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11-07-2010, 05:37 PM
Mga katoto. kamusta na ang ating fashionista at dating Queen at Assistant Coach ng Tamz Womens Volleyball team na si R. Ann Dacquis , any information to share regarding her activities.. ;D

11-07-2010, 08:14 PM
Mga katoto. kamusta na ang ating fashionista at dating Queen at Assistant Coach ng Tamz Womens Volleyball team na si R. Ann Dacquis , any information to share regarding her activities.. ;D

Sila na ba ni Calvin Abueva? ;D

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11-07-2010, 08:21 PM
Di naman siguro. Unless Disney movie yan

11-07-2010, 08:38 PM
Di naman siguro. Unless Disney movie yan

Nakita daw kasi na nanunuod at nagchi-cheer si Beauty nung naglaro si Beast sa NCAA finals hehe

11-08-2010, 03:17 AM
wag ka maniwala sir sa sabisabi 101%sure akong hindi sila ;D

11-08-2010, 08:59 AM
^ sir, baka naman selos ka ... indenial kay Abuevak ba? ;D

11-08-2010, 10:44 AM
bakit ba di nalang tayo maging masaya para sa kanila? hehehe!

11-08-2010, 06:23 PM
OO nga naman kung san pinana ni mr, kupido ang puso eh walang makakapigil ...teka d n b cya babalik s Germany?

04-04-2011, 04:27 PM
Rachel Daquis are in town once again played as a guest player for FEU womens Volleyball in Shakey's V-league 2011 , former feu stars now plays for NU team are Cherry may ViVas and MOnique Tiangco. ;D ;D

07-24-2011, 01:50 PM
TFS: Kobe, D-Rose, KD & CP3 headline Thrilla in Manila 2

I now know the difference. Iba kapag tayo ang pumunta sa Amerika para panuorin sila sa isang All-Star game. Iba naman kapag sila ang pumunta sa atin para maglaro ng isang All-Star game dito. In Manila. In the Philippines. In the flesh. The difference smacks you squarely on the face. It sounds impossible - to watch Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant and Chris Paul play on one team, to watch all of them sweat it out on the Araneta Coliseum hardwood. Yet it's no longer just the figment of anyone's imagination. It can happen. It just did.

"Sigaw lang kami ng sigaw," Bacon Austria, who plays for the Ateneo Blue Eagles in the UAAP, described the experience of watching Bryant and Rose play together. "Imagine All-Star players na East and West tapos magkakasama sila, minsan lang mangyari yun. Tapos puro dunks pa. Showtime talaga. Kakaiba talaga."

Where can we see Bryant, Rose, Durant and Paul play for one team?
a) In a league All-Star game provided Rose moves to the Western Conference,
b) in the 2012 London Olympics provided they all decide to suit up for Team USA, or
c) in a video game.

For the average Filipino fan, the first two options requires hopping on a plane. For the above-average sports gamer, the last option requires some digital reconfiguration. Austria no longer has to travel far. He no longer needs to tinker with his console. He saw it happen and, like a thousand others who watched Bryant guard James Yap or saw Jason Castro go one-on-one against Rose inside the coliseum, experienced a kind of catharsis.

"Sobrang once in a lifetime experience," Jo-Anne Arataquio, a committed PBA and NBA follower from Makati, shared. "Before I thought it was impossible but seeing (the US All-Stars and PBA All-Stars) play together, sobrang life-changing experience."

PBA players felt the same way. Ginebra's JC Intal asked Bryant to sign a shirt. Alaska's LA Tenorio asked Paul to sign a pair of sneakers. And Talk 'N Text's Larry Fonacier swore he saw action figures come to life.

"Grabe! Parang kalaban namin Transformers on the court," Fonacier, who couldn't stop shaking his head after the game, admitted. "Seryoso. Yun ang feeling."

The US All-Stars scored more points. The PBA All-Stars got the experience of a lifetime. But the fans won last Saturday night. We won. Because a 48-minute basketball game, even if it felt like Thrilla in Manila part 2, proved that unreal is never unreachable. When faced with a dream scenario, most people say, "Malabo yan" or "Hindi natin kaya yan" or "Imposible yan". In different situations, I've said that. I'm sure you have too. O ayan, the dream game happened. For real. For Filipinos. For us. Kung gusto, kakayanin. Kung pwede, gagawan ng paraan. Kasi gusto niyo. Kasi kaya natin.

"Unbelievable," Kevin de Jesus, an 18-year old basketball fan from Cavite, said. "Unbelievable para sa aming mga fans." -- GMA News

07-24-2011, 01:53 PM
Local cagers starstruck in game against NBA stars07/23/2011 | 10:49 PM

The PBA's best players were left in awe as they watched some of the NBA's top stars put on a show in front of a jampacked crowd at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum.

Even getting the first hand look of how the likes of Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose, Chris Paul Kevin Durant and Javale McGee put on an exhibition, our top PBA players also displayed their own wares.
Game Sunday
(Araneta Coliseum)
1 p.m. Smart All-Stars vs Pilipinas-Smart Gilas

From Arwind Santos, the top scorer with 25 points, doing his athletic skills and even tried his luck in stopping Bryant at one point, to Jason Castro stripping Paul twice in the first half and Sol Mercado crossing over Derek Fisher on several occasions, the PBA stars tried their best to put on a respectable showing.

But the night belonged to the stars, who gave the Filipino crowd a taste of NBA basketball.

Bryant had a few dunks and even worked with Rose that left the latter, the reigning NBA MVP for the Chicago Bulls, scoring a jam and Durant draining some of the farthest threes.

McGee displayed why some believed he should have won the NBA Slam Dunk Contest with one doing a "poster dunk" on B-MEG's Marc Pingris.

Highlighting the performance of the Washington Wizards' center was in the final period when he swatted Rabeh Al-Hussaini's layup.

Afterwards, McGee made true of his promise on his Twitter account by doing the plank, a crazed practice being done in public places.

A three-point shootout also took place where Paul teamed up with James Harden in beating the pair of LA Tenorio and Larry Fonacier.

Before the game, the PBA players even waited outside the locker room for a chance to get a glimpse of their idols.

During the introductions, some even brought posters and cameras in hope of capturing or pose for photos. - JVP, GMA News


Smart All-Stars 131 - McGee 25, Durant 22, Williams 19, Evans 17, Harden 16, Bryant 12, Paul 11, Rose 9, Fisher 0.

PBA All-Stars 105 - Santos 25, Cabagnot 9, Pingris 9, Al-Hussaini 8, Mercado 8, David 8, Norwood 7, Reyes 6, Thoss 4, Castro 4, Caguioa 4, Seigle 4, Intal 4, Fonacier 3, Tenorio 2, Yap 0.

Quarter scores: 30-26, 66-50, 107-78, 131-105.

07-24-2011, 02:01 PM
The Final Score: Kobe Bryant the Azkal, Kobe Bryant the Tamaraw
By Mico Halili

In the normal NBA, Kobe Bryant is a Laker. But these are abnormal times. And in a current lockout, Bryant is, technically, neither a supreme Laker nor a league representative. He is a basketball player without a team or league. But he is Kobe, still; albeit Kobe being Manila's most recognizable tourist last July 13. Even as a mega-billionaire nomad, he promotes, stays top of mind, even when he assumes other frames and forms.

At 32, after 15 years in the NBA, the charm's still there, like Bryant spews out charismatic venom. The scowl is in storage. The disappointing playoffs a distant memory. He struts with the swagger of a five-time champion and the smile of a celebrity. Yet due to restrictions of a league on-hold, he's game to talk about other matters aside from a past season gone to waste, a future season in limbo. Not so eager to talk about his new coach. Not that willing to explain why players like him have been locked out of the front gates.

But Kobe the tourist is in the mood to chat, about other stuff anyway. His eyes light up when I mention football. It's his other sporting passion. It's proof of Kobe's Italian side. And he shows why any war between basketball and football is utter nonsense. I'm not sure if my mention of the word "Azkals" resonates. But the topic I raise makes him, I suspect, a little giddy.

"Football is a beautiful sport," Bryant, whose current low-cut signature sneaker was originally inspired by the low-cut shoes footballers used, exclaims. "It really helped me develop as a kid, growing up in Italy and playing football. It really helped my footwork a lot. That's why you can see me move in different angles on the floor. And I have football to thank because I had to develop great footwork when I was young."

Kobe the tourist suddenly becomes Kobe the Azkal; a basketball star endorsing the beauty of a different sport. Black Mamba is suddenly a slam-dunking footballer. He was always enthralled by how his favorite AC Milan strikers maneuvered on the pitch. The sharp cuts. The crazy change of pace. It was inspiration embedded early in the brain of an NBA predator. The proof is in his moves. The image is popping up in your head. You see it? The zig-zagging style. Deep down, in places only Kobe can access, Mamba is an Azkal.

