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Thread: Updates on Leo Canuday's injury

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    Updates on Leo Canuday's injury

    Hey guys, I hope your PG Leo Canuday recovers soon. Saw your game against UE on TV and I have to say, that was one of the worst sights I have ever seen. Reminds me of the Terry Saldana incident in the PBA before.

    Nakakapanghina talaga yung bagsak niya. Nung pinakita sa replay, bumaliko talaga kamay niya! Sana maka-recover agad. As a basketball fan and a weekend player, you wouldn't want those things to happen to a player! Congrats pala sa panalo against UE!

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    Re: Updates on Leo Canuday's injury

    same here. hope its not serious, as he was matching up well with the ue guards. he's instrumental to your rotation, and can stay with the big atheltic guards like custodio, villanueva, and the like.

    congrats on your game. Bono showed why your'e making a bid for MVP. Good games form cabahug, hugnatan and poloyapoy as well. but your biggest asset this year is coach leo austria, as he has gotten the team to belive in themselves. smart coach, great motivator
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    Re: Updates on Leo Canuday's injury

    That was a terrible fall. All the best to Leo Canuday, may he have a swift and complete recovery. I find myself wincing at the replays.

    Congratulations to the Soaring Falcons. You have a great team and a coach who never stopped believing in you.
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    Re: Updates on Leo Canuday's injury

    I never got to finish the game.. but from the reactions here I could tell that it was really a bad fall.. hope Canuday recovers soon.. sayang masaya na sana sa win against the Warriors

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    Re: Updates on Leo Canuday's injury

    Let us pray for Canuday. Hope he gets well soon and be back in the thick of things.

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    Re: Updates on Leo Canuday's injury

    *looks at posts on the thread* Hey, don't I know y'all from somewhere? ;D

    Seriously, though, I'd just like to add my positive vibes and best wishes to Leo Canuday. I only found out this morning about his injury and the team's victory over UE (way to go on the latter). From the sounds of the posts here, I'm glad I didn't see what happened. I'm definitely not glad that it happened, though, and hope he makes a full and speedy recovery soon!

    (The papers said he dislocated his elbow. How long does one need on the average to recover from something like that?)
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    Re: Updates on Leo Canuday's injury

    Quote Originally Posted by 5FootCarrot
    The papers said he dislocated his elbow. How long does one need on the average to recover from something like that?
    if his injury will require surgery (na wag naman sana!), then it might take considerably longer than the standard six weeks for fractures and bone dislocations. add to that the therapy to restore his injured elbow's range of motion, and it might take all of six months for leo canuday to fully recover. ingat lang, bata, parati ka na lang na-i-injure.
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    Re: Updates on Leo Canuday's injury

    Hi everybody..

    I'm sure Leo appreciates your concern. We will be visiting him at the hospital this afternoon so I will have more info for you guys hopefully before the end of the day. From what I have heard here at Adamson this morning, the doctors have to pop his elbow back to its original position (it's jutting out the opposite direction right now, we heard) before they perform corrective surgery on it. He will definitely be out for the rest of the year.

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    Re: Updates on Leo Canuday's injury

    I, too, saw it on tv. Napa-sigaw ako nung nakita ko yung replay. Ow, they have to pop it back into place? (naninindig bigla mga balahibo ko.)

    Wishing a speedy recovery for Leo Canuday. We'll be praying for you.

    kaybee, keep us posted ha Thanks.
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    Re: Updates on Leo Canuday's injury

    Watched the 10pm replay. Nakapanghihina talaga.

    Sabi ng pinsan ko, kung dislocation at walang kahit na maliit na fracture or chipped bone, mas madali ang recovery. The elbow is not subjected to the same pounding as that of the knee. Magpagaling lang ng husto, eventually parang walang nangyari.

    You're still young, kid. You'll recover in no time and be back on court.

    Just be patient.
    We had a head start in this game. At one time we had a glorious 3rd place finish in the World Championship and was the undisputed power in Asia. But the world has learned how to play it. They may not be as good as us,but they have enough smarts to make use of their height. That is enough to beat us.

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