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  1. PCYAA Basketball: Pace beats Grace, Takes Final Twice-to-beat Incentive at No. 4

    3rd PCYAA News Release 3

    Juniors Division Standings
    1-Philippine Cultural College (6-0), 2-Saint Jude Catholic School (5-1), 3-Makati Gospel Church-New Life Christian Academy (5-2), 4-Pace Academy (4-3), 5-Grace Christian College (3-4), 6-Uno High School (2-5), 7-Jubilee Christian Academy (1-5) and 8-Saint Peter the Apostle School (0-6)

    Games Schedule at Uno HS gym

    Tuesday February 9
    7 p.m. – Pace Academy (4) vs. Grace Christian College (5)

    Thursday February 11
    7 p.m. – Makati Gospel Church-MGC (3) vs. Uno High School (6)

    Saturday February 13
    10:30 a.m. – Saint Jude Catholic School (2) vs. Jubilee Christian Academy (7)
    12 noon – Philippine Cultural College (1) vs. Saint Peter the Apostle School (

    Pace Academy survived a huge endgame rally by Grace Christian College to register a pulsating 72-70 victory on a right corner triple by Dean Ong with 7.9 seconds left off an assist from Pol Antiporda, and clinch the No.4 spot in the Juniors Division of the 3rd Philippine Ching Yuen Athletic Association (PCYAA) basketball competitions at the Uno High School Gym in Tondo, Manila.

    The Pacers finished the seven-game elimination round with a 4-3 record and will play sixth-seeded GCC again in the quarterfinal playoffs that begin this week armed with a twice-to-beat advantage.

    Trailing by 14 points with 5:10 left, Grace Christian scored 15 straight points to take a 70-69 lead on a three-point play by Sebastian Choi with 12.8 ticks left.

    GCC had a golden opportunity to reverse the outcome but Choi’s three-point attempt at the buzzer was blocked.

    Ong topscored for Pace with 19 points, followed by Pol Antiporda’s 16 points, and big man Getson Lim’s nine points, 12 rebounds and three blocks.

    Grace, whose record slipped to 3-4, got 15 points apiece from Choi and John Ing and 11 from the John Patrick Ong.

    In the only other Juniors game Saturday, Makati Gospel Church-New Life Christian Academy downed Uno High School, 75-47. MGC, the No. 3 seed with a 5-2 record, bank on the heroics of the league’s No. 1 scorer Carl Ong (17.1 ppg), who collected 16 points and 10 rebounds; and Cedric Ho, who knocked in three triples and 15 points. Kim Tanlo topped Uno HS, 2-5, with nine points.

    The quarterfinal matchups feature host and unbeaten top seed Philippine Cultural College vs. winless and No. 8 seed Saint Peter the Apostle School, defending champion and No. 2 seed Saint Jude Catholic School vs. No. 7 seed Jubilee Christian Academy (a rematch of last year’s finals), No. 3 seed MGC-NLCA vs. No. 6 seed Uno HS, and No. 4 seed Pace Academy vs. No. 5 seed Grace Christian College.

    PCC, SJCS. MGC-NLCA and Pace own a twice-to-beat advantage over their respective opponents.
  2. PCYAA Basketball: Pace Takes Care of Uno

    3rd PCYAA Boys Basketball
    Day 12 Thursday February 4, 2016
    Venue: Uno High School Gym


    Aspirants Division
    Pace Academy 73 – Uno High School 66

    Juniors Division
    Pace Academy 66 – Uno High School 55


    Aspirants Division – Makati Gospel Church-New Life Christian Academy (5-0), Jubilee Christian Academy (4-1), Grace Christian College (3-2), Saint Jude Catholic School (3-2), Philippine Cultural College (2-4), Pace Academy (1-4) and Uno High School (0-5)

    Juniors Division – Philippine Cultural College (6-0), Saint Jude Catholic School (5-1), Makati Gospel Church-New Life Christian Academy (4-2), Grace Christian College (3-3), Pace Academy (3-3), Uno High School (2-4), Jubilee Christian Academy (1-5) and Saint Peter the Apostle School (0-6)

    It was a double victory for Pace Academy Thursday night (February 4) in the 3rd Philippine Ching Yuen Athletic Association (PCYAA) basketball competitions at the Uno High School gym as its Aspirants team (aged 13-and-under) and Juniors team defeated Uno High School.

