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    Guest team Chiang Kai Shek College shut out Philippine Cultural College in the fourth quarter en route to an emphatic 115-23 victory Saturday afternoon (October 4) to join early winners Saint Stephen’s High School, Saint Jude Catholic School and Hope Christian High School at the start of the 17th Metropolitan Amateur Sports Association (MASA) high school basketball competitions Saturday (October 4) at the Saint Jude Catholic School Gym in Mendiola, Manila.

    In other games of the full four-game opening bill, defending champion Hope Christian High School shellacked Philadelphia High School, 85-35, host Saint Jude catholic School blasted Northern Rizal Yorklin School, 108-67, and Saint Stephen’s High School demolished Philippine Academy of Sakya, 81-48.

    The CKSC Blue Dragons, whose Boys Scout team placed third in last year’s tournament, maximized their height advantage to hold the Seagulls to single-digit scoring in each of the first three quarters – nine, six and eight – before whitewashing their shell-shocked opponents with a 25-0 run in the payoff period.

    CKSC led from start to finish, gaining a 40-9 advantage after the first 10-minute quarter before taking the half, 70-15. The tree-like big men of coach John Sia totally dominated the boards and made life miserable for PCC with their pressure defense. The Blue Dragons reached the century mark on a layup by Gershom Norman Montes with 8:16 left in the game.

    Man-mountain Eric Anthony Guiao knocked in 25 points and eight rebounds and Adrian Martin Magada registered a double-double with 14 points and 13 boards as the Blue Dragons had six players in double-digit scores. Danilo Hernandez also tallied 14 markers, Montes and Richmond Sedrick King each struck for 13 markers and Joshua Ramirez collected 11. Hulking Robert John Minerva also contributed nine points, six reebies and two blocks for the winners.

    Angelo Tan knocked in three triples for a team-high nine points for the Seagulls.

    HCHS 85 – PHS 35

    Hope Christian HS raced to an 8-0 getaway and never looked back, enjoying a 48-16 edge after the first 20 minutes. With platoon substitutions of three different five-man lineups, a balanced offense and a bit of pressure defense, the Warriors quickly mesmerized the opposition without knowing what actually hit them.
    HCHS limited Philadelphia HS to only eight, eight and seven points in each of the first three quarters and were ahead, 68-23, entering the fourth quarter.
    Marvel Joy Jimenez paced the Warriors with 11 points and Philippine national Youth team member Jollo Go came off the bench to score 10 points in the first half, including two a pair of three-balls, before sitting out the entire fourth quarter. Ryan Miguel Quiambao had nine points and Mac Chester Kyle Jacob, Lorenzo Celis and John Francis Sacundo each contributed eight markers. Ken Miranda got two points and six boards while playing only in the first half.
    Phillip Jason Midel was the only Philadelphia player in double figures with 13 points.

    SJCS 108 – NRYS 67

    Saint Jude Catholic School, last year’s losing finalist, got off to a 9-0 start but Northern Rizal Yorklin School bounced back to deadlock the count at 18-all and 22-all before Maynard Nielsen Yap and Jared Filipino engineered a 6-0 run to give the Judenites a 28-22 lead that they never surrendered thereafter.

    SJCS was ahead 42-35 at the half but NRYS came within one, 42-41, in the early minutes of the third period before the former finished off the latter with a 9-0 run for its first double-digit lead at 51-41 on an Earl Vincent See lay-up.

    It was an all-Renzel Symon Yongco in the second half as he chalked up 24 of his team-high 27 points, including three triples, in the final two quarters. Yongco also netted five rebounds and five steals as the Judenites broke away from a 65-54 edge going into the last period. See wound up with 14 points, Yap posted a double-double with 13 points and 15 boards, and Filipino and Joseph Metrado each tallied 10 for the winning squad.

    SSHS 81 – PAS 48

    Two players registered double-double performances for Saint Stephen’s High School – Franz Yap had 18 points and 14 rebounds and Richmond Legaspi had 14 points and 13 rebounds – as the Stephenians never trailed throughout the game.
    It was up, 26-13, after the first quarter and ahead, 48-29, at the half and enjoyed a lead of 62-33 entering the payoff period.

    Other double-digit marksmen for SSHS were Bryant terrado, 12 points; and Rojeene Bondoc, 10. Tree-like Luigi Laroco added nine markers and six rebounds.

    Alphamilenio Reyes was the only Sakya player in twin digits with 13 points, including three three-pointers.
  2. Phenom Nga Naman

    Ah yes, the Phenom, the Season 77 MVP, the man who probably put together the best statistical points total in the last 10 years.

    What's not to like?

    Those 35-some minutes per game for starters.

    Having him dominate the ball (though not in the Terrence Romeo fashion) for another.

