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09-06-2017, 01:03 PM
UAAP Season 80 preview: UE Red Warriors hopeful for Final Four entry
September 06, 2017
by: Yoyo Sarmenta

Key holdovers: Philip Manalang, Mark Olayon, Alvin Pasaol, Clark Derige
Key addition: Mark Maloles
Key departures: Bonbon Batiller, Edgar Charcos, Paul Varilla, Renz Palma, RR De Leon
Season 79 record: 3-11 (did not enter Final Four)

Coach Derrick Pumaren was standing in the middle of the court inside the University of the East gym in Manila. The man generously known as ?Manong? watched his Red Warriors with earnest as they went through their offensive and defensive sets.
It was a national holiday in the country. There was no school or work. There wasn?t even any traffic. However, the UE Red Warriors were taking no days off as the 80th season of the UAAP drew near. As always, they were huffing and puffing ? running endlessly in their drills as they are a team who?s known to play at a rampant pace.
You can?t really blame them for putting in the extra time and effort. Last season, they had a horrendous record of three wins and 11 losses, tied for last place in the league alongside the UST Growling Tigers. It was the was the worst record since Pumaren took the head coaching job back in Season 77. In his first two years, they were short of one win from entering the Final Four. Last season was an utter failure compared to their previous campaigns.
?It was a really disappointing season for us last year,? says Pumaren. ?We are looking forward for a better performance this coming season and we?re hoping that the guys I?m relying on to deliver will deliver this time.?
One person that Pumaren and the rest of the Warriors will look to lean on is Alvin Pasaol.
?Alvin Pasaol will be in his second year and I expect him to carry [the team],? Pumaren shares. ?He played well last season ? medyo first three, four games, he was still adjusting but this season I expect him to have a full blast right from the start.?
The 6-foot-3 forward is a bruising scorer who has an array of moves getting to the basket. He isn?t a flashy scorer nor is he adept with dribbling moves, but the guy truly knows how to score. In practice, he plays a little bit of everything from bringing the ball up, calling a play, scoring the basketball, and impressively, even getting the offensive rebound when he misses. Pasaol just keeps coming and coming.
And when he does make a mistake, forcing a shot or two now and then, one of the assistant coaches would holler, ?Huwag pilitin!? Pasaol is a versatile scoring machine, but also young and will take time to fully carry the entire Warriors team.
Pasaol will be leading the team alongside Clark Derige, who?s in his final year. Working alongside them are Mark Olayon and point guard Philip Manalang. Pumaren also imparts he will be putting in a 15-man line up for the upcoming season. He initially wanted to field in two more new recruits over the summer but they were deemed ineligible. He?s instead putting in five new players in his roster this season and he?s particularly excited about newcomer Mark Maloles, who?s a shooter coming in after completing his residency requirement last year.
With a few new additions plus key holdovers from last season, Pumaren remains hopeful for the future.
?We?re getting there. I?d be lying if [I say] we are not looking at the Final Four,? Pumaren says confidently. ?We?re not just there for participation. But the objective right now is to better the performance namin last season kasi we disappointed the UE community.?
UE has been a team with certain contradictions. They are consistently a dangerous team that nobody wants to play against and yet it?s been eight years since they last entered the Final Four. Since Pumaren took the helm at UE back in Season 77, they have evolved into a run and gun team that relies on speed on both ends of the floor. They can outrun opponents on any given day, and yet they always seem to run out of steam in the endgame. They seem to always be an earshot away from becoming a playoff team. They are frequently on the cusp of a breakthrough, but unfortunately just keeps falling short.
?We can?t wait for second half [of the season]. That is what happens to us. We make a move when we?re down. We really have to start? sa umpisa,? Pumaren says cautiously. ?Hindi yung ma 0-2 kami or 0-4 then we make our move. And we have to address yung?there?s a cold spell, like may isang quarter nagkakaroon kami ng cold spell. So, we just have to address that. Hopefully we?ll be able to correct that season and that will really give us a big boost in this campaign.?
The UE Red Warriors have constantly been a threat to all the other teams in the UAAP. And now, with a hope and promise of having a competitive season, they are ready to make their move.

Read more: http://sports.tv5.com.ph/basketball/collegehoops/article/uaap-season-80-ue-red-warriors-hopeful-for-final-four-entry#ixzz4rs7tdQe5

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Red Warriors raring to make things right with disappointed UE community
By Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Sep 05, 2017 05:43 PM
HOW’D THEY DO LAST SEASON? 3-11, tied for seventh and eighth

YES, THEY’RE STILL HERE: Philip Manalang, Mark Olayon, Alvin Pasaol


GOOD LUCK ON FUTURE ENDEAVORS: Bonbon Batiller, Edgar Charcos, RR De Leon, Renz Palma, Paul Varilla

A year ago, University of the East had the worst record in the UAAP.

They were tied with University of Sto. Tomas with similar slates, but they were nonetheless at the bottom of the standings.

Head coach Derrick Pumaren was not mincing words about how badly his Red Warriors performed. “It was a really disappointing season for us last year,” he said.

And still, UE is reaching for the stars for the oncoming season. Asked about their goal, “manong” answered, “Of course, I’d be lying if I said we’re not looking at the Final Four. We’re not here just for participation.”

This, even with the departures of once key cogs in Bonbon Batiller and Edgar Charcos as well as the graduation of all of RR De Leon, Renz Palma, and Paul Varilla.

Of course, Pumaren also has a more immediate, more important goal in mind. “Our objective right now is to better the performance namin last season kasi we disappointed the UE community,” he said.

Indeed, the Red Warriors’ 3-11 record was their worse in five years – something that, without a doubt, the red and white faithful were not happy about.

To do just that, “manong” is hoping several of his players return to form. “We are looking forward to a better performance. We are hoping that the guys we should be relying on will deliver this time,” he said.

Those guys now include heady pointman Philip Manalang, versatile forward Mark Olayon, and burly stretch big Alvin Pasaol. “Olayon is gonna be there. Philip Manalang, of course, he will be our main point guard now,” the head coach said.

Of the three, Pumaren has the highest hopes for Pasaol who will be entering his second season. “Alvin Pasaol will be our leader. I expect him to carry us,” he shared,

He then continued, “He played well [in the earlygoing] of last season, but this season, I expect him to be full blast right from the start.”