Kobe Bryant makes a thunderous, two-handed jam. Reuters
Kobe flashes his shifty moves on a Wednesday night. A surprise performance. He slips into a gold Far Eastern University jersey for the undisputed highlight of his Manila tour. He joins La Salle's LA Revilla and Joshua Webb and Ateneo's Kirk Long and Greg Slaughter in the scrimmage of a lifetime. Kobe dunks. The Big Dome goes bananas. Over a non-Laker, a non-NBA superstar for the moment. Fans go nuts for this 6-foot-6 bakasyunista. An Azkal by heart. A Tamaraw for eight incredible minutes. - GMA News

Wearing an FEU jersey, NBA superstar Kobe Bryant joins an exhibition game with UAAP and Smart-Gilas Pilipinas players Wednesday at the Big Dome. Reuters

07-24-2011, 02:11 PM
It’s a date with Kobe BryantBy MAV C. GONZALES
07/14/2011 | 10:05 PM

Waking up at six o’clock in the morning to follow someone around is probably the worst job ever.

Not when you’re following Kobe Bryant.

Thousands of fans lined up and waited for hours just to get a glimpse of the Black Mamba and I was just a stone’s throw away from the legendary basketball player for an entire day.

Kobe Bryant at the airport. Photo: Reuters
I have been a Laker fan since I was 11 (thanks to my dad’s obsession with them too), so I totally freaked out when I found out I would cover his “Take Every Advantage" Manila tour.

(Read: Kobe Bryant: PHL is home away from home)

The girls of GMA Sports Miakka Lim (left), Reema Changco (2nd from right) and Mav Gonzales (right) with Mico Halili at the yellow-and-purple-themed GK basketball court that Kobe refurbished.
The press conference at the Manila Peninsula was so-so, until Kobe was about to leave and I shook his hand. I shook the hand of a five-time NBA champion, four-time All-Star MVP, and Olympic gold medalist just to name a few accolades. I swore I would never wash my left hand ever again.

After a basketball clinic with underprivileged kids at a Gawad Kalinga community in Taguig and a fan meet at Nike Park, The Fort, the main event kicked off at the Big Dome.

A huge stage, smoke machines, strobe lights and a spectacular dance number – the welcome was really fitting for an international sports star.

The funny thing was, Kobe didn’t sound like a big shot whenever he talked. He kept on saying that he just practiced more than his peers so he became the better basketball player. Yes, practice and a natural knack for the sport.

Kobe dons a Tamaraw uniform

The highlight of Kobe day was the exhibition game between Pilipinas-Smart Gilas and a selection of UAAP players.

The second stringers of the nationals went up against collegiate ballers from the Ateneo Blue Eagles, La Salle Green Archers and Far Eastern University Tamaraws. After the 10-minute showdown, Kobe was supposed to pick out one player whom he would do his blackout drill with.

Gilas showed why they are the national team, burying the UAAP squad, 33-24. Oh, and did I mention Japeth Aguilar made two dunks?

Wearing an FEU jersey, NBA superstar Kobe Bryant joins an exhibition game with UAAP and Smart-Gilas Pilipinas players Wednesday at the Big Dome.Reuters
But because Kobe has a heart for the underdogs, he decided to skip the traditional blackout drill altogether and just extended the match by eight minutes. And just to even things out, he played for the UAAP team – wearing an FEU jersey.

He scored, rebounded, assisted and basically did most of the dirty work while the younger selection tried to catch up to the national team. Unfortunately, the game still ended at 45-41 in favor of Gilas. But nobody probably remembered the final score because they’re still replaying Kobe’s two-handed slam dunk over and over in their minds.

Kobe Bryant makes a thunderous, two-handed jam. Reuters
Reigning UAAP MVP RR Garcia from the FEU Tamaraws said that Kobe has inspired him a lot especially since they both play at the guard position.

“Idol ko talaga si Kobe kasi sobrang galing niya maglaro. Alam ko naman na hindi ko siya kasing galing pero nakakatuwa lang talaga na nakalaro namin siya," said RR.

Even Ateneo rookie and former Gilas player Greg Slaughter couldn’t hide his adrenaline rush after the exhibition game.

“I’m sad because I wasn’t able to take a picture with him," he lamented.

“But I can say that I got an assist from Kobe Bryant! I will remember this day for the rest of my life," he quipped.

The ultimate idol

Azkals Nate Burkey, Jason Sabio and Simon Greatwich are Kobe fans together with GMA News Online's Mav Gonzales and Miakka Lim. Aside from student-athletes and professional basketball players, thousands of fans filled Araneta Coliseum.

Among those fans were Jason Sabio, Simon Greatwich and Nate Burkey from the Philippine Azkals.

Simon was scouring for tickets weeks before the event because he really wanted to see the Laker superstar in person.

Jason said they all idolized Kobe, adding that there shouldn’t be any competition between football and basketball. Filipinos can have the best of both worlds after all.

(Read: The Final Score: Kobe Bryant the Azkal, Kobe Bryant the Tamaraw)

What’s next for the Black Mamba

While there is no definite future yet after the NBA lockout, Kobe said that he’s just practicing right now and working on a new charity foundation for homeless people that he started with his wife Vanessa.

Asked if he would join the US team in the 2012 Olympics, he explained that there are no talks yet but he is open to playing for his country again.

But right now, he wants to focus on bringing basketball to the youth, especially to those living here in Asia.

After a long day of trailing behind the Black Mamba, I must say that I became an even bigger fan. And I would never forget July 13, 2011 because I just shook the hand of arguably the greatest basketball player in the world now. -- OMG, GMA News

07-24-2011, 02:18 PM
Kobe salutes Yao Ming's impact on China's NBA dreams07/19/2011 | 05:47 PM

SHANGHAI - Yao Ming has made it possible for young Chinese basketball players to chase their NBA dreams and the country will produce more top quality players in the coming years, All Star guard Kobe Bryant said on Tuesday.

Several reports in the media have said that injury-plagued Yao will officially announce his retirement from the game at a news conference on Wednesday.

China's state television CCTV would run a four-hour program on the player, including a live broadcast of the news conference at a hotel in Yao's hometown Shanghai, the official Xinhua news agency reported.

Yao became arguably Asia's biggest sports figure when he was selected first overall by the Houston Rockets in the 2002 NBA draft.

"In terms of opening up doors for Chinese basketball players to come to the NBA, or for the youth here in China to believe that it's possible to achieve the dream of being an NBA player, all that started from Yao," Los Angeles Lakers guard Bryant said.

"The movement that started in the NBA of the influx of European players coming to the NBA was started by Vlade Divac, Dino Radja and those guys.

"Even that movement didn't have the impact and magnitude that Yao Ming has had. And on top of that, he's just a heck of a basketball player to boot," Bryant, who is in China on a promotional tour, added.

The seven-foot, six-inch (2.3-meter) Yao, an eight-time All Star, has been plagued by assorted injuries in recent years and missed the entire 2009-10 NBA season after suffering a fractured bone in his left foot.

He played only five games for the Rockets last season before being sidelined on Nov. 10 when he injured his ankle during the a game.

Bryant felt Yao would leave a lasting legacy and more Chinese players would make it to top-flight NBA teams.

"Since I have been coming here and doing clinics and basketball camps with kids, you see the improvement year after year and the determination to get better and the passion they have for the game," said Bryant.

"It's just a matter of time." — Reuters

07-24-2011, 02:22 PM
Kobe, CP3 banner NBA selection vs Gilas, PBA07/15/2011 | 01:44 PM

Early this week, Los Angeles superstar Kobe Bryant described the Philippines as his "home away from home." It didn't take long before he decided to come back.

Bryant, along with New Orleans Hornets' Chris Paul, Sacramento Kings' Tyreke Evans, Oklahoma Thunder's James Harden, and Minnesota Timberwolves rookie Derrick Williams will be coming to Manila this July 23-24 to play against a selection of players from the Pilipinas-Smart Gilas and the PBA.

Talk 'N Text coach Chot Reyes initially shared information about the event via his Twitter account Friday.

"Kobe,Chris Paul,Tyreke Evans,Deandre Jordan,James Harden, Derrick Williams + 2 more @ d Araneta on July 23-24. Buy ur tickets now! 9115555," Reyes said on his Twitter page "@choachot."

He followed up the message with information about the ticket prices saying: "SMART ULTIMATE ALL STAR WEEKEND TICKETS: Patron P5500 Lower Box P3800 Upper A 1500 Upper B 800 GA 350. 4 a chance to watch KB & CP3 Live!"

