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Sam Miguel
06-20-2013, 08:36 AM
Arellano looks to continue strong preseason play

By Mark Giongco


7:16 am | Thursday, June 20th, 2013

MANILA, Philippines—Arellano University (AU) Chiefs coach Koy Banal hopes his team’s solid performance in the preseason would carry over to the NCAA Season 89.

The Chiefs emerged as one of this year’s teams to watch out for after turning heads in the recently concluded Filoil Flying V Premier Cup tournament. But one thing’s for sure, the competition stiffens come NCAA.

“We keep on reminding them that it’s one thing to achieve a quarterfinals appearance in the preseason but the other thing is it’s an entirely different story in the NCAA,” Banal told INQUIRER.net

Arellano finished just eighth out of the 10-team field last season but after an impressive preseason showing—highlighted by a morale-boosting win over three-time NCAA champion San Beda—the Chiefs proved they’re no longer pushovers this time around.

Banal had said that his team’s rise will pave the way for other squads to be at their best against them.

And true enough, the Chiefs have gained their rivals’ respect.

“If you look at this way, I think every team in the NCAA have improved from the no.10 to the no.1. If you look at the Filoil situation, AU (Arellano) finished better than us in the eliminations so I think AU is good,” said San Beda coach Boyet Fernandez, who thinks that Arellano will be a big threat to the Red Lions’ ‘four-peat’ bid.

The main reason for Arellano’s sudden resurgence has been the prodigious play of its point guard John Pinto.

Pinto, whose array of moves and knack in hitting big shots make him a tough cover, is widely considered as one of the best guards in the league today.

“He is our go-to guy and our leader,” Banal said in a brief but precise description of his 22-year-old playmaker.

But it’s not just a one-man show for Arellano with Fil-Canadian James Forrester and undersized center Prince Caperal, who can also pose problems for opposing teams.

Pinto, Forrester, who is still nursing a knee injury, and Caperal, whom Banal referred to as his own version of a ‘Big Three’, provide the Chiefs ample firepower to win games but Banal is fully aware that banking on three players alone can only take a team so far.

“I keep reminding my players that we cannot rely on just one player. The system we’re running involves all the players, hindi lang Pinto, Caperal and Forrester. Anytime, your number will be called. Hopefully our bench will be able to contribute,” concerned Banal, who expects his team to be in the Final Four this season after a disappointing 6-12 record in its previous stint.

Another worry for Banal is his team’s lack of size upfront to matchup with big teams such as San Beda, which boasts a pair of six-foot-four forwards in the Semerad twins Anthony and David, a six-foot-six in Kyle Pascual and a six-foot-eight Nigerian Ola Adeogun.

“We don’t really have a legit big guy. We’re desperately in need of a big man in the preseason but we’re not able to land one,” said Banal. “But we will just have to live up with what he have and try to be ready for whoever. With regards to San Beda, they still have Ola and Pascual, legit big guys, kami wala kaming ganung luxury.”

The Chiefs did beat the Red Lions, 67-66, in the Filoil but Banal said his team failed to make a statement with just a one-point win and instead attributed the victory to luck.

Whether it’s luck or not, it still sent a clear message. “Arellano is a team to beat,” said Fernandez.

Sam Miguel
06-20-2013, 08:39 AM
^^^ How the heck is Prince Caperal undersized at 6-foot-6?

As usual this reporter couldn't even get his players straight. I'm sure he must be referring to incoming sophomore center-forward Julius Cadavis, who is probably 6-foot-3 in his sneakers.

And what's become of Dioncee Holts and Adam Serjue, are they both gone?

06-22-2013, 12:35 AM
^^^ How the heck is Prince Caperal undersized at 6-foot-6?

As usual this reporter couldn't even get his players straight. I'm sure he must be referring to incoming sophomore center-forward Julius Cadavis, who is probably 6-foot-3 in his sneakers.

And what's become of Dioncee Holts and Adam Serjue, are they both gone?

not sure kung legit but here's a link -> https://www.facebook.com/notes/ncaaorgph/ncaa-season-89-basketball-lineups/10151717378684414

dyan si AJ pero wala na yun Holt sa lineup

Sam Miguel
06-24-2013, 09:22 AM
What it takes to coach a college team

By Koy R. Banal

Philippine Daily Inquirer

7:21 pm | Monday, June 17th, 2013

“Success is…knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your maximum potential and sowing seeds that benefit others.” John C. Maxwell said that and I think he spoke on target.

At 13, my dream was to be a good basketball player and make it to the pro league. It did not happen and I know now why. If I had more self-discipline, I could have made it. If I had allotted time for extra practice, I could have made it. If I had avoided the wrong choices as a teenager, I could have made it. Name any crazy thing that a teenager would do and I had done it. So many “ifs” and “could haves.”

But God’s plans for me do include basketball. One has led me to the PBA but not as a player. Another involves college basketball.

Nowadays, it is cool to tell the young to find their passion. I could not agree more. I found mine back when I was playing for San Beda College (SBC). As I listened to coach Bonnie Carbonell explain the mechanics and objectives of a particular drill, I would think to myself that this was what I wanted to do someday. I was not sure when, but I knew it was going to happen.

My break in coaching came when my brother, Joel, invited me to join the coaching staff at Mapua Institute of Technology where, as head coach, he engineered the Cardinals’ back-to-back NCAA championships in 1991-1992. I became a volunteer assistant coach at Mapua for five years. Not the assistant coach but just one of the assistants. Not a paid employee but a volunteer. Not just for a year but for five years.


One day at a practice, I tried to point out something to a player. Instead of listening to me, he turned and walked away, as if to say I had no idea what I was talking about. From that day on, I asked Joel for assignments and started reading up on basketball, as well as leadership. If I wanted our players to work harder to improve their skills, I thought, I myself should work harder and improve my own. Walk the talk, as they say.

I believe God allows things to happen for a purpose. If not for that player, my growth as a coach would have been slower. His attitude challenged me to acquire better coaching skills.

In addition to reading up on basketball, like a hawk I watched Joel and other coaches do their work. I attended clinics as often as possible. I’ve been to various universities in the United States to observe, at practice and at actual games, their coaches—Fran Fraschilla at St. John’s University in New York, Tommy Amaker at the University of Michigan and Tom Izzo at Michigan State University in Michigan, Lorenzo Romar at the University of Washington in Seattle, Shaka Smart at Virginia Commonwealth University and Johnny Dawkins at Stanford University. I’ve also picked up a lot from Tom McMillan of the Seattle Supersonics (now OKC Thunders). I have attended the Nike Coaching Clinics in Chicago and Las Vegas. And I continue my education by watching our San Mig Coffee Mixers head coach Tim Cone and listening to him at practice and during games.


As a coach, you owe it to yourself and your team to keep growing and learning so you can go on sharing the knowledge. A coach is first a teacher. Every day you are giving your players lessons. They think it is mostly about basketball but the smarter ones end up using a lot of it in life. (Your other roles are to be an older brother, a father, a spiritual adviser or whatever a player needs you to be in his moment of need.)

