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    ^Water under the bridge, sir bchoter. I agree with you, though, that Alcantara seems to be more knowledgeable about the game and may be a better motivator and in-game tactician.

    I think Napa's key strength is recruitment. Hopefully, those recruits that he has stocked up for next year will be able to jell with the mainstays. Otherwise, it will be another long season for us.

    Maki-tsismis lang... papunta na nga ba sa inyo si Ayo? Masusungkit ba talaga siya ni Fr. Beltran?

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    I'm not sure of this but one news stated that the athletic moderator who recruited him is now with Uste. If indeed Fr. Vic Calvo is in the Tigers' lair now, then it is not far-fetched that UST is a viable option for him.

    Matindi ata ang intriga sa green camp. Lalo na nung after yung isang former coach na atat bumalik (but ended up with another blue and white team) got passed over for CAA.

    Maybe the double A can return to our castle for the 2020 quadri-centennial championship run. But if Jeff Napa delivers on his championship promise for next year, then that Mac Arthurian return may be illusory at best.
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    AFAIK, Fr. Vic is still very much in Letran.

    And I heard that there will be a coaching change in your backyard. But not in the seniors squad.
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    bchoter, The border between the blue & red and the gold & white is very porous. After his stint as head honcho at UST, Fr. Lana assumed a similar post at CSJL. Another top brass at Uste, Fr. Manlangit is now Rector at CSJL-Manaoag. And many others too... so a rigodon to UST involving Fr. Vic is not an impossibility after the two recent coaching fiasco in Espana.

    As for the coaching change, its hush hush, under the lid, and only on a need to know basis.
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    knightrider, I think it was Fr. Franklin Beltran (ex-Letran athletics director) who recruited Ayo as a player before. Fr. Beltran is now in UST, though I don't know in what capacity.

    The green fora are still in a tizzy over whether Coach Aldin will remain with them. Even Tim Cone's name has been bandied about as replacement. Iba talaga ang power ng pera ni Danding!

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    Poor Aldin Ayo. Tinutorotot siya ng ibang Godfather at ng sarili niyang assistant coach. Did he really tender his resignation in the middle of the season because of the politics by the "home grown alumni"? Now they are trying to save face from the fake news denials when all the social media noise and tsismis was coming from their own backyard.

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    Hmmm... Mukhang malalim at masalimuot pala ang napasukan ni Coach Aldin. Here's hoping, though, that he will find his way around these travails and make the right decision regarding his career.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLUE HORSE View Post
    "...Tinutorotot siya... ng sarili niyang assistant coach."
    Marami siyang assistant coach. It's probably not Capacio, Gonzales or Luib. They are part of his coterie of personnel that brought him back to back championships at CSJL and DLSU. A newbie joined in early 2017 coming from the rival blue and white. Is that entity a DPA or a trojan horse sent by the blue birdies to rile up the arrows? Sana naman hindi. What say you, BLUE HORSE? Better for CAA to join the Tigers. He can make his magic work there again with full support from the Thomasian community. After all despite being a full blooded Dugong Arriba, he is still a "brod", having been bred in the Dominican philosophy, where gratitude and loyalty are given preminum.
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    No Trojan horse. The new assistant, Miggy Solitaria, was personally brought in by Ayo himself from Ateneo de Davao. Trabaho lang. Homegrown, dugong berde through and through sabi ng source ko. Heh heh heh.
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    ^ From what I heard, ayaw daw ng isang faction ng alumni kay Solitaria, even went as far as asking Coach Ayo to drop him (Solitaria)

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