    In the Juniors Division, Pace Academy beat Uno, 66-55 victory over Uno to gain a share of fourth place with Grace Christian College with identical 3-3 records.

    Pace and Grace will duke it out on Saturday (February 6) with the winner taking the No. 4 spot armed with a twice-to-beat advantage over the No. 5 seed (the game’s loser) in the quarterfinal playoffs. Essentially, it a best-of-three series between the two teams.

    Makati Gospel Church-New Life Christian Academy (4-2) is guaranteed the No. 3 seed regardless of the result of its game against Uno on Saturday (February 6) because it has beaten both Pace and Grace and will prevail in a tie-breaker under the winner-over-the-other rule.

    Host Philippine Cultural College (6-0) and Saint Jude Catholic School (5-1) are assured of the No. 1 and No. 2 positions without regard to the outcome of their final elimination-round contests against winless Saint Peter the Apostle School (0-6) and Jubilee Christian Academy (1-5), respectively, on Sunday (February 7).

    In the Pace-Uno encounter, the Uneans knocked in the game’s first six points and were ahead by a point, 15-14, after the first quarter.

    The Pacers, however, came back to take the half, 36-25, as Tyrone Tan (eight) and Pol Antiporda (seven) combined for 15 markers during the second period.

    Pace entered the fourth canto ahead by five, 45-40, before never-say-die Uno crawled to within two points twice, 53-51 and 55-53, with three minutes remaining.

    Jeff Lugay and Tan each drained a triple as the Pacers grabbed 63-55 edge at the 1:31 mark. Jaden Ng scored four straight points to seal the deal, 65-55, for the Pacers with 29 seconds left.

    Pace got 16 points and three assists from Tan; 13 markers and 11 boards from Ng; 11 points (all in the first half) and 13 rebounds from Antiporda; and seven scores (six of them in the final period),14 boards and three blocks from man-mountain Theodore Getson Lim.

    Uno, whose win-loss record dropped to 2-4, was led by hulking Jesse Ching, who chalked up 20 points and hauled down 19 rebounds. Warren Tan added 12 points, five boards and four steals. Unean guard Jozshua Healy was injured early in the first quarter and did not return.

    In the Aspirants Division for players aged 13 and under, Pace Academy registered its first win in five assignments with a hard-earned 73-66 decision over Uno HS.

    Jashper Fernando played the hero's role as he tallied the young Pacers’ final 10 points.

    Pace held the upperhand most of the way, taking the half, 37-31, However, Uno rallied to grab a four-point advantage, 65-61, with 3:57 left behind the inside snipings of hardworking Matthew Lim.

    Lim, who finished with 27 points and 17 rebounds, fouled out with 2:22 left, allowing Pace to reassert its might once again.
    That's when Fernando, a transferee from Philadelphia High School, went to work.
    He netted 10 points while going 6-for-6 from the foul line, grabbed a pair of rebounds and blocked an enemy missile in the final 2:20. It was Fernando himself who broke a 65-all tie.
    Fernando wound up with 18 points and 10 boards for the Pacers, who were led by Airick Jaden Sy's 23 points.
    In addition to Lim’s contributions, Uno, which is still winless at 0-5, got 20 points and 13 rebounds from Gian Chung and 12 scores, five rebounds and three steals from spunky Jaden Alberto.
  3. Yesterday When I Was Young

    Yesterday when I was young was one of the happiest moments in my life.

    Care-free my life was as a youngster (up until I came out of high school in 1972).

    Life was a breeze, not because I was a spoiled brat, but rather because my parents from the middle class got me all the things I need to have – emphasis on “need” – and not what I wanted.

    The life I lived then was simple but enjoyable for all I did was study well in school and play basketball after class hours or during the weekend (Saturday mornings or Sunday afternoons) at the Xavier School covered courts.

    At age eight, I was already into “heavy” reading – not only from the school materials but also from the daily newspapers (the old Manila Times and the Evening News were my favorites) and sports-related books and magazines of the local and foreign varieties.

    No small wonder my vision was somehow affected and I started to wear eyeglasses at that tender age, too.

