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Thread: Tamaraws in Waiting

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    Re: Tamaraws in Waiting

    wala po bang na recruit ang Tamaraws sa tiong lian this coming season? ??? ;D

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    Re: Tamaraws in Waiting

    an african player ala sam ekwe has been practicing with welcoat's PBA team and is said to be serving his residency for FEU in the coming UAAP this season. well if i am to beleive welcoat's staff, FEU is about to land a gem of a player.

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    Re: Tamaraws in Waiting

    Is this the 6'5 - 6'6 lanky guy with the afro? He's been around for quite a while. Ron Ryan Cabagnot is stronger than him. Saw him play and I don't think he'll be an impact player.

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    Re: Tamaraws in Waiting

    Well, there are two dark-skinned players in the FEU pool right now. One is Robert Kave from Papua New Guinea. I saw him play against UP last Sunday. He's a high school graduate but will still need to serve the two-year residency. I don't think he'll be an impact player. I saw the other dark player watching from the sidelines, and I was told he's a recruit from Cameroon. He was sitting when I saw him, so I had no way to gauge his height. But he looked pretty well-built. He will also need to serve the two-year residency.

    I didn't see Cabagnot play, though. What's the news on him?
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    Re: Tamaraws in Waiting

    Is Cabagnot playing in HAIL?

    I hope FEU will face Ateneo in HAIL's finals.
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    Re: Tamaraws in Waiting

    Any news on the Tamarraws' line-up this coming UAAP season?Havent heard of anything signifant since the team was disbanded last year because of poor showing during last years' UAAP season.

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    Re: Tamaraws in Waiting

    Ron Cabagnot is still a pretty good player to have in the FEU rotation because he brings size and athleticism to the 2-guard spot. His spotty ballhandling is an issue though, as is his matador defense, and he is still overwhelmingly one-handed. Still, there is always room for a guy with his overall skill set especially in the very athletic FEU lineup.

    The two darkies from Papua and Cameroon look ready to suit up for the Tamaraws over the next couple of seasons. There is nothing to get excited about with these two as of yet though, since it seems they are raw as far as basketball skills are concerned. They have length, leap and some size but there isn't any impact there yet.

    As is the FEU Tamaraws have a lot going for them in Season 70. They will have a tall lineup across the board even with the newcomers, and if the Cameroon guy has completed his residency then he will add even more size and athletic ability to the team. There may be other aspirants still sweating it out at the R Papa gym, something worth looking into during the summer tournaments.

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    Re: Tamaraws in Waiting

    From what I heard, this guy from Cameroon is something to be excited about for the Tams. Yun nga lang 2 year residency pa yan. So medyo matagal pa.

    About 6'2-6'4, plays the 2/3 spots. Supposedly with mad handles and mean hops. Allegedly a high school teammate of UCLA's Mbah a Moute. A member of the Tams staff compares his play to Tony Harris.
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    Re: Tamaraws in Waiting

    Hayup... Who recruited them?

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    Re: Tamaraws in Waiting

    Quote Originally Posted by christian
    Hayup... Who recruited them?
    Well, Anton Montinola does have a way of getting around. Even around the world...

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