View Poll Results: Who do you think will be the UAAP Season 69 Champion?

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  • University of the East

    33 30.84%
  • Ateneo de Manila

    61 57.01%
  • Far Eastern University

    3 2.80%
  • University of Santo Tomas

    2 1.87%
  • Adamson University

    0 0%
  • National University

    2 1.87%
  • University of the Philippines

    6 5.61%
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Thread: UAAP Season 69 Champion

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    UAAP Season 69 Champion

    Let's have a poll and assess the pulse of our Gameface members. Changing The Face of The Game!

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    Re: UAAP Season 69 Champion


    Initial Final 4 cast (since i have seen the 7 teams)

    UE - stamping their class... they know their ABCs...
    Ateneo - flat, but still won.
    FEU - all eyes on Coach Bert. Is it the system? or is it Arwynd and co...
    UST - by a slight nudge over UP. (mga tipong 1 game)

    Outside looking in...

    UP - can the rookies do that consistently?
    Adamson - Coach Leo is in for a rude awakening.
    NU - minimal expectations, but expect full effort.
    Defining John Paul is an exercise in futility...

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    Re: UAAP Season 69 Champion

    I won't go so far as to say that AdU will win it all and emerge as this year's champions, but the Falcons are certainly Final Four contenders this season.

    I predict ADMU and UE will slug it out for the championship.
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    Re: UAAP Season 69 Champion

    i hope ateneo gets the tittle this year..i havent seen the other plays..but ive seen UP playd and they really have good looking forward for the next game of Ateneo against UE.. ;D

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    Re: UAAP Season 69 Champion

    The UST GROWLING TIGERS have a good chance of winning the championship. They are a pack of hungry tigers determind to bring back the Championship Trophy to Espana. From the moral support of their bench and injured players down to coach Pido's motivational talks, they have a big chance of making the Final Four and eventually upsetting the Ateneo Blue Eagles or the University of the East Warriors. Also, they have a solid front court with Jervy Cruz manning the middle for them and with the help of Co-Captain Allan Evangelista. The ex-factor for UST is at the Point Guard position. Let's see if Japs Cuan would be able to step-up during crunch time.

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    Re: UAAP Season 69 Champion

    UAAP Season 69 Champion? For me, it's going to be Ateneo simply because the other finalist I see, UE, its players have a mental and psychological 'fear' of Ateneo. In the Finals, I think it will be a sweep for the Blue Eagles. will always be...AN1MO LA SALLE!!!

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    Re: UAAP Season 69 Champion

    ^kamusta na GreenArrows buti nakarating ka na dito sa Gameface.

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    Re: UAAP Season 69 Champion

    Muchas gracias easter. I have long been invited to join gameface but have been deluged with work, which in my industry is very cyclical. Hopefully I could contribute more.

    As for the topic at hand, originally, I had expected FEU to crowd both ADMU and UE in the race to the Finals. After leading for most of the game only to lose in OT during their first round game with pre-season favorite UE, I thought that FEU was still a serious contender. But that seemed short lived as FEU lost 3 more games to start their season. As a matter of fact, FEU is playing just at about the same level as UST and the rest. Here is where both ADMU and UE stand out above the rest, with emphasis of ADMU. It is NOT easy to sustain any winning streak. When you are in one, the pressure to win builds exponentially thus adding the burden of extending the streak to what should be a one game at a time attitude.

    With the streak finally over, ADMU should easily go back their winning ways. No more burden of keeping any streak going. All they have to concentrate on is NOT the Final Four, NOT the Finals. They should take care of the game at hand and ONLY THAT GAME! This way, their focus is on one and only one game. After the game, they should simply move on to the next opponent and not beyond.

    ADMU simply is more consistent in their level of play. So much unlike UE which can play unbeatable basketball one day, then tumble down to a barangay level game the next. ADMU, on the other hand, even when playing badly, has learned to win 8 straight games. At least 4 of their games were decided only in the closing moments of the game. This show the strong character that the team has. Allow me to say that many blue and white teams in the past were competitive till the end wherein their game would suddenly abandon them, like they 'choked'.

    But this year's edition has won all but one of their close games. You know, to true die hards of the game, its more gratifying to see your team consistently winning those close ones rather to see your team beat the others by wide margins. Why? Because close games show that your team can win. This season, ADMU has been more consistent and is no longer 'lost' in down the wire games. UE, on the other had, has had see saw games. And, their players, I believe, have a genuine 'fear' of ADMU as a team. Again, my choice, ADMU. will always be...AN1MO LA SALLE!!!

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    Re: UAAP Season 69 Champion

    ^We'll its still a long time for Ateneo and lots of hard work is ahead. I think the prblem for UE is adjusting from pressure defense and then transistion offense when they eventually get the ball. They put chaos into an opponents offense but when they get the ball, their offensive sets are in shambles as well. Adjustments will be made and we can all expect a tougher final four.

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    Re: UAAP Season 69 Champion

    Welcome GreenArrows to Gameface. You finally made it.

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