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    League Info

    Metro Basketball Tournament Inc. or MBT is a non-profit, non-stock sports association organized and registered January of 2005. Its objective is to promote health and fitness, and sports development through organizing friendly and competitive basketball tournaments.

    Metro Basketball since its inception has attracted various companies and ball clubs. The players are mostly businessmen, professionals, employees of the companies they represent. MBT conducts 3 conferences in a year, the 1st conference is the METRO INVITATIONAL which starts January and ends April, the 2nd conference METRO CHALLENGE CUP is May to August and the 3rd Conference the METRO OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS opens September and closes December. All games are currently held every Saturdays and Sundays 1-10PM, and during Weekdays after 7PM at Metro and Reyes Gym all located in the vicinity of Boni and Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City.

    MBT is open to all amateur teams and players. Teams are classified to 4 separate categories: Division A, B, C & D. A minimum of 8 teams composes each division to do single round elimination with top 4 teams going to semis and finals. Each team is guaranteed to play at least 7 to 9 games. There are no cross-over matches between divisions.

    Teams are subject to screening and pre-qualification. Copies and details of tournament rules and guidelines are given during the pre-tournament meeting held a week before opening date.

    There is a P10,000.00 joining fee per team . A reservation deposit of P2,000 is required to confirm participation which is converted to a playing bond which will be refunded after the tournament. Changing The Face of The Game!

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    Re: League Info

    How to Join?

    Option 1

    Download the MBT Registration Form. Fill up the form with the required information and fax to 6367638. Pay the PhP 2,000 reservation deposit thru any Banco de Oro branch under Acct. name: Metro Basketball C/A no.000288026988 to confirm your teams participation and assure your team of a slot in the tournament. Fax the deposit receipt together with your registration form. You must keep your BDO deposit receipt as proof of your payment. The MBT Coordinator will advise you to confirm receipt of your team lineup and reservation deposit payment.

    Option 2

    Submit your team registration form or lineup at the Metro Gym reception desk and pay the PhP 2,000 reservation deposit. Changing The Face of The Game!

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    Re: League Info

    Application and Registration:

    All teams must submit completely accomplished registration/application form providing required information duly signed by its authorized representative.
    Team registration requires a reservation deposit of 2,000 pesos only which will be converted as playing bond.
    All team applications will be subject to review and approval by the organizing committee.
    Upon approval, the applying teams will be notified and advised to pay the joining fee of 10,000 pesos. The 2000 pesos reservation deposit is retained as playing bond which shall be refunded after the conference.
    Full amount of joining fees and applicable playing bond must be paid before opening date.
    Reservation deposits and joining fees paid are non refundable should a team decides not to pursue participation due to any reason.

    Teams/Players Qualifications:

    DIVISION A. Open to any commercial/collegiate team. Open to all players except those currently playing in any team in the PBA.
    DIVISION B. For the moderately competitive teams. Open to all players except current PBA, commercial or collegiate players. No age limit. Ex-commercial and collegiate players may qualify only if they have not played in any commercial or collegiate league for at least 3 years. Ex-PBA at least 6 years.
    DIVISION C. For the lightly competitive teams. Open to all players except current PBA, commercial or collegiate players. No age limit. Ex-commercial or collegiate players may qualify to play provided they have not played in any commercial or collegiate leagues for at least 6 years. No age limit. Ex-pba at least 12 years.
    DIVISION D, E, F, G, H, etc. For the novice and less competitive teams. Open to all players except current PBA, commercial or collegiate players. No age limit. Ex-commercial or collegiate players may qualify to play provided they have not played in any commercial or collegiate leagues for at least 6 years. No age limit. Ex-pba at least 12 years.
    SENIOR'S DIVISION. For the seniors aged 35 and above. Open to all players. Valid ID (i.e. drivers license, etc.) must be presented when requested to show age. Ex-commercial or collegiate players may qualify to play provided they have not played in any commercial or collegiate leagues for at least 10years. Ex-pba at least 15 years.
    WOMEN'S BASKETBALL OPEN. Open to all teams and players. No age limit.

    As a guide and basis for player qualifications the following leagues are recognized as commercial: all PBL, NBL and NBC sponsored leagues. For the collegiate teams: includes all major colleges and universities in the UAAP, NCAA, CUSA, NAASCU, and other major collegiate leagues.

    A player can play for several teams provided it is in different divisions. A qualified player in lower divisions can play in a higher division but not the other way around. For example, Div.A qualified player may not be qualified to play in Div.B or Div.C or Div.D.
    The mbt technical committee reserves the right to waive the rules on players' qualification for reason of balancing overall strength of teams in each divisions.
    The MBT technical committee has the prerogative and sole authority to reject any player of any team for any reason that may be raised to protect the interest of MBT.

    Pre-tournament Meeting

    Meeting of all participating teams will be announced and held before the opening date.
    Meeting to cover the following: tournament rules and regulations, initial bracketing of teams in each division, plans for the opening day, schedule of games, and other concerns.
    All teams must submit their registration form and waiver forms by the end of the meeting.
    All entry fees must be paid in full by this day.

    Team Regulations

    Maximum of 18 players in each teams line up.
    Line up of each team submitted will be deemed final on opening day. After which no substitution or any form of changes will be allowed.
    Only 14 players in each team will be allowed to play during each game. However, exceptions can be secured prior to each game provided request is made to the table officials, and approved by the opposing team.
    Teams are recommended to have two sets of uniform (at least the shirt), dark and light colored. If a team decides to have only one set of uniform, team color must be immediately declared upon registration to avoid duplication of team color uniforms.
    No player of any team will be allowed to play any game without an appropriate uniform. Defined in this case as atleast wearing similar shirt (top jersey). A player may be allowed to play in a game without the proper uniform only if the opposing team agrees.

