveros, who also reportedly used falsified school records, are still under scrutiny.

    The NCAA, according to Supan, will now require pictures from prospective players along with their birth certificates and school records as a new measure to prevent similar incidents happening in the future.

    The Baby Dolphins, runners up to the San Sebastian College Staglets in junior basketball, automatically forfeited their games as well as the second-place honors they got in the overall standings. Changing The Face of The Game!

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