Another name “manong” mentioned was surprise team captain Clark Derige who busted out two years ago only to disappear last season.

The good news is he’s nothing but ready for the challenge. “Nagtataka nga rin ako kasi off ako last season. ‘Di ko in-expect na ako yung captain, pero sabi ko, binigay sakin ‘to kaya gagawin ko na lang best ko,” he said.

The even better news is the rest of Derige’s teammates are only following suit. “Sa ngayon, maganda yung ginagawa namin. Wala pa rin kaming import kaya double effort kami sa number one namin, yung press,” he said.

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UE Red Warriors season 80 team preview ? Like a bad movie sequel
UE has resisted bringing in a foreign import, but looks set for a few more years at the bottom of the UAAP standings

JR Isaga
Published 8:46 PM, September 02, 2017
Updated 8:46 PM, September 02, 2017

In the UAAP, there are teams that crowds pay good money to watch.

Then there are teams that just don?t draw as well. Until recently, the University of the East (UE) Red Warriors have held that unfortunate distinction. Save for a number of die-hard faithful fans, UE games have often been typified by thousands of empty seats which give the fans? chants a considerable echo boost ? not like it?s something to be proud of.

Even the UAAP Season 80 first round scheduling committee apparently knows this, since they scheduled 4 ofthe first 6 UE games to go on first in the early afternoon.

A forgotten kingdom

Ask the casual UAAP fan today to guess which team has the second-highest number of UAAP basketball championships behind 20-time champs Far Eastern University. They?d be in for quite the surprise when they realize that it is actually UE which ties University of Santo Tomas in second place with 18 titles. This includes 10 titles in a 12-year stretch from 1960 to 1972, which includes a Boston Celtics-like 7-year title streak from 1966 to 1972 mostly due to ?The Living Legend? Robert Jaworski and legendary coach Baby Dalupan.

However, after the 1984-1985 season, the championships have stopped coming home to Sampaloc, Manila. An ongoing 31-year title drought has plagued UE since, which is further marred by several bottom-place finishes, such as last season.

A noble, but lost cause

To this day, UE continues to be a unique team, but not in winning ways that people have expected for decades before. Out of 8 participating teams, UE is the only school which runs an all-Filipino lineup ? repeatedly refusing to bring in foreign ringers.

Their cause has not been met with success, however. Last season, the Red Warriors finished at 3-11, tied with fellow former powerhouse UST. Their only advantage over their Manilenyo brothers was a tiebreaker win, placing them at 7th place and UST dead last.

Although initially predicted to be a Final Four dark horse, the all-Filipino UE squad fell flat on their faces, yielding only one player with a double-digit points average: rising star Alvin Pasaol at 11.0 points per game. As a team, UE shot a horrid 33.9% from the field ? 2% worse than rock-bottomer UST.

As teams all around them are busy recruiting foreign-born studs, UE remains true to their bloodline. Only problem is it?s basically giving them a faster slide down the standings than they would care to admit.

Departures, rookies galore

A student-athlete is first and foremost, a student. Like all others, students have their grades to maintain and take care of ? a fact that star guard Bonbon Batiller failed to imbibe in himself. With veteran coach Derrick Pumaren citing ?academic reasons,? Batiller has since been released from the Red Warriors program and has now transferred to the NCAA?s Arellano University. No amount of on-court scrappiness and explosive scoring could save the stocky guard from facing the consequences of his inaction off-court.

Add that to a long list of departures featuring graduating big man Renz Palma and transferring reserve Edgar Charcos (to the NCAA?s Polytechnic University of the Philippines) and you are left with a UE squad full of rookies led by Pasaol, an incoming sophomore, as the captain.


UE had stormed the UAAP front lines for much of the 60s and 70s. Unfortunately, there is nothing in store yet for them but a few more years to keep the back row warm.

Buckle up, UE fans. ?Bomba UE? is still bound to be a box-office bomb for the foreseeable future. ? Rappler.com

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UAAP Season 80 Preview


09-14-2017, 08:42 PM
Wala na pala si Dindo Pumaren sa UE.

09-18-2017, 03:45 PM
Ano ba nangyayari sa Warriors?

I was expecting a lot more from Pasaol, Derige, Abanto, even Manalang and Varilla, pero parang kung ano sila last year, ganun pa din sila this year.

Tsaka bakit andaming one on one yata? Akala ko ba motion ang gusto ni Coach Derek? May motion ba na karamihan one on one?

Its still early enough in the season, pero mukhang paninindigan na ni Coach Derek kung ano man ginagawa niya ngayon, which has not really worked all that well.

09-19-2017, 09:34 PM
Sana Sir Joe yung unang choice ang kinuha na lang nila (Alas).

09-19-2017, 09:34 PM
Where to, Red Warriors?
By Rick Olivares, contributor (philstar.com) | Updated September 19, 2017 - 12:25pm

MANILA, Philippines ? When you look at the team bus of the University of the East Red Warriors, on both sides are some of the finest players to don not only the red and the white but also go to the professional ranks.

From left to right, there?s Elmer Espiritu, Roi Sumang, Mark Borboran, Hans Thiele, James Yap, Paul Lee, Raffy Reyes, Rudy Lingganay, Rob Labagala and Val Acu?a. Talented, solid and game-changers ? that?s what these players are. However, the one thing they do have in common is they were unable to lead UE, proud UE, back to the Promised Land of an UAAP title.

Unfortunately, it looks like they will once again come away trophy-less? for the 32nd consecutive year. The last title they won was in 1985 with Allan Caidic, Jerry Codinera and Boycie Zamar at the helm. The latter two tried to lead them back to glory but both left, disenchanted. They wanted to serve their alma mater but instead, they got burned by ungrateful players or politics.

And now this season? shake your head here and hold that thought.

Las Sunday, September 17, with 5:47 left to play, and UP leading 74-53, the Red Warriors seemingly threw the white flag. Their best player, Alvin Pasaol, was subbed out for Nick Abanto.

Pasaol never got back in the groove after he was pulled out in the first half on account of two fouls. Previously, they rode his luck and foul trouble and came out lacking in firepower when they needed him the most. Perhaps wanting to manage his fouls, he was kept on ice. And by the time he re-entered in the third period, UP has seized control and Pasaol simply never had any more influence in the game.