Discipline is the foundation of a basketball team. To me, the way to instill discipline is to be firm on team rules. Discipline develops character, which determines attitude. Basketball depends a lot on the attitude of the players. More than the skills, I believe what helps players in games and in life is a never-say-die attitude that pushes them to face all kinds of challenge.

While everyday practice is most helpful to athletes, I think motivating them to give their best is just as important. I normally show a video to my team that inspires and gives emphasis on character. I want them to learn to value values, not just passing, rebounding and shooting skills. The right values will give them direction in life.

If I can show players only one video, it would be “Men of Honor,” the Cuba Gooding Jr.-Robert de Niro movie about an amputee’s perseverance to become a diver against all odds and his tough trainer.

Building a program

I’m blessed to have led three different teams to championships after so many years of a title drought for their schools. But although titles and trophies can make you feel great, what I love is the challenge of building a college basketball program and taking it all the way to the championship. It does not matter if it is a big university or a not-so-well-known one.

As a coach, you have to convince the community why they need a good basketball program and present one. You have to extend the program to the grade school and high school players because they are your farm teams. You have to make the alumni believe that your team is worth their support. You have to recruit young men who you believe will eventually become not just outstanding players but great people. You have to teach solid basketball to all your players because it is the foundation of every successful program.

In my first year as head coach of the FEU Tamaraws, we were outcheered at the UAAP playoffs. Most of the time, FEU students occupied only a third of the seats at the arena when we were playing.

After such limited support from the community, which was really bad for our team’s morale, I asked the team to go on a room-to-room campaign to encourage more students to attend the games. As a coach, I saw it as my duty to bring the team closer to the students so our players would not be perceived as snobs or, worse, dumb jocks. I wanted the students to take ownership of the team.

We’re planning to do the same at Arellano University (AU) this coming season. The difference is that we now have to promote our program on six campuses.

Support for the team should start with the school leadership. The presence of the president, athletic director, dean, principal and alumni at the games means a lot to the players. I’m grateful that we’re getting that kind of support from AU chair and CEO Francisco V. Cayco and the rest of his family.

Some coaches find the need to seek corporate sponsorships for their teams, especially if they want to continue training the players off-season by entering the team in amateur leagues. I did not have to do that for SBC, although I did attend alumni gatherings here and there. For the Tamaraws, I wrote FEU alumnus Ramon S. Ang a request for sponsorship of the team in the PBL. Now at AU, we are being supported by San Mig Coffee, Gerry’s Grill, Erase Placenta, Hawks Bags and Autostar Suspension Parts.

Sam Miguel
06-24-2013, 09:23 AM
^^^ (Cont'd )


Recruiting good players is a problem for an average university. To widen my network, I have asked our scouts to look in the provinces for players who have potential. There are promising guys out there who have dropped out of school because of poverty and are not aware of athletic scholarships that can give them the opportunity to earn college degrees and get decent jobs someday.

One of the things I like about basketball is that it is an equalizer. It doesn’t matter if you’re the son of a rich man or a poor man. On the court, in the thick of the game, all you can depend on are your skills and your teamwork.

As a coach, the most important aspect I look at when I’m scouting a player is attitude. I give big points for a player’s respectful attitude toward his coach, teammates, opponents and community.

It is somewhat sad to see highly recruited players waiting around for a team that would give them more benefits. They do not even consider the track record of the head coach. When Michael Jordan was in high school, his dream was to play for Dean Smith, the legendary coach of the University of North Carolina, because he believed Smith would get him prepared for the NBA.

When we are recruiting for AU, I make sure to meet with a prospective player’s parents. I tell them that our university does not have money like the top schools, but we have coaches who can help their son fulfill his dreams of becoming the best that he can be and an academic program that can give him employable skills. Good thing for me that the AU administration and coaching staff are working hand in hand to give our athletes the best possible atmosphere at school.

I also always tell the parents that I will treat their son like my own and will personally look after his welfare. This is a promise that I have always taken to heart.

Turned pro

Even though they’re playing against my team, it feels good to see my former college recruits now playing in the PBA. Arwind Santos, Denok Miranda, Mark Isip, Jeff Chan and Jonas Villanueva are all from my FEU team. Ogie Menor, Yousef Aljamal and Bambam Gamalinda are all former Red Lions. There is no more satisfying thing than to see these guys driving brand new cars, living in beautiful homes and sending their children to good schools.

But I’m just as proud of my players who did not make it to the pros and yet are doing very well in their chosen line of work. They have proven that there is life after basketball.

I would like to believe that what they have learned as basketball players has helped them in some way to make a better life for themselves and their loved ones outside the sport. When I think about them, I pause and thank God for giving me the opportunity to be a part of their world and for making a difference, no matter how small, in their lives. I am hoping our AU players will meet with the same success someday.

I believe coaching has more to do with leadership than teaching a particular sport. You cannot just tell your players what to do—you have to show them the right way, do everything to the best of your ability and try to inspire them to do the same.

Sam Miguel
06-27-2013, 09:41 AM
Stags, Chiefs face off; Altas play Generals

(The Philippine Star) | Updated June 27, 2013 - 12:00am

MANILA, Philippines - San Sebastian tries to bounce back from its opening game setback while three other teams make their debut as action in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament resumes today at The Arena in San Juan City.

Now without former aces Calvin Abueva and Ian Sangalang, the Stags struggled against the Letran Knights and dropped a 69-74 decision in last Saturday’s opener of the league’s 89th season.

But they are expected to encounter tough outing against the Arellano U Chiefs in their 4 p.m. match with the latter hoping to ride on their sterling pre-season performance.

The Chiefs finished ahead of the San Beda Lions after the group stages of the recent Filoil Flying V Hanes Premier Cup.

“We’re happy that our hard work, patience and discipline is starting to bear fruits,” said Arellano U coach Koy Banal.

“But we can’t let these recent triumphs get into our heads, that’s the last thing we want to do,” he added.

The Chiefs, who will be missing Fil-Canadian Adam Jacob Serjue due to a torn MCL (medial collateral ligament) until early or middle of next month, are expected to lean again on the do-it-all pair of John Pinto and another Fil-Canadian James Forrester.

Perpetual Help and Emilio Aguinaldo College, two of the teams with intact rosters, clash in the other game at 6 p.m. with the winner joining Letran and Lyceum in the early lead.

The Pirates pulled off an early shocker by beating the fancied three-peat champions San Beda Lions, 70-66, last Monday.

“As I’ve said before, any team can beat any team this season so it will really depend on how we adjust and respond to every challenge we face during the game,” said Banal.

The Altas lost only Jett Vidal and George Allen to graduation but hope to get the most from 6-3 Kervin Lucente and 6-4 Nestor Bantayan Jr. from Adamson and Juneric Baloria from Angeles City, Pampanga and Nigerians Femi Babayemi and Nosa Omorogba and Earl Scotty Thompson, a talented guard from Davao.

“They’re not all 100-percent but at least everybody is all accounted for,” said Perpetual’s mentor Aric del Rosario, who steered the Altas to their first Final Four appearance last year, in Filipino.

Like Perpetual, EAC is another team tipped to make an impact this year with a solid roster headed by Fil-Nigerian Sydney Onwubere and Cameroonians Jean Jacques Hiola Manga and Noube Happi.

