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07-01-2019, 09:29 PM
Prospective lineup, per TLMKK FB page:

Yu, Olivario, Reyson, Pambid
Balanza, Batiller
Mina, Caralipio, Guarino
Ambohot, Ular, Sangalang, Javillonar
Muyang, Balagasay

Reserves: Alferez (PG), Banez (PF), Vacaro (C)

Quite a tall team, this -- with five players standing 6'5" and up. New guy is Javillonar, who recently changed jerseys after playing for Benilde in the summer leagues. Since he just graduated from NU High, he will be eligible to play right away for the Knights.

07-05-2019, 11:40 AM
Hope to see you again next year, Christian Fajarito! http://thelance.letran.edu.ph/Home/ReadMore/1404?fbclid=IwAR3MJCiBc4-fcp5IdMzPCmVY-BhEPqcrLjPFFbVRGafTNyDbT9btqi76nKY

07-08-2019, 02:23 PM
Knights lost their first game to the Lyceum Pirates, 84-80. Sour free-throw shooting (54%), careless turnovers (our 23 vs. LPU's 16), and anemic rebounding (39 vs. LPU's 46) did us in. Considering that Nzeusseu was injured and did not play, this loss certainly did not look good on our record.

Among the numbers above, it was the rebounding disparity that was most galling, considering that our team towered over the much smaller Pirates. I suppose this game proved the truism that rebounding is never about height; it's about desire. And desire Lyceum certainly showed, as the Pirates consistently beat our guys on the 50-50 balls. The Knights also had no good answers for the deadly guard trio of Caduyac and the Marcelino twins. It was frustrating to see these guys driving into the gut of the defense and scoring, our guys left in the dust.

Good points: Olivario acquitted himself well, issuing pinpoint passes that led to easy baskets. Balanza showed that he can carry this team, and with a bit more confidence, will definitely be the go-to guy in the clutch. Ular proved to be an able replacement for the missing Christian Fajarito, vastly improving on his rebounding and shooting prowess (which were nowhere to be seen when he made his NCAA debut around three years ago). Muyang showed that if he wants to, he can be a triple threat (scoring, rebounding, blocking); he just has to be careful with his fouls. Ambohot showed that he is vital to this team, particularly in scoring and rebounding. But he really should work on those free-throws; and more mindful passes, please. Those turnovers were an eyesore.

Challenge areas: Fran Yu and Bonbon Batiller need to relax a bit and settle down. You can see in them the overwhelming desire to contribute, but I suppose nerves got in the way, which led to careless plays that translated to turnovers (particularly for Batiller). Caralipio and Mina, on the other hand, did contribute on the offensive end, but had some rather bone-headed turnovers that led to easy LPU points.

On the whole, however, I think there is cause to be optimistic, despite this rather bad start. Malayo pa naman iyan. Laban lang! Arriba!

07-12-2019, 04:39 PM
https://servssports.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/img_11101451n.jpg?w=150&h=113 (https://servssports.wordpress.com/2019/07/12/ncaa95-letran-d-arellano-81-72/)

Colegio de San Juan de Letran woke up in time to subdue season host school Arellano University, 81-72, in continuing action from the 95th National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) at the FilOil Flying V Centre Friday. Team captain Jerrick Balanza played the hero's role as he took charge in the second half. READ MORE (https://servssports.wordpress.com/2019/07/12/ncaa95-letran-d-arellano-81-72/)

07-19-2019, 02:47 PM
https://servssports.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/img_11101451n.jpg?w=150&h=113 (https://servssports.wordpress.com/2019/07/19/ncaa95-letran-d-perpetual-help-82-80-ot/)

Colegio de San Juan de Letran needed overtime to subdue a very tough University of Perpetual Help System-Dalta, 82-80, at the resumption of the 95th National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) at the FilOil Flying V Centre Friday. Jeo Ambohot and Edson Batiller provided the marginal points in the extension for the Knights' third win in a row. READ MORE (https://servssports.wordpress.com/2019/07/19/ncaa95-letran-d-perpetual-help-82-80-ot/)

