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Thread: Latest PBA On-line News

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    ^ Continued from above...

    Eala, who served as commissioner from 2003 to 2007, disagreed with how the issue was handled by rival factions in the board as well as Narvasa’s complete disregard of the majority bloc's concern.

    "The commissioner will be facing trades that are controversial, and as I said some teams need it to get better, and some teams won't like that. They will see an unfair advantage. But the solution to me is not firing the commissioner but coming up with a policy that will ensure that the commissioner has parameters in deciding trades," he said.

    One policy, Eala recommended, is to disallow expansion ballclubs to trade draft picks in their first five years, the league minimum for any new franchise.

    "That ensures the talent will go to you and you have the responsibility to develop a real team," he explained.

    The other recommendation is free agency, which Eala felt he should've seriously considered during his term as commissioner. Now he clearly sees the urgency with the league growing to 12 teams.

    "I failed to see that then, but now in the last few years, I was expecting the PBA would evolve. Now with the expansion program, they have 12 teams, they have more players, there is a need to review the way contracts are built," he said.

    "I really think the PBA has to evolve. I understand they have a rule for rookies now, where after a certain number of years, some kind of free agency, after five years they can choose, maybe that’s a start. I honestly think all these controversies with trades can be, not eliminated, but minimized if you allow players to look for their own teams." Eala added.

    With the PBA board set for its planning session in Los Angeles on Friday, Eala admitted he’s a bit anxious that the issue will be ‘swept under the rug.’ He sees the impasse stalling any supposed plans the league board can come up with to sustain the momentum of a record-setting finals series, unless Narvasa makes ‘the ultimate sacrifice.’

    "It's not easy to hear that you have seven teams not supporting you. It's even harder that these seven teams think that you are biased for the five,” said Eala, who was quick to defend Narvasa. “I know he’s not. I’ve known him a long time. He may have had a few decisions that were questionable, but he has all the good intentions for the league. All commissioners do."

    "This impasse will have to be broken by the commissioner. He will have to make the ultimate sacrifice for the league. I know Chito doesn't need the position, he's a self-made man. At the end of the day I think he will make the right decision."

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    Outgoing PBA chair assures league will open as scheduled

    By: Randolph B. Leongson - Reporter / @RLeongsonINQ / 10:18 PM November 30, 2017

    Outgoing league chairman Mikee Romero of GlobalPort assured everyone that the 43rd PBA season will go on as planned.

    "Rest assured, the 2018 PBA season will start at December 17," he said in his speech in the 2017 PBA Press Corps Annual Awards Thursday at Gloria Maris Restaurant in Cubao.

    The soft-spoken executive has allayed fears of a delay of the next season amid the current dispute between the Board of Governors.

    "By next week, we will fix everything. This impasse will come to an end. I would confidently say that divisiveness, the impasse will finish next week. Whatever group you're part of, this will all end," he said.

    Seven teams, namely TNT, Meralco, NLEX, Alaska, Rain or Shine, Phoenix, and Blackwater, have expressed their lack of confidence on PBA commissioner Chito Narvasa and called for his ouster, while the remaining five - San Miguel, Ginebra, Magnolia, GlobalPort, and Kia - has backed the beleaguered executive through this crisis.

    Romero brushed off the dispute and attributed the conflict to the team's unwavering passion for winning.

    "Like a normal family, there will always be problems. We're all passionate and that's the reason why we got here. But it's in the interest of all 12 corporations, all 12 teams to put up a league by December 17," he said.

    The GlobalPort governor also guaranteed that the league is preparing for a booming season opener come two weeks time.

    "By December 17, the PBA is preparing a big opening day. The PBA will be as scheduled and will be business as usual. We will fix this," he said.

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    PBA in total disarray

    From: Ding Marcelo December 7, 2017, 04:34 pm

    LOOKS like Philippine basketball has never been in a place as bad as now.

    True, there's the feel-good story of Ateneo's thrilling win in the UAAP basketball finals last Sunday, and La Salle's ultimate class act of acknowledging that win by shading the fa?ade of its Taft Avenue building in a glorious hue of blue.

    But elsewhere, there appear only to be chaos, none of them more pronounced than in the PBA, considered the country's premier basketball league, the undisputed leader in sports entertainment, and the daily conversation fare of the Filipino everyman.

    What we are now seeing looks like the slow death of this sports institution. What started as a controversial trade, involving the first-round pick of Kia being sent to San Miguel, is now evolving into the most acute crisis confronting the PBA since the economic crisis of the mid-80s sent teams crashing financially and leaving only six teams standing, which set the league on the brink of folding up.

    Six teams can sustain the PBA, says a former PBA commissioner who asks not to be named because of the "delicate situation" that the PBA finds itself in today.

    But had one more team disbanded then, making that just five teams left, the league would have folded, and there would be no professional basketball league as we know it today.

    Somehow the league recovered, and membership grew again, if slowly, from six to eight, then eight to 10, and now 12 teams are in the fold, the highest number in PBA history.

    The current prospect of disbanding the whole league, or even suspending its operation, may seem absurd, even heretical, following years of unprecedented success - but it is looking more and more like a real possibility.

    Insider reports indicate that the 12 teams, polarized between one group supporting the continued tenure of PBA commissioner Chito Narvasa and the other seeking his ouster, have grown more decisively apart over the past several days.

    The planning session last November, an annual get-together designed to strengthen the bonds of friendship and to cement the corporate vision of the members, ended in tatters.

    A source present during the planning session held in Los Angeles, California, intimated that members from each group socialized only among themselves. There were no meaningful conversations between the two groups, and when they could not avoid crossing paths, they exchanged cursory nods or looked straight ahead.

    "They behaved as though the other one did not exist," said the source who has had inside information on the league the past few years.

    Back in Manila, the factions - seven from a group led by Talk N Text (Alaska, Rain or Shine, Phoenix, NLEX, Blackwater and Meralco), and five headed by San Miguel (Ginebra, Star, Globalport and Kia) - continued to ignore each other, with calls for unity unanswered and proposals for an owners-only meeting shelved.

    But the most glaring example of how polarized the PBA board is today may be seen in its preseason games, or the standard exhibition matches which serve as preview to the real thing.

    Normally, preseason games involve the participation of all 12 teams. But now these games, which are still being held, show the sorry sight of the five teams siding with Narvasa playing only among themselves, while the seven teams opposing Narvasa do the same.

    There is even talk of two opening ceremonies on December 17, one by each group. If this happens, the league is all but dead. (Of course, the basketball nation is hoping that this one is only a rumor.)

    As the impasse lengthens and positions harden, we see Narvasa, the central figure in this affair and the chief reason this is all happening, continuing to exercise functions related to the league, seemingly unperturbed by the pandemonium around him.

    Reminds us of Nero fiddling as Rome burns.

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