“We’re happy with our chances this season but we know it’s going to be tougher this year because all the team have improved really,” said EAC coach Gerry Esplana.

Sam Miguel
06-28-2013, 09:01 AM
Ortuoste lifts Stags past Chiefs

By Cedelf P. Tupas

Philippine Daily Inquirer

1:07 am | Friday, June 28th, 2013

Sidelined the past three years, Jamil Ortuoste is making up for lost time.

The 5-foot-9 guard tallied a season-best 28 points as San Sebastian slipped past Arellano, 78-76, last night for its first victory in the NCAA Season 89 men’s basketball tournament at Filoil Flying V Arena in San Juan.

Scoring heavily on triples and floaters, Ortuoste helped carry the rookie-laden Stags in the last two periods after the Chiefs took control just before halftime.

“It’s been frustrating the past three years, that’s why I’m happy I’m getting my chance now,” said the crafty guard who hit 10 of 15 shots in 34 minutes on the floor.

After a solid high school career at San Sebastian, where he won two NCAA juniors titles, Ortuoste transferred to Far Eastern U although he was unable to crack the first team. He returned to the Stags’ fold on the prodding of assistant coach Raymund Valenzona.

“We outworked them (Chiefs),” said coach Topex Robinson, whose squad bounced back from a 69-74 loss to Letran last Saturday.

Perpetual Help underscored its status as a contender with a 69-49 rout of Emilio Aguinaldo College in the second game.

Earl Thompson and Nosa Omorogbe wound up with 14 points each as the Altas, who reached the Final Four last season, played with ferocity on both ends.

Stags forward Leo de Vera, a recruit from California, posted 15 points, six boards, two blocks and a steal, while Bradwyn Guinto posted another double-double with 10 points and 14 boards.

The Chiefs battled back from a slow start, relying on a strong second period to take a 61-60 lead after a Keith Agovida undergoal stab. But Ortuoste buried a triple and scored six of the next eight points of the Stags who zoomed ahead, 71-65, with 4:50 left.

Earlier, San Beda scored its second straight victory in the juniors division following an 83-59 triumph over La Salle Green Hills, while Perpetual Help debuted with an 83-64 win over Emilio Aguinaldo College.

The senior scores:

First Game

SAN SEBASTIAN 78—Ortuoste 28, De Vera 15, Dela Cruz 10, Guinto 10, Perez 10, Gusi 3, Rebollos 1, Tano 1, Magno 0.

ARELLANO 76—Caperal 11, Hernandez 11, Agovida 10, Pinto 10, Jalalon 6, Salcedo 6, Enriquez 5, Margallo 4, Cadavis 4, Nicholls, Gumaru, Bangga 0.

Quarters: 20-14, 39-35, 60-54, 78-76

Second Game

PERPETUAL HELP 69—Thompson 14, Omorogbe 14, Baloria 12, Arboleda 10, Dizon 7, Alano 6, Bantayan 4, Elopre 2, Jolangcob 0, Lucente 0, Oliveria 0.

EAC 49—Paguia 12, Happi 8, King 7, Mejos 4, Arquero 4, Jamon 4, Munsayac 3, Monteclaro 2, Castro 2, Morada 1, Hiole 0.

Quarters: 11-8, 31-16, 46-32, 69-49

Sam Miguel
07-12-2013, 10:05 AM
Bombers extend Blazers’ woes with overtime win

By June Navarro

Philippine Daily Inquirer

11:05 pm | Thursday, July 11th, 2013

JOSE Rizal University survived a late onslaught by College of St. Benilde to pull off a 73-71 overtime win last night in the NCAA basketball tournament at Filoil Flying V Arena in San Juan.

Cris Jordan Dela Paz scored five of his team’s last six points capped by a free throw in the dying seconds of the extension as the Heavy Bombers picked up their second victory in four games.

The Blazers, who battled back from 14 points down in regulation to force the extension period at 61-all, still had a chance to win but Mark Romero threw an errant outlet pass in the final play.

It was another heart-breaker for coach Gabby Velasco and the Blazers, who lost their two previous games by a point to both the Emilio Aguinaldo College Generals and the San Beda Red Lions.

Michael Mabulac missed a short jumper with the clock winding down but luckily tapped the leather to Dela Paz, who was fouled in a rebound scuffle.

With the game tied at 71, Dela Paz made his second free throw, giving the Bombers a one-point edge, 5.9 seconds left.

“It was a lucky break for us although we could have won it earlier,’’ said JRU coach Vergel Meneses.

Anthony Benavides gave the Bombers a 61-47 lead earlier but they went scoreless in the final seven minutes.

Juan Paolo Taha, Roberto Bartolo and Saavedra combined for the Blazers, who finally knotted the count on Bartolo’s three-point play, 61-all, with 39 seconds left in regulation time.

Arellano outlasted Mapua, 65-59, in the second game to tie Lyceum and idle San Sebastian in fourth spot at 2-2. Mapua fell to 1-3.

In juniors play, Alexis Barrera scored 20 points as La Salle Green Hills subdued Jose Rizal University, 74-63, for its second win in three games. The JRU Light Bombers absorbed their first defeat in four outings.

In the other juniors game, Mapua leaned on Justin Oliver Serrano and Ronnel Villaseñnor to pummel Arellano, 73-54, and move up the standings with a 2-2 record. The AU Braves fell to 1-3.

The seniors scores:

First Game

JRU 73—Pontejos 17, Paniamogan 17, Juanico 8, Mabulac 8, Dela Paz 7, Lasquety 6, Abanto 4, Benavidez 4, Salaveria 2, Balagtas 0, Grospe 0.

ST. BENILDE 71—Romero 17, Saavedra 15, Sinco 11, Bartolo 10, Taha 7, Grey 4, Argamino 2, Garcia 2, Deles 2, Ongteco 1, Jonson 0, Carlos 0.

Quarters: 17-17, 35-33, 55-47, 61-61(reg), 73-71 (OT)

Sam Miguel
07-19-2013, 08:13 AM
Altas trip Chiefs, tie Lions at 2nd

Resurgent SSC Stags extend Blazers’ misery

By June Navarro

Philippine Daily Inquirer

10:48 pm | Thursday, July 18th, 2013

UNIVERSITY of Perpetual Help built a big cushion early and held its ground in the end to subdue Arellano University, 73-66, last night in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament at Filoil Flying V Arena.

Rookie Juneric Baloria again took charge with 21 points but it was Chrisper Elopre’s long-range firepower that helped propel the Altas to their second straight win following a disputed overtime loss last week to the San Sebastian Stags.

Elopre’s back-to-back threes in the closing minutes of the third period pushed the Altas ahead by 15 before the victors deflected a ferocious assault by the Chiefs to forge a tie for second spot at 4-1 with idle defending champion San Beda.

Idle Letran shows the way with four wins in as many outings. The Knights will try to make it five in a row when they battle Lyceum tomorrow.

Perpetual Help coach Aric Del Rosario was all praise for power forward Harold Arboleda, who threw his weight in the paint by grabbing 20 rebounds apart from scoring nine points.

