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Thread: The Officials' Table

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    The Officials' Table

    General Discussion Forum Rules and Regulations

    1.* Topics here should relate to basketball.* Of course. A separate forum/sub-forum or category for non-basketball topics may
    be created for the same. Post all non-hoops subjects there.
    2.* Text talk is not allowed.* They are annoying and difficult to read.
    3.* Refrain from starting redundant threads.* *Check the existing ones to make sure the topic is not yet being discussed.
    4.* Flame-bait threads will be deleted immediately.* No questions asked.
    5.* Try your best to stay on-topic.* Read through the thread before you post.*
    6.* There is no prize for the most number of posts.* Go for quality over quantity.*
    7.* Discussions are not limited to basketball teams here in Manila.* *Threads about provincial leagues are most welcome.
    8.* Posting of selling of overpriced or scalper priced tickets shall be deleted immediately. Limit your post to access and
    * * *availability.

    Posters' eligibility

    1.* All registered members of Gameface are allowed to post here regardless of school affiliation, age, gender, race or IQ. There is no age limit nor a 7 year out of high schoool rule. PEP Test certificates are not required, either.* *Hehe.*
    2.* No profane, obscene, or vulgar language will be permitted.
    3.* Bashing will not be tolerated here.* *The general discussion thread is a support site for ALL amateur basketball teams.
    4.* Refrain also from having personal conversations in the threads.* Use the PM function for that.*

    - Each warning counts as a personal foul.* Five personal fouls means an ejection from the team.
    - Bashing a fellow member or school is considered a technical foul.* Get two of those and you are out of the playing court.*

    It's all about the game.* Enjoy.*

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    Re: The Officials' Table

    I locked the threads listed below. Discussions there have run their course.

    Your assessment of the final 4 teams for UAAP 68
    Tickets Selling At Cost - Hurry!
    Dec. 8 Showdown: Best of Ateneo vs. Best of La Salle
    The Incident After FEU vs. La Salle Game 1

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    Re: The Officials' Table

    I merged the Where are they thread of esjay to the Those who could have been thread.

    Thank you for the suggestion, Kid Cubao.

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    Re: The Officials' Table

    I've moved the post of onthebluecorner and the corresponding reply of gameface_one from this thread (The Official's Table) to the Dear Gameface Team thread.

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    Re: The Officials' Table

    Merged the Kramer and magazine ad thread to the Tsismis Thread after 5FootCarrot moved it to the General Discussions Forum.

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    Re: The Officials' Table

    Merged the topics Basketball Courts and Venues with Take me out to the Basketball game: The hardcore venues thread. Changing The Face of The Game!

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    Re: The Officials' Table

    Deleted the whole thread "US-B School Alumni Golf Tournament - 28 April 2006" from the Announcement Forum as it does not concern local amateur hoops. Changing The Face of The Game!

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    Re: The Officials' Table

    Moved the post of joelex and the reply of Kid Cubao from the Basketball Venues thread to the MBT forum.

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    Re: The Officials' Table

    Merged Go Amacu thread with the Amacu thread in the NAASCU forum. Changing The Face of The Game!

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    Re: The Officials' Table

    Merged the NABRO officiating thread to the Zeroing in on the Zebras thread.

    Thank you, 5FootCarrot.

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