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    Louie Alas to sit as HC for the RL!?...quite unthinkable a few years back pero iba na panahon. Its the color of your money nowadays (asidefrom their passion for coaching). Kung si coach Ayo nga umalis with a contract, si Alas pa na libreng libre ngayon. Tapos andun pa si Kenneth.

    If ever he gets the job, paano na ang cheering...and jeering sa mag kabilang side?Diba parang pigil at alanganin! We are hoping not, but everything is possible.

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    Alas still has his cushy assistant coaching job with the Alaska Aces, although it's a long shot if he will ever be head coach there due to Uytengsu's infatuation with Caucasian coaches.

    Trying out for the SBC post might be his shot at the big time, considering that MVP may decide later on to give him another shot at a head coaching job in the PBA (if he achieves success at SBC). That is, of course, if MVP has already forgotten Alas's ill-fated stint at Mobiline (now Talk n Text).

    Still, awkward...

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    bugle, 4 yrs ago after that infamous loss in game3 of S88, ang daming naglabasan na istoryang di maganda. Sabay sa pag alis ni coach ang pag lipat naman ng batang Alas sa Red Cubs. I recall posting in one of our threads (or isit @ RL den) na balang araw baka maging coach si Alas dun. Nagbilang na ng taon,...hinog na si Kenneth..., bakante ang position- Eto na ata. Dumating na ang Tamang Panahon.
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    CLA joining that team really would be an interesting development. Interesting to see how much playing time his other son will get...after all this offspring is no Kevin, if you know what I mean. Si Kevin binabad ng husto, pero not many eyebrows were raised as the guy was really talented, so you can't really cry nepotism.

    If he indeed changes color, ok lang. This will be further motivation for the Knights to draw their swords frm the scabbard, sharpen their lances and stick it to the other team. I think if both teams meet in the finals, parang no win situation sa kanya. If the other camp wins, all the monuments laid in his honor in the colegio will be torn down, his legacy will parallel that of Benedict Arnold and Judas Isacriot. If the Knights beat them in the finals, he will be skewered like horse, a Trojan horse that is.

    More drama in the NCAA will make the league more exciting. It may also make the rivalry between the two camps real, unlike the contrived one today put up by the television channel to spur interest in the league.

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    I wonder how the Fraternal Order of Knights will react to this, if ever. Alas is supposed to be an honorary member of the FROKs.

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    It was a nice topic for discussion and speculation. But news have it that MVP has chosen Boyet Fernandez to take over from Jarin. Its all moot now, unless the news is "fake". I was hoping for the great Jimmy Alapag to be given a shot at head coaching but perhaps hindi pa hinog. I think once Napa brings a title to 1620 Muralla, he'll also be made an honorary member of the fraternity. Ang lutong pa ng tunog - Jeff FROKS. Will somebody get this corn off my foot?

    P.S. I apologize to the millennial Knights if the last joke doesn't register. But I'm sure bugle and Escalera still remember Mike Hanopol and those hip years of very wide bell bottom pants, very long hair, side burns, nik nik shirts with ultra big collars and SDK (samahang double knit).
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    Nice one knight...laki sa layaw lang!

    We can now breath a sigh of relief CBF secured a return trip to mendiola and not our manong Alas. Mahirap isipin that we will go head to head with coach Louie sa eliminations, F4 or worse sa Finals setting. At di lang yun, pares Alas pa makakaharap naten, saan ngayon pu-puwesto ang magkapatid kevin at junjun during games?! Sa loyola katipunan na lang siya dalhin ni MVP at dun magharap sila ni coach Ayo.

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    ^@knightrider: Jeff FROKS indeed!

    Re Coach Boyet, I think he really is the better choice. For one, he has already brought two titles to Mendiola, and AFAIK, the Bedans like him.

    Looks like Coach Jeff has his work cut out for him. He has done a good job recruiting so far; let's see how he will bring these players together to make a TEAM!

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    I wonder how Coach Aldin feels at the moment. Apart from losing a hard-fought UAAP finals series yesterday, there are multiple rumors about him transferring to UST despite a supposed multi-million peso contract with DLSU, alleged friction with some influential DLSU supporters, etc.

    There is a replacement coach supposedly waiting in the wings -- one who has also earned a championship in the UAAP.

    Ang hirap sigurong magtrabaho na may parang punyal na nakatutok sa ulo mo, ano?

    Kung sabagay, ginusto niya iyan. He left his four-year contract with us (with three years left), to join a program that -- according to him -- only offered him a short-term contract (up to December 2017 daw). Ewan ko, napaka-fantastic nitong kuwentong ito.

    However, as Letranites, we can only wish our fellow Letranite well, whatever shape or form his next assignment may take.

    As for coach Jeff -- we will remember that you promised that the Knights will be champions next season. We will hold our tongues until then.
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    Ano kayang nangyari had the priest picked Randy Alcantara instead of Jeff? IMHO, mas solid ang Xs and Os ni Coach Randy, who won a crown over a stronger field at lower cost.Coach Jeff’s Bullpups were clearly the top team when he won in the UAAP Jrs.

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