MVP Foundation president Al Panlilio finally confirmed the event in a message to GMA News Online. — Renee A. Fopalan/RSJ/OMG, GMA

07-24-2011, 02:32 PM
K-O-B-E Bryant of the Fame NBA Los Angeles LAKers is in the House together with 8 NBA Stars ..once in a Lifetime experience especially donning FEU Jersey ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D thats awesome big thanks to MR. MVP to make it possible and of course to the NBA lockout .. Kudoz ciao!!!!!

07-24-2011, 11:22 PM
NBA stars put on a show anew; ‘Redeem team’ and co. sweat out win over Smart Gilas Pilipinas
By June Navarro
Philippine Daily Inquirer
8:55 pm | Sunday, July 24th, 2011
Photo by Mark C. Giongco
MANILA — Kevin Durant got posterized by a high-flying Japeth Aguilar dunk, Kobe Bryant couldn’t shake off a single-coverage defender at the post, and Derrick Rose missed two pressure-free charities as M-V-P chants engulfed the entire coliseum.

These players, worshiped as gods in the basketball universe, are humans after all.

Nevertheless, the stellar cast of NBA stars capped the Smart Ultimate All-Star Weekend with a thrilling 98-89 win over the Smart Gilas national team Saturday replete with highlights every fan in the full house Araneta Coliseum won’t forget in a long time.

As soon as the final buzzer sounded, the nine-man NBA crew and the national teamgathered on center court for photographs and autographs soaked by the cheers of the sellout crowd.

Seven-footer JaVale McGee of the Washington Wizards then untied his shoelaces and threw the size 15 kicks to the Upper Box section.

Four-time NBA All-Star MVP Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers joined the fun, also hurling his pair of Nike high up in the stands.

“They have very talented players who played extremely well,” said Bryant, referring to the Rajko Toroman-coached national team.

“They know how to play as a team and executed their plays pretty well,” added the member of the gold-medal winning US “Redeem Team” in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

From an 85-67 deficit, the Nationals refused to call it a day as Marcio Lassiter, Marcus Douthit, JV Casio and Dylan Ababou conspired to chop it down to a single digit.

McGee was called for a goal-tending on a layup by Casio but made up for the miscue by running the length of the court and stuffing it in with his trademark Statue of Liberty slam.

Casio then drilled a three-pointer, 89-96, before rookie Derrick Williams of the Minnesota Timberwolves closed out the scoring with a rim-rattling windmill dunk.

“They have good guards who play defense well. You’ll love the team because everybody can shoot the ball,” said Chris Paul, Bryant’s teammate in the Olympics and a prime NBA point guard from the New Orleans Hornets.

The national team probably drew inspiration from Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao, who arrived when Smart Gilas was trailing by 18 early in the fourth.

Bryant approached Pacquiao seated on the other side of the floor and exchanged pleasantries.

During a timeout, the world’s pound-for-pound boxing king went to the bench of the NBA stars, which also included Derek Fisher of the LA Lakers and James Harden of the Oklahoma Thunder, and greeted the visitors.

Paul even threw a banter on Pacquiao as the 2006 NBA rookie of the year playfully challenged the Pacman to a quick sparring by bobbing from side to side, drawing loud cheers up to the rafters.

WBO flyweight champion Brian Villoria, Senator Antonio Trillanes III, Philippine Olympic Committee chair Monico Puentevella, Ilocos Sur governor Chavit Singson and celebrities Willie Revillame and Aga Mulach were among the 20,000-plus crowd who attended the highly charged affair organized by the MVP Sports Foundation of chairman Manny V. Pangilinan as a gift to the fans.

Aguilar’s two-handed slam over Durant on a fast break kicked off the excitement in the first quarter and the two-time NBA scoring champion from the Oklahoma Thunder quickly retaliated with a thunderous throw down on the other end.

McGee, shackled by 6-foot-10 Marcus Douthit underneath, curled to the right and the NBA slam dunk competition runnerup from the Washington Wizards finally broke free for his first dunk of the match to the delight of the crowd.

Tyreke Evans of the Sacramento Kings, Paul and Williams then launched a series of fan-titilating attacks before Marcio Lasiter’s three cut it down, 31-38, from a double-digit lead.

A lob by Smart Gilas skipper Chris Tiu to a streaking Aguilar led to another explosive jam and Evans converted from a steal with 1.3 ticks left to make it 55-37 at halftime.

“It’s an entirely different game than yesterday (against the PBA),” said national coach Rajko Toroman. “We tried to push the ball, shot well and even had the chance to keep it much closer.”

“It was practically a great experience for the team.”

Smart Gilas had several inspiring plays worthy of world-caliber competition.

The 6-foot-9 Aguilar stifled Bryant on the low blocks, forcing the two-time Finals MVP into a turnover.

Lassiter knocked the leather out of bounds after nearly snatching it from a driving Rose while Aguilar swatted away a high-arching shot by Evans.

07-24-2011, 11:34 PM
An encore? Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant relish the experience
By June Navarro
Philippine Daily Inquirer
11:04 pm | Sunday, July 24th, 2011 103share107 3 MANILA —

One spectacular show deserves a repeat performance.

And no less than Kobe Bryant, the brightest from among the nine-man NBA stars that played in the just-concluded Smart Ultimate All-Star Weekend here, wants an encore.

“It’s been a tremendous honor to play here,” said Bryant, who won the Finals MVP twice in his five NBA championships with the Los Angeles Lakers.

“Thank you for the love and support and the passion that you have in the sport,” added the four-time NBA All-Star MVP. “I hope this won’t be the last.”

Bryant played alongside reigning NBA MVP Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls, scoring champion Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma Thunder and ace point guard Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets in two exhilarating exhibition games at the Smart Araneta Coliseum in Cubao.

The NBA stars came out on top on both occassions as expected, beating the PBA selection coached by Chot Reyes, 131-105, on Saturday and the Smart Gilas national team, 98-89, Sunday.

“It’s one of the most tremendous experiences in my life,” said Durant. “It’s a great honor and I would love to come back here.”

Tyreke Evans of the Sacramento Kings, JaVale McGee of the Washington Wizards, James Harden of the Thunder, Derek Fisher of the Lakers and rookie Derrick Williams of the Minnesota Timberwolves completed the star-studded NBA lineup.

They agreed to play in the country after team owners and players of the NBA failed to reach a new collective bargaining agreement before the June 30 deadline.

MVP Sports Foundation executive director Chot Reyes, however, is uncertain if the spectacle that thrilled hoop junkies throughout the country could be back for a repeat performance.

07-24-2011, 11:43 PM
Thanks for the Memories NBA Superstars Kobe Bryant Chris Paul Kevin Durant Javal Mcgee Derrick Rose Derrek Fisher Tyrek Evans James Harden Derrick Williams and MVP Foundations . CHeerrss !!!! Mabuhay !!!

08-14-2011, 03:57 PM
Petron's Santos is Govs Cup best player; RoS' Reid is top import08/12/2011 | 08:30 PM

It turned out Jay Washington's loss was Arwind Santos' gain as the Petron's lanky forward stepped up big-time when his frontline partner went down with a knee injury in the season-ending Governors Cup.

Santos was amply rewarded when he finally bagged his first ever Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) Best Player of the Conference award.

The crowning glory for the former two-time UAAP MVP from Far Eastern University came Friday night at the Araneta Coliseum when he bested Mark Caguioa and Jayson Castro for the coveted conference award.

Santos, the No. 2 pick in the 2006 rookie draft, tallied 1,306 votes out of the 3,623 total. He received 602 votes from the media, 108 from the players, 150 from TV coveror Solar Sports and 150 from the PBA Committee.

In all, he won the award by 406 points from Caguioa, who finished runner up with a total of 900.

"Isa ito sa mga valued awards na nakuha ko," said Santos when he received the award. "Nagbunga ang pinagpaguran ko. Pero mas maganda sana kung saka-sakaling mananalo kami ng championship sa tournament."

Incidentally, Santos is also the frontrunner in the race for the season's Most Valuable Player (MVP) award.

Castro finished behind Caguioa with 505 votes, followed by Alaska's Sonny Thoss (310), B-MEG's James Yap (309) and Sol Mercado of Meralco (293).

Santos became the second player from Petron to win the Best Player of the Conference award this season after Washington ran away with the title in the Philippine Cup, to become the first teammates to do the feat in the last 17 years since Jerry Codinera (All Filipino) and Alvin Patrimonio (Commissioner's Cup) did the trick in 1994.

08-22-2011, 02:46 PM
Petron plays Grand Slam spoiler, stops TNT in the 2011 PBA Governors Cup
By Musong R. Castillo
Philippine Daily Inquirer
10:42 pm | Sunday, August 21st, 2011 8share101 93

MANILA—Grand Slam slammed.

Down to 10 players for one of the most important PBA matches in franchise history, Petron Blaze last night completed the improbable by turning back Talk ‘N Text, 85-73, in a Game 7 to remember that made the Tropang Texters miss their date with destiny.