Sportshub ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1

When he got yanked for good, he pulled out his shirt didn?t look like one happy camper. Not because he was pulled in my opinion, but even this early the Red Warriors seemingly are going nowhere fast. At 0-3 and the new UAAP season only eight days old, that sinking feeling is fast creeping in. And they have yet to face Adamson, Ateneo and La Salle. They cannot even take UST that despite being 0-2 doesn?t look like a bad team. The potential is there.

Do the Red Warriors lack talent?

Not really. They have it. It is just a young team that has to get old real fast. What that means is that no way should this team be in the dumps if they still had the team they had. Meaning a lot of players transferred. Where is Edgar Charcos ?at Perpetual Help serving his residency? Bon Bon Batillier, who was the first recruit by Derrick Pumaren when he joined UE, is with Letran. Jordan Sta. Ana is making a case for the next King Growling Tiger. Joshua Gonzales is with La Salle. Fran Yu is studying in Thailand. Ralph Penuela is now with San Beda. Gino Jumao-as is somewhere. You can even go as far back in the previous years when Roi Sumang opted out of his last playing year and African players Charles Mammie and Moustapha Arafat were booted out even before they finished out their stint.

Yes, there are reasons, but when you keep losing people left and right especially when you consider that even assistant coaches Dindo Pumaren and Noynoy Falcasantos are gone, what does that say? During the Filoil Flying V Cup last summer, Dindo stood at the far end of the bench instead of the customary seat next to head coach and older brother Derrick Pumaren. Word is they clashed and the split was coming.

I thought that Renz Palma could be UE?s version of Ed Daquioag, a wrecking ball on offense and defense. I thought that Paul Varilla would be really good. But no. Not even in their final years did they improve.

Ironically, brother Franz cleared out Adamson to make way for his Fil-Am recruits. Spring cleaning is in vogue with them.

This UE team was so promising two years ago. They found their voice and style after they rebuilt from the ashes of Zamar?s talented but underachieving team (at least for the UAAP because they won some outside tourneys). Their hellacious defense was fun to watch. Yet theirs was a haphazard way of playing that was half-entertaining and half-maddening.

I thought that the job Manong did was incredible and make no mistake, I am a fan of his. He?s done a great job with La Salle, Jose Rizal University, and initially, UE. The trick about coaching is not to leave the ship in worse shape when you came in.

The four corners of hell defense looks like hell ? a wasteland of turnovers and poor shots.

There?s talent. Mark Maloles is going to be good ? unless he too bails out. Chris Conner will only get better. I think Jason Varilla will amount to something. Clark Derige could be something. Yet like Mark Olayon, it?s confidence and consistency.

This coming Sunday, they?ll face top-ranked Ateneo. It is both good and bad. Good because in the past two preseasons, they defeated the Blue Eagles. The problem is, it was the preseason because come the UAAP, it was UE that got clobbered.

Not a bad sign? Maybe, but at this point, they have nothing to lose but to go out and flat our play.

And maybe next time, the player they add to the side of their team bus, will have led them back to the Promised Land.

09-22-2017, 07:09 AM
May sinabi pa si Coach Derek na not stepping up daw mga veterans niya, after nung game versus UP. Ha? Anong ise-step up nung mga 'yon kung puro one on one at wala naman makasunod sa motion na gusto niya?

09-25-2017, 11:11 AM
Nailapit na sa tatlo pero natambakan pa din sa dulo.

Alvin Pasaol played very well versus the Ateneo, and he tried to get his other guys like Derige, Abanto, and Acuno involved.

Mukhang may problema si Philip Manalang, baka mas ok maging starter si Jules Armenion. Manalang seems to play too deliberate, even for the motion of Coach Pumaren, mas may ouido si Armenion.

Ateneo was not expecting the varied looks on defense they got from the Warriors.

Pero siempre sa basketball kelangan din tutukan ang opensa at iwasan ang turnovers, kahit pa gaano kaganda ang depensa mo. Pasaol gave it all he had, pero nung biglang naging 60-77 dun din naglaho ibang kakampi niya.

Sayang, UE had 29 points in the third period, then it was Ateneo's turn to tighten up on defense, allowing only 13 UE points in the payoff fourth period.

10-03-2017, 09:41 AM
Hanggang kelan ba kontrata ni Manong Derrek?

10-05-2017, 08:03 AM
Alvin Pasaol, official alamat na din.

10-06-2017, 02:35 PM
Five years yata boss, may 2 years pa pero may clause naman yun tulad kay Coach Jerry. Hayop talaga si Pasaol, may future =)

10-14-2017, 09:33 PM
Mark Olayon da best!

10-23-2017, 09:33 AM
Alvin Pasaol da best pa din! 32 points, 13 rebounds versus State U.

11-21-2017, 11:50 PM
Thank you Manong Derrick =)

11-22-2017, 08:45 AM
SOURCES: Derrick Pumaren resigns from UE
Matthew Li

A new dawn is set begin for the University of the East

Derrick Pumaren has resigned from his post as UE Red Warriors head coach multiple sources have confirmed to Tiebreaker Times.

Pumaren, a UE alumnus, was tapped by his alma mater back in April of 2014, taking over from Boysie Zamar.

In his four-year stay, he compiled a 21-35 record, never making it to the Final Four.

His best finish came during his first season with UE, finishing with a 9-5 record. The Red Warriors though fell to eventual champions NU Bulldogs in a knockout game for fourth.

His departure though will leave a lingering for the UE faithful in the upcoming days. According to another source closely monitoring the situation, Alvin Pasaol is pondering on leaving

UE as well, having developed a son-father relationship with Pumaren. The 21-year-old still has two years of eligibility remaining and is planning to throw his name in the D-League draft.

11-22-2017, 10:48 AM
Derrick Pumaren steps down as UE coach

By: Randolph B. Leongson - Reporter / @RLeongsonINQINQUIRER.net / 09:00 AM November 22, 2017

Derrick Pumaren stepped down as the head coach for University of the East.

Sources close to the situation bared that the amiable bench tactician resigned from his post on Tuesday, ending his four-year tenure at the helm for the Red Warriors.

Pumaren, who is affectionately called "Manong" by his peers and players alike, amassed a 21-35 record for UE since taking over from Boycie Zamar in UAAP Season 77.

In his first year for the Red Warriors, he steered the Roi Sumang-led squad to a 9-5 slate but fell to NU in a fourth place playoff.

