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Thread: urban legends

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    urban legends

    post here the craziest, most outrageous hoop-related urban legends you've heard. as legends go, these don't have to be confirmed or verified. heck they don't even have to be factual. legends take a life of their own as they're passed on and told and retold - which is precisely what makes them so entertaining and fascinating.

    - bong alvarez daw once broke a backboard executing one of his power dunks. even supposedly suffered some minor injuries from falling broken glass
    - bj manalo was offered a slot at georgetown but chose to stay and play for la salle
    - vince hizon once scored 18pts in a game for boise state (did he even ever play for boise?)
    - cebuano felix duhig once scored 105 points including 20+ 3-pt shots in a morning game in a cebu league. then he played ANOTHER GAME that SAME DAY and scored 40+ points
    - for those who play at dumlao gym, you can read old newspaper clippings of mr. dumlao scoring something like 140pts in a game, at a time when there were no 3-pt shots yet!
    - adduccul was supposed to play for beda (this i confirmed from some posts in the what if thread). supposedly hindi daw pinapasok ng guard sa beda campus. but from what i heard, adduccul got lost, asked for directions, and instead of being told the directions to beda, was given directions to the baste campus.
    - for AHS grads, the late FR. OB used to tell stories about a 5'4 guard he coached who made a game-saving block in a championship game. the guy he blocked was 6'1 or 6'2

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    Re: urban legends

    Yungha, this is a good thread. I don’t know if this would classify as an urban legend, but I don’t know how this story was passed on through the years. I guess this would really fall under “what could have been.” I don’t know if anyone here remember a JRC Light Bomber by the name of Ventura in the late 70s. He died in a JRC practice when he was pinned down by a falling goal that was structurally weakened following a dunk by one of his fellow players named Philip Morris during warm-ups. He was trailing Morris during the warm-ups and hadn’t had time to react when the goal weakened and collapsed on him. His father was the team manager then and when his son died he lost all his zest for basketball.

    To go on to a less morbid tale, can anyone here expound on Ric-ric Marata’s adventures as a Vancouver Nighthawk?
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    Re: urban legends

    This continues to be one the favorite topics of “what if’s” for the Bedans. It’s been like 10 yrs ago since Adducul’s NCAA days and bedans seem to always look back on this urban legend. Probably Bedans are haunted by the ghost of 96 and 97 finals championship game where in fact it was the same Adducul that stand in the way of the Bedans in ending 2 dacades of championship drought. Until Adducul retires from the PBA this will always be part of San Beda’s urban legend.

    -Another story tells that Boybits Victoria was supposed to play for UP but SBC sent the entire SBC red cubs team to the states hence by the time Boybits arrived he was already late for enrolment.
    -Renren Ritualo would have stayed with SBC only if Ato was the coach of the seniors team. Unfortunately Ato’s appointment as head coach came in 3 yrs late.
    -Not connected with Basketball. That there was really a Lion inside the Mendiola campus. Have not personally seen it though.

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    Re: urban legends

    Counted ba yung pre supposition na pag kaliwete shooter?
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    Re: urban legends

    way back in the 50s ateneo faced la salle in the ncaa finals. story goes that la salle was ahead by 2 with seconds remaining. story further goes that the la salle band was already playing its victory song. then bobby littaua of ateneo connected on a hail mary heave from way out, forcing overtime and stunning the la salle side. ateneo won in overtime and seized the championship.

    as this story's been told and passed on thru generations of ateneans, paiba-iba yung details. some say littaua shot from about 30 feet. some say he was just inside halfcourt. dick gordon says he was well beyond halfcourt, saying he shot from "clear across halfcourt." some say there were 7 seconds left when bobby got the ball off the inbound, giving him plenty of time to dribble closer to the basket. some say there were 2 seconds left, and the buzzer sounded as the ball left bobby's hand. of course, proponents of the "2 seconds left" story would say that bobby shot from 50 or 60 feet.

    amazing thing is that reportedly bobby himself couldn't remember from where he shot. which is just as well, as it makes this story much more fascinating to narrate.

    feel free to correct me if it wasn't bobby littaua who made the shot.

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    Re: urban legends

    I was washing caked mud betwen my toes in prep school in a remote village far north when the sports pages carried rerports of Mr. Dumlao scoring 100+ points in a game. It was sounded more incredible to a childs mind who can has yet to count in the teens.

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    Re: urban legends

    Coach Turo Valenzona was a janitor at FEU before he became a Tamaraw
    And to take a turn to the morbid, Dennis Abbatuan worked at the Jose Reyes morgue and was discovered while playing in their league (I'm not sure if heard this from my Lolo's favorite hairstylist making it a true kwentong barbero or from the kambingans near in Project 6

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    Re: urban legends

    Tales from the asphalt:

    There was this 5'4"-5'5" baller from Proj. 4, who once put Cabatu to shame in a one-on-one game by repeatedly dunking in his face. Cabatu was the most iportant big man in the amateur ranks at that time.

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    Re: urban legends

    yes, that's true in a way, pero di naman ganun kaliit--more like 5'6. name was cesar baggay, who had the explosiveness of spud webb. at the time, cabatu's folks lived at the jp rizal-pelaez area near the AFP logistics center so madalas pang umuwi si sonny doon. it was a friendly one-on-one match that turned deadly serious after cesar received one too many glancing elbows to his face. acoording to eyewitness reports, cesar unleashed his full arsenal of anklebreakers, so what cabatu did was sag off baggay in order to concede the open jumper. pero di nakuntento si cesar, kaya ang ginawa'y initsa yung bola off the backboard and followed it up with a slam!

    cesar baggay reportedly went back to his home province in ilocos, where he became a legend in town fiestas.
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    Re: urban legends

    Benjie Paras didn't even try-out for the San Beda Red Cubs. He was just another student in San Beda High School until he broke the backboard of one of the goals in the covered courts when his classmates told him to dunk the ball during a PE class. Ato got wind of the news the kid who broke the backboard and decided to look for the kid. Benjie was introduced to Ato and the rest was history. By the way, Benjie was called "Tetchie" in high school (peace Benjie!) and classmates sila ni QC Vice-Mayor Herbert "Bistek" Bautista.

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