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Thread: High School Division

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    Re: High School Division

    San Beda starts the 4th quarter with a bang via back-to-back triples, bringing the score to 51-44.

    Ateneo responds with back to back drives courtesy of Gamboa to cut the lead to 1, 51-50 with 4:05 remaining in the game.

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    Re: High School Division

    With 1:14 left in the game, San Beda ahead 57-50, with Marcelo and Yulo taking control of the ballgame.

    Ateneo plagued by errors in the endgame. Coach Jamike Jarin slapped a technical foul.

    San Beda looks headed for the title with 23 seconds left and leading by 7, 60-53.

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    Re: High School Division

    Final score: San Beda 62 - Ateneo 55.

    Congratulations to the SAN BEDA RED CUBS for winning the Homegrown Cup title in the Juniors Division!!

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    Re: High School Division

    Homegrown Cup Mythical Five - Juniors Division

    Lanete - San Beda
    Austria - Ateneo
    Katipunan - Ateneo
    Ferdinand - La Salle
    Revilla - San Beda

    MVP is Lanete from San Beda.


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    Re: High School Division

    I expected San Beda to win this one....BUT NOT THIS CLOSE. Hehe. Congratulations San Beda!

    Finally, after a year, the Dynasty's back for San Beda and Ateneo in NCAA and UAAP.

    Go for your 12th crown in the NCAA, San Beda!
    Go for your 15th crown in the UAAP, Ateneo!

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    Re: High School Division

    ^ Me too Jancarlo. It was a bad game for San Beda. Lots of botched plays. Lanete, the MVP, was flat. Atrocious free throw shoting by LA Revilla. I am sure he missed more than 10 free throws. The Shaq is handsdown the better shooter at the stripe.

    Ateneo did an excellent job in spreading the floor. They covered Marcelo pretty well. The double and sometimes triple team against him did wonders in limiting his point production. I am surprised that Marcelo was not part of the Mythical Five. Ferdinand is better than Marcelo?

    At any rate, Ateneo fought well. One big fight!

    Animo San Beda!

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    Re: High School Division


    San Beda College (SBC) edged out Ateneo De Manila University (ADMU), 62-55, to lift the Juniors Division Championship in the Homegrown Cup yesterday afternoon, May 6, at the San Juan Gym.

    Red Cub star point guard Luis Alfonso Revilla presided over a very balanced offense with his attacks to the basket and killer rainbow shots as SBC jumped to a 16-13 advantage by the end of the first quarter. The lead could have been bigger had Revilla converted more from the free throw line where he was only 2 out of 8. Eaglet John David Dumrique was the lone bright spot for ADMU with his 5 points and constant hustle on defense.

    ADMU’s offensive sets became predictable the rest of the half but SBC was not able to capitalize on the turnovers. Red Cub Leeward Lobaton scored all their 9 points for the quarter as his teammates’ guns fell silent. Eaglet Luis Gonzaga’s 4 points and solid defense in the shaded area kept them within striking distance going into the break, 25-22.

    Eaglet Michael Gamboa, who finished with a game-high 20 points, came out firing after halftime, scoring 8 points in the quarter mostly from daredevil drives to the hoop. Red Cub David Paul Marcelo, however, showed why he is one of the premier junior big men by dominating the paint and scoring 6 points, going 4 out of 8 from the charity stripe. ADMU closed in 38-36 at the 3:10 mark as Alec Rivera connected on two 3-point shots, but SBC still held on to the lead as the last quarter started, 43-40.

    The pay-off quarter saw Red Cub Rodel Ranises take over the game as he scored all of his 9 points on a trey and a perfect 6 for 6 from the free throw line. ADMU threatened, 51-50, with 4:26 remaining after a 0-6 run, but SBC came back with 4 unanswered points of their own for a 5-point cushion.

    After the teams traded baskets, ADMU Coach Michael Ray Jarin was slapped a technical foul after an extended tirade against a table official. The incident resulted in a bigger lead, 52-59, which the Eaglets never recovered from, giving SBC and legendary Coach Edmundo Badolato another junior title to add to their extensive collection.

