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Thread: From the Tournament Director

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    From the Tournament Director

    Dear Players,

    You can view and download the latest results, standings, and statistics of the week by logging on to the MCBL website at We would greatly appreciate it if you can advise us of any errors in the statistics since we would like to be as accurate as possible. Please send in the corrections via this email address.

    There is also a new article on the site. We would appreciate if you can send in write-ups, recaps, or articles on your games, team, and even individuals for posting. If you also have pictures, please send them in so that they can be uploaded to the picture gallery of the site.


    Chiqui Paterno

    Director- MPG Inc. Changing The Face of The Game!

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    Re: From the Tournament Director

    No write-ups yet for the week 3 games?

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    Re: From the Tournament Director


    From 8 teams in 1 division in the inaugural 2005 season, the MCBL 2006 Summer Tournament drew 13 teams grouped into 2 divisions. The increase in teams and divisions helped create more parity across the league. In the end, the two championships came to down to 4 of the 5 pioneer MCBL teams.

    The unpredictability brought about by the general parity among the teams became evident in the Division A semifinals where the top two seeds, Shell and Unilever were defeated by 3rd seeded Petron and 4th seeded NU3 Foods. Like their other two previous matches, the championship went down to the wire again with Petron eventually annexing the title.

    Division B saw 7-Eleven complete an amazing turnaround as it went from winless in 2005 to undefeated in 2006. Though their record may suggest dominance over the division, it was anything but that. Three of their elimination round wins against the other semifinalists, Emerson, Soluziona and Ramcar, went into overtime. Staying true to form, the championship match against Emerson went into overtime as well.

    For the teams who failed to make the semis, Adidas, E-Data Services, ING Bank, Nestle, and P & G Proctoids, if there’s one thing that you can look forward to is how quickly the MCBL system can work. 7-Eleven, Emerson, and Soluziona who finished 1-2-3 in their division this year after the elimination round all failed to qualify for the semis in 2005.

    The 2nd Conference which will begin in September is expecting to draw more teams and divisions once again. With growth, we again expect more to have more parity across the league.

    On behalf of Management Partners Group (MPG), I’d like to thank all of you for participating in the 2006 summer tournament. We hope that you can join us again in the 2nd conference and other future MCBL tournaments.

    Sincerely yours,

    Director- MPG Inc. Changing The Face of The Game!

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