    I also took up basketball as early as age eight, dreaming of becoming a school, if not, a national athlete someday. I aspired to be one even if I was reed-thin, height-challenged and maybe unorthodox as a southpaw.

    Never mind that American shoe companies came up with such slogans as “Just Do It” and “Impossible is Nothing” much later in the seventies, eighties or nineties.

    Back in the early 1960s, I was already doing “it” and dreaming the “impossible.”

    There’s one basketball anecdote from my early basketball-playing days that this Hoopster could hardly forget. And maybe it’s worth sharing to aspiring basketball athletes from this young generation as well.

    Once in 1971 at age 16, I was playing ball (till I got tired) by my lonesome at the Xavier School high-school gym. I usually took 200 shots from all angles every opportunity to practice that I had.

    At the time, I had already lowered my expectations. I simply just wanted to play in the school intramurals.
    End result, though: I did not make it to my section D’s Team A (traditionally to be the best of the lot). Neither did I earn a slot with Team B (said to be composed of “average” players).

    I (finally) made it to Team C (probably defined as the worst of the lot). For me, it did not matter.

    That I was selected I truly appreciate. More so, Nirvana was in my mind for in the end, our section’s Team C won the championship over the other sections (A, B and C).

    Allow me to turn back the hands of time. In the hard-fought titular contest, Team C was leading by a point with 15-20 seconds left and here I was fouled with two free-throw attempts coming up. Shaking under pressure, I bungled both charities.

    Fortunately, though how short I was, I came up with the rebound off my missed second free throw and danced my way out of harm’s way till the final buzzer sounded.

    Team C, of which I was a part of, was declared the champion.

    To the young cage athletes of today, this is what I really wanted to point out.

    Individual glory is nice and sweet, perhaps even worthy of an ESPN highlight film. But winning a game or a championship is much, much sweeter for basketball is still a team game, whether it be in 1971 or 2016.

    Young dude, where do you stand on this issue?
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  4. PCYAA Ladies Volleyball

    3rd Philippine Ching Yuen Athletic Association
    VENUE – All games to be held at Philippine Cultural College Main gym
    FORMAT – Double-round elimination phase/top three teams qualify for the playoffs with the top-ranked team seeded into the finals armed with a twice-to-beat advantage; No. 2 team and No. 3 team clash in the semifinals with the second-ranked team enjoying a twice-to-beat advantage/finals to feature the No. 1-ranked team versus the winner of the 2-3 knockout game.
    1-Philippine Cultural College (5-0), 2-Saint Jude Catholic School (4-1), 3-Grace Christian College (2-3), 4-Saint Peter the Apostle School (1-4) and 5-Pace Academy (0-4)
    9:00 a.m. – GCC vs. PA (light-dark uniforms)
    10:30 a.m. – SPAS vs. PCC
    9:00 a.m. – PCC vs. SJCS
    10:30 a.m. – PA vs. SPAS
    9:00 a.m. – PA vs. PCC
    10:30 a.m. – SJCS vs. GCC
    9:00 a.m. – GCC vs. SPAS
    10:30 a.m. – PA vs. SJCS
    (No. 2 owns a twice-to-beat advantage)
    5:30 a.m. – No. 2 vs. No. 3
    5:30 a.m. – No. 2 vs. No. 3, if necessary
    (No. 1 owns a twice-to-beat advantage)
    X:XX a.m. – No. 1 vs. 2-3 winner, Game 1
    X:XX a.m. – No. 1 vs. 2-3 winner, if necessary
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    Philippine Sports
  5. PCYAA Boys Basketball: PCC Juniors Stretches Win Streak to Six

    3rd PCYAA Boys Basketball
    Day 11 Sunday January 31, 2016
    Venue: Uno High School gym


    Aspirants Division
    Jubilee Christian Academy 67 – Philippine Cultural College 61
    Makati Gospel Church-New Life Christian Academy 84 – Grace Christian College 75

    Juniors Division
    Philippine Cultural College 69 – Jubilee Christian Academy 67
    Makati Gospel Church-New Life Christian Academy 60 – Grace Christian College 45
    Saint Jude Catholic School 77 – Saint Peter the Apostle School 40