With steely resolve that countered the most powerful roster on paper, the Boosters were the epitome of total team play all night to control the rubber match 99% of the way and bag the season-ending Governors’ Cup before 17,000 boisterous fans at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Trailing just twice all game, the Boosters tenaciously held their ground in the face of a dogged Talk ‘N Text stand as Anthony Grundy made up for a lackluster Game 6 while getting support from a shorthanded local lineup that played with the heart befitting champions.

Grundy scattered 26 points, half of them coming in the third period where the Boosters blew control only to regain it just as quick and put away Talk ‘N Text’s aspirations of joining the immortal squads in the league which have completed Grand Slams.

Arwind Santos scored 16 points, had 16 rebounds, three blocks and three steals as he literally put a huge hand in winning his first championship while bagging the PBA Press Corps-Phoenix Fuels MVP Finals award.

Maurice Baker led the Texters with 22 points, Ranidel de Ocampo added 15 and Kelly Williams and Jimmy Alapag had 13 each, but the Texters couldn’t buy the buckets when they needed them and absorbed one of the most stinging losses in their PBA existence.

It was the 19th overall championship for Petron/San Miguel, which scored its version of the Grand Slam in 1989 when now-coach Ato Agustin was one of its superstar guards.

“They made a mistake when they picked us to be their Finals opponent,” Agustin addressed the crowd in Filipino at midcourt in the din of the celebration. “This is my sweetest championship.”

And in the 36-year history of the PBA, only one other team before Talk ‘N Text, the defunct Toyota Comets in 1975, was able to come within a championship of completing a Grand Slam before losing in the Third Conference Finals.

Crispa, which completed the first Triple Crown sweep the following year, spoiled Toyota’s march to PBA immortality by pounding out a 96-91 decision, interestingly enough, also in the rubber match of their series, which was a Game 5.

Sunkist also won the first two conferences of the 1995 season only to fail to make the Finals of the Third Conference, while Alaska, which scored its treble the following year, gave up its shot at a second Grand Slam in 1998 with the Centennial Team.

The Uytengsu franchise loaned its coach, Tim Cone, and superstars Jojo Lastimosa, Bong Hawkins, Kenneth Duremdes and Johnny Abarrientos to the Philippine Five that played in the Bangkok Asian Games that year.

Jason Castro played through an MCL tear to spark the Texters in Game 6, but couldn’t ignore the pain of a severely twisted left ankle suffered in the third quarter Sunday night.

After being helped back into the locker room with 9:35 left in the third, Castro returned in the fourth but was clearly hobbled – and much obvious this time – and had to ask coach Chot Reyes to relieve him after just a few minutes on the floor.

Baker, who played just his second game in the Finals after taking over from Scottie Reynolds, was playing well in the first half until he was slapped with his fourth foul while trying to stop Miranda from taking a keyhole jumper.

He was scoreless in the third period as the Boosters regained control after trailing for just the second time in the contest, 41-42, courtesy of a Williams three-point play off Grundy with 9:22 to play.

The Texters were able to chop down what was once a 14-point deficit to six a number of times in the second quarter and had a golden chance to come into the halftime break just four points behind only for Santos to swat away a De Ocampo slam attempt.

Talk ‘N Text led just once in the first half – 3-0 after a Jimmy Alapag triple – only for the Boosters to shoot five straight points and play with command until the end of the first two quarters.

Santos gave the Boosters a 24-13 lead with 2:50 left in the first period after a jumper. He also hit a short stab off the glass with 7:35 left in the second period for a 34-21 lead.

The scores:
PETRON 85—Grundy 26, Santos 16, Miranda 16, Ildefonso 13, Cabagnot 12, Pennisi 2, Duncil 0, Hubalde 0, Salvacion 0.
TALK ‘N TEXT 73—Baker 22, De Ocampo 15, Williams 13, Alapag 13, Carey 6, Castro 2, Peek 2, Dillinger 0, Reyes 0, Aban 0. Fonacier 0, Alvarez 0.
Quarters: 28-17, 40-34, 64-53, 85-73

08-24-2011, 03:37 PM
Arwind Santos ends four-year PBA title jinxREUBEN TERRADO, GMA News
08/23/2011 | 06:58 PM

Arwind Santos' four-year title jinx in the PBA finally ended on Sunday right after Petron scored an 85-73 win over Talk 'N Text in Game 7 of the Governors Cup.

The former Far Eastern University stalwart won three titles in the UAAP for the Tamaraws before leaving his school for the PBA.

Santos appeared in three finals appearances—one with the Air21 Express and two with the San Miguel Beermen—but his team failed in their respective title bids.

Petron's win foiled the Tropang Texters' bid of completing the league's fourth Grand Slam.

"Maraming nagsasabi na malas daw ako sa finals," said the 30-year-old Santos. "Pero after nitong championship na ito, nawala 'yung sumpa. Sana magtuluy-tuloy."

Santos put an exclamation point to the Blaze Boosters' victory with a two-handed slam dunk to put the Petron crowd in a celebratory mood.

Santos' ended his title drought by finishing with 16 points, 16 rebounds, three steals and three blocks in Game 7 en route to the PBA Press Corps Finals Most Valuable Player award.

Despite talks that he could have won the Season MVP, Santos said that he doesn't mind losing that award to Talk 'N Text guard Jimmy Alapag.

"Thankful pa rin ako dahil siguro may ibang plano ang Diyos sa akin. 'Yung hindi ako nag,/i>-MVP, nahigitan pa nung nag-champion ,i>kami," said Santos.

Santos also credits his coach and fellow Pampanga native Ato Agustin in the success that he is experiencing in his career.

"Nagkakaintindihan kami," said Santos on Agustin. "Naiintindihan ko 'yung gusto nyang gawin. Sa labas, barkada kami pero kapag oras ng trabaho, trabaho talaga."

"Hardworker siya," said Agustin, who as a player was part of San Miguel's Grand Slam-winning team in 1989. "Minsan nawawala din siya sa game plan pero nakakabawi siya sa mga mali niyang ginawa, binabawi niya." - JVP, GMA News

08-24-2011, 03:41 PM
The Final Score: Petron's victory is triumph of the unexpected
| More Share30 .By MICO HALILI

Part of my brain, the part I call the basketball genius (not genius as in Albert Einstein but genius as in Pinoy Henyo because, aminin na natin, every Filipino sports fan has this microchip in the head) thought it knew the outcome of the PBA Finals.

It considered Talk N' Text's two straight championships and track record of success. It also looked at Petron's liabilities: no Jay Washington, no semblance of invincibility, no chance to sweep. The other half of my brain, the part I call the basketball optimist, meantime, waited for things to unfold. This moderate side considered nothing. It assumed nothing. It expected anything.

I wish I knew Danny Ildefonso would sink a buzzer-beater to win Game 1. That baseline jump-shot defined the series. Ildefonso has attempted that shot a million times; in practice, during games, in his sleep, when guys like Danny Seigle and Dondon Hontiveros were still around, even after guys like Danny S. and Dondon no longer were. It was a regular-looking jumper, crafted out of the consistency of Danny's form and release. Catch. Aim. Shoot. Follow-through. The most predictable shot in Danny I's arsenal produced a most unexpected result. A 34-year-old felt like he was 24 again. Petron, underdogs versus TNT, felt the surge of old-school San Miguel-style confidence.

I wish I knew Denok Miranda would play so hard and play so well. Forever buried in a point guard rotation that once featured Olsen Racela, Mike Cortez, BonBon Custodio and Jonas Villanueva, Miranda emerged as Petron's catalyst in the Finals. People realized, "Nasa Petron pala si Denok." And if fans wondered, “Si Denok ba talaga yan?" His 3 of 19 three-point shooting in the Finals was undeniable proof. "Si Denok nga yan!" But Miranda's real task was to match the intensity of TNT's backcourt. He scored 14 ppg in the series to become Petron's x-factor. More importantly, he gave up four playoff-caliber fouls per game. Alongside Jojo Duncil and Paolo Hubalde, Denok ably captained Petron's Sons of Anarchy.

I wish I knew Arwind Santos couldn't act. You've seen his "Sapal" television commercial, right? Like a statue with moving lips. Nevertheless, in the Finals, Santos played like a rebounding machine with moving arms. He had 86 total rebounds (to complement his 17 ppg) in seven games. From Games 4 to 7, he averaged 15 rebounds per game -- against the frontline of Kelly Williams, Ranidel de Ocampo, Ali Peek and Harvey Carey! Rebounding monster? Nope. Rebounding genius. I wasn't surprised with Arwind's stat-line from Game 7: 16 points, 16 rebounds, 3 steals and 3 blocks. With the way Arwind played this entire tournament, any Pinoy Henyo could've predicted that. He can’t act but he can win.