    Clearly there is only so much a 5'10" guard can do to carry a team without a prototypical big man and making do with a hold-the-fort point guard.

    A few other things:

    Our head coach practically admitting in an interview that he will let our phenom take 30-plus shots every game if that is what it takes to establish that he can score. If you need 30 shots to establish that you can score, you probably cannot really score all that well.

    National's "phenom stopper" essentially saying in another interview that all he did to stop our phenom was stay in his stance, keep his hands up, not go for swipes, and not bite into fakes. I still hear these principles a lot. In Milo BEST clinics. So all it took was age group defense to shut down a phenom. In four game's against National our phenom shot 25/100. I find it hard to equate 25% shooting with the term "phenom".

    That high-arcing trajectory on his shot. Hmm... I cannot recall a single accomplished shooter who ever played UAAP ball who shot with an arc that high.

    In the end we probably asked too much of him, expected too much from him, wanted him to literally carry us all the way back to the UAAP championship.

    In trying to do it all he wound up doing too much. Look at his stats. I've never seen a guy do that much in a single season. It was bound to take its toll, and in the end it did. Our collective season and his MVP season ended with a clean block on an ill-advised layup against a tall, athletic and talented import.

    I'm sure he saw all of the other guys who were open, including New who was having a great game. He has too much recognition and too high a basketball IQ not to have recognized that. But he was our phenom, our leader, and he obviously wanted to give us the win personally.

    It didn't help that in the second game that do-or-die Wednesday one of his former RP Youth teammates did what all of us said he should've done, give the ball up to an open teammate. Mike Tolomia drove, drew the defense, and passed the ball to Mac Belo in the corner for a three-pointer that ended Lasalle's championship reign and sent Far Eastern back into the UAAP Finals.

    Coaches will tell you never to help if your guy is at the corner, because there is no way in hell you can recover. They also say there has to be strong side help, because a cross court pass is a lesser coverage evil than leaving a guy open in the corner.

    Water under the damn bridge.

    What's to like?

    We're still looking at a guy who is legitimately one of the best damn players in the UAAP. He's on OUR team. He's playing for OUR side. And he's getting some help next year.

    Hopefully he won't be forced to play any more 37-minute games, facing defenses-in-depth, having to put up fantasy-basketball-leading stats just to keep our team competitive.

    He'll have one last season to return to the UAAP Finals.

    He'll have one last season to show he's The Phenom.
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  3. 17th MASA Basketball Team Rosters

    4-Charles Janzen Chan Sy (1999/10/19, G9-C), 5-Matthew Aaron Cruz Ang (1999/07/10, G9-A), 6-Jared Christian Ting Filipino (1998/12/06, G10-B), 7-Joao Carlo Ting Filipino (2000/10/26, G8-A), 8-Jospeh Jamisola Metrado (1998/01/05, G10-D), 9-Jack Stevenson Solijon Tai (1997/04/05, H4-A), 10-Earl Vincent Tuisieng See (1997/10/07, H4-A), 11-Lance Graeham Ang Chan (1999/11/13, G9-A), 12-Kendrick Choi Ong (1997/10/06, G10-A), 13-Christian Erwin Carlos (1997/01/31, H4-C), 14-Daniel Edwin Cua Pua (1998/05/04, G10-A), 15-Paolo Tristan Lim Chu (1998/02/24, G10-D), 17-Maynard Nielsen Ng Yap (1999/07/28, G9-A), 18-Renzel Symon Yongco (1997/07/02, H4-C), 19-Alec Johnson Chin Billan (1998/09/12, G10-B), 20-Kyle Miguel Cristobal Tan (2000/01/15, G9-C), 21-Calvin Andrew Sy Uy (2000/04/28, G8-B), and 22-Renz Christian Ngo Shih (1999/05/08, G9-D).

    Team Officials: Sherwin Tiu (Sports Director) and Luis Nolasco (Head Coach).

    4-Ron Caleb M. Heras (2000/02/23, Grade 10 Justice), 5-Mac Chester Kyle Jacob (2000/06/25, grade 9 Compassion), 6-Carlo D. Carino (1999/01/02, Grade 9 Compassion), 7-Marvel Joy C. Jimenez (1998/04/29, Grade 10 Loyalty), 8-Antonio Miguel Y. Yang (1998/12/26, High 4 Sincerity), 9-Kris Harvey D. Pagsanjan (1999/01/02, Grade 9 Diligence), 11-Lorenzo Lenzc Celis (1997/08/02, High 4 Wisdom), 12-Jivee P. Tolentino Jr. (1999/08/07, Grade 9 Diligence), 14-John Francis C. Sacundo (1998/01/21, Grade 10 Loyalty), 15-Ken Mark C. Miranda (1996/04/01, High 4 Sincerity), 16-Jose M. Go IV (1997/01/16, High 4 Wisdom), 17-Lorenz Samuel V. Jimenez (2000/07/14, Grade 9 Alertness), 18-Ryan Miguel A. Quiambao (1998/06/28, Grade 10 Loyalty), 19-Joshua L. Devara (2000/12/19, Grade 10 Loyalty), and Renzbert C. Tiu (2000/03/22, Grade 10 Obedience).