    Aspirants Division – Makati Gospel Church-New Life Christian Academy (5-0), Jubilee Christian Academy (4-1), Grace Christian College (3-2), Saint Jude Catholic School (3-2), Philippine Cultural College (2-4), Pace Academy (0-4) and Uno High School (0-4)

    Juniors Division – Philippine Cultural College (6-0), Saint Jude Catholic School (5-1), Makati Gospel Church-New Life Christian Academy (4-2), Grace Christian College (3-3), Uno High School (2-3), Pace Academy (2-3), Jubilee Christian Academy (1-5) and Saint Peter the Apostle School (0-6)
    Games Thursday February 4

    5:30 p.m. – Uno High School vs. Pace Academy (Aspirants)
    7:00 p.m. – Uno High School vs. Pace Academy (Juniors)

    PCYAA Boys Baskettball: PCC Juniors Stretches Win Streak to Six
    By Henry L. Liao

    Host Philippine Cultural College pulled off an improbableescape act Sunday morning (January 31), registering a stunning come-from-behind 69-67 victory over Jubilee Christian Academy in the 3rd Philippine Ching Yuen Athletic Association (PCYAA) basketball competitions at the Uno High School gym in Tondo, Manila to stay unblemished in the Juniors Division at 6-0.
    Hotshot Kyle Barraza had 11 points (two triples, a twinner and a three-point play) of his 15 first-quarter points during JCA’s 13-0 start as PCC was held scoreless until Lian Dy connected on a fielder with 4:22 left.
    Jubilee was up, 21-10, after 10 minutes and was ahead by six points, 28-22, at halftime behind Barraza’s 19-point feast.
    Jubilee opened the second half with an 8-0 blast for a 36-22 advantage. Its lead grew to 18, 43-25, as Barraza continued to scorch the nets, chalking up nine points, including his third and final trifecta, in the third quarter. A Jharles Uy three cut PCC’s deficit to 10, 50-40, after three quarters.
    Seemingly, Jubilee was headed for a monumental upset, coming as it did a day after Cultural downed reigning Juniors Division titlist Saint Jude Catholic School, 54-53.
    Instead, it was the Seagulls who engineered a huge comeback, mesmerizing JCA to commit a maze of errors with their suffocating pressure defense. Down by 62-46 with 4.5 minutes left, PCC exploded a 15-0 bomb to come within one, 62-61. Uy sparked the 15-point explosion with eight straight points – a three-point play, a triple and two free throws – off three steals by himself.
    Burly Lanz Tan brought JCC’s lead back to three, 64-61, with a bucket at the 2:18 mark. Seagulls beanpole Daniel Manalang retaliated with a fielder of his own, 64-63; time down to 1:33. Following a Barraza reebie four ticks later for a 65-63 JCA lead, Kimson Chen drained the second of his two threes in the second half as PCC snared its first lead of the game, 66-65, with 1:08 remaining.
    Tan went 2-for-2 from the free-throw line with 30.9 ticks left as JCA regained the upperhand, 67-66. PCC’s John Patrick Garcia split his charity throws (21.1 seconds left) to deadlock the count for the only time at 67-all.
    Then came Chen’s heroics. With 10.8 seconds remaining, he made a layup off his steal to give the Seagulls a two-point lead, 69-67.
    Barraza, who finished with 33 points, had a golden chance to reverse the outcome as he was fouled by Manalang on a three-point attempt with 1.6 seconds left. Under tremendous pressure, Barraza muffed his first two charity shots then purposely misfired on the third as time out.

    Chen spearheaded PCC’s sixth victory in as many assignments with 16 points,10 rebounds, three steals and two blocks. Uy contributed 13 points (including two triples and 11points in the second half and eight points in the final quarter) and five steals; John Mark Santos scored nine points; Manalang had nine points apiece and nine boards; and D’lanor Angelo Tan knocked in two triples for six scores.
    JCA, which dropped to 1-5, put to waste Barraza's 33-point effort and big man Lanz Tan's 21-point, 22-rebound feat.
    In other Sunday games in the Juniors Division, Makati Gospel Church-New Life Christian Academy climbed to the No. 3 position with an easy 60-45 decision over Grace Christian College and reigning titlist Saint Jude Catholic School cruised to a 77-40 victory over winless Saint Peter the Apostle School.

    Except in the early minutes ...
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