“He’s my silent killer,” said Del Rosario in Filipino, referring to the 6-foot-3 Hotel and Restaurant Management major.

“Harold knows how to score and, at the same time, play tough defense. He’s also my stopper against the shooters of the opposing team.”

Steadier in the end

Later, San Sebastian proved steadier down the stretch and slipped past St. Benilde, 80-78, to gain a share of fourth spot with Jose Rizal University.

Leo de Vera nailed two free throws with 31 seconds remaining after teammate Jovit dela Cruz scored on a layup and a steal as the Stags completed a stirring comeback inside the final minute for its third win in five outings.

It was another heartbreaking loss for the Blazers who have now dropped their fifth game of the tournament by a combined margin of seven points.

The Blazers have never lost by more than two points.

Holding a three-point edge at halftime, the Altas outscored the Chiefs, 21-9, to surge to a 62-47 lead.

Levi Hernandez and Allen Enriquez then conspired with Nard John Pinto to pull the Chiefs within nine, time down to less than three minutes.

But the Altas countered behind Nicholas Omorogbe and Baloria, who scored successive baskets that pegged the final count.

Pinto had eight of his team-high 17 points in the fourth for the Chiefs, who absorbed their third setback in five games.

Staglets down Greenies

Earlier, Ryan Paule Costelo scored 12 points and Rhanzelle Yong added 10 as the San Sebastian Staglets downed the La Salle Green Hills Greenies, 62-52, for their fifth straight win and a tie with the unbeaten San Beda Red Cubs at the top of the junior standings.

The Greenies lost their first game in four outings.

The University of Perpetual Help Altalettes leaned on Sir Shaquille Imperial’s 30 points to edge the Arellano Braves, 75-73, for their third victory in five outings. The Braves dropped to 1-4.

The scores:

Seniors First Game

PERPETUAL 73—Baloria 21, Alano 15, Elopre 12, Arboleda 9, Omorogbe 7, Thompson 7, Oliveria 2, Dizon 0, Ylagan 0, Bantayan 0.

ARELLANO 66—Pinto 17, Hernandez 11, Agovida 9, Enriquez 8, Caperal 6, Forrester 6, Nicholls 3, Jalalon 2, Salcedo 2, Gumaru 2, Bangga 0, Margallo 0, Cadavis 0.

Quarters: 22-14, 41-38, 62-47, 73-66

Seniors Second Game

SAN SEBASTIAN 80—Ortuoste 23, Perez 17, Dela Cruz 12, De Vera 8, Tano 7, Guinto 6, Gusi 3, Rebollos 2, Vergara 2, Balucanag 0, Magno 0.

ST. BENILDE 78—Taha 21, Grey 17, Bartolo 12, Romero 10, Ongteco 7, Sinco 6, Garcia 3, Deles 2, Jonson 0, Saavedra 0, Argamino 0.

Quarters: 16-14, 36-35, 56-58, 80-78

Sam Miguel
07-26-2013, 10:13 AM
Knights rip Chiefs apart

Letran posts 6th straight win

By June Navarro

Philippine Daily Inquirer

10:44 pm | Thursday, July 25th, 2013

SPEEDY point guard Mark Cruz came up with a sensational effort last night, carrying the Letran Knights to their sixth straight win with a 67-57 decision over the Arellano Chiefs in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament at Filoil Flying V Arena in San Juan.

Cruz, the shortest man on the floor, unloaded a game-high 25 huge points capped by an acrobatic shot in the closing seconds that finally took the sting out of the Chiefs.

“This one is for Franz (Dysam),” said the 5-foot-6 Cruz. “I hope he gets well soon.”

Dysam was shot by motorcycle-riding gunmen inside his car with his girlfriend Joanne Sordan after Letran’s 61-53 victory over Lyceum Saturday last week.

Out of danger

Dysam was already declared out of danger despite sustaining six bullet wounds in different parts of the body but Sordan died after the shooting.

Brutish forward Kevin Racal added 14 points and rookie Rey Nambatac had nine for the unbeaten Knights, who kept the Chiefs near the bottom of the standings at 2-4.

Donald Gumaru, Prince Caperal and Nard Pinto conspired to chop down a 15-point Letran advantage halfway through the final period.

Gumaru delivered seven of his 10 points in that run, Caperal scored on a layup and Pinto converted two of three free throws from a Nambatac foul as the Chiefs pulled within, 57-63, in the closing minutes.

Scoreless for almost three minutes, the Knights then stopped the bleeding as Cruz hammered in the dagger with 36 seconds left.


“The entire team really felt bad after what happened to Franz. We tried to motivate each other by dedicating the game to him,” said Letran coach Caloy Garcia.

Ahead by just a point at halftime, the Knights gained control after Cruz and Nambatac led a scoring foray early in the third.

Cruz, who had five three-pointers, drilled a long three that gave the Knights a 51-47 lead midway in the quarter.

They came up with another scoring tear in the opening stages of the fourth with center Raymond Almazan, who finished with seven markers, joining forces with Cruz and Racal in the offensive end.

The Seniors scores:

First Game

LETRAN 67—Cruz 25, Racal 14, Nambatac 9, Almazan 7, Gabawan 4, Castro 2, Ruaya 2, Tambeling 2, Belorio 2, Po 0, Luib 0, Olotu 0, Buenaflor 0, Publico 0.

ARELLANO 57—Gumaru 10, Nicholls 9, Hernandez 8, Caperal 8, Pinto 7, Salcedo 5, Enriquez 4, Margallo 2, Agovida 2, Jalalon 2, Bangga 0, Cadavis 0.

Quarters: 22-16, 34-33, 53-42, 67-57

Sam Miguel
08-13-2013, 10:44 AM
NCAA: CSB holds on to beat struggling Arellano

By Mark Giongco


8:06 pm | Monday, August 12th, 2013

MANILA, Philippines — After a string of close losses, College of St. Benilde has finally built a winning streak.

The Blazers added misery to slumping Arellano Chiefs, 69-62, Monday as the NCAA Season 89 men’s basketball tournament resumed from a two-week break at the Filoil Flying V Arena in San Juan.

Swingman Mark Romero came through anew for CSB with 18 points to lead three other Blazer in double-digit scoring.

Sharp-shooting Fons Saavedra, burly two-guard Paolo Taha and flashy guard Jonathan Grey added 12 points apiece for the Blazers, who held on for their second straight win after losing five very close games in a row.

St. Benilde led by nine, 64-55, with only 2:33 left before Arellano trimmed it to three, 61-64, a minute later as the Blazers were back into a perilous situation where they blow a big lead and lose.

But not this time as CSB seemed to have learned through pain as it managed to cling on to its lead and win — dealing Arellano a similar 2-5 record.

The Chiefs, who came in as preseason favorites but have struggled, were led by Prince Caperal’s game-high 20 points. James Forrester chipped in 10 points.

The league went on a break to give way to the just concluded 27th FIBA Asia men’s Championship, where host Philippines broke through for a silver medal finish and a ticket to the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup in Spain.

08-25-2013, 10:45 AM
Letran trips SBC, rules first round

By Marc Anthony Reyes

Philippine Daily Inquirer

1:59 am | Sunday, August 25th, 2013

SAN Beda played as if the title was on the line, but it was Letran which looked every inch like a champion last night.

