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Thread: Remembering the URBL (2004)

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    Remembering the URBL (2004)

    * * *TWO years ago this day, a daring group of basketball minds opened the United Regional Basketball League (URBL), a community-based league that hoped to continue from where the professional Metropolitan Basketball Association (MBA) left off after the latter suspended operations indefinitely in August of 2002.* Fitting elaborate rites at the New Cebu City Coliseum covered live over ABC-5 opened the new league with a bang.

    * * *Most of the group was composed of former MBA personalities, led by basketball legend Ramon S. Fernandez, who reprised his role as league commissioner.

    * * *The league counted five teams in its roster in a good representation of various ethnic groups of the whole Philippines: Ilocos Sur Snipers, Harbour Centre-Pampanga, Quezon Coco Huskers, Lactovitale-Cebu Province and M. Lhuillier Kwarta Padala-Cebu City.

    * * *Forward Melchor Latoreno of the Huskers had the honor of making the first basket in URBL history but his team lost to Lactovitale in the opening game, 77-82.

    * * *M. Lhuillier defeated the Snipers, 3-1, to win the only URBL championship.* M. Lhuillier guard Woodrow Enriquez was named as the Most Valuable Player.* Joining him in the Mythical Five were teammate Bruce Dacia, Sniper Jerome Barbosa and Harbour Centre's Billy Bansil and Ariel Garcia.* Bansil and Garcia led the league in rebounds and points respectively.

    * * *Unfortunately, the group could not ride on the momentum of a very successful first season and had trouble putting together the second season in 2005.* After several months of dormancy, management decided to close down the league offices in Pasig City, rendering the URBL into the archives of Philippine basketball history.

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    * * *HERE is a listing of all the players and head coaches of the first and only run of the United Regional Basketball League (URBL) from September to December of 2004:

    4 Tom ARCENO (released)
    5 Woodrow ENRIQUEZ
    6 Pableo CANONEO
    7 Darryl SMITH
    8 Jomer RUBI
    9 Bruce Jeffrey DACIA
    10 Leo Genaro BAT-OG
    11 Leode GARCIA
    12 Danilo AYING
    14 Aldrin OCANADA
    15 Jose DE GUZMAN
    16 Romulo MARATA
    17 Roman James LAYGO
    18 Jessie LUMANTAS
    19 Melfred SAMPILO
    Coach Raul ALCOSEBA

    1 Franklin NAILON (released)
    3 Bonel BALINGIT
    4 Bernie URSAL (released)
    4 Lloyd ORTIGUESA
    5 Roderick BUGHAO (released)
    6 Francis SANZ
    7 Doroteo ALMACIN
    8 Gilbert CASTILLO
    9 Roy GOMEZ (released)
    9 Marlon PIODO
    10 Richard Ian SALADAGA
    11 Alex CAINGLET
    13 Christopher DARUCA (released)
    14 Lowell BRIONES (released)
    14 Ruben DELA ROSA
    15 Marvin MERCADO
    17 Deodato LUNDAY (released)
    17 Regidor LICANDA
    27 Baltazar JUEVES (released)
    27 Carlos SAYON
    28 Manuel HUELAR
    41 Rey DELA VICTORIA (released)
    33 Christopel ABELLANA (released)
    53 Brian Michael ORQUILLAS (released)
    Coach Rodesendo GOMEZ

    1 Richard HARDIN
    3 Johnedel CARDEL
    5 Michael MANIGO
    6 Mark Mico QUITORIANO
    7 Francis RAUSCHMAYER
    9 Philip BUTEL
    11 Allan YU
    13 Orly TORRENTE
    14 Ramsey CABRADILLA
    15 Richard MICHAEL (released)
    16 Ryan BERNARDO (released)
    17 Ben Ryan YULO (released)
    18 Donamar MENDOZA
    19 Jerome BARBOSA
    23 Orlan TAMA
    25 Harold SANTA CRUZ
    71 Jeffrey Tyrone SANDERS
    Coach Mario QUITORIANO