Some try to predict outcomes better than others. Petron showed why a part of me prefers not to. Sometimes, the better answer to the question "What will happen in the PBA Finals?" is not "Tinatanong pa ba yun?" Sometimes, the more intelligent response, really, is "Panuorin mo na lang." -- GMA News

02-01-2013, 06:09 PM
Save the Tamaraw

SPORTING CHANCE By Joaquin M. Henson (The Philippine Star) |
Updated January 30, 2013 - 12:00am

There’s something special about the tamaraw. It’s a purely Filipino animal, endemic to Mindoro. Nowhere else is the tamaraw, also known as a dwarf buffalo, found in the world. The tamaraw is a smaller and bulkier version of the carabao or water buffalo, recognizable by its thick V-shaped horns.

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Philippines) vice-chairman Jose Maria Lorenzo Tan said about 10,000 tamaraw used to roam in Mindoro over 100 years ago. But with the outbreak of disease and the lust of game hunters, only 327 are known to exist today. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature has classified the tamaraw as critically endangered, the highest risk rating for any animal species.

The remaining tamaraw can be found in the thick forests of Mounts Iglit, Baco, Aruyan and Calavite in Mindoro. Conservationists are alarmed that the tamaraw will go the way of the American bison – the mighty buffalo that was a Wild West icon in the late 1800s. It was estimated that there were over 100 million American buffalo in the so-called Great Plains in 1830. Native Americans hunted buffalo for food and clothing but never brought their population down to a precarious level. From 1870 to 1875, more than 2.5 million buffalo were killed by hunters who sold their hides to fur companies. The wholesale extermination of the buffalo, weighing in the range of 1,000 to 2,000 pounds – to provide commercial quantities to greedy merchandisers signalled an alarming death knell and by the turn of the 20th century, less than a million buffalo were left. Today, there is not a single free-roaming bison around even as about 250,000 are corralled in public and private herds in the US and Canada.

As in the battle against the buffalo’s extinction, the fight to preserve the tamaraw is a big challenge. Because the tamaraw is exclusively Filipino, the campaign to keep it alive goes beyond the significance of the conservation of nature. For Far Eastern University (FEU) whose founder Dr. Nicanor Reyes, Sr. chose the tamaraw as the school mascot to symbolize a nationalistic character, the campaign is close to the heart. Just as the eagle is Ateneo’s symbol, the bulldog is National University’s, the falcon is Adamson’s and the tiger is UST’s, the tamaraw characterizes the spirit of the FEU athlete. It is a spirit that can never die.

* * * *

In 2005, a group of FEU student leaders conceptualized the Save The Tamaraw project whose advocacy is the conservation of the animal through Bisig Tamaraw, the school’s social arm with community consciousness as a rallying point. FEU eventually partnered with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau and the Tamaraw Conservation Program to enable students to be more involved in the campaign. FEU president Michael Alba said the school has since been sending students and faculty to Mindoro to provide community service through livelihood undertakings and participate in the tamaraw count.

Dean's Corner ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1 Last year, FEU took its campaign a step further by joining hands with WWF-Philippines for Project TAMS2 whose goal is to double the tamaraw population by 2020. Tan said the job is Herculean but their resolve is Spartan. “Our goal is two-fold, to expand work that will drive efforts to double the number of wild tamaraw and to ensure that the ridges and reefs of Mindoro remain productive and resilient enough to adequately provide for the people of Mindoro in a climate-defined future,” said Tan.

FEU chief financial officer Juan Miguel Montinola said, “The tamaraw is no mere FEU mascot – it is a charismatic Filipino icon, we partnered with WWF because their holistic and people-oriented outlook transcends mere conservation, our alliance is not just about the tamaraw, it is all about people and the environment.” The tamaraw has become symbolic of not only FEU or of an endangered Filipino species but also of the challenge to preserve nature against the greed of commercialism.

* * * *

To celebrate the FEU-DENR-WWF partnership, two designs of a commemorative stamp depicting the tamaraw were unveiled last Friday in P10 denominations. The day after, FEU held its 85th founding anniversary rites at the Manila campus with proud Tamaraws receiving Distingished and Outstanding awards. How appropriate that in light of the Save The Tamaraw campaign, FEU immortalized some of its graduates, including platelet rich plasma (PRP) specialist and sports medicine practitioner Dr. Isagani Leal, PNP medical services division chief Elizabeth Milanes, music director Chino Toledo, banker Jovencio Cinco and Dr. Genesis Rivera. Among FEU’s all-time Hall of Fame graduates are Ramon S. Ang, Alejandro Roces, Wilfrido Tecson, Menardo Jimenez, Art Panganiban and Nick Joaquin.

The preservation of the tamaraw isn’t just an FEU battlecry. It’s a campaign that has historical and nationalistic meaning to all Filipinos.

02-05-2013, 09:28 PM
Santos vows to seek permission from SMC big boss Ang to play for Gilas if picked by Reyes
By Snow Badua

February 05, 2013, 07:15 pm

“Iba 'yung bansa ang pinaglalaban mo eh. Iba kasi pag nasabing national player ka," says Petron Blaze superstar Arwind Santos. Jerome Ascano
IF invited by national coach Chot Reyes, Petron Blaze superstar Arwind Santos is willing to personally talk to San Miguel Corp. big boss Ramon Ang and seek permission to suit up for Gilas Pilipinas.

Santos, one of the players Reyes has long coveted for his Gilas lineup, told Spin.ph on Tuesday that it has been his ultimate dream since the first time he touched a basketball to play for the national team.

“Kung talagang gusto ako ni coach Chot, magpapaalam ako kay (SMC head of basketball operations) Boss Robert (Non) para makausap si boss RSA (Ramon Ang)," said Santos.

“Syempre kailangan din bukal sa loob ng management ang paglalaro ko sa national team," he added.

According to people close to him, Reyes plans to ask Petron to go beyond the mandated one-player-per-PBA team policy and release both Santos and rookie big man June Mar Fajardo to the team vying in the coming Fiba-Asia championships, which will be held in the country on August 1-11. (For full story, click here: Fresh Reyes bid to enlist both Santos and Fajardo)

However, sports director Noli Eala tweeted on Monday that the organization is open to releasing Fajardo, Marc Pingris of San Mig Coffee and LA Tenorio of Barangay Ginebra to the national pool without mentioning Santos' name.

Reyes is expected to announce a 15-man pool on Thursday, leaving Santos with just enough time to plead his case.

“Iba 'yung bansa ang pinaglalaban mo eh. Iba kasi pag nasabing national player ka," said the Petron star, a consistent MVP contender the last three seasons and the statistical leader during the last Philippine Cup.

The Lubao, Pampanga native said that he is willing to bang bodies with some of the toughest players in Asia, all in the name of the Philippine flag.

“Hindi ako matatakot sa mga kalaban. Bakit ako matatakot? Kahit barilan, lalabanan ko ang mga 'yun," said the 30-year-old high flyer.

Commissioner Chito Salud said Gilas can draft more than one player from a team, so long as it can get the ballclub's consent.

“Gilas should approach the team, kung papayagan ng dalawa o tatlo, nasa usapan na nila yun," said Salud.

Spin.ph has learned that Talk 'N Text is set to lend three players - Jason Castro, Ranidel de Ocampo, and Kelly Williams - to Gilas while Rain or Shine has offered its entire team for selection, beside national team mainstays Gabe Norwood and Jeff Chan.

“Magsabi lang sa amin yung Gilas, pwede pa namin pahiram yung iba. Paul Lee, Jervy Cruz, Jireh Ibanes o Beau Belga … okay kami," said Rain or Shine co-owner Raymund Yu.

03-06-2013, 02:06 PM
NBA: Jeremy Lin, Rockets to play vs Pacers in Manila
8-game NBA Asian swing also features Lakers

Agence France-Presse, INQUIRER.net
9:27 am | Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

LOS ANGELES — Jeremy Lin and the Houston Rockets will play the Indiana Pacers in Manila this October, the National Basketball Association has said.

The match set on October 10 will kick off the NBA’s Asian series of exhibition games that will also have Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers play two games in China against the Golden State Warriors, beginning with an October 15 contest at the MasterCard Center arena and in Shanghai at the Mercedes-Benz Arena three days later.

Aside from Manila, the Rockets will also play in Taiwan where they will again face the Pacers on October 13 at the Taipei Arena, the NBA said.

It has been just over a year since “Linsanity” gripped New York Knicks fans and propelled break-out star Lin to global fame. But nowhere is the point guard more popular than in Taiwan.

Lin Shu-hao, who was born in Los Angeles, is the first American of Taiwanese descent to play in the NBA.