    Conference Format and Schedules

    All games will be held between 1pm and 10pm every Saturdays or Sundays between 1pm and 6pm, or on weekdays if necessary as advised by the MBT coordinator.
    Elimination round for each division will be on a single round robin system. After completing elimination, first four teams with the best win-loss record advances to the semi final round. Top team no.1 plays no.4 and no.2 plays no.3. winners plays for the championship. Games will be knockout only. No games for 3rd place.
    In case of tie between two teams winner over loser prevails. Similar win-loss record for several teams after the elimination round, basic plus and minus points vs. other contesting teams applies to decide ranking. Winner over loser prevails in case of tie between two teams.
    MBT may modify the tournament format depending on the number of teams participating in each division and its overall advantage to the tournament.
    All teams will be provided the schedule of games before the opening date. All published game schedule serves as guide which will be confirmed by MBT coordinator few days before game date through SMS to each teams representative.

    Game Rules

    To follow FIBA rules unless stated in the house rules.
    To use standard MBT game equipment to include electronic scoreboard, timer with 24 sec shot clock, penalty/ball possesion arrows, air horns, P.A. sound system, MBT official ball (as advised).
    Games are on standard 10 mins per quarter, 4 qtrs in a game. In each qtr, main timer/game clock will stop during team timeouts, substitution, fouls, freethrows, injury timeout, officials table and referee's timeout. Last two (2) minutes of 4th qtr, game clock will be stopped in all deadball situations.
    Regular games during elimination round will be officiated by 2 regular referees, 2 table officials and one game director.
    During semis and championship round, a 3-man referee officiating will be adopted.

    Pre Game Briefing

    The teams must provide the table officials with the names of the first five players to be used.
    A short briefing will be conducted by the referees and the team coaches or captains of the two teams at center court to cover any requests, concerns and resolve any problem that may be encountered prior to the conduct of the game to cover the following:
    Goal scoring system. The scoreboard will reflect the score where the team goal is. Opposite court in 1st half. So that team bench is in the same side of their goal in 2nd half.
    Penalties on technical fouls and other infractions. New rules that may be adopted.
    Any complain by the team to the other team regarding no. of players to play, regarding uniforms. Or any player qualifications.
    Call all players to center court to shake hands.

    Infractions and Penalties

    All calls made by the referees and the table officials in any game shall be final.
    The referees/officials will be very strict in implementing mbt rules on infractions in order to control the game.
    Officially, teams will be given only 15 minutes wait time from scheduled game time before a default is declared. Teams may be given an additional 15 minutes more if the opposing team agrees to wait.
    Automatic default is declared if team(s) are not ready to play 30 minutes from scheduled game time.
    Non appearance, absence, walk-out or inability of any team to appear and play its scheduled game for whatever reason is an automatic default in favor of the opposing team. In addition, a penalty of 1,000 pesos is imposed to the defaulting team.
    An automatic penalty is imposed to any player who is called for a technical foul. Technical foul as defined in fiba rules including slamming the ball, any gesture(s) to intimidate or provoke another player or officials in the court, cursing, bad mouthing and verbal abuse to any player or officials of the court including continued disregard to warnings given by officials. Penalty: one (1) technical foul = 500 pesos, two (2) technical fouls = 1000 pesos + ejection from the game + 2 game suspension.
    Unsportsmanlike foul in any game as defined in FIBA rules including any flagrant foul automatic penalty of 1000 pesos + ejection from the game + 4 game suspension.
    Players who commits a disqualifying foul, that is any act to inflict physical harm (offensive or defensive) to any player, officials or individual during or after the game within the gym premises i.e. throws an elbow or a punch will be automatically ejected and disqualified to play for the rest of the tournament. An automatic 1,000 pesos penalty is imposed.
    Use of a player not included in its official team line up will mean automatic forfeiture of its game. A team penalty of 1,000 pesos is automatically imposed.
    All penalties imposed to a player or any team member will be the full responsibilty of the team. No team or player will be allowed to play its succeeding games if penalties are not paid in full before their next scheduled game.
    If a game gets to be very physical and the players from any or both teams are physically and intentionally hurting each other, the tournament director and/or referees will stop the game and call the team captain, coaches and managers for a conference in center court. Warning will be issued to both teams to correct the situation.
    If after this warning the situation continues to deteriorate and becomes uncontrollable, the tournament director will stop and suspend the game. The MBT committee will make the decision in writing on the outcome of the game after deliberation taking into considerations the following: quarters that have been played, the team that committed or initiated the infractions, the scores, remaining time, report of the referees, table officials and tournament director.
    Protest by any team shall be accomodated verbally during or after the game. Only the duly authorized representative i.e. team manager,coach, coordinator or captain is authorized to file a protest to the table officials only, citing specific reason. No protest will be accomodated after 24 hrs after the game.
    Protest lodged by a team will be settled immediately during or after the game. The officials will immediately review and evaluate the merits of the protest and renders its decision accordingly. If protest entails deliberation or certain verification, it will be submitted to the mbt committee for decision.


    Above are guidelines designed as reference for any protest, infractions and decisions that has to be made by the committee.
    Any subject or issue not covered by the above guidelines will be addressed by the MBT committee during the course of the tournament.
    MBT committee reserved the right to decide in any or all issues that may be raised during the course of the tournament. MBT decisions when rendered are deemed final. Changing The Face of The Game!

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    Re: League Info

    hey just caught some highlites of this league in its own show i think in IBC 13.

    it was around 11pm on a thursday night.

    can anyone give more info on the ongoing league and the TV show? THANKS

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