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  1. Ten Kids Top 2012 Jr. NBA National Training Camp

    Four Manilans, 3 from Cagayan de Oro, 1 each from Puerto Princesa, Pampanga and the Alaska Power Camp took the top ten slots in the 2012 Jr. NBA Philippines presented by Alaska to form this year’s Jr. NBA All-Star team.

    After three days of a basketball boot camp jointly conducted by NBA Legend and former Chicago Bull Luc Longley, US Jr. NBA Clinician Chris Clunie, the Alaska Coaching Staff led by PBA Legend Jojo Lastimosa and assorted coaches from the regions, Aljun Jay Melecio, Camillus Altamirano, Patrick Ramirez and John Roald Mayor from the Manila Regional Training Camp; Lui Besa, Felixberto Jaboneta and Arnie Padilla from the Cagayan de Oro camp; Paul Dagunan from the Puerto Princesa camp; Antonio Jeffrey Coronel from Pampanga and Regille Kent Ilagan from the Alaska Power Camp in Manila outshined the competition and emerged as this year’s Jr. NBA All Stars.

    The ten young cagers will be rewarded with a once in a lifetime NBA experience and the chance to travel abroad to play against a counterpart Jr. NBA Team.

    Coach Alan Ayo of ABC Ideas of Sorsogon City and a city councillor was meanwhile selected as the 2012 Jr. NBA Coach of the Year for having grown the sport of basketball in the Philippines while promoting the Jr. NBA S.T.A.R. values of Sportsmanship, Teamwork, a positive Attitude and Respect to young basketball athletes.

    The following players received special awards for their outstanding achievements in the National Training Camp : Alvin Jules Pineda, Joshua Alfonso Gantan, Lawrence Viajar, Gilbert Tague and Jeremiah Joy Sandalo, members of the 2012 Gatorade Performance Team; Miguel Raphael Jison of St. John’s Institute in Bacolod City, the Spalding Sportsmanship Award; Paul Dagunan from San Miguel National High School in Puerto Princesa, the Gatorade Hustle Award, Patrick Ramirez from Manila, the BTV Rising STAR Award, Arnie Padilla from the Sacred Heart School Ateneo de Cebu, the 2012 Jr. NBA Studio 23 All Star Player of the Game; Regille Kent Ilagan, the 2012 Alaska Youth Ambassador. Most Valuable Player of the 2012 Jr. NBA Philippines presented by Alaska is Aljun Jay Melecio.

    The top ten were culled from a group of 50 junior players aged 10-14 who topped their respective regional selection camps in Puerto Princesa, Cagayan de Oro, Pampanga and Manila through all of April and made it to the Jr. NBA National Training Camp which took place from May 3 – 5.

    Three days of boot camp – basketball drills, skills tests, stamina challenges, competitive games and fun games – tested the young cagers’ physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strengths.

    The 2012 Jr. NBA Philippines presented by Alaska was also made possible through the support of the NBA's Official Partners including Gatorade, Spalding, Basketball TV (BTV), Studio 23 and the Basketball Coaches Association of the Philippines.*For more information on Jr. NBA Philippines, including recaps, photos and news, log on to
  2. Short fuses in the 2012 nba playoffs

    Time and again, I have been proven to have a short fuse.

    My elders said that I inherited my quick temper from my maternal grandmother. *That ain’t quite fair, to say the least. *After all, everybody is responsible for his own actions.

    My emotions usually get the better of me when the things that I wanted done are not tasked correctly or quickly. *Ditto when I could not get my message across without having to repeat it over and over again.

    I also lose my temper when arguments over a subject matter turn personal and are not related to the merits of the case.

    These things get my goat and I easily go ballistic over them. *

    Still, I take to heart the Filipino saying, “Ang pikon ay talo.” *And emotionally, I have learned not to get “too high” on highs and “too low” on lows just so I am able to keep my sanity intact.

    Anger management is a must for the young and old. *Too much anger (or hatred) in your heart can get you into serious trouble. *At worst, it can trigger a massive heart attack that leads to a premature death.