His parents, Lin Gie-ming and Shirley Lin, emigrated from Taiwan to the United States in the mid-1970s and are dual nationals of Taiwan and the United States.

Bryant’s Lakers will be playing for the first time in China. Five-time NBA champion Bryant has been co-authoring a blog in Chinese for several years.

In February, Bryant joined the Twitter-like Chinese micro-blogging site Sina Weibo, getting thousands of followers in just the first few hours.

“We look forward to the opportunity to play in front our Chinese fans,” said Lakers vice president of business operations Tim Harris. “The Lakers are happy to continue to be a part of the NBA’s efforts to expand its global reach.”

The Lakers/Warriors and Rockets/Pacers games highlight a total of eight NBA overseas games in October.

They are joined by the Oklahoma City Thunder, Philadelphia 76ers, Washington Wizards and Chicago Bulls in the NBA global games schedule.

The Thunder will play October 5 against Fenerbahce Ulker in Istanbul and on October 8 against the 76ers in Manchester, England. The Sixers also play against Uxue Bilbao Basket in Bilbao, Spain, on October 6. The Bulls and the Wizards face off in Rio de Janeiro on October 12.

The NBA has staged 138 pre-season and regular-season games in 19 countries and territories across Europe, the Americas and Asia since 1978.

03-06-2013, 02:14 PM
Pacers-Rockets to play NBA preseason game at MOA Arena
By Mark Giongco
3:50 pm | Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

MANILA, Philippines—“Big things are coming.”

The NBA in partnership with the SM Group will be bringing in the Indiana Pacers and the Houston Rockets to stage the first-ever NBA pre-season game in the country at the SM Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City.

“I am thrilled to announce that the NBA will have its first pre-season game in Manila between the Indiana Pacers and the Houston Rockets. The game will be held on October 10th at the SM Mall of Asia Arena in Manila,” NBA Commissioner David Stern announced in a video message shown on the big screen of The Arena during the press conference Tuesday afternoon.

“Our game in Manila is an exciting opportunity to connect with the passionate basketball fans in the Philippines and across Southeast Asia,” added Stern. “The Philippines is an ideal setting for the Houston Rockets and Indiana Pacers to take part in a showcase of our game and give fans in the region an authentic NBA experience.”

The Rockets, a young and promising squad, will be headed by Olympic gold medalist James Harden and point guard Jeremy Lin while the Pacers, a legitimate contender in the East, will be led by All-Star Paul George and Danny Granger.

“This is definitely sports history in the making,” said SM Prime Holdings Inc. President Hans Sy. “The Filipinos are one of the biggest basketball fans in the world. It is only fitting that we bring the NBA preseason game to Philippine shores and SM will make it happen at the Mall of Asia Arena.”

“We will be bringing in two storied franchises to come here and play in front of such passionate fans,” said Senior Vice President of NBA Asia Scott Levy.

Rockets head coach Kevin McHale, one of the best big men in NBA history, also spoke in a video message expressing his team’s excitement over playing in Manila.

‘On behalf of the Houston Rockets, we can’t wait to play there and see the passion of the fans in the Philippines.”

The preseason game in Manila is part of the NBA’s global games schedule that features eight NBA teams in eight cities in six countries this October which includes Turkey, Spain, England, Taiwan, Brazil and China.

Aside from the on-court action, the NBA will also conduct community events and other grassroots program as a way of giving back to the community.

To date, the NBA has staged 138 preseason and regular-season games in 19 countries and territories across Europe, the Americas and Asia since 1978.

03-06-2013, 02:18 PM
From numerous visits by NBA stars, Bullets' 1979 game stands out
By Fidel Mangonon III

March 06, 2013, 01:45 pm

The Washington Bullets, then the reigning NBA champions and led by Elvin Hayes, Wes Unseld, and Dave Corzine, beat a selection of PBA stars and imports, 133-123. The team was coached by Dick Motta.

ALMOST every Filipino basketball fan is going bananas over the news regarding the first NBA preseason game in Manila this October 10 between the Houston Rockets and the Indiana Pacers at the Mall of Asia Arena.

The NBA first held games outside of the United States and Canada in 1988, and first brought its games to Asia in 1990 via the Phoenix-Utah encounter in Tokyo, Japan, but this is the first time that its preseason games will reach our shores.

Aside from the Philippines, the NBA is actually holding preseason games also for the first time this October in Brazil, Bilbao in Spain and Manchester in England.

The NBA has already held 138 preseason and regular season games in 19 countries across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

NBA players also have come and gone to Manila these last couple of years, either playing against local players or just coming in to endorse athletic apparel and shoes.

Just last year, as part of the first month of operations of the MOA Arena, former Chicago Bull stars Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman and former Sacramento King and Miami Heat playmaker Jayson Williams led a USA All-Stars squad that defeated a group of PBA Legends, 112-93, with the losers led by Kenneth Duremdes, Bong Hawkins, Marlou Aquino, Vince Hizon, Noli Locsin and Bal David, just to name a few.

A year earlier, when the Big Dome was re-christened as the Smart Araneta Coliseum, there was the Smart Ultimate Weekend which saw “locked-out” NBA stars Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, James Harden, Javale McGee, Derek Fisher, Tyreke Evans and Derrick Williams playing not just one but two games. 'The Black Mamba' and Company first dismantled a PBA selection of 16 players led by Arwind Santos, James Yap, Mark Caguioa and Danny Seigle, 131-105, then the following day beat the Smart Gilas national team led by JVee Casio, Marcus Douthit and Chris Lutz, 98-89.

And who can forget PBA legend Allan Caidic’s 54-point explosion built around 14 triples on August 27, 2010 at the Araneta Coliseum alongside the likes of NBA greats Glenn Rice and Gary Payton and current PBA stars Santos, LA Tenorio and Rico Maierhofer when their Red Team defeated the White Team that was led by Chris Webber, Mitch Richmond, Benjie Paras, Alvin Patrimonio, Dondon Hontiveros and Ronald Tubid 177-167.

03-06-2013, 09:41 PM
Pinoy fans in for world-class thrill, says Aguilar
By Reuben Terrado

March 06, 2013, 12:10 pm

“Ma-eexpect nila talaga mga talented, highly-skilled players that really play at a very high level,” says Japeth Aguilar of the coming NBA preseason game to be played in Manila. Jerome Ascano
IF there is one Filipino basketball player who knows what to expect in the very first NBA preseason game in the country, it’s got to be big man Japeth Aguilar.

The 6-foot-9 Globalport center said the basketball-loving Filipinos are definitely in for a high level of competition when the Houston Rockets and Indiana Pacers play at the Mall of Asia Arena on October 10.

“Ma-eexpect nila talaga mga talented, highly-skilled players that really play at a very high level,” Aguilar shared to Spin.ph shortly after the inaugural NBA preseason game in Manila was formally announced on Tuesday.

“It will really be a treat for the Filipino fans.”

Aguilar of course, knows whereof he speaks.

The son of former national player Peter Aguilar came close to landing a spot on the Santa Cruz Warriors roster in the NBA-Developmental League as he bids to become the first ever Filipino player to suit up in the NBA.

Picked by the Warriors in the seventh round of the draft, Aguilar fell short of making the regular season roster of the team.

He previously attended open workouts by NBA teams San Antonio and New Orleans, while attending college at Western Kentucky University, an US NCAA Division 1 school.

“Hopefully, kapag naglaro ang Rockets at Pacers, maging exciting `yung game and all of the big-name players will play,” he said.

Asked if he will watch the game, Aguilar can only keep his fingers crossed, knowing the MOA Arena will be filled to the rafters.

“Sana. Full ang MOA, we probably don’t have seats,” he said.

03-06-2013, 09:44 PM
By Richard Dy

March 05, 2013, 04:15 pm

"I did try to broach the idea (of holding a regular season game here), but I'm not sure if the logistics and the jet lag or things like that is going to work," said Hans Sy. Jerome Ascano
SM Prime Holdings Inc. president Hans Sy admitted on Tuesday that he originally intended to host an NBA regular season game at the MOA Arena when he started negotiations with Commissioner David Stern.

But when the long travel and logistical problems made such a plan not viable, Sy settled for a preseason game between the Houston Rockets and the Indiana Pacers to be played on October 10.

"I did try to broach the idea (of holding a regular season game here), but I'm not sure if the logistics and the jet lag or things like that is going to work," said Sy, who attended last year's NBA All-Star game in Orlando to personally start talks with Stern.

"When we were bidding, there were questions about bringing a preseason game that’s why it started last year, I went there to Orlando to personally invite David Stern to (have NBA teams) play a preseason game here."

Officials of both SM Prime Holdings and the NBA admitted the major roadblock to such a plan is the long travel the two teams will have to make to play a regular season game in the country.

Since the regular-season schedule of teams are tight, with games bunched closely together, a Manila game will leave the teams little time to recover from jet lag after a long flight.