    Prior to the awarding of trophies and cash prizes, Ferdinand of La Salle, Raymond Austria and Lorenzo Katipunan of ADMU and Luis Alfonso Sevilla and Garvo Lanete were named into the Mythical Five Selection with Lanete winning the Most Valuable Player plum.

    SBC – 62: Revilla 15, Lobaton 12, Marcelo 10, Ranises 9, Lanete 8, Yulo 6, Mallari 2, Babiloña 0, Cua 0, Panaligan 0
    ADMU – 55: Gamboa M. 20, Rivera 12, Gonzaga 9, Dumrique 5, Tiongson 4, Balmaceda 3, Esquivel 2, Golla 0, Katipunan 0, Gamboa 0, Austria 0, Valera 0
    Quarterly scores: 16-13, 25-22, 43-40 and 62-55

    As reported by courtside correspondents Johnny Atenizta and milogirl with special acknowledgement to tournament director David Dualan

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    Re: High School Division

    With practically the same line-ups, I look forward to these two schools meeting again in the knock out round of the FMC Summer League. I hope the bracketing would be fortuitous enough to have them in the championship game.

    Magandang "rematch" ito.
    We had a head start in this game. At one time we had a glorious 3rd place finish in the World Championship and was the undisputed power in Asia. But the world has learned how to play it. They may not be as good as us,but they have enough smarts to make use of their height. That is enough to beat us.

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    Re: High School Division

    Quote Originally Posted by jancarlo

    I expected San Beda to win this one....BUT NOT THIS CLOSE. Hehe. Congratulations San Beda!
    Quote Originally Posted by LION

    ... Lanete, the MVP, was flat...* Atrocious free throw shooting by LA Revilla... Ateneo did an excellent job in spreading the floor. They covered Marcelo pretty well. The double and sometimes triple team against him did wonders in limiting his point production...

    I am surprised that Marcelo was not part of the Mythical Five.* Ferdinand is better than Marcelo?*
    Jancarlo, you were not alone in your expectations and it was indeed a pleasant surprise that the Eaglets were able to keep it close.* During the elimination round game between these teams, the Cubs won handily.* Revilla was not even a factor and it was wingmen Mallari and Ranises who did the most damage.* Lanete and Marcelo have proven to be the stabilizers in the squad with consistently solid performances.* San Beda showed in the finals how multi-faceted their squad is.* They were able to adjust to almost every look the defense gave them.* The undersized Ateneans, like most of the teams San Beda had gone up against, focused on Marcelo by constantly keeping a body or two on him because he does demand such attention.* Most of the time that they failed to mark him, he made them pay by converting an entry pass or getting a basket after an offensive board.* Revilla showed what he can do with single coverage by slashing and dishing at will and when his defender sagged off a bit anticipating a drive, he shot treys over them.* He could have scored more than twenty points had he done better from the free throw line, but nobody's complaining.* Lobaton stepped up at the wing and Ranises and Lanete finished the job.* The Bedans also showed their strength on defense, keeping the two Eaglets named to the Mythical Five Selection, Austria and Katipunan, scoreless in the match.* It was the trio of M. Gamboa, Rivera and Gonzaga that kept Ateneo within striking distance, but they just didn't have enough left in the end.* It also did not help that their coach earned a technical foul at a point where they still had a chance for a comeback.

    LION, more than a number of observers questioned Marcelo's exclusion from the Mythical Five Selection, but statistics-wise, Ferdinand came out ahead.* As I said, everybody knows how much damage Marcelo can inflict in the paint at both ends, making him the focal point of almost every opposing coaching staff's game plan.* If the tournament gave an award to the player who logged the most minutes with an opponent trying to partner with him to imitate Siamese Twins, Marcelo would win hands down.* His calm demeanor and positive attitude towards the game truly makes him the ideal anchor for any team, mythical or not.

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    Eaglet's coach.

    Did ateneo's eaglet's coach play when he was in high school?* I think he's also an excellent coach...* coach jarin knows what he's doing, but i wonder if he also played in the NCAA in high school, or was he Ato's assistant / student manager in high school?* I wondered where he learned his coaching skills.* Ka-batch niya sila Paras sa San Beda... HS Batch '86... but I've never heard of him as a player.

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