    School/Team Officials: Angeline K. Tan (Principal), Grace Tan (Vice Principal for Student Services), Tsang Wing Kuen (Chairman), Harry Chong (1st Vice Chairman), Domingo Dee (2nd Vice Chairman), Belen C. Lim (Secretary), Lin Tin Chong (Treasurer), Judy Tan (Auditor), Stevenson Tiu (Athletic Director), Bernard Yang (Team Manager), Horacio Lim (Team Consultant), Jerson Allen Cabiltes (Head Coach), Gonzalo Catalan (Assistant Coach), Moriel Baligad (Assistant Coach), and Carmelo Navarro (Assistant Coach).

    11-Kerwin James D. Huang (1998/03/04, H4 Bethany), 5-John Wilbert S. Midel (1998/01/25, H4 Bethany), 13-Elben Spencer H. So (2000/01/10, G9 Zion), 9-Charles Wesley F. Yap (1998, 09/17, H4 Jerusalem), 14-Mark Joshua S. Sayarot (1997/07/23, H4 Jerusalem), 4-Warren Daniel T. Lee (1999/07/27, G9 olive), 18-Michael Angelo Sidayao (1999/08/04, G9 Zion), 16-Ronnie James F. Yap (2000/08/20, G9 Zion), 15-Lennard Siam D. Dela Cruz (2000/02/08, G9 Olive), 17-Francis H. Tio (1998/01/03, G9 Olive), 6-Trisden P. Tio (1996/12/06, G9 Olive), 7-Philip Jason S. Midel (1999/04/01, G9 Olive), and 10-Bryan S. So (1998/02/27, H4 Bethany).

    School/Team Officials: Lydia Lao (Directress), Renz R. Guerrero (Principal), Ricky Lee Chua (Head Coach), Simon Sim (Assistant Coach), and Shaun Sim (Assistant Coach).

    4-Bryan B. Navarro (1997/10/04, H4 Loyalty), 5-Paul John B. Seriales (2001/03/25, G8 Patience), 6-Jermaine Ryan L. Alindogan (1998/11/02, G9 Integrity), 7-Arnold Carl P. Ang (1999/10/07, G10 Trustworthy), 8-Stephen Raphael O. Chan (1999/02/02, H4 Loyalty), 9-Jherico Lazaruss R. Cagomoc (1998/06/09, H4 Loyalty), 10-Allan Paul S. Bautista (1998/05/10, H4 Loyalty), 11-Jerome I. Fuentes (1998/08/29, H4 Loyalty), 12-Jay Kenneth E. Pua (2000/11/12, G9 Integrity), 13-Cristopher S. Belga (1999/05/27, G8 Patience), 14-Harold Ivan R. Ortega (2000/09/14, G5 Faith), 15-Leonardo D. Pan (1998/08/31/, G10 Trustworthy), 16-Audrey Cyle P. Ang (1998/11/16, G10 Trustworthy), 17-Ace G. Hermoso (1997/09/27, G7 Diligience), and 18-Christian S. Geolagon (2000/01/25, G9 Integrity).

    School Officials: Tomas Yao (Principal)

    4-Alecx Sy (1999/05/31, G9 Orange), 5-Payton Chan (2000/12/22, G9 Red), 6-Jeffrey Weng (1998/06/01, H4 Violet), 7-Richmond Legaspi (1998/07/20, H4 Violet), 8-John Sabado (2000/10/19, G7 Red), 9-Joshua Go (1999/03/16, G10 Red), 10-Deriss Sabado (1999/07/30, G10 Green), 11-Wakeen Tan (1999/09/04, H4 Yellow), 12-Franz yap (1999/11/06, G10 Green), 14-Rojeene Bondoc (1998/06/22, H4 Violet), 15-Bryant Terrado (1999/10/09, G10 Red), 16-Aarone Teng (1998/10/21, G10 Yellow), 17-Luigi Laroco (1999/08/05, G10 Yellow), 18-Sean Ng (2000/09/24, G9 Green), and 19-Victor Ty (1998/02/19, H4 Green).

    Team Officials: Lim Eng Peng (Athletic Head), Jefferson Tee (Head Coach), Dexter Chua (Assistant Coach), and Jonhries Rostata, Charlie De Angel and Francis Rauschmayer (Coaching Staff).