The team has not seen the Final Four in the following seasons, but UE did get a share of the limelight this UAAP Season 80.

Despite the team racking up a 3-11 record to once again finish at seventh place, the Red Warriors still made waves largely thanks to the offensive outbursts of Alvin Pasaol, who once posted 49 points in a loss against La Salle in the first round.

It also seemed that Pumaren discovered the fountain of youth as seen in his trendy attires through the course of this last campaign.

Pumaren had earlier hinted the possibility of leaving the Red Warriors after their last game against UST.

"I don’t know (if I'll come back), really. I still have to see what's the direction of the UE management for next season and I have to think about that," he said.

11-23-2017, 08:55 AM
Disgruntled Pumaren ends ‘love affair’ with Warriors
November 23, 2017 | Filed under: Sports | Posted by: Tempo Online
By Jerome Lagunzad

Another UAAP school is in search for a new men’s basketball coach.

A day after Rodil “Boy” Sablan stepped down as University of Santo Tomas’ tactician, veteran mentor Derrick Pumaren has reportedly raised his hands, ending a four-year affair with University of the East – his Alma Mater.

The Red Warriors failed to reach the Final Four round under the tutelage of Pumaren, who amassed a win-loss record of 21-35 since he took over the coaching post from former UE standout Boycie Zamar in 2014.

Pumaren was a member of the UE team that won back-to-back championships in 1978 and 1979.

Former UE great Allan Caidic, who steered the Red Warriors to back-to-back championships in 1984-85, looms as one of the early candidates for the coaching vacancy.

Tempo-Manila Bulletin tried to reach Pumaren through calls and text yesterday to confirm the report circulating online, but no response has been made as of press time.

While Pumaren has kept mum at the moment, he already made it clear to UE team management that he needs stronger support in terms of ramping up its recruitment program that includes hiring of African imports, a familiar trend in the UAAP men’s basketball tourney for the past few years.

Since then, UE team management refused to field an import and instead tried to go all in with an all-Filipino crew that proved no match against their rivals boosted by touted reinforcements.

“I am still thinking if I’m going to renew for next year, depende sa direction ng team,” said Pumaren after UE suffered an 88-85 setback to erstwhile winless UST at the close of its UAAP Season 80 campaign last Nov. 12.

“As I’ve said before, I need horses, I need players too. Sometimes I envy other teams. Like, UST has got an import, UP has got an import. Kami kahit isa, wala. It’s so hard to get a 6-7, 6-8 Filipino now, ‘di ba? Saan kami hahanap?

Unless we go as Fil-Am, but the budget is still (not enough). That’s still another story.”

11-23-2017, 03:32 PM
^ Teka muna, eh hindi ba kayo ni Dindo ang nakaisip na tanggalin si Bertrand Awana about two and a half years ago?

Tapos na residency ni Awana, ready to play na siya sa UAAP, and he was all of 17 going on 18 with a lot of upside, ano ginawa niyong mag-kuya, hindi ba tinanggal niyo?

Kesyo walang disiplina, ayaw sumunod sa inyo, mahina naman pala, etc etc.

Nilamon nga niyan si Ikeh sa Fr Martin eh, and Ikeh is easily three years older. By now Awana would probably have become at least as good as Akomo of UST.

Tapos ngayong paalis ka bigla mo sasabihin gusto mo pala na may import sana ang UE?

11-23-2017, 04:56 PM
Yun nga Sir Joe tapos nag away pa sila kaya nawala si dindo this season, eto na si Awana ngayon;


May hearing na kayo sa mga candidates para head coach?

11-24-2017, 09:15 AM
^ Si Triggerman daw gusto ng UE Admin. Kung ako naman si Allan Caidic papayag lang ako kung ikukuha ako ng matinding import at suportahan ako sa nationwide recruitment.

11-25-2017, 09:53 AM
By Jerome Lagunzad

Over at University of the East, former Tanduay assistant coach Mac Tan has also cropped up as a potential replacement of veteran mentor Derrick Pumaren.

Tan, who once suited up for Hapee Toothpaste in the defunct PBL and is set to call the shots for Tanduay in the upcoming Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League, has joined former UE great Allan Caidic as top candidates for the coveted position.

Pumaren, who apparently could not get what he wanted from UE team management in terms of strengthening its recruitment program, is getting feelers from reigning UCBL titlist Centro Escolar University.

12-04-2017, 10:36 PM
Alvin Pasaol, official alamat na din.speaking of alamat, Zamar?s name has cropped up for the coaching vacancy

12-15-2017, 10:17 AM
speaking of alamat, Zamar?s name has cropped up for the coaching vacancy

sir, may iba pa ba na pangalan na lumabas? napiratahan nanaman kami ng player sa men's volleyball medyo naging habit na =)

12-21-2017, 05:24 PM
Koy Banal throws hat in UE coaching sweepstakes
By: Randolph B. Leongson - Reporter / @RLeongsonINQINQUIRER.net / 03:43 PM December 21, 2017

Failing to make it to the UAAP Final Four for the eighth straight year, University of the East may just need a divine intervention moving forward.

And one name immediately comes to mind.
Koy Banal has bared his intentions to take the mantle for the Red Warriors as he hopes to be the successor to the post left by coach Derrick Pumaren.

“Yes, I’ve submitted my application,” he shared as he seeks to land the job and start the rebuild in preparation for UAAP Season 81.
Banal is no stranger to the collegiate scene, coaching Far Eastern University from 2000 to 2004 where he won a pair of titles with Arwind Santos leading the charge for the Tamaraws.
He also steered the San Beda Red Lions to the NCAA Season 82 championship in 2006 with Nigerian center Sam Ekwe leading the way, before steering the wheel for the Arellano Chiefs from 2011 to 2013.
Banal also took his act to the PBA when he served as the head coach for the Phoenix Fuel Masters from 2014 to 2016.
He is currently the head coach for Marinerong Pilipino in the PBA D-League, where he is assisted by his brother and fellow multi-titled mentor Joel Banal.
“UE is on a 31-year title drought. I’ve done it with San Beda after a 28-year drought. Coach Joel broke the 14-year drought for Ateneo [and he] will be my consultant if we’ll be given the chance,” said Banal. “We know what to do and how to do it.”
Though UE has yet to issue a statement on to what direction it wants the Red Warriors to go, Banal already has an inside track for the job as he is set to handle super scorer Alvin Pasaol with the Skippers this upcoming 2018 PBA D-League Aspirants’ Cup.
UE finished UAAP Season 80 at seventh place with a 3-11 record, which ultimately led to Pumaren’s ouster from the post.

