View Full Version : Anyone in favor of bringing back the two-conference format

06-14-2012, 01:13 PM
I would suggest to the PBA to reconsider bringing back the two-conference format that the league experimented from 2004-2010.

Reasons for this, the third conference for one was advertised by the PBA as old school, carry-over format, really? one round eliminations totalling 9 games, and one round semis among 6 teams qualifying means a total of 14 games! going into the finals, old-school format normally had a two-round semifinals, and qualifying teams played at most 18-19 or at one time, 21-22 games before the top two finalists played in the championship.

Why two-conference failed during the Noli Eala and Sonny Barrios Era? the wildcard phase, the long, dragging best-of-seven semifinal series pattern to the NBA, if the PBA could only follow the time of the late commissioner Jun Bernardino's idea, where each conference are balance with different types of semis formats, actually commissioner Chito Salud had that in mind except for eliminating teams via tie-breaker, and no playoff game, which the league has never done in the past.

another reason is the imports, which no longer appeals to the masses, its high time PBA teams saved money from hiring these american reinforcements, one tournament is enough, also for the league to take a four-month break during the UAAP/NCAA seasons.