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    Poised to win another title this year and the establishment of the M'bala dynasty, methinks the internal bickering within their camp which CAA described as "unresolved issues" resulted in Taftians shooting themselves in the foot with their own proverbial arrow. Instead of looking at a three peat next year, they may now even end up without their championship coach (hurrah for UST, if ever) and start from square one again. I doubt if the Taftians will lighten up their facade with blue again next year if the birdies do a back to back finish. If CAA joins the Tiger, the color will be yellow with stripes. Ha ha ha Sige..more intriga pa! Ha ha ha!!!
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    When it rains, it pours for coach Ayo. 2years ago he was the toast of the town in college basketball having won for Letran a fairytale NCAA title then annexed it with a UAAP crown the following season.

    But leaving Letran abruptly in the midst of their euphoric celebrations, he set the wheels in motion for haters to feast on him. The red and blue diehards were divided as some wished him well while others hated him to the bones. Now that he is on the losing side, things are unravelling negatively. There is too much pressure now from the green side. Maybe it would be best for him to consider the other options... settinghis sights this time for the ‘golden pasture’.

    Kung back to back sana mas madaling desisyonan ang paglipat if the rumors of internal bickerings are real. Eh olats. Lets see how he dealswith this setback.

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    Coach Ayo' at it again. Saying one thing, doing another. Maybe Mbala's departure has put too much
    pressure on redeeming the title back to Taft he opted to make an exit to Espana this time.

    We are not privy on the terms of his cotract w Lasal pero halos ganon din nanyari nun
    iniwan tayo sa ere noon...tsk tsk...very controversial moves indeed by coach Aldin.

    Anyways, goodluck na lang k coach. Strike while its hot ika nga. Hope you made the
    right decision for your budding coaching career come 2018.

    Happy New Year to all. Arriba al the way!

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    When Coach Aldin left Letran, the scuttlebutt was that he did so because of economic reasons. However, with this move to UST, I'm dumbfounded.

    Was this because of a falling-out with the powers-that-be behind the Green Archers? Did Coach Aldin merely jump the gun before he was fired? If so, why the surprise that he bolted despite his earlier promise to stay?

    Ang daming unanswered questions. Still, I am one with you, ESCALERA JR., in wishing that Coach Aldin made the right choice in transferring to UST.
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    bugleboy, The reason he gave was "personal". I do not begrudge him even if the reason was indeed financial. I mean, wouldn't you transfer to another firm if given a humongous offer? Anyway he gave us (together with the players ) in that remarkable season a unique championship that will be forever be enshrined in NCAA history. Even now, many are still talking about it.

    Perhaps, the move to UST is not financially driven. Per bchoter(please correct me sir bchoter) he'll only get a paltry 50 K. (Of course the sponsoring benefactor of the team will probably add more to that that.)

    I think his position or peace of mind in Taft was just compromised by the talangkas in Taft. After giving them a championship last year and almost another one this year, he probably had his fill of the "unresolved issues" being served on this plate.

    That talangka mentality is pervasive. Even Pido is griping that the USTe job shoud be given to a "brod" (meaning Thomasian) who knows the culture of the school.

    Yeah? Well tell that to Louie Alas (from Adamson) who gave us three NCAA crowns, to Binky Favis (UST), who won it for us in the late 90s, to Norman Black (US) and Tad Baldwin (NZ) who won crowns for the birdies, to Jamicke Jarin (SBC) now at the helm of the Bulldogs or to Franz Pumaren (DLSU) now with the Falcons.

    Bottom line, kung saan ka happy eh di doon ka!
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    Entertaining thoughts about Ayo making a comeback as our Quadricentennial coach by 2020 has gone pffftt...

    Reports saying he has inked a long term deal as UST mentor has dashed any hopes he might return.

    Coach Napa?s contract is halfway thru, however if he will be able to mold his present wards and recruits to a championship caliber team he might just get an extension. Otherwise, another letranite coach will be tasked to do it and former knight Kerby Raymundo is the best possible choice.

    In short, Napa will be under pressure to start piling up those W?s for banner #18...#19...till 2020.

    Day dream pa more.👊🏼

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    Basta ako, I'm holding on to Coach Jeff's promise that we will be champions in 2018. Until the season is over, I will be keeping my mouth shut about his coaching style, substitution patterns, strategies, etc.

    Good luck to all of us!
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    Off-topic: I'm sad to hear about the ongoing spat between two Letranite-coaches -- Chris Cantonjos (coach of the UST jrs. team) and Aldin Ayo.

    Well, it's not really a spat considering that so far, it has been one-sided, with Cantonjos doing all of the jawing. My advice: pareho naman kayong Letranista, mag-usap na lang kayo ng matino!

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