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    Our last game vs CSBlazers would have a profound effect on their standing...and also to our coach CaloyGarcia. Pag obvious masyadong lopsided win ng Csb baka mapagkamalng laglag. We are now playing without any pressure, asahan mong gaganda ang bitaw ng mga bata including the not so often used players lalo na wala si KRacs.

    If coach pogi wants to have a bargaining leverage for an extension, this game is a must win.

    We can play the spoilers role to the hilt! Lets say goodbye to this season on a high note.

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    Yes, you're right, bossing ESCALERA JR. The Knights will be playing Benilde without any pressure (except for Coach Caloy, of course) while Benilde will have their season on the line. If the Blazers lose, it may mean bye-bye F4. If we lose, especially in a blowout like what we experienced in the first round, well...

    Should be an interesting match, to say the least.

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    I dont mind losing to the blazers though, having them vie for the f4 would be good for them and for the league as well. Masyado na tayo napagiiwanan ng Uaap, maybe having them slug it out in the playoffs is a better option. Malaki din ang fan base nila, apaw ang Rizal Memorial nun nag champion sila way back 2000.

    Di lang pala si coach Caloy ang on the spot, pati pala mga asst. coaches niya, long time deputy buendia...and tolentino who was a member of that 2000 Blazers champion team.
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    Seems like Caloy Garcia' coaching job as Letran MBT head coach is about to end soon...meron mga balitang kumakalat a search is ongoing for his replacement. Names that have been mentioned so far are Tonichi Pujante and Samboy Lim. How true is this?

    bugle/knight, paki sagap naman ng konting balita sa Sabado if anyone of you are attending this Sat. Alum.Homecoming.

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    Ngek! I'll be going to Cebu this Saturday, so will not be able to attend the homecoming. But if I stumble on some chismis, I'll post them here.
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    ESCALERA JR. -- Read Coach Tonichi Pujante's post in TLMKK. Mukhang legit naman. Let's see what the priests think about it.

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    Escalera, from what I gathered from a reliable insider, a new coach has more or less been chosen. The job will go to a member of the back to back champion teams of the late 90's that headlined Kerby Raymundo. The guy played the PG position. No, it is not Prior. He is currently one of the assistant coaches in a PBA expansion team. Sige na nga, sabihin ko na. It's Aldrin Ayo.

    But the source told me, the job is still not totally in the bag. An offer sheet or budget has been presented to him by the padres. It's up to the potential coach to see if the budget is good enough to cover the salaries of his assistants, also from Kia Sorrento.

    Since many things can happen, my guess is a 70-30 possibility of him being the new coach.

    Another info I gathered is there will be a major overhaul of the team. Around 10 players will no longer be in the line-up due to graduation and deletions. If this pushes through, it's back to square one. The replacements will be coming from Team B.

    During the distribution of the jubilarian medallions (meron din ako), one person caught everybody's eye. He was the sole recipient for his batch. It was Coach Larry Albano. Tongues started a-wagging. Speculations that he might be in the mix for the new coach were entertained. Who knows?

    During the program in the gym (as I was leaving), I heard, the names of Coaches Eddie Reyes and Nemie Villegas being called. They were receiving awards (pero hindi ko alam kung ano as I was already at the gate). The two gentlemen together with Albano were part of the 1966 Champion Team under Nilo Verona.

    So, is it Ayo? Or Albano? Or Pujante,or Samboy? Perhaps bugleboy can shed more light as his inside network in the Colegio is more extensive than my contacts (miniscule is the apt word to describe mine).

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    Thanks for the inside tidbits knight, thats good enough news for now. Kung nandun ka kahapon, there must be some truth to it. Ifyou'll recall, coach Larry Albano was the frontrunner to replace coach Louie 2yrs ago but the turn of events suddenly swayed in favor of coach Caloy Garcia. Baka nagpaparamdam muli si Albano sa mga kaparian kaya siya nandoon kagabi. Not a bad idea, pwede pa naman siguro kayalang baka lipas na kaalaman niya sa mga latest coaching trends...same with coaches Nemie Villegas and Ed Reyes.

    Meanwhile, from what i gathered sa TagaLetran...Samboy is deferring the appointment in favour of Tonichi Pujante for two years. However, Lim will oversee the Basketball Sports program of the school and will only take over on the 3rd year. He and Tonichi have been running a basketball clinic for sometime now similar to the Best Milo. If you look at it, their program looks very promising, the results though would not be immediate.

    ...also basing from some comments ive read, (some of which were quite funny and radical), quite a few alumni wants the head of Fr. Vic Calvo ASAP. I would assume there would be some resistance coming from Fr. Vic's camp. But the 0lder batches of the late 70's to the 80's (where i belong) ehm, ay naiinip na!. These are the batches that were spoiled $#*!! celebrating championships year in and year out. The Letran Knights were on a rampage during that era. So you couldnt blame them.

    Anyways, hoping we get thru with the selection process peacefully and orderly. Abangan...
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    Nagtatampo daw si Coach Tisoy. Tsk tsk. Apparently, he wasn't told that Letran would be launching a new search after his contract expired. Hope this can be ironed out pronto.

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