Letran pulled off a rousing 74-67 victory over defending champion San Beda to regain the solo lead after the first round of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament before a huge crowd at MOA Arena.

Raymond Almazan and Reneford Ruaya scored most of the Knights’ fourth-quarter points as Letran nailed its eighth win in nine games.

“There was a challenge, and I think the boys wanted to prove something,” said Letran coach Caloy Garcia.

The Lions fell to 7-2.

Earlier, Arellano scored its third win with a hard-earned 67-64 victory over Jose Rizal University.

The Chiefs relied on a strong finish and solid scoring from Prince Caperal, Keith Agovida and John Pinto who each came up with 12 points to push their team to a 3-6 record.

Despite 18 markers from shifty guard John Pontejos, the Heavy Bombers absorbed their fourth loss in nine games but stayed in fourth place behind Perpetual Help (6-2).

Meanwhile, James Forrester of AU was slapped a two-game suspension for a “glaring show of intent to fight” and a one-game ban on Sydney Onwubere of Emilio Aguinaldo College for “provocative and obscene gesture meant to ignite a fight,” during their Aug. 17 game.

Commissioner Joe Lipa made the recommendation to the league management committee led by chair Dax Castellano.

The scores:


ARELLANO 67—Pinto 12, Agovida 12, Caperal 12. Serjue 10, Hernandez 9, Jalalon 6, Gumaru 3, Enriquez 1, Salcedo 0, Cadavis 0.

JOSE RIZAL 64—Pontejos 18, Paniamogan 13, Dela Paz 9, Mabulac 7, Lsquety 4, Benavides 3, Abanto 2, Grospe 2, Salaveria 2, Juanico 0.

Quarters: 12-14, 24-30, 46-45, 67-64.


LETRAN 74—Almazan 22, Ruaya 15, Racal 14, Cruz 13, Nambatac 8, Luib 2, Castro 0, Tambeling 0, Buenaflor 0, Gabawan 0, Publico 0.

SAN BEDA 67—Adeogun 27, Amer 15, Semerad A. 8,Dela Rosa 6, Koga 5, Semerad D. 2, Pascual 2, Dela Cruz 2, Abarcar 0, Mendoza 0, Ludovice 0.

Quarters: 27-11, 40-34, 59-58, 74-67.

Sam Miguel
09-03-2013, 02:01 PM
Altas nose out Chiefs, tie Lions

By Cedelf P. Tupas

Philippine Daily Inquirer

10:33 pm | Monday, September 2nd, 2013

It was Harold Arboleda’s turn to shine for Perpetual Help last night.

Arboleda knocked in two pressure-packed free throws with 6.8 seconds remaining as the Altas nipped the Arellano Chiefs, 82-80, and tied the idle defending champion San Beda Red Lions for second place in the 89th NCAA basketball tournament at Filoil Flying V Arena in San Juan.

Arellano actually had a chance to forge overtime with 1.8 seconds left, but AJ Serjue missed the front end of his two foul shots. He intentionally missed his second free throw hoping to turn the rebound into a followup basket, but the ball went out of bounds.

Arboleda was fouled by Ralph Salcedo while going for an offensive rebound, then nailed both attempts as the Altas rose to 8-2 like San Beda.

Arellano lost for the sixth time in its last seven games and fell into a share of eighth spot with Lyceum with a 3-7 card.

St. Benilde also hacked out a close 57-55 decision over Jose Rizal in the second game and improved to 4-6. The Bombers took their fifth loss in 10 games.

Playing in the shadows of more explosive teammates like Nosa Omorogbe and Juneric Baloria, Arboleda proved his worth for the Altas by norming 12.4 rebounds an outing in the first round.

“I’m so happy for him (Arboleda) because he’s done almost everything for us and now he’s also helped us with his offense,” said Omorogbe, who topscored for the Altas with 26 points and also grabbed 12 boards.

The game was close throughout with no team leading by more than eight points and both teams battling to eight lead changes.

“We need these close games because we learn a lot from them,” said Altas coach Aric Del Rosario. “We know we’re going to need the experience when we go farther in the tournament.”

The Altas also got a lift from Scott Thompson who bucked a hurting back to tally 11 points on 5-of-9 shooting.

Keith Agovida poured 15 of his season-high 17 points in the second half to lead the Chiefs, who missed forward James Forrester.

The scores:

First Game

PERPETUAL HELP 82—Omorogbe 26, Baloria 14, Thompson 11, Arboleda 9, Alano 9, Jolangcob 6m Elopre 3, Dizon 2, Bitoy 2, Oliveria 0, Ylagan 0, Bantayan 0, Lucente 0.

ARELLANO 80—Agovida 17, Hernandez 16, Caperal 14, Pinto 12, Nicholls 5, Salcedo 4, Bangga 4, Serjue 4, Jalalon 3, Gumaru 1, Cadavis 0.

Quarters: 21-19, 40-39, 59-53, 82-80

Second Game

ST. BENILDE 57—Romero 15, Bartolo 8, Garcia 8, Grey 8, Taha 7, Argamino 6, Sinco 2, Deles 2, Ongteco 1.

JRU 55—Paniamogan 19, Mabulac 11, Balagtas 8, Lasquety 6, Grospe 5, Benavides 4, Sanchez 2, Pontejos 0, Juanico 0, Dela Paz 0, Diego 0.

Quarters: 8-13, 23-27, 41-41, 57-55

09-11-2013, 11:05 AM
Super subs Tano and Trinidad rescue Stags

From: Karlo Sacamos

September 9, 2013, 08:21 pm

AS soon as the post-game press conference was through, Jamil Ortuoste didn’t bother going back immediately to San Sebastian’s dugout and instead, just grabbed the first cup he saw to drink water from the dispenser inside the press room of The Arena in San Juan.

The star rookie guard was obviously exhausted from the Golden Stags’ 54-49 victory over Arellano on Monday night that gained for them solo fourth spot in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

“Sobra,” Ortuoste said when asked by Spin.ph how exhausted he was after the gruelling, low-scoring encounter. “(Pero) ang gaan ng feeling kasi ang daming nag-step up.”

Ortuoste registered 11 points, but had plenty of help from his teammates, especially second-stringer Ranimark Tano, who shone in the absence of starting center Bradwyn Guinto.

The 6-foot-6 Tano registered a double-double of 11 points and 10 boards that went with three blocks in 31 minutes as he started in place of Guinto, who was confined in the hospital two days ago due to fever.

Fellow backup Mark Trinidad also delivered in the clutch, scoring all his three points on a trip to the free-throw line that gave the Stags the lead for good.

“I’m glad they stepped up and we made the breaks along the way,” Stags coach Topex Robinson said. “We’re gonna take this win no matter how ugly it is.”

The Stags thus notched a sixth victory in 11 games, while dealing the Chiefs their second straight loss and eighth overall against three wins.

Prince Caperal led the Chiefs with 15 points, 16 boards, and three blocks in a solid effort that all went for naught.

The Chiefs last held the lead at 44-43 after a short stab by Nico Bangga, before the Stags broke out of a see-saw affair, sparked by Trinidad’s three charities.