01-09-2018, 10:11 AM
Wala pa rin kami Kots?

01-14-2018, 02:50 PM
Who will coach UE Red Warriors?
January 14, 2018 | Filed under: Featured,Sports | Posted by: Tempo Online
By Jerome Lagunzad

Is another pro league great set to take over the reins of University of the East men’s basketball team?

One-time PBA MVP Johnny Abarrientos is being floated as one of the top candidates to land the vacant Red Warriors job after veteran mentor Derrick Pumaren stepped down at the close of another failed UAAP campaign last November.

Abarrientos, 47, who immediately plunged into coaching scene after ending his decorated PBA career in 2010, is being groomed as a possible successor for the UE post which has remained vacant with less than eight months left before UAAP Season 81.

Abarrientos’ fellow pro league icon Allan Caidic, a former Red Warriors star, has expressed his desire to handle the squad while veteran mentor Koy Banal has already threw his hat for a possible collegiate coaching comeback.

Sought for confirmation by Tempo-Bulletin yesterday, Abarrientos, 47, admitted that UE and other schools, including Emilio Aguinaldo College, have already broached the idea of him taking over the respective basketball program.

But it’s highly unlikely – at the moment – that he’ll be able to part ways with FEU, which he led to back-to-back UAAP titles in 1991 to 1992 before taking the pro league by storm as a crafty playmaker.

“Marami na rin talagang nag-aalok na sa akin kung ready na ako mag-coach full-time. Kaso sa totoo lang, busy rin talaga ako kaya baka hindi ko pa matutukan talaga,” said the proud Naga City native commonly known as “The Flying A” in a phone interview.

While he said that he still enjoys current role at the Tamaraws’ camp as a consultant on all of its basketball teams, including the women’s and juniors’, Abarrientos added that he’s also determined to give back to the institution which has given him the biggest break of his life.

“Malaki rin naman ang naitulong talaga sa akin ng FEU. Kung hindi naman dahil sa kanila, hindi naman ako makikilala sa mundo ng basketball. Kaya hanggat makakatulong ako, gagawin para makabawi naman sa kabutihan nila,” he said.

Currently serving as an assistant to Chito Victolero at Magnolia Hotshots in the pros, Abarrientos admitted he won’t be closing his doors for a possible coaching stint in the future.

“In the right time lang,” he said. “Ayaw ko naman magsalita ng tapos na hindi na ako hahawak ng ibang team. Love natin ‘yung basketball at ‘yan ang buhay natin.”

01-19-2018, 09:51 AM
Three UAAP schools chase Ilonggo hotshot
Sports January 19, 2018January 19, 2018
Elyrose S. Naorbe

FOLLOWING his impressive performances in local tournaments, Hua Siong College of Iloilo (HSCI) star player Mark Nonoy caught the attention of three Manila schools and offered him to play for their team.

Nonoy, who was part of the Mythical 5 team of the Dinagyang Mayor’s Cup, is set to play for the University of the East (UE) Junior Warriors for the upcoming University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) juniors’ basketball.

Aside from UE, Far Eastern University (FEU) and Adamson University (AU) also expressed their intention to get the services of Nonoy.

Nonoy’s coach, Vincent Conlu of Hua Siong, confirmed his transfer to UE, which was coached by his brother Bong Conlu.

According to Conlu, Nonoy will play for the UE Juniors for one year then determine his development after the competition.

The former Palarong Pambansa player is expected to banner Hua Siong College of Iloilo in the 2018 Western Visayas Regional Athletic Association (WVRAA) Meet and, hopefully, return to the Palaro scene.

Both Conlu and Nonoy left Iloilo on Tuesday after they received the invitation from the University of Santo Tomas Growling Tigers to join their practice games.

Meanwhile, Nonoy told The Daily Guardian that he trusts his coach to decide on his career path.

“I will finish all my games under Coach Bing before I will decide for my future. I trust him that he will manage my career until the end,” he added.

01-19-2018, 09:51 AM
UE’s Nonoy impresses UST’s Ayo

January 18, 2018

MANILA – His shooting prowess impressed University of Santo Tomas Growling Tigers head coach Aldin Ayo.

Hua Siong College of Iloilo star Mark Nonoy, on Day 1 of his invitational training at UST on Tuesday, drained three 3-point baskets in a race-to-12 points scrimmage.

“Nonoy is an athletic player,” Ayo said of the La Carlota City, Negros Occidental native. “He is fast, a pure shooter and a good point guard defender. And [at] 5’9″, he can jump higher and can also dunk easily.”

Hua Siong basketball head coach Vincent Conlu said UST appeared very much interested in securing Nonoy.

“I think they really want him (Nonoy),” Conlu told Panay News. “We had a meeting (with Ayo and his coaching staff) after the practice, and it was very positive. They have a lot of good offers.”

“But we intend to study all our options. We intend to commit to a college maybe by the end of 2018,” he added. “For now, we want him to focus with (University of the East Junior Warriors).”

Conlu said they will attend the invitational training until Friday as the Tigers coaching staff wanted to evaluate Nonoy’s play further.

In the recent Dinagyang Mayor’s Cup, Nonoy posted 41 points as Hua Siong defeated Bacolod Tay Tung High School Thunderbolts 105-93 to take the title./PN


02-08-2018, 09:15 AM
Goldwin Monteverde has inside track on vacant UE Warriors coaching job
From: Reuben Terrado
February 7, 2018, 09:37 pm

GOLDWIN Monteverde is in the running for the vacant coaching position at University of the East.

Sources told SPIN.ph UE is interested in hiring the concurrent head coach National University and Chiang Kai Shek College high school teams due to his impressive track record.

Monteverde led CKSC to numerous titles in the Fil-Chinese high school basketball leagues as well as to the NBTC national finals. Recently, Monteverde also led the Blue Dragons in the Metro Manila Basketball League where the team gained a slot in the NBTC national tournament.

However, any transfer will have to be made after the UAAP juniors season since Monteverde and the NU Bullpups are in the middle of their campaign.

