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    Im hoping to find a newspaper clip in the national library of Allan Caidic's 68-point output on November 2, 1989, to have a clear info, based on my memories, it wasn't an overtime game, when I check out the Manila Standard newspaper on Google, the story itself was far from my view, the final tally says 175-139, but the boxscores and from what I recall, the right score was really 175-159, my other problem was I don't think it was lopsided as late in the third quarter as the Manila Standard article says, I remember the crowd were in an uproar when Caidic was about to break the record of 14 triples and the Alaska players were playing tough defense in trying to stop him.
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    For the next 10 years in the PBA's 50 greatest players, I hope they will not include MVPs starting the 2020 era, my belief now is only three out of your 12 listings will probably make it, Abe King, Nelson Asaytono and Danny Seigle will finally be given the credit they deserve because of the public outcry on the recent selection, any chances of Racela, Hawkins and the late Arnie Tuadles being chosen will remain a wishful thinking for old-school PBA fans.
  3. Joescoundrel's Avatar
    That 1962 season was just totally ballistic. Wasn't that the same year Oscar Robertson averaged a triple-double? They dubbed it "The Year of the Exploding Scoreboard".
  4. BedanRoar's Avatar
    "College Basketball Mercenaries" ???
  5. BedanRoar's Avatar
    Even Local (Blu Chips) Athletes are receiving these Perks!
  6. genom222's Avatar

    1.soldier fighting for money: a professional soldier paid to fight for an army other than that of his or her country
    2.somebody interested only in profit: an employee who works only for personal gain
    3.motivated only by money: motivated solely by a desire for money

    Just in case the author needs a clearer definition of what/who a mercenary is. Sam and Su, even after their playing years, are still very proud of what they have accomplished for San Beda. They honor our school by being successful in life after college basketball. Sure, they got some perks and certain entitlements (just like any other athlete) but they played for the name in front of their jerseys and not for the one in the back. Was it for money? No because they could have gotten more from other schools. Basketball was their means to attain a better education, a better life. And that should not be a problem. You know who the mercenaries are? The Pineda boys from SSC who left their school when their "benefactor" stopped supporting the Stags. They will play for whoever Mr. Pineda tells them to play. Kung nasan ang pera andun sila. Yan ang mercenary by definition.
  7. danny's Avatar
    Evidence please. For all we now, Mr Liao was paid to write this anti-San Beda piece. If we go by the same logic, I don't even need to prove he was paid. The accusation is proof enough, right mercenary writer?
  8. JBSO's Avatar
    Sir henry, i fully support what u say, tama lng sinabi nyo. Just like in tionglian , ganyan din.
  9. Joescoundrel's Avatar
    Seriously, Henry?


    Have you even talked to these guys?

    I have.

    You know what I even tried to get one of them.

    He knew he'd get something better where I was bringing him.

    He said he was three or so semesters away from earning his degree, so he politely declined.

    That doesn't sound like a mercenary to me.

    Shouldn't mercenaries be taking the money and to hell with everything else?
  10. danny's Avatar
    Unlike Mr. Liao here who do not understand that the Philippine Marines have been supported for such a long time by their American military masters, yet could not even eliminate some poor Kalashnikov wielding commie in the mountain.

    I will take back what I said about Mr. Liao provided he agrees that this transfer of American military tactic and technology never helped in defeating the commies.

    I believe Mr. Liao agrees with me that we do not need foreign military presence in the country. We need homegrown technology and tactic to find a solution to the insurgency.

    Oh, not to mention all these imported crap that we have. Never helped Philippine industry. Let us ban imprted goods and services.

    At the end of the day, we are better off with homegrown talent and technology. Anak ng teteng, galing Japan pa din ba makina ng Sarao Motors? Saan gawa yang mga computers niyo? Itapon niyo yan kung hindi Philippine made. Asa ng asa sa banyaga.

    Taho please.
    Updated 07-22-2014 at 02:34 PM by danny (Lintik lang ang papansin ng grammar at spelling ko. Mga hayok sa Ingles. Haha! Ban English.)
  11. totimendiola's Avatar
    Taho anyone?
  12. danny's Avatar
    Mr. Liao, I will be disrespectful to you since you have disrespected my fellow Bedans who happened to be foreigners whom you accused as mercenaries.

    Is Liao even a Filipino surname? Are you a mercenary from China? I suggest you and your kind go back to your own ancestral land before some native pinoys realize that you are not one of them. Citizenship is just paper. Your blood is Chinese.

    How does that sound? Discriminatory? You bet.

    Now, shoud we allow discrimination in sports? No. You watch and write about FIFA right? What did you learn about discrimination in sports? From the looks of it, you learned nothing. Tsk tsk tsk.
  13. danny's Avatar
    Crass-nationalism. The last refuge of scoundrels.

    Whatever happened to all these foreign-students of other schools? Still no match against the Mighty Red School. That small school from Mendiola..what a pain...

    Better expel these Bedans from the NCAA to bring parity to the league.

    What say you? Ban San Beda.
    Updated 07-22-2014 at 10:20 AM by danny (I'm a Blackwater merc.)
  14. MonL's Avatar
    VERY ignorant, with all due respect.
  15. abcdef's Avatar
    With all due respect sir, i guess you have named players who were not mercenaries as per definition that you have enumerated. . . . You forgot to mention that San Beda won a championship with out a foreign student athlete.

    You article,sir, is misleading and displays the writers ignorance to the issue of foreign student athletes.
  16. razor's Avatar
    You have to be clear; are you calling Messrs. Ekwe, Daniel and Adeogun mercenaries?
  17. oberto's Avatar
    USTE was without Ola Adeogun? Since when did Adeogun played for the Tigers?

    SBC sent veterans Lance Abude and Abuda.... Huh? These two just played in the Palarong Pambansa where the SBC Red Cubs represented CALABARZON. Meaning these two are incoming college freshman... now, veterans!
  18. Emon74's Avatar
    It's been a long time since the Celtics in 1984-1987, I wanna see a Heat-Spurs finals rematch, the last time two teams played each other in a championship series for consecutive seasons was the Bulls and the Jazz in 1997-98.
  19. LION's Avatar
    No other player from UAAP and NCAA?

    How about the 5-peat San Sebastian Stags, sir?
  20. JBSO's Avatar
    Congrats to the organizing commitee of PCYAA for a very successful inaugural season. Just hope for fil chi schools will be admit as members. But not those with haw siaw team. Stick to the motto..." Only homegrown athletes"
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