07-23-2019, 10:21 PM
https://servssports.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/img_11101451n.jpg?w=150&h=113 (https://servssports.wordpress.com/category/basketball/ncaa/)

Colegio de San Juan de Letran stretched its league-best winning streak to four games by outlasting an extra tough Emilio Aguinaldo College, 91-89, in the featured game of the 95th National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Tuesday from the FilOil Flying V Centre. The Knights had to battle back from a 10-point halftime hole, 38-48, and up their record to 4-1. READ MORE (https://servssports.wordpress.com/2019/07/23/ncaa95-letran-d-eac-91-89/)

07-29-2019, 02:59 PM
Despite the four straight wins, we have yet to see the best that the Letran Knights have to offer. Defense has been spotty at best; our porous defense has managed to make superstars out of Luke Sese and Marwyn Taywan. Meanwhile, although we have been bailed out by our offensive prowess, our gunners still have to be consistent on a game-by-game basis.

Having said that, I am glad we won those close games. A 4-1 record is obviously better than a 2-3 or a 1-4. Still, we have to get our acts together soon as the games against SSCR and Benilde aren't going to be easy; ditto with the game against San Beda.

I think the boys are still feeling their way around, particularly since key players like Balanza and Muyang were in and out of the lineup during the offseason, while Batiller didn't even play at all. It's only now that they're relearning how to play together as a team. Plus, anytime you lose big-time players like Bong Quinto and JP Calvo, the ones who are left have to figure out who will be the take-charge guys.

Off-hand, I'd say Balanza is the natural leader, but he should step up when he is needed and not hesitate to take the shot to save the day. Batiller has shown a lot of spunk of late, but needs to regain his confidence at the foul line to prevent scrambling wins like the one versus EAC. Batiller had in his hands the insurance baskets, but managed to flub them both. It was only by God's grace that EAC's Gonzales missed the trey that would have sent the Knights to their second loss.

I like how Ular has developed as an able stand-in for Fajarito. Why Coach Jeff buried him in Team B for two years is a mystery to me. I also like how Fran Yu is stepping up as the no. 1 PG for the team. More exposure will only mean more confidence for this young man.

On the whole, however, I think the team has a ways to go before it reaches its peak this season. We ain't seen nothin' yet!

07-30-2019, 02:45 PM
https://servssports.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/img_11101451n.jpg?w=150&h=113 (https://servssports.wordpress.com/2019/07/30/ncaa95-letran-d-mapua-89-84/)

Edson Batiller delivered the exclamation triple as Colegio de San Juan de Letran clinched its fifth straight win at the expense of Mapua University, 89-84, at the 95th National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) at the FilOil Flying V Centre Tuesday. Batiller barely beat the shot clock with 20 second left in the game to snuff out the Cardinals' hopes of rallying and remain winless in five starts. READ MORE (https://servssports.wordpress.com/2019/07/30/ncaa95-letran-d-mapua-89-84/)

08-01-2019, 01:32 PM
I like the five straight wins, but prudence tells me not to celebrate too much. We have yet to go up against the favored teams, and the one strong team we faced, we lost to.

Benilde is showing that its players have the poise and confidence to win close games -- partida pa nga iyan, kasi recovering pa sina Leutcheu at Haruna, while Gutang is still injured. But players like Pasturan, Young, and even Sangco and Dixon have been stepping up. All in all, I figure that Benilde is a dangerous, under-rated team.

San Beda, on the other hand, has also shown that it has bucked the graduation of its heralded Bolick-Mocon tandem. Erstwhile role players have stepped up, and delivered.

We have a perilous road ahead of us. Still, laban lang!

08-10-2019, 05:25 PM
https://servssports.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/img_11101451n.jpg?w=150&h=113 (https://servssports.wordpress.com/2019/08/10/ncaa95-san-beda-d-letran-70-66/)

Defending champion San Beda University cruised to its fifth straight win and solo leadership of the 95th National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) by beating archrival Colegio de San Juan de Letran, 70-66, in continuing action from the Cuneta Astrodome Saturday. It was a tough loss for the Knights who saw their five-game winning streak vanish and fall to 5-2. READ MORE (https://servssports.wordpress.com/2019/08/10/ncaa95-san-beda-d-letran-70-66/)

08-11-2019, 04:26 PM
Two losses by far to the top 2 teams the past 2 seasons. Benilde looks serious this time, if we still dont get pass thru them, then #4 spot would be ok for now.