Sy, however, is not giving up on the idea.

"But in case there is a chance, I will bring it over," he assured mediamen during the official launch of the Rockets-Pacers preseason game on Tuesday at the Sy-owned MOA Arena.

03-10-2013, 07:22 PM
Balkman apologizes for 'choking' incident


Posted at 03/09/2013 9:30 PM | Updated as of 03/09/2013 9:31 PM

MANILA, Philippines – PBA import Renaldo Balkman issued a public apology on Twitter following his emotional meltdown during their game against Alaska last Friday.

"I wld like to apologize to the fans, Petron Blaze, my teammates, the PBA and especially @tubidronald71 and @Arwind029," said the Petron Blaze import.

"I got caught up in the moment of a very intense game.I respect @Arwind029 as a person & player.I am proud to be part of @PetronBlaze fam."

03-12-2013, 10:07 PM
Arwind, Petron ready to move on after Balkman ban
By Camille B. Naredo, ABS-CBNnews.com
Posted at 03/12/2013 4:51 PM | Updated as of 03/12/2013 6:40 PM

MANILA, Philippines – The Petron Blaze Boosters are saddened by the lifetime ban given to import Renaldo Balkman by the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), but they are ready to continue their Commissioner’s Cup campaign without their hard-working reinforcement.

In an interview with the ABS-CBN News Channel and ABS-CBNnews.com, Petron forward Arwind Santos said they are ready to move on from the bizarre choking incident that occurred in their loss to the Alaska Aces last March 8.

In the dying seconds of the game, Balkman went berserk after arguing a non-call with the referees. He wound up shoving the officials, Petron assistant coaches, and teammates Ronald Tubid and Santos, then made matters worse by choking Santos.

On Monday, PBA Commissioner Chito Salud banned Balkman from the PBA for life and fined him P250,000.

“First of all, sad kami lahat na wala na si Renaldo,” said Santos. “Alam naman namin at alam ng lahat ng supporters ng PBA kung gaano kalaki ang binibigay na tulong ng import namin.”

But he said the team will have to become even more united now as they continue to push for a playoff spot.

“Kailangan naming pangalagaan ang confidence namin as a player. Kailangan hindi kami maapektuhan. Kasi kung magiging affected kami sa isa’t isa, malamang pupulutin kami sa kangkungan,” Santos said.

Santos said Petron head coach Olsen Racela had already addressed them about the situation.

“Napaka-simple lang naman ng gusto nila Coach Olsen. ‘Wag natin ibaba ang confidence natin, mas lalo tayo mabuo,” he said.

The Blaze Boosters have yet to announce a replacement for Balkman and will likely not have an import when they take on a dangerous Rain or Shine squad in Davao this Saturday.

“Kailangan mas intact pa rin tayo, ipakita pa rin natin yung kakayahan natin kahit walang import,” Santos said. “Di bale nang matalo tayo na lumalaban.”

Santos is also hopeful that the incident will not turn off the fans of the PBA.

“Para sa akin, napakaraming senyales na binibigay nito sa lahat ng mga tagasubaybay ng PBA. Hindi ito ‘yung rason para tingnan natin na panget na halimbawa ‘yung players, o panget panoorin ang PBA,” he said.

“Sabi ko nga, ang PBA ay isang pamilya, ang team ay isang pamilya. Natural lang na may mangyayari na argument o pagtatalo,” Santos added.

“’Yung second chance nga napakalaking bagay noon, hindi lang siya (Balkman) pinalad na bigyan ng second chance ni Comm. (Salud). Sana kalimuntan na natin ‘yun, move on, forgiveness, peace of mind.”

03-14-2013, 03:38 PM
.ATLANTA – After crumpling to the court with a severely sprained left ankle that Kobe Bryant called his worst in the past 13 seasons, the Los Angeles Lakers' star guard could miss key games in the stretch run to make the playoffs.

The Lakers are the eighth seed in the Western Conference, and fighting to qualify for the postseason. The loss of Bryant from the lineup – or perhaps even him diminished and playing with pain – could seriously imperil the Lakers' chances.

The Lakers termed Bryant as "out indefinitely."

In the final moments of the Lakers' 96-92 loss to the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday night, Bryant missed a fadeaway baseline jumper and landed on the foot of Hawks defender Dahntay Jones. After X-rays came back negative on his ankle, Bryant was livid with what he believed had been a "dirty and dangerous" play on the part of Jones.

In an email to Yahoo! Sports late Wednesday night, Bryant said that Jones "threw his hip and lower body into mine on the shot. That's a foul with 100 percent certainty. Dirty and dangerous play. Doesn't belong in the game."

Kobe Bryant said his ankle injury was his worst in the past 13 years. (AP)Bryant believed Jones slid his foot underneath him on the shot, leaving him vulnerable on the landing. After Bryant had brought the Lakers within 93-92 with a 3-pointer with 18.2 seconds left, he missed an 18-foot shot with 3.9 seconds left that could've tied the game.

On his personal Twitter account, Jones tweeted, "…Tape doesn't lie. Ankle was turned on the floor after the leg kick out that knocked him off balance. I would never try to hurt the man."

[Also: Can the Heat top Lakers' all-time win streak?]

Jones suggested that Bryant's leg kick on the shot initiated the contact, tweeting in his own defense: "Leg kick that makes contact with a defensive player is an offense foul. Period. The NBA changed that rule two years ago. Stop it."

Asked if there was a way he could play in Friday's game against the Indiana Pacers, Bryant later responded in an email: "I don't know."

"I can't get my mind past the fact that I've got to wait a year to get revenge," Bryant said.

Bryant and Jones have history. As a member of the Denver Nuggets in the 2009 Western Conference finals, Jones was called on a flagrant foul for tripping Bryant.

[Also: Dwight Howard's return to Orlando proves liberating for Lakers]

"I think the officials need to protect players," Bryant said after the game. "Period."

The Lakers have been playing without All-Star forward Pau Gasol for six weeks. After tearing the plantar fascia of his right foot, Gasol has returned to workouts and possibly could return to the lineup in the next seven to 10 days.

03-20-2013, 03:45 PM
UAAP: Searching for Soc Rivera
Carlo Pamintuan, GMA NewsMarch 16, 2013 4:23pm

Once upon a time, Soc Rivera was slated to become the next Arwind Santos. The next Benjie Paras. The next Jervy Cruz. After what should be a successful collegiate career, his supposed next step was to take the PBA by storm and play regularly under bright lights.

Instead, despite being just 23, Soc Rivera is playing on a concrete court, after waiting for an hour for farmers to clear their harvest from it. He’s dominating, but only because the guys he’s playing against stand no taller than 5’9”. Once a star in the making, Soc Rivera became a footnote because of the rule he spawned.

It was because of that footnote that I sought him out. "The Soc Rivera rule," created allegedly in response to Rivera's actions, made it such that a student-athlete going from a UAAP high school to a different UAAP university, needed to secure clearance from the former, in order to play immediately for the latter, or be forced to sit out a year.

Since then, the rule has found its way back into conversations, after it had been modified to a solid two year sit-out period, with no option for the residency to be waived.

Soc Rivera was once seen as a future UAAP star. With a stellar two-year stint with the FEU-FERN Baby Tamaraws, Soc was supposed to move up to the seniors division and be a part of a championship team in the future for FEU.

But things did not quite pan out the way most expected it to. Soc opted to go to UP for college, and the UAAP board responded by creating the rule that bares his namesake, although he himself was not affected by it.

Most basketball writers didn't have a clue where he was. Some told me he might still be with UST. Another said he might be with Adamson. Finally, I was able to get in touch with former FEU Tamaraw Jens Knuttel, who still had Soc’s number.

Up until that time, it was hard for me to comprehend that this guy was actually Soc Rivera because he looked nothing like his version from six years ago. I scanned the room and saw on the top shelf of their TV rack a familiar sight. Gathering dust was a plaque that read UAAP Mythical Five. Basketball. Junior’s Division.

“Masyadong marami yung players ng FEU noon lalo na sa posisyon ko,” Soc said. “Naisip ko, kung lilipat ako sa UP, may playing time agad. Bata kami lahat at magagaling naman kami kaya akala ko kami yung magbabago sa basketball ng UP.” He was named as the next Arwind Santos, the long and lanky forward with good touch, but he decided being the next Benjie Paras was more appealing.

Even if they lost their first couple of games, things looked promising for the UP Maroons. Their early struggles were charged to the fact that they were composed of mostly rookies. But when the losses mounted, the painful reality dawned on Soc.

“Ang sipag kong magtrabaho noon. Hindi mo ako kayang pagurin,” Soc said. “Pero nasiraan talaga ako ng loob nung nag 0-14 kami. Nawalan ako ng gana.”

