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    Jerie Pingoy and the rule named after him were at the august halls of the Philippine Senate yesterday, at a Committee Hearing under Pia Cayetano, committee chair for youth affairs. Present at the hearing of note were NU officials Nilo Ocampo, president of the UAAP Board when the Pingoy rule was passed, Adamson University President Fr Max Rendon, Pingoy pater et fils, and Nic Bartolome, a PBA referee, there on behalf of his daughter Dominique, a varsity high school swimmer at UST looking to join the UP senior varsity team.

    Cayetano, a lawyer by family tradition and profession, was looking at this whole thing from a civil rights / human rights perspective, which to me puts it into just the right larger-picture kind of frame. One thing she said should be noted for purposes of this entire issue: "Some kids want to go to a particular university. We have to explore how reasonable the limitations are to put on a dream." All too true.

    What was left unsaid was what reasons a kid might have for going to a given university. We must first establish that universities in general are by their very nature places one attends in order to get an education. Expanding from there, we might also say that a university is a place to go to for one to build a more stable and productive future. If we go by the last statement instead of the one directly preceding it, then it can logically be concluded that while the education part still and forever holds true, a stable and productive future can come from more than just earning a baccalaureate degree (God I hope I spelled that correctly...) Therefore, one's wish to attend a particular university may be said to be more than just being about the quality of education and tenure at said institution which leads to a professional degree.

    Here then is where the typical varsity athlete comes in. There is only one Chris Tiu out there to my knowledge, or only one Micky Ingles. Tiu is a multi-media darling now having a good enough rookie season in the PBA. He also holds a Management Engineering degree (I am uncertain if he completed his Applied Math degree as well...) from the Ateneo. Ingles is this year's topnotch Bar Examinee, and was part of the 3-Peat football championship dynasty of the Ateneo. These two wanted the degree more than the varsity accolades when they chose to attend the Ateneo.

    The same cannot be said for the likes of most other varsity athletes out there, some are even notorious for not attending class even if their professors are already willing to bend over backwards in terms of extra work and going over the tardiness and attendance limits. While the Ateneo prides itself on the top-notch graduation rate of its varsity athletes, the same unfortunately cannot be said for a majority of UAAP schools. For the record I attended two UAAP schools: the Ateneo and UE, and growing up I had close friends who were varsity athletes at UST, FEU and Adamson. Over the course of my pedestrian media career I've come to know various coaches, athletics directors, athletes, which is where my certainty over the low graduation rates of varsity athletes of other UAAP schools comes from.

    Over the course of my tenure at UE I had varsity athletes from sports ranging from power lifting to track and field to tae kwon do to judo to football and yes basketball for classmates, in at least six subjects over the course of at least four different semesters. I'd see them from time to time up to perhaps a week or two past the prelim exams, but I swear I never saw a single one of them last all the way to final exams. I recall the lot of them were gone even before midterms. I cannot for the life of me recall if a single one of them ever graduated, although one of the power lifters did go on to become a policeman last stationed in Pasig downtown. It was pretty much the same stories I got from my other athlete friends from the other UAAP schools, although two of those guys did eventually get their degrees.

    Going back to basketball, I would say 90% of basketball players of college age choose a college simply on the basis of maximum minutes and/or general media exposure, hence the overwhelming preference for the UAAP. Of the three or four superstars on what was then a loaded UE team during my tenure in the early 1990's I recall that only one of them went on to graduate. That guy is now a local elected official in his hometown. The three other guys who did not graduate went on to have varying levels of success in the PABL, PBL, the National Team and the PBA and MBA, but none of them ever became a star at the pro levels. For the guys who never got their degrees they always kept saying over and over that it was never about getting a degree. It was all about playing ball and making their names.

    This I believe is where the senate hearing came up way short. In her bid to make this about civil / human rights, it most likely ...
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  2. Six North Luzon Teeners First Qualifiers for Jr NBA National Training Camp

    From the indestructible Tessa Jasmines ___

    Dagupan City -- 169 kids, many from Northern Luzon and some from Central Luzon and Southern Tagalog, joined the Dagupan Regional Selection Camp of the Jr. NBA Philippines 2013 presented by Alaska at the CSI Stadia in Lancao, Dagupan City March 16 and 17.

    Six kids emerged as best players in the first selection camp of the sixth consecutive Jr. NBA program to be held in the country. Three more Regional Selection Camps will follow in Davao (April 1-2), Lucena (April 6-7) and Manila (April 13 -14) leading up to the high point of the program, the National Training Camp on April 26-28.

    These are : Justine Dupo from Calasiao, Pangasinan; Pawan Singh and Mark Adrian Mallari from Angeles, Pampanga; Ren Bistudio and Alfredo Philippe Camara from Dagupan City and Herald Jairo Barbiran from Sta. Barbara, Pangasinan.

    The six boys will be part of the 50-strong National Training Camp pool culled from the four regional camps in four key cities and the Alaska Power Camp. They got the nod of the Jr. NBA evaluation committee headed by Jr. NBA coach Greg Stolt, Senior Director of Basketball Operations in NBA China and PBA Legend Jojo Lastimosa of the Alaska Power Camp because of their all-around basketball skills and how they exhibited the Jr. NBA’s core S.T.A.R. values of Sportsmanship, Teamwork, (a positive) Attitude and Respect.

    “Every kid here has great basketball potential. I was amazed at how so many of them have good ball handling skills,” remarked Jojo Lastimosa. one of the PBA’s Top 25 Best Players of all time. Vice Mayor Belen Fernandez, who hosted the Jr. NBA event in Dagupan, was at the event to congratulate the kids from her region.

    The highlight of Jr. NBA Philippines 2013 presented by Alaska is the selection of this year’s ten Jr. NBA Philippines 2013 All-Stars who will be rewarded with an authentic NBA experience later in the year and the chance to play against a counterpart Jr. NBA team abroad. The top participants from Dagupan have the chance of being selected as the Jr. NBA All-Stars of 2013 in Manila at the National Training Camp.

    The Coach of the Year presented by Alaska award winner will also be announced at the National Training Camp, which will be attended by an NBA legend and feature NBA Cares community outreach.Registration for the Regional Selection Camp can be made online on the Jr. NBA website or on site at 8 a.m., before the start of the clinics. The first 100 players to check in on site with the online registration confirmation letter will also receive a limited edition Jr. NBA headphone.

    In addition to Presenting Partner Alaska Powered Milk Drink, Official Partners include the NBA’s official sports drink, Gatorade, Unilever’s flagship brands Rexona and Master as well as new partner Phoenix Petroleum. Returning as Jr. NBA Supporting Partners are KFC and Spalding. Official NBA broadcasters are Basketball TV, NBA Premium TV and Studio 23. Jr. NBA is also supported by the Basketball Coaches Association of the Philippines (BCAP).

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