Also being mentioned in the vacant UE coaching position are PBA legends and UE greats Allan Caidic and Jerry Codinera, who led the Red Warriors to their last UAAP title in 1985, and former PBA coach Koy Banal.

The Red Warriors, who has not reached the Final Four since 2009, were left without a head coach after Derrick Pumaren was relieved of his position at the end of the last season.

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Read more at http://www.spin.ph/basketball/uaap/news/goldwin-monteverde-eyed-by-ue-red-warriors-sources-nu-chiang-kai-shek#Jc2iJZhwrVzdKCBg.99

02-16-2018, 09:26 PM
Goldwin Monteverde to have full control of UE basketball program
February 16, 2018By Matthew Li

The University of the East basketball program has been struggling for the better part of the 2000s.

In the men’s division, the Red Warriors last made the Final Four back in 2009. Under Derrick Pumaren’s watch, UE never made the Final Four, compiling a 21-35 record.

Same could not be said about the Junior Warriors.

After winning the UAAP Championship back in Season 64, the Juniors Basketball Team of UE has not made the Final Four. Their best finish during the last 16 years was two fifth place finishes back in Seasons 70 and 72. During the 80th Season of the UAAP, they finished dead last with a 2-12 record.

That is why team manager Bong Tan, son of school owner Lucio Tan, personally talked to decorated High School head coach Goldwin Monteverde to take over the program.

“Siya mismo nakipag-usap kay Goldwin,” said a school official who asked not to be named.

“Confident kami na maiaangat niya yung basketball program namin.”

With this, Monteverde will have to leave Nazarene School of National University after just one season. Tiebreaker Times’ sources added that he will bring his staff to UE. The Bullpups are currently waiting for their semifinals opponent in the UAAP Season 80 Juniors Basketball stepladder.

Moreover, recruiting players will not be a problem for UE as Monteverde is still in charge of high school powerhouse Chiang Kai Shek College and still has his pool of student-athletes from the Adamson Baby Falcons back in the 78th season of the UAAP.

02-18-2018, 12:31 AM
Bullpups operations head Edster Sy says coach Goldwin Monteverde staying with NU
From: Reuben TerradoFebruary 17, 2018, 06:05 pm

Bullpups operations head Edster Sy says coach Goldwin Monteverde staying with NU

Goldwyn Monteverde has denied reports he is moving to UE, according to NU official Edster Sy.
NATIONAL University Bullpups operations head Edster Sy said coach Goldwin Monteverde is staying with the squad amid reports he has been appointed coach of the University of the East Warriors.

Sy told Spin.ph said Monteverde denied reports he is moving to UE and reaffirmed his commitment to the team.

“We met Thursday evening. Friday, we had NU Bullpups team lunch. Kasama namin Goldwin and he denies the said stories that are coming out,” said Sy.

Sy also said Monteverde committed to the three-year program that began when he accepted the role as NU head coach last season.

Sy added Monteverde already has an eight-year partnership with the current management team of NU which was also responsible for the title runs of Chiang Kai Shek College in the NBTC and Fil-Chinese leagues.

The reports came as NU is in deep preparations for its postseason as the Bullpups will face University of Sto. Tomas for the right to face Ateneo in the UAAP Season 80 finals.

NU will have a twice-to-beat advantage in the said series against UST.

“We are preparing for our playoff run. Wag naman magkaroon ng ganitong issues now,” said Sy.

03-17-2018, 03:46 PM
Mga guru, wala ba kayo balita sa coach namin?

03-21-2018, 11:15 PM
Goldwin Monteverde staying with Bullpups; UE still without a coach

Goldwin Monteverde will not be UE's next head coach

Coming from a loss in the UAAP Juniors Finals to Ateneo de Manila High School, Nazareth School of National University will be back next season bigger, brighter, and better than ever.

While Michael Malonzo, Robert Minerva, and Migs Oczon will be graduating, the Bullpups will be welcoming with open arms 23 for ’23 Gilas cadet Carl Tamayo, heady guard Gerry Abadiano, and mobile big Kevin Quiambao.

Add to that battle-tested returnees in versatile wing Rhayyan Amsali and scoring dynamo Terrence Fortea.

More importantly, however, the boys from Sampaloc will still have the head coach who made it all happen.

Asked if he’s staying on with NU Juniors, Goldwin Monteverde answered, “Yes.”

He then continued, “Mag-stay ako rito kasi may commitment ako rito. Kailangang tapusin kasi mahirap naman yung biglang aalis.”

This is the first time the so-called master recruiter spoke about his job status with the Bullpups.

A month ago, reports broke out that Monteverde was leaving and heading to University of the East.

The development, and later clarification, was first reported by Reuben Terrado of spin.ph.

With this categorical statement, however, the NU faithful can rest assured that their high school program remains in good hands.

Monteverde made his name in the high school ranks, leading Chiang Kai Shek to multiple titles as well Adamson High School and NU to contention.

Along with his on-court results, he also has an impressive track record in terms of player recruitment and development with the likes of Gerry Abadiano,
John Galinato, Migs Oczon, Encho Serrano, Carl Tamayo, and Jonas Tibayan having blossomed under his tutelage.

Meanwhile, the development also means that the Red Warriors are still without a head coach.

UE has been searching for a new head coach after former mentor Derrick Pumaren handed in his resignation late last year

03-21-2018, 11:18 PM
Si Sir Rod Roque na lang din daw caoch ng UE MBT.

03-23-2018, 05:02 PM
Former KIA coach Chris Gavina weighing offer to coach UE Red Warriors
From: Reuben Terrado
March 23, 2018, 03:43 pm

CHRIS Gavina on Friday confirmed reports that he was offered the University of the East coaching job, saying he will wait until the end of the Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League (MPBL) campaign before deciding on whether to accept the offer or not.

The former KIA head coach said he got a call from a UE representative last week offering the Red Warriors job, which has remained vacant four months since the resignation of Derick Pumaren and only a month before the preseason tournaments get underway.

Gavina is currently the head coach of the Valenzuela Classic in the MPBL Anta-Rajah Cup.

“I’ve had a conversation with a UE representative over the phone and the position was explained to me that it is open and that they are considering me,” said Gavina in an interview with reporters after the NBTC Division 1 All-Star Game.

“It’s an honor to be included in their shortlist of coaches,” he said.