The scores:

San Sebastian (54) - Ortuoste 11, Tano 11, Perez 9, Dela Cruz 8, De Vera 6, Balucanag 4, Trinidad 3, Gusi 2, Rebollos 0, Aquino 0, Magno 0.

Arellano (49) - Caperal 15, Forrester 13, Agovida 6, Hernandez 6, Gumaru 3, Bangga 2, Pinto 2, Salcedo 1, Jalalon 1, Nicholls 0, Serjue 0, Cadavis 0.

Quarterscores: 15-9; 25-22; 38-38; 54-49.

Sam Miguel
09-13-2013, 09:16 AM
Altas turn back pesky Blazers

By Cedelf P. Tupas

Philippine Daily Inquirer

11:39 pm | Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Perpetual Help survived St. Benilde’s late onslaught and escaped with a 68-64 triumph last night to stay within striking distance of the leaders in the 89th NCAA basketball tournament at Filoil Flying V Arena in San Juan.

Rookie Juneric Baloria and Scott Thompson buried clutch free throws inside the last 35 seconds as the Altas nailed their ninth win in 12 games and firmed up their hold of third spot.

The Altas nearly wasted a nine-point lead as the Blazers mounted a searing rally capped by a Mark Romero triple that tied the game at 64 heading into the final 51 seconds.

The ending followed a familiar script for the Blazers, who again lost a game decided in the final seconds and dropped to seventh spot with a 5-7 card. St. Benilde has lost seven games by a combined 11 points.

In the first game, John Pinto knocked in a fadeaway jumper with 1.7 seconds left to lift Arellano to a thrilling 76-75 win over Lyceum.

Pinto’s shot over the outstretched arms of Jeremiah Taladua capped a sensational fightback by the Chiefs, who erased a seven-point deficit in the last 2:50 and notched only their fourth victory in 12 games.

Prince Caperal also came up with a monster performance for the Chiefs, finishing with 25 points and 16 rebounds.

Pinto shone in the final period where he fired 11 of his 15 points.

“It was a miracle shot,” Pinto said. “The play was for Prince, but they (Pirates) sagged on him, so I had to create my own shot.”

The scores:

First Game

ARELLANO 76—Caperal 25, Pinto 15, Agovida 11, Salcedo 8, Forrester 8, Hernandez 5, Margallo 4, Gumaru 0, Jalalon 0, Nicholls 0, Bangga 0, Serjue 0, Cadavis 0.

LYCEUM 75—Mbomiko 17, Zamora 15, Ko 15, Baltazar 6, Francisco 6, Ambohot 6, Lesmoras 4, Lacastesantos 3, Azores 2, Mendoza 1.

Quarters: 15-14, 31-31, 55-55, 76-75

Second Game

PERPETUAL 68—Baloria 18, Arboleda 15, Omorogbe 14, Alano 11, Thompson 6, Ylagan 2, Elopre 2, Oliveria 0, Dizon 0, Jolangcob 0.

ST. BENILDE 64—Taha 17, Romero 12, Bartolo 11, Garcia 7, Saavedra 5, Argamino 5, Grey 5, Ongteco 2.

Quarters: 21-12, 30-28, 52-50, 68-64

Sam Miguel
09-17-2013, 02:38 PM
Knights back with a vengeance after letdown, vent ire on hapless chiefs

From: Karlo Sacamos

September 16, 2013, 06:19 pm

EAGER to atone for a shock loss, Letran vented its ire on Arellano and scored a 70-59 victory on Monday to regain a piece of the lead in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament at The Arena in San Juan.

Coming off a 76-80 defeat at the hands of Lyceum, the Knights banked on a scintillating start and never looked back on the way to their 10th victory in 13 games, tying archrival San Beda at the top.

“I just told the players na pag natalo kami, may chance kami bumaba sa third place,” Knights coach Caloy Garcia said. “I just challenged them to step up and look for confidence again.”

John Von Jovi Tambeling once again provided the spark, while Raymond Almazan, Mark Cruz, and Rey Nambatac delivered as usual for the Knights, who maintained a double-digit cushion that grew to as many as 25 points in the third quarter.

The Knights also dealt the Chiefs their ninth loss in 13 games.

The only time the Chiefs were ahead was at 3-2 at the start of the game, before the Knights pulled away to a 12-point lead behind a 15-2 salvo led by Tambeling, who scored 10 of his game-high 15 points in the first quarter.

The Knights’ lead ballooned to 51-25 after a Kevin Racal jumper with less than four minutes remaining in the third quarter.

Almazan solidified his stature as the league’s leading MVP candidate, tallying another double-double of 12 points and 12 boards, on top of four blocks, three steals, and the breakaway slam that punctuated the Knights’ stellar effort.

Cruz chipped in 12 points, the same output as the rookie Nambatac, who missed a double-double by just one rebound and also had five assists.

Nard Pinto, who hit the game-winner in the Chiefs’ 76-75 win over Lyceum, spearheaded his team’s attack anew with 17 markers, but was scoreless in the first period where the Knights broke the game wide open.

The scores:

Letran (70) – Tambeling 15, Cruz 12, Almazan 12, Nambatac 10, Racal 8, Castro 4, Gabawan 4, Belorio 3, Publico 2, Po 0, Luib 0, Olotu 0, Buenaflor 0.

Arellano (59) – Pinto 17, Serjue 11, Caperal 11, Salcedo 6, Forrester 5, Nicholls 3, Hernandez 3, Jalalon 2, Agovida 1, Bangga 0, Margallo 0, Cadavis 0.

Quarterscores: 23-14; 39-23; 57-36; 70-59.

09-30-2013, 09:59 AM
Arellano scores 40-point win over Mapua; Banal looking ahead

By Mark Giongco


10:09 pm | Saturday, September 28th, 2013

MANILA, Philippines – Arellano breathed life into its flatlining Final Four bid with a 115-75 romp of listless Mapua in the NCAA Season 89 men’s basketball tournament Saturday night at the Filoil Flying V Arena in San Juan.

Behind the hot shooting of skipper James Forrester and Levi Hernandez, who combined for 11-of-16 from the three-point area, the Chiefs went on to set highest point total by a team in a single game and also the most lopsided win this season.

“Perhaps our battle cry is finishing strong. We don’t want to quit. It’s a natural tendency for a person to get out and just quit if there is nothing going your way,” said Arellano coach Koy Banal.

Forrester set the tone with 16 of his 19 points coming in the first half, where Arellano had established a 21-point advantage, 56-35.

The Chiefs, who also drew a solid performance from its big man Prince Caperal with 20 points, showed no let-up in the second half with Hernandez heating up en route to a 28-point night built on six-of-eight three-pointers.

The win improved Arellano’s card to 5-9 and Banal admitted that with his team still four places out of a semifinals slot, it’s going to be tough for the Chiefs, who led by as much as 43 points, 110-67, to make the playoffs.

“As far as we’re concerned, we don’t know our future but our target is to make it to the top six to make it to the PCCL,” said Banal whose squad shot the lights out with a 59% shooting clip from the field.

“Maybe there might be a team that will trip. Who knows,” added Banal.