    4-Jaylen ...
  4. 17th MASA High School Basketball Schedule

    OCTOBER 4 (Saturday) – Venue: Saint Jude Catholic School Gym
    09:00 a.m. – Philippine Academy of Sakya vs. Saint Stephen’s High School
    10:30 a.m. – Northern Rizal Yorklin School vs. Saint Jude Catholic School
    12 noon – Hope Christian High School vs. Philadelphia High School
    01:30 p.m. – Philippine Cultural College vs. Chiang Kai Shek College

    OCTOBER 5 (Sunday) – Venue: Saint Jude Catholic School Gym
    09:00 a.m. – Philippine Cultural College vs. Saint Stephen’s High School
    10:30 a.m. – Philadelphia High School vs. Northern Rizal Yorklin School
    12 noon – Chiang Kai Shek College vs. Philippine Academy of Sakya

    OCTOBER 6 (Sunday) – Venue: Saint Jude Catholic School Gym
    03:00 p.m. – Saint Jude Catholic School vs. Hope Christian High School

    OCTOBER 11 (Saturday) – Venue: Saint Stephen’s High School Gym
    10:30 a.m. – Saint Stephen’s High School vs. Saint Jude Catholic School
    12 noon – Northern Rizal Yorklin School vs. Chiang Kai Shek College
    01:30 p.m. – Philippine Academy of Sakya vs. Philadelphia High School

    OCTOBER 12 (Sunday) – Venue: Saint Stephen’s High School
    10:30 a.m. – Saint Jude Catholic School vs. Philippine Academy of Sakya
    12 noon – Philadelphia High School vs. Saint Stephen’s High School
    01:30 p.m. – Philippine Cultural College vs. Northern Rizal Yorklin School
    03:00 p.m. – Chiang Kai Shek College vs. Hope Christian High School

    The 17th renewal of the Metropolitan Amateur Sports Association will get underway on Saturday, October 4, with the start of the boys high school basketball tournament at the Saint Jude Catholic School Gym in Mendiola, Manila.

    Eight schools are seeking action in the seven-week cage competitions.

    They are regular members Hope Christian High School (HCHS), Philadelphia High School (PHS), Saint Stephen’s High School (SSHS), Philippine Cultural College (PCC), Philippine Academy of Sakya (PAS) and host Saint Jude Catholic School (SJCS) and guest teams Chiang Kai Shek College (CKSC) and Northern Rizal Yorklin School (NRYS).

    The four-game opening-day bill to be held at the SJCS Gym features PAS vs. SSHS (9:00 a.m.), NRYS vs. SJCS (10:30 a.m.), HCHS vs. PHS (12 noon), and PCC vs. CKSC (1:30 a.m.).

    On Sunday, October 5, PHS will take on NRYS (10:30 a.m.), CKSC will clash with PAS (12 noon), PCC will tangle with SSHS (1:30 p.m.) and last year’s finalists HCHS and SJCS will duke it out in the main game (3:00 p.m.) of another full four-game menu to be held again at the SJCS Gym.

    In line with MASA basketball’s home-and-away scheme, the SSHS Gym has been designated as the venue for the second weekend of action.

    The schedule is as follows: October 11 (Saturday) – HCHS vs. PCC (9:00 a.m.), SSHS vs. SJCS (10:30 a.m.), NRYS vs. CKSC (12 noon), and PAS vs. PHS (1:30 p.m.); and October 12 (Sunday) – SJCS vs. PAS (10:30 a.m.), PHS vs. SSHS (12 noon), PCC vs. NRYS (1:30 p.m., and CKSC vs. HCHS (3:00 p.m.).

    Tournament format calls for a double round-robin elimination phase with the top four teams advancing to the semifinals. In the semifinals, No. 1 will meet No. 4 with the top-ranked team owing a twice-to-beat incentive while No. 2 will face No. 3 in a knockout game. The semifinal winners will play in the one-game finals.

    Defending champion in the MASA basketball tournament is Hope Christian High School, which beat Saint Jude Catholic School in last year’s finals.

    The HCHS Warriors are led by multi-time Philippine Youth Team member Jose (Jollo) Go IV and up-and-coming Ken Miranda.

    Go, a three-point artist, was a member of the PH contingent to the 2013 FIBA Asia Under- 16 Championship in Tehran, Iran and also suited up for the Batang Gilas Nationals in the FIBA Under-17 World Championship in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and FIBA Asia Under-18 Championship in Doha, Qatar last August.

    The SJCS Judenites are bannered by sweet-shooting Renzel Yongco, Maynard Yap and Earl See.

    Aside from basketball, other sports included in the 2014-15 MASA calendar are Girls High School Volleyball, Track and Field, Badminton, Table Tennis and Chess.

    An overall championship winner will be declared at the end of the MASA sports season on the basis of points earned by a team for every sport.
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