Koy Banal and Goldwin Monteverde were reportedly also being considered by UE, but Monteverde, according to sources, has already declined the offer and decided to stay with the National University juniors basketball team.

“They said I’m high on their list just for me to consider being able to take it,” said Gavina.

Gavina said he is open to accepting the UE offer.

”The details of the position haven’t exactly been hashed out in regards to am I going to take it or not. It was presented. Am I going to take it? The opportunity is there so I’m never going to just not be open to see my options.

“I’m all about winning. I feel that as if it's an opportunity for me to turn the program and culture around like what happened with Team Valenzuela in the MPBL. Coaching is all about being able to make an impact on young players’ lives. If I get the opportunity, I’ll definitely consider,” said Gavina.

Gavina said he will weigh the offer during the Holy Week and will decide after the MPBL Anta-Rajah Cup.

Currently, the Valenzuela Classic are locked in a quarterfinal series against the Paranaque Patriots where they have a 1-0 lead in the best-of-three campaign.

“My concentration right now is our next game tomorrow to close out and move to the semifinals. I will be able to think about it in the Holy Week hopefully,” said Gavina.

03-26-2018, 04:08 PM
Chris Gavina is well-connected in the East Coast. Siguro kung napaaga siyang dumating baka may good shot kayo at landing any of the Lane bros na, supposedly, nasa La Salle na

04-15-2018, 01:01 PM
Sir bchoter. may balita na ba kayo sa coach namin? Hindi naman yata si Gavina.

04-15-2018, 04:51 PM
Si Melvin Reyes ang nakalagay sa sinubmit na line up ng UE sa Fil-Oil. Not quite sure if siya na nga ba

04-16-2018, 01:28 AM
Si Melvin Reyes ang nakalagay sa sinubmit na line up ng UE sa Fil-Oil. Not quite sure if siya na nga ba

Okay, thank you sir =)

04-26-2018, 05:35 PM
SOURCES: Joe Silva to be named as Red Warriors head coach
Published 23 mins ago on April 26, 2018By Matthew Li

University of the East’s search for a new coach for its Men’s Basketball Team has finally ended.

According to multiple sources closely monitoring the situation, former Ateneo Blue Eaglets head coach Joe Silva is set to be named as the chief tactician of the Red Warriors for the upcoming UAAP Season 81 Men’s Basketball tournament.

“Yes, he has already said his farewell to Ateneo,” one of Tiebreaker Times’ sources said.

After steering the Blue Eaglets to the UAAP Season 80 Juniors Basketball crown, Silva submitted his resignation from the team. He was then tasked to join Baldwin’s staff in the Men’s Team.

In a direct message to Tiebreaker Times however, Silva said that he has yet to say yes to UE.

Silva took over the Blue Eaglets seven seasons ago in the wake of Jamike Jarin’s promotion to coach the San Beda Red Lions. In his seven-year stay, he collected a 77-20 record while steering Ateneo High School to two championships.

The youthful strategist though will have a tough task rebuilding a Red Warriors squad.

During the last four years, the Red Warriors have struggled in the UAAP’s men’s basketball division, compiling a record of 21-35.

To east the transition, Silva will have former UE Red Warrior Paul Artadi and La Salle Green Hills assistant coach Anton Brodett.

Prior to this, Goldwin Monteverde, Chris Gavina, Koy Banal, Johnny Abarrientos, and Allan Caidic were all linked to the post.


04-26-2018, 10:14 PM

04-28-2018, 10:38 PM
Getting champion coach Joe Silva just the first step in rebuild of UE basketball
By Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Apr 28, 2018 07:31 PM

After a number of false starts, University of the East finally has a new head coach all ready and all set to go.

According to several sources, the Red Warriors will be announcing the appointment of two-time UAAP Juniors
champion Joe Silva as new head coach next week. This, confirming the report first broken by Matthew Li of
Tiebreaker Times.

Silva’s hiring will, at long last, put an end to the Recto-based squad’s long, long search for a replacement for
former mentor Derrick Pumaren who resigned late last year. He registered a record of 21-35 in his four years
at the helm for his alma mater.

Asked for comment, Silva responded, “We’re in talks, but nothing is sure yet.”

As per sources, though, UE is already certain to go all-in on a young coach coming off a UAAP Juniors
championship with Ateneo de Manila High School in Season 80. Following that championship, he stepped
down from his position in late March. In all, Silva won two championships for the Blue Eaglets, both
near-season sweeps, and had a 77-20
overall record.

During all that, he had a hand in the development of the likes of Thirdy Ravena, Nieto twins Matt and Mike,
SJ Belangel, Dave Ildefonso, and Kai Sotto. Now, Silva takes the next step in his career as tactician in college
basketball. The good news for him is that both Alvin Pasaol and Philip Manalang will still be wearing red and
white for at least one more season. Both are also already back in training after stints in the PBA D-League.

Still, sources said that Silva, along with team patron Bong Tan and team manager Lawrence Chongson,
remain on the lookout for more talent – possibly even taking in a foreign student-athlete. Along with being UE Seniors head coach, sources also said that Silva will be a consultant for the Junior Warriors
who have been languishing at the bottom of the standings for almost a decade now.

Apparently, both the school and its newly-hired mentor are nothing eager for a culture change for UE’s Seniors and Juniors
basketball programs.


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04-30-2018, 08:59 AM
Joe Silva to coach UE Red Warriors?
By Rick Olivares - April 29, 201

WHEN Derrick Pumaren vacated the University of the East (UE) Red Warriors’ head coaching position, there were a couple of names that were floated around with former King Warrior Allan Caidic looking to be the most probable candidate.

Other names in the mix included another former Red Warrior Paul Artadi, Koy Banal, Chris Gavina and Charles Tiu to name but a few. Then right before the start of the Filoil Flying V Preseason Cup, UE submitted its lineup with Melvin Reyes listed as the coach. While we heard he was the interim coach, we were surprised that a few days ago, former Ateneo Blue Eaglets coach, Joe Silva, who has two University Athletic Association of the Philippines juniors championships under his name, was said to be a prime candidate for the position.

In fact, word is—he is the coach in waiting—unless UE management has a change of heart.

