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    Boss Emon, I think it is because we never beat the Chinese National Team of Shan Tao, Song Li Gang, and Ma Jian in international tournament play. Iba ang exhibition, iba din ang totoong laro hindi po ba?

    As for Benjie Paras eating Mahindra and Blackwater for breakfast, admitted fact na din po 'yan, siempre si Tower of Power pa din 'yan, at sino naman ang makakatapat niya sa mga patakbuhing teams na 'yan?
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    Allan Caidic was not part of the 1989 SMB Grandslam. On discussions, I think some people tend to forget the NCC core that joined the San Miguel franchise in 1986 were ahead of their time and were already seasoned pros who were playing all together for so long.
    Its gonna be a tough series in a fantasy match up between the 1989 Beermen and the current San Miguel squad. One player that is missing in discussions is Elmer Reyes, who is a torn to every opposing team. We can also look at the 6 PBA teams back in 1989 where the rosters are evenly match compared to the present 12-team lineup of the PBA. Teams like Shell even beat our national team that has future PBA stars Jun Limpot and Vergel Meneses by 25-plus points. Imagine how a team of rookie Benjie Paras will do against lets say Blackwater and Mahindra.
    There's a video of the San Miguel-China exhibition in 1990, I don't see how others think Fernandez and Co. cannot hold their own against 6-8, 6-9 guys, and the Samboy Lim video highlights are not even complete, i've seen many more highlights of the Skywalker in the 1980s that is truly unbelievable. The core of the 1989 San Miguel Beermen, four years after with Caidic around, probably would have been beaten by Fajardo and Co. but the '89 squad with the peak Samboy, Elmer Reyes, Hec Calma, Yves Dignadice, Alvin Teng, Ato Agustin and Ramon Fernandez, I still believe can pull it off against the 2017 Beermen in the seven-game series, and im not even talking about Ricardo Brown being in the 1989 lineup.
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