Looks manageable as the losing margin on our 2 L are not really that big. Fingers crossed👊🏼

08-13-2019, 09:21 AM
The game against San Beda was winnable, IMHO. The Knights were able to make crucial stops in the fourth quarter but were just unable to make their shots from the field. Masyadong gigil kaya? O malas lang talaga? We did have a bunch of free throws towards the end, but still managed to miss a few.

To be fair, defense was a lot better in this game than in the previous games. Balanza, Yu, Olivario and Ular played stellar minutes, but Muyang, Ambohot, and Batiller seemed to have been struck with a bad case of malas.

Anyway, you're right, ESCALERA JR. We have to win versus Benilde.

09-09-2019, 11:52 AM
After that disappointing loss to SSCR, we came away with a big statement win against Benilde. Benilde really looked lost without their main PG, Jimboy Pasturan; our boys pounced on their slow start and won the game pulling away.

I hope this is the start of a new burst of confidence for the boys. I had been worried at the beginning of the season because the team barely had time to play as a whole, what with the injuries to key people and new guys coming in. We start the second round with a relatively easy assignment in JRU, which I hope the team won't underestimate.

Kapit lang. We can do this! Arriba!

09-21-2019, 12:26 PM
Let's beat CSB on Tuesday for a stronghold on third, then work our way up to second spot for the twice to beat advantage come playoff time. Arriba!

09-25-2019, 12:16 PM
Good win yesterday against Benilde! I'm especially glad about how Yu is turning out -- not only in terms of scoring but also in making his team mates look good. That was a masterful job done on Gutang, too (isama na natin sa Muyang sa kudos), getting his goat and eventually goading him into fouling out. Quite frankly, I wasn't sure why Gutang was so hot under the collar, but whatever Yu or Muyang said or did must have hit some nerve.

The thing about the Knights, though, is that we cannot be sure which Knights team is going to show up at game time: the one that blew out Benilde and San Sebastian in the second round, or the one that wilted against Mapua and SBU? Hopefully, the boys should have ironed out the kinks by this time and reconciled themselves to working as a team rather than relying on a do-it-all hero at the end-game.

09-27-2019, 08:59 AM
Today's game vs LPU is crucial as it may spell the difference as which team gets a twice to beat advantage. It's also a battle to get back our title as Kings of Intramuros.

10-02-2019, 01:45 PM
There goes our twice-to-beat... I hope we still have enough gas in the tank to hold on to the Final Four. As it stands, I think we have a more than even chance, but we definitely have to close out the second round with wins to cement this.

Kapag nakapasok tayo sa F4, saka na natin problemahin kung paano pipigilan yung baseline floaters ni JC Marcelino at yung mga saksak mula sa gitna ni Caduyac. I hope by that time, the coaching staff will have come up with something.

One game at a time. Arriba!

10-02-2019, 01:51 PM
Re the loss vs. SBU yesterday -- boy, that left a bad taste in the mouth. It wasn't that we lost, it's HOW we lost that bothered me.

We went on an 8-0 tear in the third quarter to tie the game at 42-all, only to crumble in the face of an avalanche of points from the Red Lions. 20-0? Come on. How could we let them do that to us? I wanted to see a little more fightback from the boys, but it seemed like they were too punch-drunk to even react. From then on, it was just about marking time until the final buzzer.

I don't know what's ailing the Knights; I know that individually, we have the talent to make it all the way. But, really, sometimes, like in that third quarter 20-0 barrage, it seems like they forget to play as a team. Sayang ang talent. :(

10-12-2019, 08:13 PM
We are assured of a f4 Slot. Doesnt matter if its 3 or 4 as the RL seems on the way of sweeping their remaining games. i’d rather they sweep the 2nd rd than go the the twice to beat route.

Beating ssc and lpu once each via step ladder format is less stressfull than winning twice against the Marcelino twins of lyceum pirates.