Owing to our friendship with Silva, we asked him straight up and he said he was thinking about it. However, sources from Ateneo say that he already bade his farewell, while several UE players confirmed that internal sources informed them of Silva’s appointment. In my opinion, the official announcement will come in a few days as Silva is with the Blue Eaglets in Hong Kong as part of their reward for bagging the Season 80 Juniors title.

If this is so, it is a massive step up for Silva. While some might lament that he has not coached in the college level, then he has soaked in some experience working on the staff of Tab Baldwin and previously, with Bo Perasol. He has also apprenticed to current National University Head Coach Jamike Jarin back in Ateneo, where they won a smattering of titles.

We have also heard that Artadi will join him on the coaching staff so there will be a “Red Warrior” in the family as Silva suited up for the Blue Eaglets during his playing years Ateneo.

It will be a task and a half to bring the Red Warriors back to where it was. The last time they won was when Caidic and Jerry Codiñera were both in uniform. And that was 33 years ago. Silva knows what it is like. When he inherited the Ateneo Blue Eaglets, they lost players like Kiefer Ravena, Von Pessumal, Paolo Romero and Jay Javelosa. It took him three years to build a winner. So he knows what it’s all about.

But UE isn’t Ateneo. There’s the rub. But who knows? Maybe, the school will finally get its act together and throw support the new coach’s way?

Let’s backtrack some. Time was, the head coach had to come up from the ranks; a former player who represented the school, if you will. Many schools have bucked that trend, some even dating back to the 1990s. Ateneo—believe it or not—even had former Green Archer Perry Ronquillo coaching them at one point. Ditto with Joe Lipa, Norman Black, Bo Perasol and now Tab Baldwin who all never went to school in Loyola Heights. La Salle’s last two head coaches in Aldin Ayo and Louie Gonzales didn’t even suit up for the green and white. Far Eastern University’s last two coaches played for the blue and white and we’re referring to siblings, Nash and Olsen Racela. National University has a former Red Cub in Jarin. Adamson University has a Green Archer in Franz Pumaren. University of Santo Tomas has Ayo. Only University of the Philippines has that homegrown coach in Perasol.

If you look at the San Beda Red Lions, Boyet Fernandez didn’t even play in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Lyceum’s Topex Robinson made a name for himself with San Sebastian. Letran has a former Bulldog in charge in Jeff Napa. Perpetual Help has a former Red Lion in Frankie Lim. Arellano University has a UE alum in Jerry Codinera. The only homegrown coach is San Sebastian’s Edgar Macaraya.

So, if Silva is it then it’s fine. Besides, Lawrence Chongson who steered UE for a few years didn’t even play for the red and white.

The onus, however, is not only on Silva, but also UE. The school has to get its act together. I find it laughable that they didn’t line up an African player in the last three seasons. Why not? And we’ve seen the departure of many key players who should be suiting up now and by their very presence, make UE a better team. Maybe not championship caliber, but a competitive one.

Silva might not have the pedigree of the others who were considered for the position but here’s something to consider…the folks who turned UE into a power decades ago…well, they also came from Ateneo. Baby Dalupan not only played for the Blue Eagles, but he also captained the team. Plus, he won an NCAA football championship too wearing the blue and white.

Sure, it’s a different time. And maybe Baby—hey, that’s a line from a Buddy Holly song—was the son of UE’s owner, the late Francisco Dalupan, so he had all the support. All I’ll say is, this will be very interesting to follow.

Now they have to be patient because the new coach is hitting the ground running. He will inherit a team that is a mess or not—depending on where you stand. And you really have to wonder what resources were previously committed to the team. They have to give this a shot. Or else, in a few years’ time, they’ll be rebuilding again and the drought…well…will continue.

04-30-2018, 09:00 AM
Silva set to take over as UE coach

Nothing is cast in stone yet, but two-time UAAP juniors champion coach Joe Silva is bent on taking his act to the seniors level by way of University of the East.
Silva yesterday said that he’s already ironing out the final details of his impending coaching gig with Red Warriors, who have been left out in the cold following the exit of veteran mentor Derrick Pumaren last December.

“The final talks will be made next week. But most probably (I) will take the job,” he said in an text message straight from Hong Kong where he’s spending a much-deserved break after steering the Ateneo Blue Eaglets back to the juniors cage throne last month.

Silva added that he’s bound to sit down with Ateneo officials within the week to formally tender his resignation.

The development should be a welcome one for the Red Warriors, who have been spending their recent practices under the tutelage of interim coach Melvin Reyes. (Jerome Lagunzad)

05-02-2018, 04:42 PM
Silva appointed UE head coach6
Rick Olivares (philstar.com) - May 2, 2018 - 12:16pm

MANILA, Philippines – Joe Silva, who steered the Ateneo Blue Eaglets to two UAAP Juniors championships, is now at the coaching helm of the University of the East Red Warriors.

Silva sat behind UE’s bench in the first half during their match against the Emilio Aguinaldo College Generals. The Red Warriors won, 73-59, behind Alvin Pasaol’s 31 points and 13 rebounds. In the second half of play, Silva now sat on the UE bench, albeit at the far end as interim coach Melvin Reyes handled the squad.

According to UE sources, Reyes will handle the Red Warriors for the duration of the Filoil Flying V Preseason Cup, but Silva will start taking care of practices beginning Thursday, May 3.

“My first day (Tuesday), was like the first day of school,” admitted Silva, who wore red for the match but not with any UE markings. “This was my only red shirt but next game (against Ateneo, ironically, this Friday), I will wear a shirt with ‘UE’ on it.”

“It wasn’t an easy decision,” added Silva. “After I resigned from the Blue Eaglets, I was leaning towards putting up my own business then this offer came. It wasn’t easy because I have been in Ateneo all my life. This means adjusting to a different culture, a different atmosphere. But it is a challenge. And UE has a good team. They areone import away from making the Final Four. That is how I see this team.”

Paul Artadi, who sat on the Red Warriors’ bench, will be joining Silva on the coaching staff.

“We have yet to fill out the rest of the staff,” said Silva. “I will have to sit down with management to discuss that and our next moves.”

“This is a terrific opportunity and I am happy to have accepted it,” concluded Silva.

Of the UE Red Warriors team, the newcomers are Ric Gallardo, who transferred from the Perpetual Help Altas giving the team another front court player, and rookie point guard Paul Manalang from the National University Bullpups where he joins older brother Philip, who is now a senior on the team.