    If I am not mistaken, programs on anger management are being offered here and elsewhere around the globe. *I remember a movie was once made to tackle this interesting subject.

    “Anger Management” was a 2003 American slapstick comedy film that starred Adam Saddler and three-time Oscar Awards winner and long-time Los Angeles Lakers season ticket holder Jack Nicholson. *A television series based on the movie will premier on June 28, 2012 in the United States, Canada and Latin America.

    What then has anger management anything to do with sports?

    Well, there were three cases in an eight-day stretch (April 22-30) wherein National Basketball Association athletes lost their cool during or after the games. *Alas, the teams that employ them paid dearly for their transgressions as they resulted in either game suspensions or forced absence from the ongoing NBA playoffs by the players involved.

    Metta World Peace of the LA Lakers, Rajon Rondo of the Boston Celtics and Amar’e Stoudemire of the New York Knicks acted foolishly, if not stupidly, when they lost control of their emotions and burst into anger during the games.

    World Peace, the former Ron Artest who was the Pro Basketball Writers Association’s choice for the for the 2011 J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award for his advocacy of mental health care, seemingly had shunned his Bad Boy image from the mid-2000s.

    World Peace, who legally changed his name last September, actually had been in his best behavior since coming into the Lakers before the 2009-10 season. *Unfortunately, during the second quarter of a regular-season home game against Oklahoma City on April 22, his once-forgotten irrational ways acted up again. *He was exuberantly celebrating his slam dunk off two defenders when his left elbow unintentionally hit the back side of the head of Oklahoma City’s James Harden that resulted in a concussion by the NBA’s highest-scoring reserve.

    Partly due to World Peace’s past reputation, NBA commissioner David Stern penalized him with a seven-game suspension – the Lakers’ regular-season finale at Sacramento and first six playoff games (he should be available some time in the second round granting that Kobe Bryant and company survive past Denver in their Western first-round duel).

    Rondo, the Celtics’ playmaker de luxe who topped the NBA in assists and triple-double games this season, drew a technical foul then chest-bumped a referee in the final minute of the Hub City squad’s 83-74 road loss to the Atlanta Hawks in Game One of their Eastern opening-round series. In addition to the automatic ejection, Rondo was suspended for Game Two.

    It was a pretty dumb move by Rondo as Boston was already depleted in the backcourt due to the absence of Ray Allen, who was set to miss the series’ first two games due to a sprained right ankle.

    Luckily, veteran forward Paul Pierce “tebowed” his way to a 36-point, 14-rebound roadshow as the Celts evened the count at 1-1 with an 87-80 win and wrested the homecourt advantage away from the Hawks.

    Turning out to be dumber than dumb was Stoudemire’s violent and inexcusable behavior after Game Two of the Miami-New York series. Minutes after a 104-94 Knicks loss, a visibly frustrated Stoudemire swung his left hand on a fire extinguisher case in the visitor’s locker room. *This resulted in a cut that required surgery last May 1 to repair a small muscle in the hand. *A self-inflicted injury it was and the Knicks management even belittled it by not imposing a fine on the apologetic Amar’e.

    Stoudemire sat out the third game that was held in New York’s fabled Madison Square Garden last Friday. *With the 6-10 frontliner and one-month sensation Jeremy Lin out with injuries, ...
  3. Luc Longley Topbills 2012 Jr. NBA at UP Gym

    Top 10 kids among 50 campers to be selected as 2012 Jr. NBA All Star Team

    The 2012 Jr. NBA Philippines Program presented by Alaska reaches its climax May 3 and 4 at the University of the Philippines Gym in Diliman and at the SM Mall of Asia on Saturday May 5 as 50 of the most promising young cagers of the land take part in the Jr. NBA National Training Camp.

    NBA Legend and former Chicago Bull Luc Longley and Alaska coaches led by Jojo Lastimosa will run the camp for the boys aged 10-14 who topped their respective regional selection camps in Puerto Princesa, Cagayan de Oro, Pampanga, Manila and the Alaska Power Camp earlier this month. Longley will conduct an NBA Cares activity at the end of the training camp.