    1 Jojo MANALO
    3 Jayson MENDOZA (released)
    4 Welihado DUYAG
    5 Marvin YAMBAO
    7 Alexander BOGNOT
    8 Ariel GARCIA
    9 Nino SONGCO (released)
    9 Romel John DIZON
    10 Dusty RONQUILLO (released)
    11 Robert SIERRA (released)
    12 Reynaldo MENDOZA (released)
    14 Billy BANSIL
    15 Randy MAGPAYO
    16 Ronald RUIZ
    18 Vincent John SANTOS
    19 Joel SOLIS (released)
    33 Rolof LIANGCO
    38 Angelo DAVID
    41 Mark NANNINGA
    Coach Alexis GONZALEZ (released)
    Coach Adriano GO

    4 Jonathan BELANO (released)
    4 Melvin TAGUINES
    5 Larry RODRIGUEZ
    6 Arnold RODRIGUEZ
    7 Norman NUNEZ (released)
    7 Cristopher GUERRERO
    8 Jomar TIERRA
    9 Arnold BOOKER
    10 Edrick FERRER
    11 Jerry SISON (released)
    12 Edgar ECHAVEZ
    13 Eljun LAPERA (released)
    14 Nino MARQUEZ
    15 Gilbert TENORIO
    16 Gonzalo CATALAN
    17 Melchor LATORENO (released)
    17 Rodel MALLARI
    18 Vincent SAN DIEGO
    21 Jovito SESE (released)
    28 Randy ALCANTARA
    50 Mark Joseph KONG
    Coach Francis RODRIGUEZ

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnthonyServinio
    * * *HERE is a listing of all the players and head coaches of the first and only run of the United Regional Basketball League (URBL) from September to December of 2004:
    * * *HERE is a list of former URBL players that have seen action in the MVBA's inaugural season 2006:

    5 Woodrow ENRIQUEZ - M. Lhuillier Kwarta Padala-Cebu
    6 Pableo CANONEO - Cebu Landmaster-Toledo (1st Conference)
    8 Jomer RUBI - PacMan-GenSan (1st Conference)
    9 Bruce Jeffrey DACIA - Talisay Aquastars
    10 Leo Genaro BAT-OG - Cebu Landmaster-Toledo (1st Conference), Talisay Aquastars (2nd Conference)
    11 Leode GARCIA - Mantawi Traders (1st Conference), Talisay Aquastars (2nd Conference)
    12 Danilo AYING - M. Lhuillier Kwarta Padala-Cebu
    14 Aldrin OCANADA - M. Lhuillier Kwarta Padala-Cebu
    17 Roman James LAYGO - Pryce Pharma-MisOr (1st Conference), Talisay Aquastars (2nd Conference)
    18 Jessie LUMANTAS - Pryce Pharma-MisOr (1st Conference), Talisay Aquastars (2nd Conference)

    1 Franklin NAILON (released) - Holcim Pryce Pharma-MisOr
    4 Bernie URSAL (released) - Cebu Landmaster-Mantawi
    6 Francis SANZ - Toyota-Iloilo Warriors (1st Conference), Iligan Archangels (2nd Conference)
    7 Doroteo ALMACIN - Mantawi Traders (1st Conference)
    9 Marlon PIODO - M. Lhuillier Kwarta Padala
    10 Richard Ian SALADAGA - Cebu Landmaster-Mantawi
    11 Alex CAINGLET - Cebu Landmaster-Mantawi
    15 Marvin MERCADO - Pryce Pharma-MisOr (1st Conference)
    27 Baltazar JUEVES (released) - Lanao Royals
    27 Carlos SAYON - Cebu Landmaster-Mantawi
    28 Manuel HUELAR - Cebu Landmaster-Toledo (1st Conference), Holcim Pryce Pharmaa-MisOr (2nd Conference)

    5 Michael MANIGO - M. Lhuillier Kwarta Padala-Cebu
    9 Philip BUTEL - Montana Pawnshop-Davao (1st Conference)
    18 Donamar MENDOZA - Holcim Pryce Pharma-MisOr
    19 Jerome BARBOSA - Holcim Pryce Pharma-MisOr

    7 Alexander BOGNOT - Iligan Archangels (1st Conference)
    19 Joel SOLIS (released) - Cebu Landmaster-Mantawi

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