Graduating forward Kenneth Ighalo was the lone bright spot for the Cardinals, whose 28 turnovers resulted into 34 easy points for the Chiefs.

But not even Ighalo’s game-highs of 29 points and 13 rebounds could stop the bleeding for Mapua, which staggered to its 12th straight setback for a woeful 1-13 mark.

10-18-2013, 10:08 AM
SEAG hopeful Prince Caperal helps Chiefs keep faint Final Four hopes

From: Karlo Sacamos

October 17, 2013, 06:48 pm

NATIONAL team hopeful Prince Caperal came up with 25 points to lead Arellano to a 76-70 victory over College of St. Benilde on Thursday in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament at The Arena in San Juan.

His selection to the national team still unsure with Greg Slaughter and Raymond Almazan ahead in the pecking order to back up Marcus Douthit, the 20-year-old slotman from San Mateo gave a glimpse of what he can do for the squad, helping the Chiefs score their third straight win to keep their faint Final Four hopes alive.

The Chiefs recorded their seventh win in 16 games and still have to win their last two assignments and pray that fourth-running San Sebastian (9-7 win-loss) and Emilio Aguinaldo College (8-8 ) lose theirs to force a playoff for a semifinal berth.

Caperal, one of only two stalwarts invited in the training pool, gained ample support from Davaoeño playmaker Nard Pinto, who churned in all-around numbers of 13 points, seven rebounds, and six assists.

The Chiefs bucked a slow start then kept the Blazers at bay. St. Benilde came to within two, 66-68, after two charities from Mark Romero with three minutes and 22 seconds left, before Caperal retaliated with two free throws of his own as the Blazers never came closer.

Paolo Taha registered a double-double of 20 points and 10 rebounds in the losing effort for the Blazers, who stayed in ninth place after suffering an 11th loss in 16 games.

The scores:

AU (76) – Caperal 25, Pinto 13, Hernandez 12, Agovida 12, Jalalon 6, Forrester 6, Gumaru 2, Salcedo 0, Serjue 0, Cadavis 0, Enriquez 0

CSB (70) – Taha 20, Grey 13, Romero 12, Saavedra 9, Jonson 5, Garcia 5, Deles 4, Sinco 2, Nayve 0, Bartolo 0, Argamino 0, Carlos 0, Ongteco 0, De Guzman 0

Quarterscores: 12-17, 36-35, 55-54, 76-70.

10-25-2013, 01:18 PM
Stags outlast Blazers, complete Final 4 cast

By Joey Villar

(The Philippine Star) | Updated October 25, 2013 - 12:00am

Games tomorrow

4 p.m. – EAC vs Mapua

6 p.m. – San Beda vs Arellano U

MANILA, Philippines - San Sebastian College put its act together in the fourth and repulsed St. Benilde, 69-62, to clinch the fourth and last Final Four berth in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament at The Arena in San Juan yesterday.

CJ Perez unloaded 17 points while Fil-Am Leo De Vera and Jon Kervin Ortuoste added 10 points apiece as the Stags finally nailed the elusive win that formalized their stint in the next round.
Sportshub ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1

They did not only make it to the semifinals alongside San Beda (14-3), Letran (14-4) and Perpetual Help with an 11-7 but also earned a crack at the No. 3 spot after finishing tied for third with the Las Piñas-based squad.

The Stags and the Altas will dispute the No. 3 seeding on Oct. 29 starting at 4 p.m., also at the San Juan Arena.

The victory also eliminated Emilio Aguinaldo College, which had hoped for a San Sebastian loss to gain a shot at a playoff for the last semis seat.

It was a tough, rollercoaster campaign for the Stags, who had to buck the loss of their top three players – Calvin Abueva, Ian Sangalang and Ronald Pascual – to neutralize the other Final Four aspirants and stay in the semis hunt.

“Credit should go to my players, who believed in the system – teamwork, discipline and run, run and run,” said SSC coach Topex Robinson, who left the team midway of the last season but returned this year.

“We knew from the start that we will no longer have our Big Three in the fold,” said Robinson referring to Abueva and company. “So we made an extra effort to get into great shape because we’re really bent on running every chance we got to make up for our lack of star-power and size.”

Meanwhile, San Beda tries to clinch the top seeding as it takes on ousted Arellano U at the close of the double round elims tomorrow. A reversal, however, will force a tie for first with Letran, necessitating another playoff for the Final Four seeding.

Mark Romero turned in a game-high 23 points for the Blazers, who made quite an impression with a run of one-point losses in the first round but finished second to last with a 5-13 record.

The Stags, with Perez, De Vera and Ortuoste on the firing end, pressed their bid early and seized control in the first two quarters, 17-9, and 31-22.

In a non-bearing game, Arellano U downed Jose Rizal, 63-54, to improve to 8-9.

10-27-2013, 11:19 AM
Lions clinch No. 1 seed

By Cedelf P. Tupas

Philippine Daily Inquirer

12:11 am | Sunday, October 27th, 2013

SAN BEDA warmed up for more important battles ahead with a 78-62 drubbing of Arellano last night that made the Lions the top seed heading into the Final Four of the 89th NCAA basketball tournament.

The Lions leaned on a balanced offensive to notch the 15th victory that boosted them to the No. 1 spot at the end of the elimination round for the eighth straight season at Filoil Flying V Arena in San Juan.

Baser Amer and Ola Adeogun tallied 11 points apiece, while Roldan Sara continued his stellar play, picking up 10 points for the Lions, who will face the loser of the Perpetual Help-San Sebastian playoff in the Final Four on Nov. 7.

“I’m happy for the players,” said Lions coach Boyet Fernandez, whose squad avoided a playoff against Letran. “It has been a rollercoaster ride for us in terms of performance but I’m glad that they came out strong for this game.”

The Chiefs saw their four-game winning run snapped and finished the season with an 8-10 record in a tie with Lyceum for sixth spot.

Earlier, Emilio Aguinaldo College shrugged off the heartbreak of missing out on the Final Four by coming from behind to repulse Mapua, 82-76, last night to cap its finest season.

Remy Morada caught fire in the final period as the Generals rallied from a double-digit deficit to end their campaign with an impressive 10-8 record.

The sophomore guard poured 18 of his 23 points in the final 10 minutes, where the Generals outscored the Cardinals, 27-15.

Their hopes of reaching the Final Four dashed by San Sebastian’s win over St. Benilde last Thursday, the Generals can take satisfaction at the fact that they posted their best record since joining the league in 2009.

The Cardinals finished with a 2-16 record in one of their worst seasons in the country’s oldest collegiate league.

“Even though we were eliminated, this is still a big achievement for the school,” said EAC assistant coach Andy de Guzman who called the shots in the place of Gerry Esplana who is in China due to a prior commitment.

EAC center Cedric Noube dished out another solid outing with 17 points and 14 rebounds while Jan Jamon tallied 13 points, including a triple early that sparked the comeback early in the fourth quarter.

In juniors play, the San Beda Cubs completed an 18-game sweep and clinched the first finals seat following a 96-56 demolition of the Arellano Braves.

With the sweep, the Lions will also have a 1-0 lead in a virtual best-of-five series in the finals.