    The 40 players selected as the best from their respective regions are : Randolf Erickson Marcelo, Gilbert Cague, Samuel Abuhilijeh, John Ronald Mayor, Miguel Kristoffer Abila, Omar Pius Mangadam, Patrick Sison, Aljun Jay Melecio, Tommy York Gedaria, Juan Carlo Garcia, Bryan Joshua Lina, Camillus Altamirano, Joshua Francis Callejo, Aaron Ivan Reyes, Aoki Estacio and Patrick Ramirez from the Manila Camp; Paul Dagunan, Himel Samante, John Mark Bentulan, Lorenzo Carlos, and Miguel Raphael Jison from the Puerto Princesa Camp; Arnold Cagang, Jepher Egan, Ian de la Cruz, Lorenz Viajar, *Lui Besa, Felixberto Jaboneta, Arnie Padilla, Arvid Ong and Zachary Juang from the Cagayan de Oro Camp and Rico Soliman, Pawan Singh, Diesel Jericho Malonzo, Polo Alberto Dayrit, Anton Miguel David, Antonio Jeffrey Coronel, Joshua Alfonso Gantan, Ivan Jules Pineda and Jeremiah Joy Sandalo from the Pampanga Camp.

    The Alaska Power Campers are:*Rigell Kent Ilagan, Ryen Dizon, Andrei Monserrat, Krystoffe Jimenez, Jaime Alonzo Senires, Maurice Rainier Caculitan (Manila); Jon Olaso (Olongapo); Nino Dave Carmel, Darrel Menina and Khryss Alerta (Cebu).

    From May 3-4, the young hopefuls will undergo a basketball boot camp that will test their basketball skills, strength, stamina and character via conditioning workouts, transition drills, skills stations and competitive games. Also highlighted in the three-day National Training Camp is the teaching of the Jr. NBA core values of Sportsmanship, Teamwork, a positive Attitude and Respect (S.T.A.R.), alongside Gatorade’s on-site testing and evaluation of the campers’ body composition, strength, vertical leap, endurance, speed and balance.
    The public is invited to watch the last day of the Jr. NBA Camp at the SM-MOA on Saturday (9am – 4pm) where the final scrimmage will be the high point of the day. The announcement of the ten 2012 Jr. NBA All Stars, who will be rewarded with an authentic NBA experience and the chance to play a counterpart Jr. NBA selection out of the country, will be made after the scrimmage in the afternoon.

    The 2012 Jr. NBA presented by Alaska is also made possible through the support of the NBA's Official Partners including Gatorade, Spalding, Basketball TV (BTV), Studio 23 and Basketball Coaches Association of the Philippines. For more information on Jr. NBA Philippines, including registration information, dates, venues, photos and news, log on the
  4. Jr. NBA presented by Alaska conducts NBA Cares activities in key cities

    The 2012 Jr. NBA Philippines presented by Alaska will hold an NBA Cares activity in Cagayan de Oro City on May 1when NBA Legend and former Chicago Bull Luc Longley arrives for the National Training Camp late this month.

    Longley joins other NBA Legends who have conducted NBA Cares activities in the country in conjunction with the Jr. NBA Philippines Program, demonstrating the continuing commitment of the global basketball league to share basketball goodwill to communities and individuals it has touched along the way.

    The National Basketball Association’s international youth development program was first introduced in the country in 2007. The 2012 Program is the fifth consecutive Jr. NBA Program in the Philippines.

    BJ Armstrong , Longley’s Bulls teammate, conducted a basketball clinic with the residents of Boys’ Town in Marikina in 2010. AC Green teamed up with renowned mural artist and conservationist AG Sarno to paint a dolphin mural at the De La Salle campus to highlight the plight of dolphins and encourage their protection in 2011.

    In 2012, NBA Legend and US Jr. NBA Coach Marty Conlon led the NBA Cares activity on January 18 at the San Fernando Special Education School where children who were deaf, dumb or afflicted with Down’s Syndrome were given the chance to have fun with the basketball.
  5. 2012 nba playoffs: An early exit by the mavs?