RE:Jeo Ambohot would be more effevtive playing near the basket scoring putbacks and also helping out Larry Muyang clearing rebounds than taking those long 3’s. Pag sumablay, wala na. Let the point guards tke care of business outside the trifecta area. See u in the finals

11-05-2019, 08:34 PM
https://servssports.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/img_11101451n.jpg?w=150&h=113 (https://servssports.wordpress.com/2019/11/05/ncaa95-letran-d-san-sebastian-85-80/)

Colegio de San Juan de Letran took the first step of a long path towards the 95th National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Seniors Basketball title by disposing of a very tough San Sebastian College, 85-80, at the start of the stepladder playoffs Tuesday at the Cuneta Astrodome. Up next for the third seed Knights is second seed Lyceum of the Philippines University this Friday at the same venue for the right to face undefeated defending champion San Beda University in the best of three finals series next week. READ MORE (https://servssports.wordpress.com/2019/11/05/ncaa95-letran-d-san-sebastian-85-80/)

11-07-2019, 10:39 AM
If you look at the lineup of the Knights, you will see that almost all of them have gone through some sort of adversity in their young sporting lives.

Jerick Balanza, for example, successfully came back from a serious brain operation last year but has now established himself as First Knight. Bonbon Batiller and Fran Yu were victims of coaching rigodons at UE and were lucky enough to have found a second home in Letran. Larry Muyang was cut by Coach Aldin at La Salle. Ambohot languished in Team B at Arellano. Ular also transferred from Arellano but languished in Team B for years at Letran before he was finally resurrected by Coach Bonnie.

So many plots and sub-plots, all of them about triumph over adversity. I hope the coach and the assistant coaches remind the players about what they have already gone through -- both as individuals and as a team. They have suffered so much for so long to just give up now.

Once more into the fray! Arriba Letran! Beat Lyceum!

11-09-2019, 02:02 AM
https://servssports.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/img_11101451n.jpg?w=150&h=113 (https://servssports.wordpress.com/2019/11/09/ncaa95-letran-d-lyceum-92-88/)

It will be Colegio de San Juan de Letran challenging defending champion San Beda University for the 95th National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Seniors Basketball crown after they ended the season of Lyceum of the Philippines University, 92-88, at the Cuneta Astrodome Friday. The best of three titular series between the two archrivals will begin this Tuesday at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. READ MORE (https://servssports.wordpress.com/2019/11/09/ncaa95-letran-d-lyceum-92-88/)

11-11-2019, 11:27 AM
Tomorrow, we begin the fight for the NCAA championship. We have already come this far, we cannot give up now. I don't really care about match-ups; for me, the two most important commodities tomorrow are desire and heart. So, to the Knights, remember what Achilles said, "Immortality! Take it! It's yours!"

Arriba Letran! Lalaban tayo hanggang sa dulo!

11-12-2019, 07:18 PM
https://servssports.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/img_11101451n.jpg?w=150&h=113 (https://servssports.wordpress.com/2019/11/12/ncaa95-letran-d-san-beda-65-64/)

Colegio San Juan de Letran pulled off a major shocker over erstwhile undefeated defending champion San Beda University, 65-64, in Game One of the best of three championship series of the 95th National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in front of a full Mall of Asia Arena Tuesday. Larry Muyang and Fran Yu unleashed their heroics in the final two minutes to end San Bedas winning streak at 18 games and inch closer to the championship they last held in 2015. READ MORE (https://servssports.wordpress.com/2019/11/12/ncaa95-letran-d-san-beda-65-64/)

11-13-2019, 08:52 AM
Letran ruins San Beda quest for perfection after thrilling Game One win

by Randolph B. Leongson

14 hours ago

FRAN Yu was the motor that kept Letran going as it ruined archrival San Beda's quest for a perfect season and endangered the Red Lions' bid for a rare four-peat in one blow.

The Knights dug deep and pulled off a gutsy 65-64 victory over the Red Lions in Game One of the NCAA Season 95 Finals on Tuesday at Mall of Asia Arena and moved within a win of completing the mother of all upsets.