The remaining final spot will be disputed by San Sebastian, La Salle Green Hills and Mapua in a stepladder format. LSGH, the No. 3 seed, will face No. 4 Mapua in a knockout game with the winner facing San Sebastian for the second finals spot.

The scores:

First Game

EAC 82—Morada 23, Happi 17, Jamon 13, Arquero 11, King 5, Munsayac 5, Tayongtong 4, Paguia 2, Hiole Manga 2, Castro 0, Mejos 0, Onwubere 0.

MAPUA 76—Cantos 24, Magsigay 15, Brana 13, Ighalo 11, Isit 9, Gonzalez 2, Estrella 2, Gabo 0, Guzman 0, Magtoto 0.

Quarters: 16-19, 28-39, 55-61, 82-76

Second Game

SAN BEDA 78—Amer 11, Adeogun 11. Sara 10, Pascual 10, Dela Rosa 10, Dela Cruz 9, A. Semerad 8, Abarcar 5, D. Semerad 2, Ludovice 2, Mendoza 0, Bonsubre 0, Villaruz 0, Abatayo 0.

ARELLANO 62—Caperal 23, Serjue 17, Jalalon 7, Pinto 6, Forrester 4, Hernandez 3, Bangga 2, Gumaru 0, Salcedo 0, Nicholls 0, Agovida 0.

Quarters: 20-7, 40-21, 61-35, 78-62

Sam Miguel
11-06-2013, 09:58 AM
Pinto powers Cagayan’s rise

Gems bounce back, spill Oilers

By June Navarro

Philippine Daily Inquirer

10:21 pm | Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

John Pinto left his college teammates frustrated as he led the Cagayan Valley Rising Suns to an emphatic 92-75 demolition of Arellano U-Air21 yesterday in the PBA D-League Aspirants Cup at Filoil Flying V Arena in San Juan.

Pinto, Arellano’s starting point guard in the NCAA, delivered 23 points on 8 of 12 shooting in a highly physical encounter that saw the unbeaten Rising Suns score their third win.

Ahead by seven points at halftime, Cagayan cut loose in the third period behind Pinto’s heady play.

The shifty 5-foot-11 had six points and combined well with Don Trollano and Adrian Celada in attack as the Rising Suns erected a 74-60 lead after three periods.

“We focused on defense in the third quarter and it clicked,” said Cagayan assistant coach Toto Dojillo. Head coach Alvin Pua snubbed the post-game interview.

In the other game, Ralph Olivares unloaded 11 of his 13 points in the second period to set the tone for Cebuana Lhuillier’s 88-60 rout of Derulo Accelero.

The 6-foot-2 Olivares went three-of-five from beyond the arc during that span as the Gems built a lead the Oilers never bridged.

James Martinez shot 15 points and Paul Zamar added 14 for the Gems, who chalked up their first win following a 67-70 defeat to Cafe France last week.

Pinto, who was whistled for a technical along with Arellano’s Levi Hernandez for a verbal skirmish late in the third, also issued five assists.

The scores:

First Game

CAGAYAN VALLEY 92—Pinto 23, Trollano 17, Celada 14, Foronda 12, Ighalo 9, Mabulac 7, Bringas 3, Saycon 2, Caperal 2, Melano 2, Jamito 1, Mercader 0, Canta 0, Dela Cruz 0.

ARELLANO-AIR21 75—Rogado 17, Bangga 15, Jalalon 10, Cortes 9, Ciriacruz 9, Hernandez 5, Acidre 4, Agovida 3, Lapuz 2, Fran 1, Bartolo 0.

Quarters: 24-17; 49-42; 74-60; 92-75

Second Game

CEBUANA LHUILLIER 88—Martinez 15, Zamar 14, Olivares 13, Banal 11, Aguilar 8, Javier 7, Dizon 6, Alas 5, Leynes 5, Casajeros 2, Flores 2, Noble 0, Paredes 0.

DERULO 60—Soyud15, Manuel 10, Juruena7, Wong 6, Jeffries 6, Corpuz 4, Morillo 4, Bautista 3, Importante 3, Dilay 2.

Quarters: 19-18; 41-31; 62-44; 88-60

12-13-2013, 10:59 AM
Ex-pro Codiñera is new Arellano coach

By Jasmine W. Payo

Philippine Daily Inquirer

11:00 pm | Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Jerry Codiñera gets another shot at coaching as the Arellano Chiefs named the former pro star yesterday as its new head coach.

Codiñera takes over from Koy Banal, who steered the Chiefs to an 8-10 record for a sixth place finish in the last NCAA men’s basketball season.

A member of the PBA’s 25 All-Time Greatest Players, Codiñera struggled in his coaching debut with his alma mater University of the East. The Warriors had a dismal 3-11 record in the UAAP in 2011 and had only one win to show at the end of the first round the following year before Codiñera got the boot mid-season.

Codiñera said he hopes to do better with the rebuilding Chiefs.

12-13-2013, 11:27 AM
Codinera keen to complete 'unfinished business' as he takes over Arellano coaching job

From: Snow Badua

December 12, 2013, 03:13 pm

PBA great Jerry Codinera has been named the new head coach of the Arellano Chiefs, giving him the chance to take care of unfinished business after a short-lived coaching stint with alma mater University of the East.

Codinera, 47, takes over from Koy Banal as he tries to turn the Chiefs into title contenders in the NCAA - a task he never got to achieve at UE after he was unceremoniously replaced by Boycie Zamar in 2012.

“Yun nga eh. Sana ito na yung continuity nung nangyari sa akin sa UE," said the former Purefoods star. "Hindi ko ma-describe nangyari sa akin dun eh. Pero the pressure was tremendous.”

Describing his ill-fated stint at UE, Codinera said: “They (UE management) wanted to compare the team to other UAAP teams. So na-pressure talaga ako nun."

That the Red Warriors failed to reach the Final Four in Zamar's first full season at the helm is validation the team was still a couple of players short of being a title contender, Codinera added.

"And the way I look at it on hindsight… hindi rin naman nila nakuha. So meaning, talagang kulang pa (sila),” he said. “Pero hindi ko na babalikan pa yun. Nasabi ko lang.”

Codinera now sees his assumption to the Arellano top job as a fresh start to his coaching career, but cautions that he doesn't expect a turnaround to happen overnight.

The PBA great said he is looking to recruit more players as he looks to beef up a team led by Nard Pinto, Prince Caperal, Nichole Bangga and Fil-Am Zach Nichols that finished joint sixth with Lyceum in the NCAA last season.

“I hope the recruitment stage will fill the void. Mapunan kung ano ang kulang and hopefully in my first two years … we can have the recruits and the team will perform,” he said.

Aside from the knowledge he can impart, Codinera hopes the legacy he created as a many-time member of the Philippine team, a two-time UAAP champion with UE, and a pro career spanning 17 years will help inspire his players to reach for new heights.

“Nung dumating nga ako kanina sa gym, andami agad nagtakbuhan sa akin na mga players. Yung iba kasi dun nakakalaro ko din sa legends game. Kaya sana maging maganda this time ang pag-upo natin,” said Codinera.