    Though it’s nearly two weeks later than usual, no thanks to a prolonged team owners-imposed lockout that forced the regular season to start not until Christmas Day and sliced each of the 30 member clubs’ schedule to just 66 games (instead of the traditional 82), the U.S. National Basketball Association (NBA) playoffs finally got underway last April 28 (Apr. 29, Manila time).

    Only the top eight finishers – including the three division leaders – in both the Eastern and Western conferences are competing in the NBA playoffs, aptly described as the league’s “real” season since the much-coveted Larry O’Brien championship hardware will be up for grabs.

    For the second consecutive year, the Chicago Bulls (50-16) edged the San Antonio Spurs (50-16, lost to the Bulls in their head-to-head season series, 0-1) for the NBA’s best regular-season record but nobody really remembers the team that tops the regulars.

    Reigning NBA Most Valuable Player Derrick Rose is hampered by various injuries and his Bulls look to avoid being the second team in league history to pace the regulars in consecutive seasons without qualifying for the NBA Finals at least once.

    LeBron James, who along with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh reached the Finals a year ago with the Miami Heat, was unable to lead Cleveland to the title playoffs in 2009 and 2010 even though the Cavaliers finished No. 1 overall during the regulars in both years.

    All 16 playoff teams are taking part in the first round of the four-tier postseason, all of which have been best-of-seven duels since 2003.

    Overall, there are 15 best-of-seven series to be played, including the NBA Finals scheduled during the first week of June.

    In every matchup, the team with the better win-loss record owns homecourt advantage over its opponent, regardless of the seeding positions.

    In a tweak to the NBA playoff format a few years back, the seedings for the top four positions have been rearranged to include the conference’s three division winners and the club with the best record among the non-division titlists. *They are subsequently ranked according to their win-loss ledgers.

    This means that a division winner may not be seeded lower than fourth and a non-division leader in a conference may rank as high as second if the top seed somehow comes from its own division.

    This year, the Boston Celtics (39-27) took the Atlantic Division crown but were seeded only fourth in the East playoffs – or one rung lower than Most Improved Player candidate Roy Hibbert and the Central Division runner-up Indiana Pacers (42-24), who grabbed the No. 3 seed with a three-game lead over the Hub City unit.

    The Atlanta Hawks (40-26) wound up second in the Southeast Division and were relegated to the fifth seed. *Despite a lower seeding, the Hawks are enjoying homecourt advantage in their first-round, best-of-seven East series against the Celtics due to a superior win-loss record.

    German star Dirk Nowitzki, the 2011 recipient of the Bill Russell Trophy as the NBA Finals MVP, is still posting creditable numbers (21.7 ppg and 6.8 rpg) but his Dallas Mavericks will be hard-pressed to repeat as NBA champions this year. *

    The Mavs (36-30) are seeded only seventh in the West and don’t have homecourt advantage against three-time NBA scoring champion Kevin Durant (28.03 ppg) and the second-seeded Oklahoma City Thunder (47-19) in their first-round duel.

    Other opening-round series feature the following: *EAST – No. 1 seed Chicago vs. No. 8 seed Philadelphia (35-31), No. 2 seed Miami (46-20) vs. No. 7 seed New York (36-30) and No. 3 Indiana vs. No. 6 Orlando (37-29) *and WEST – No. 1 seed San Antonio, No. 3 *seed Los Angeles Lakers (41-25) vs. No. 6 seed Denver (38-2 and No. 4 seed Memphis (41-25) vs. No. 5 seed LA Clippers (40-26).

    My educated guess is that Chicago, Miami, Indiana and Atlanta will advance to the East’s second round and San Antonio, Oklahoma City and the two Los Angeles teams will make it to the Western conference semifinals.

    With a young Thunder team seeking a payback for its 4-1 loss to Dallas in last year’s West finals, a quick exit by Nowitzki and the 2011 champion Mavericks is in the offing. *

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