Yu, voted the season's Most Improved Player, led the Knights with 10 points, six assists, three steals, and three rebounds, none bigger than his defensive board off a missed three-pointer by Calvin Oftana in the thrilling endgame.

Although Yu missed both his free throws with 2.4 seconds left, the last done deliberately, Larry Muyang tapped the rebound out of the Red Lions' grasp as time expired, sealing the Knights' first win over San Beda since 2015.

Incidentally, that 2015 win also marked the last time the Knights won the championship.

By dealing the Red Lions their first loss of the season, the Knights moved a win away from an unlikely championship, which they can clinch in Game Two on Wednesday, also at the Mall of Asia Arena.

Bonbon Batiller topscored for the Knights with 12 points to go with five boards, and two assists. Jerrick Balanza added 10 points and four rebounds, while Jeo Ambohot got nine points, four boards, and two blocks.

"One game pa lang naman, pero we are happy with this one. Eighteen-zero sila so it took hard work to beat that kind of team," attested coach Bonnie Tan.

Muyang seemed to have put the game away with a big conversion on an alley-oop connection from Yu that made it a 65-62 lead for Letran.

But San Beda kept up the pressure, grabbing crucial offensive rebounds that led to Nelle slicing the lead down to one with 37.5 seconds left.

The Red Lions were able to pull a stop after Oftana blocked Ambohot's baseline jumper to force a 24-second shot clock violation, but the Season MVP was unable to score the game-winning three.

Nelle led San Beda with 20 points and seven rebounds, but was limited to just one assist after being the league's leader in that department all season.

Canlas added 11 points, six rebounds, two assists, and one steal, while Oftana was held to 11 points and six boards as they saw the end of its 32-game win streak dating back to the first round last season.

Donald Tankoua also had seven points, 13 rebounds, and two assists for the Red Lions, who, after gaining an outright spot in the finals, had to wait for 27 days while the three other teams went through a stepladder phase in the semifinals.

The scores:

LETRAN 65 - Batiller 12, Balanza 10, Yu 10, Ambohot 9, Muyang 7, Reyson 7, Mina 3, Ular 3, Caralipio 2, Sangalang 2, Balagasay 0, Olivario 0.

SAN BEDA 64 - Nelle 20, Canlas 11, Oftana 11, Tankoua 7, Soberano 6, Bahio 4, Doliguez 3, Etrata 2, Abuda 0, Cuntapay 0, Alfaro 0.

Quarters: 17-18, 28-32, 47-44, 65-64.

11-13-2019, 08:54 AM
Shining Knights

Led by indefatigable playmaker Yu, Letran upsets San Beda to move within a win of claiming NCAA crown

By: June Navarro - Reporter / @junavINQ

Philippine Daily Inquirer / 04:04 AM November 13, 2019

Until early Tuesday evening, Fran Yu had never played in a championship game where an electrifying crowd cheered his every shot.

But the way he saved Letran from falling on Tuesday not only spoke volumes on how the 5-foot-7 court general can lead the Knights, it also guaranteed hell be hearing his name from the crowd a lot from hereon.

I wasnt nervous at all because I wanted to prove something to the Letran community, said Yu after spearheading his team to a 65-64 win in Game 1 of the NCAA Season 95 mens basketball best-of-three championship series.

The versatile third-year guard again made the Knights look good after delivering several unselfish plays in the end that put them on the verge of winning a crown that many thought previously unbeaten San Beda would easily claim.

Hes (Fran) the most improved player this season and it added to his confidence, said Letran coach Bonnie Tan.

Yu fed Larry Muyang underneath, stole the ball in the next sequence and pulled down the rebound off a Calvin Oftana miss with 1.6 seconds remaining that sealed the victory and ended the 18-game win streak by the Red Lions this season.

Its just the first game. Our rebounding was crucial. We were outrebounded in the first half and we simply addressed that problem, said Tan.

Three-point bricks

The Red Lions, defending the title for the fourth straight time, came off a 26-day break after sweeping the eliminations, but San Beda coach Boyet Fernandez believes bricked shots, not rustiness, were the cause of their setback.

