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Thread: amacu men's team

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    Re: amacu men's team

    Quote Originally Posted by bchoter
    AMACU will parade a couple of 6'4" players this year. One is a transfer while the other is fresh from HS. Two more players may join the 2. One stands 6'2" while the otherstands an inch taller.
    I think i saw the 6'4" guy he is a transfer from UST (my beloved almamater) i think AMA could use their UST cpnenction for surplus players from the latter...since I think soc and other new recruits of the tigers will bump out some players in their team be perhaps AMA can capitalize on it by getting those palyers to play for the school...

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    Re: amacu men's team

    ^ The fresh from HS kid is still trying out with other schools.

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    Re: amacu men's team

    2008 AMACU "Titans"

    Mac Avellana
    Robbie Zablan
    Gerald Bernardo
    Aeric Edralin
    Ace Gonzales
    Dennis Masigan
    Sander Salvador
    Alfred Regala
    Del Rosario

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    Re: amacu men's team

    balita ko dito npunta yung isang Camroonian..hehe
    Cebu will be a stronger power in basketball very soon...
    Sulong Sri Vijaya!

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    Re: amacu men's team

    Yup, coach Gino Manansala wsa given an Azis by coach Pido

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    Re: amacu men's team

    does anyone have news or info on this team?

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    27 lost to Wang's Basketball, 78-96

    3 lost to Hapee Fresh Fighters-SBC, 61-69
    10 defeated MP Hotel Warriors, 85-76
    17 lost to MJM M-Builders-FEU, 75-90
    24 defeated Racal Motors Alibaba, 83-76

    1 defeated Bread Story-Lyceum, 97-89
    4 lost to Jumbo Plastic Linoleum Giants, 59-82
    15 lost to Cebuana Lhuillier Gems, 55-73

    5 12:00 PM Cagayan Valley Rising Suns (JCSGO Gym)
    12 12:00 PM CafeFrance Bakers-CEU (JCSGO Gym)
    19 4:00 PM Tanduay Light Rhum Masters (Marikina Sports Center)

    Note: Schedule subject to change without prior notice. Click on dates for game recaps and statistics.

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