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    Now that the dust has settled, it's time to galvanize and get the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th crowns, starting with Season 89.

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    If reports are true that Mike Buendia has signed on as assistant to Caloy Garcia, that is indeed good news. Coach Buendia is as good as any head coach out there. Two heads are better than one, and hopefully the results will show it. Letran's gain will be CSB's loss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by knightrider View Post
    Now that the dust has settled, it's time to galvanize and get the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th crowns, starting with Season 89.
    Knightrider, Sana magdilang angel ka...that we get our 20th title on or before 2020. Di naman masamang mangarap noh.

    Since our first title in 1938, Letran has managed to win a championship at the start of every decade (1950-1960-1970). Nasingitan pa
    ng isa- dalawang panalo nun '66 , '79 and '92. A 3-peat in the early 80's, a couple of back to back in the late 80' and 90's plus 3 more
    during the Louie Alas era, the last one in 2005.

    This decade, muntik-muntikan na last season. But i have a feeling we are now due for another title...maybe a cluster of 2 or 3 titles bago matapos tong dekadang ito. Wishful thinking ba masyado? Tulog na nga...Antok lang siguro to.

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    Add former letran squire, former csb blazer and former pcu dolphins asst coach elvis tolentino as caloy's assistant coach...

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    If this ever comes to pass, it will be very strange indeed. (Note: Sorry, Escalera Jr. I couldn't figure out where else to put this.)

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    Coach Caloy's tenure ending soon? Dalawang seasons lang yung term niya sa pagkakaalam ko. Hopefully, ma-extend pa for another couple of years or at least until Nambatac reaches his senior year. Rey would be the next cornerstone to build a team around and coach pogi is best possible mentor to guide him. Pero kung hindi naman, its time to throw in some suggestions as early as now para maayus ang transition. If ever we retain his services, his coaching staff needs to do a few tweaks in our roster, starting with filling a that huge gaping hole in the middle...a Big man not lower than the present ceiling, and couple of wide-bodied power forwards...add on a trigger-happy sniper. We have ample guards to last 3-4 seasons.

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    Caloy originally wanted a 3 year contract but got a 2 year deal instead. A 1 year extension would be just fine as it would be in sync with Caloy's original request. We have a strong team but the lack of a rim protector like Alamzan or a burly bodies in the paint like Cortez or Belorio did us in. Publico was a stop-gap guy who couldn't stop and provided a lot of gap. Sorry, for the pun but that's my take on things.

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    I agree that we should look at least at a one-year extension for Coach Caloy, if only for continuity's sake, particularly in the case of the soon-to-be graduating Mark Cruz and Kevin Racal. But we definitely have to look at other points of improvement:

    1. Relations with the refs and technical officials - We played the victim card all season long, which resulted in suspensions to at least 4 refs. While our complaints may have had bases, leading to sanctions given to the erring refs, this may have given rise to our boys not getting the benefit of some 50-50 calls. Just my take, though.

    2. Team chemistry - Our boys played sometimes as if they do not know each other. Fluidity just wasn't there. I don't know if this was a result of not having enough playing time together in the off-season, or having too many rookies, or both. But even as the season wore on, I saw only sporadic improvements that were obviously not enough to propel us forward.

    3. Washing dirty linen in public - I was of two minds about Coach Caloy's castigation of Mark Cruz in public, particularly after the latter's errors that led to the first round loss to the Stags. I agreed that Mark could have played better, but the public flogging may have been a bit much. I don't know if this affected Mark's game, though, as he was off-and-on all season. All I saw was Cruz tended not to handle the ball in Letran's final plays, most of which ended disastrously for our team.

    Having said all that, I think that, given the rather weak lineup we had this season, our team's finishing outside the Final Four may just be par for the course. Still, when I look at the Perpetual Help lineup, I can't help but wonder. That team only has four functioning parts, essentially. And yet, they have willed themselves not only into an F4 spot, but may even contend for a twice-to-beat advantage. Simply amazing.
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    Re Perps, sige, five if you include Jolangcob who, frustratingly enough, seemed to play his best against us this season.

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    Our last game vs CSBlazers would have a profound effect on their standing...and also to our coach CaloyGarcia. Pag obvious masyadong lopsided win ng Csb baka mapagkamalng laglag. We are now playing without any pressure, asahan mong gaganda ang bitaw ng mga bata including the not so often used players lalo na wala si KRacs.

    If coach pogi wants to have a bargaining leverage for an extension, this game is a must win.

    We can play the spoilers role to the hilt! Lets say goodbye to this season on a high note.

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