We didnt make our threes in this game, said Fernandez after the Lions shot 6 of 40 from three-point range.

But I believe we are capable of bouncing back. he added.

Successive misses by Oftana, James Canlas and Clint Doliguz at one stretch near the end didnt help at all, and San Bedas last stand was when Evan Nelle drove to pull the Lions within a point with 37 seconds left.

The Lions had a chance to secure the opening match of the series but Oftana, the tournament MVP, flubbed an open three in the ensuing possession.

Game 2 of their best-of-three series is scheduled on Friday with the Knights seeking to win their second championship since defeating the Red Lions in 2015.

Although we have the momentum going into the next game, the series is not yet done. I hope we will not let this one go away, said Tan.

Juniors match

Justin Sanchez and Rhayyan Amsali wound up with double-double figures as the San Beda Red Cubs downed the Lyceum Junior Pirates, 94-80, and moved within a victory of clinching the juniors title.

Yukien Andrada and Jay Ynot likewise sparkled along with King Alcantara for the Red Cubs, who are seeking redemption after missing the crown the past three seasons.

Its a great feeling to win Game 1, but the series is far from over, said San Beda coach Manu Iigo, son of former Inquirer sports editor Manolo Iigo.

Sanchez had 16 points and 14 rebounds while Amsali added 14 points and 14 boards. Ynot, playing his final year for San Beda along with Sanchez and Amsali, fired 16 points while Andrada contributed 14.

The Red Cubs are looking for their 24th NCAA juniors crown overall.

11-13-2019, 09:07 AM
^ They ought to call these guys the Last Chance Knights.

Fran Yu, Bon Batiller, Larry Muyang, Ambohot, Ular, Balanza all had their chances before, and have been give a proverbial Last Chance as Knights.

Muyang in particular has bounced around a bit. First time I saw him he was in San Sebastian's B Team, along with (of all people) CJ Perez, Bradwyn Guinto, Josh Grilli, and Leo De Vera. He was a skinny kid who couldn't get much done back then. He went over to Lyceum, finally got into a regular lineup and played in the UAAP for Lasalle (that turned out to be a one-shot deal for him), and finally he found a home with Letran.

I'm happy to see Larry finally doing well.

11-18-2019, 05:02 PM
Well, these Last Chance Knights have one last chance to wrap this championship up with a win tomorrow! This is especially true for Balanza, Batiller, and Balagasay, who are on their final playing year.

I'm feeling confident about our chances. I think what we've seen from the Knights these past few games (stepladder series and Championship) have been their real abilities and their real character as a team. These were not apparent during the off-season, as Balanza and Batiller were used sparingly because of health reasons. Muyang was juggling between MPBL and the summer leagues, so he didn't see action in a number of games. For the most part, the first and second rounds of the NCAA tournament constituted the feeling-out stages of the team. Pati coach, dahil bago, nangangapa at hirap mag-establish ng kumportableng rotation. It was only during the semis that the real character of the team finally came through, and not a moment too soon!

Wala nang atrasan ito! Sugod! Arriba!

11-19-2019, 09:09 AM
Sana magdilang-anghel siya. https://www.spin.ph/basketball/ncaa-men/jerrick-balanza-determined-to-lead-letran-to-ncaa-championship-a2437-20191118?ref=site_search

11-19-2019, 09:11 AM
Kasi sino ang mamuno, basta manalo! https://www.spin.ph/basketball/ncaa-men/la-tenorio-fran-yu-letran-knights-ncaa-season-95-finals-a795-20191117?ref=site_search

11-19-2019, 08:35 PM
https://servssports.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/img_11101451n.jpg?w=150&h=113 (https://servssports.wordpress.com/2019/11/19/ncaa95-good-knights-letran/)

https://servssports.files.wordpress.com/2019/11/dsc7795.jpg?w=300&h=225 (https://servssports.wordpress.com/2019/11/19/ncaa95-good-knights-letran/)

In his last game as a collegiate player, Jerrick Balanza poured out all his heart and skills to deliver to Colegio de San Juan de Letran the championship of the 95th National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Seniors Basketball over archrival San Beda University, 81-79, at a noisy and packed Mall of Asia Arena Tuesday afternoon. This is the 18th title for the school, the first since 2015 and the very first for first year coach Bonnie Tan. READ MORE (https://servssports.wordpress.com/2019/11/19/ncaa95-good-knights-letran/)

11-20-2019, 12:31 AM
Congratulations to the Season 95 All-Filipino NCAA Seniors Men's Basketball Champions Letran Knights!
Siempre Arriba! Siempre LETRAN!

11-20-2019, 06:02 AM
Balanza's "Sa amin pa rin ito" draws from his first championship coach Aldin Ayo's mantra of "Guys, atin na ito!" in Seaon 91.

11-20-2019, 06:11 AM
Thank you Coach LA Tenorio for developing the scrawny, wild kid of last year, Fran Yu, into the best two way guard in the league and the Finals MVP. His "never say die attitude " is a testament to your greatness in molding young guards including Bonbon Batiller to unearth their skills. A big ARRIBA to you Coach LA Tenorio!

11-20-2019, 06:17 AM
No more imports starting 2020.
For Letran: No Import, No Problem!
For others: No Import, BIG Problem!

11-20-2019, 08:43 AM
Congratulations and thank you, Coach Jeff Napa! This championship is yours as much it is Coach Bonnie Tan's! You built this team, including bringing in the crucial cogs of this team's victory, namely, Fran Yu and Bonbon Batiller. I hope they appoint you the next head coach of the Bulldogs' men's team. You deserve it.

11-21-2019, 04:06 PM
What a season! What a ride! The Knights started out tentatively and were, at one point, in danger of missing out on the Final Four. Then suddenly, all things clicked and we barged through the stepladder and took down the defending champs, 2-1.

Congratulations to the Knights for hanging in there. Now we know what sacrifices they made to become champs! And boy, have these sacrifices reaped dividends!

Thanks to the coaches (Bonnie Tan, LA Tenorio, Lou Gatumbato, Gil Lumberio, RJ Guevarra, Rensy Bajar, Raymond Tiongco), the super-manager (Alfrancis Chua), team managers (Waiyip Chong, Eric Ang), our benefactor (SMC Group-Petron), the superfriends (Jeff Napa, Kerby Raymundo, Pido Jarencio, Erick Arejola) for helping bring this championship about.

Next year, we do this all over again!

11-21-2019, 05:58 PM
Nice words from Tessa Jazmines: https://businessmirror.com.ph/2019/11/21/learnings-from-beda-letran-finals/?fbclid=IwAR36knJbBwemOOLFuFEBoZVCt3jtatxWGKX1Qi5b dKujT3kZKouvSAc744s

11-22-2019, 01:08 PM
Coach Jeff is a welcome addition. He will be of help, particularly in recruitment and in big-man development. https://sports.abs-cbn.com/ncaa/news/2019/11/22/ncaa-jeff-napa-officially-returns-letran-consultant-63622

11-23-2019, 08:56 PM
I thought shifty back-up point guard Olivario would play on till next season. It turns out he's graduating together with Batiller, Balanza, and Balagasay. Like Balanza and Balagasay, he was also part of that NCAA historic championship team under Coach Ayo. What confused me was Tommy York Olivario carried the surname Gedaria at that time. Good luck and more power to you all. You're exiting the proud portals of the Colegio as 2X Champions. You're now Letran basketball legends, as all champion knights are. Hopefully the void left by Batiller and Olivario will be filled up by Brutas and Joshua Ramirez for our back to back campaign.

11-25-2019, 12:59 PM
So this brings to a close another magical run similar to the 2015version. Hindi ko lang alam alin ang mas magandang ending.

S91 was all about Coach Ayos Mayhem. Exciting running fast paced style of bball that ended in OT w only a one possession diff.

S95 was even more nerve wracking starting from the 2 knockout matches up to the final game3 whose winning margins were 5pts vs baste, 4 w lpu, 1, 3 then 2 pts against sanbeda.

Let make it a TIE.

The trophy is back in Intramuros with our 18 banner waving proudly...ARRIBA LETRAN! 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼🎉🎉🎉💥💥🍺🍺🍺.