The UP basketball program needed an overhaul, and a part of that was replacing their head coach. “Nagdalawang isip ako nung umalis si coach Joe Lipa kasi siya talaga yung nag-recruit sa akin,” he said. “Tapos nung nabalitaan ko na bumubuo ng team sa San Sebastian na maraming Kapampangan, naisip kong lumipat.”

He only spent a semester in San Sebastian as he quickly figured out there was no place for him in the line-up.
Soc packed up his bags and moved to España. After establishing residency, he was supposed to play for the UST Growling Tigers in 2010. It was the perfect situation for him. Back then, the Tigers only had Chris Camus as their big man, which meant Soc will get a lot of time on the floor. In the preseason, Soc started alongside Camus, Jeric Fortuna, Jeric Teng, and Clark Bautista to form a dangerous five because they could all shoot.

“Gusto ko talaga bumalik yung dating kundisyon ko kaya nag extra work ako sa UST,” Soc said. “Ang mga ka-dorm ko kasi sa track and field kaya pag gumigising sila ng maaga, ginigising na rin nila ako. Shot-put yung training ko noon kaya pag-basketball na, parang ang gaan ng bola.”

After redshirting a year with UST, Soc was finally ready to play. During the summer break, he was invited to a 21-and-under league in Aklan. He helped his team win the championship, but tragedy struck after their celebration. Soc headed home riding a motorcycle when a kid suddenly crossed the street. He steered right to avoid hitting the kid which caused him to crash. It was a bloody accident with his right eye taking most of the damage.

The back-to-back operations he had in Aklan and in Pampanga saved his sight but left scars all over his eye. The silver lining was that he did not break any bones, which allowed him to head back onto the court after the wounds healed.

Soc looked genuinely happy when he talked about his experience with UST. He was enjoying basketball again and he was out to cash in on this second opportunity. He stood up and opened a cabinet. Under a box containing various basketball awards, he showed me a newspaper cutout that had a picture of the Growling Tigers. He wore a blue jersey and stood right beside UST coach Pido Jarencio.

“Gusto ko sa UST kasi magaling si coach Pido. Di ka lang talaga puwedeng matakot pag sinigawan ka niya,” Soc said. “Kahit mukhang inaatake na siya sa kakasigaw at kahit lumalabas na yung ugat niya sa leeg, dapat di mo papakitang natatakot ka. Kahit pangit yung laro mo, basta pakita mo yung tapang, ikaw pa yung a-apiran niya.”

He thought he was in the perfect situation, but just when he expected to restart his career, Rivera was floored by some bad news. “Kulang daw yung papers na sinubmit ko,” Soc said. “Masyado nang malapit sa season kaya wala na akong oras para makumpleto.”

Instead of being patient, completing his papers, and sitting out another year, Soc decided to move on yet again. This time, he joined the Emilio Aguinaldo College Generals. As if on cue, another incident prevented Soc from playing. One of his friends on the team had a scuffle with their Malaysian import. Even if he wasn’t a part of the fight, Soc was kicked out of the school because he was in the room when it happened.

Frustrated, confused, and near his breaking point, Soc reunited with his FEU-FERN coach at the Technological Institute of the Philippines. One last try. One last push. Soc knew that he was far from being in game shape, so he challenged himself and rededicated his life to basketball.

“Bago mag-start practice naming sa TIP, nagsh-shooting na ako,” Soc recalled. “Pagkatapos nun, three hours na practice at scrimmage.” After practice, Soc would work with one of the assistant coaches to push himself to game shape, which usually meant an hour of running and another hour of various exercises.

“Sobrang init sa gym namin tapos naubusan na kami ng tubig,” he shared. “Nung malapit nang matapos training namin, sumakit bigla yung ulo ko. Di ko rin maramdaman yung kamay ko, parang manhid na.” After asking to be excused, Soc ran to the comfort room where he threw up. It got so bad that he was rushed to the hospital.

“Bago daw ako makapaglaro ulit, kailangan kong magpa-MRI,” he said. An MRI would cost 22,000 pesos, an amount that Soc and his family didn’t have. They asked for help from the school, they told him they couldn’t do anything because he wasn’t officially enrolled yet, so he wasn’t technically their athlete, even if he was already representing the school in different leagues.

“Sinabi ko na lang sa kanila na kung wala silang budget para tulungan ako, maiintindihan ko, uuwi na lang ako,” Soc lamented. “Wala naman akong magagawa e.”

After trips to UP, San Sebastian, UST, EAC, and TIP, and after taking courses in Physical Education, Management, and Education, Soc Rivera went back home defeated. Now, most of his waking hours are spent at home taking care of roosters, looking for jobs, or daydreaming of what could have been.

Soc would sometimes find his way back into his old high school while playing for different commercial leagues. “Pag bumibisita ako dun, sinasabi sa mga current players na dati akong player kaya nirerespeto naman nila ako,” Soc said. “Yung isa nga sa kanila binigyan pa ako ng sapatos, yung pinanglalaro ko ngayon.”

Those trips to FEU-FERN must have been cruel for Soc. This place witnessed the apex of Soc’s career. Now, it’ll have to witness Soc while he’s at rock bottom. Those trips remind him of what he had, and also taunt him with glimpses of what could have been.

“Mas napaganda siguro yung career ko kung di na ako umalis sa FEU,” Soc admitted. “Magaling talaga sila mag-develop ng players. Nagkamali siguro ako na playing time agad sa UP ang inisip ko.”

Soc Rivera took the last spoonful of his halo-halo and stared blankly at the wall. “Baka ako yung nasa lugar ni Aldrech Ramos ngayon.”

He knows it is too late for him. He can’t go back and patch things up with FEU anymore. But at this moment, he wants one person in particular to learn from his mistakes.

“Isipin mong mabuti,” is Soc’s advice for Jerie Pingoy, FEU's bluechip rookie who is expected to transfer to Ateneo. “Sa two years na yun, di mo alam kung anong mangyayari sayo. Puwedeng mainjure ka o magkakasakit ka o di magdedevelop yung laro mo.”

Soc knows this because he’s speaking from experience. His career went nowhere by moving away from FEU. He didn’t even sit out a year. Now all athletes switching schools, starting with Pingoy, will need to sit out two.

“Bakit di mo pa i-grab yung opportunity sa FEU di ba?” Soc said. “Maganda naman yung record nila sa pag-develop ng players kaya siguradong gagaling ka naman dun.”

Soc Rivera’s career was built on his choices. Move from FEU-FERN to UP. Leave UP for San Sebastian. Pass up on a golden opportunity with UST. Now, at what sadly is the twilight of his basketball career at the very young age of 23, he needs to make another big decision yet again.

“Soc said just before we parted. “I don’t want to end it yet.”

03-23-2013, 10:42 PM
Pacers vs Rockets in preview of NBA pre-season game in Manila
Posted at 03/23/2013 6:25 PM | Updated as of 03/23/2013 6:27 PM

MANILA -- The Indiana Pacers will be playing the Houston Rockets next week at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas in a preview of what’s going to happen in Manila in October.

The Pacers, currently at the top of the Central Division, bring with them the smooth chemistry forged between their veterans and talented young players. Indiana has a firm grip on the top spot with a 5-game lead over second place Chicago Bulls.

The Rockets, powered by James “The Beard” Harden and “Linsanity” Jeremy Lin, hope to fight all the way to the end of the regular season to clinch sixth or at least seventh spot in the playoffs.

Harden played with a group of NBA stars in Manila last October 2011. Since then, Harden has played in the 2012 NBA finals (against Miami Heat), won the Sixth Man of the Year Award, and made his first NBA All-Star.

Indiana, which last played in the NBA Finals in 2000 against the Los Angeles Lakers, will show what makes them division contenders again this year.

The Indiana vs Houston game is on March 27 (March 28, 9:00 a.m. Manila Time) and will be available on NBA League Pass.

Fans can purchase the individual game with NBA League pass, live or on-demand. Learn more at nba.com/leaguepass.

In October 2013, the two teams will head to Manila for their pre-season war. The game is set to take place at the Mall of Asia Arena on October 10.

It will be the first time that two NBA teams will play a pre-season game in the Philippines.


03-31-2013, 04:29 PM
Bobby Parks remembered in Twitterverse
By Alder Almo (philstar.com) | Updated March 31, 2013 - 12:00am

MANILA, Philippines -- Shortly after the news broke out that PBA legendary import Bobby Parks, Sr. has passed away, the Twitterverse exploded with tweets of honor and respect.

Coaches, players and fans all shared their testimonies of the 51-year old legend, who won an unprecedented seven Best Import awards during his 12-year career in the PBA that started in San Miguel in 1987 before moving to Shell, and sympathies to his family especially his son Bobby Ray, Jr.

Dark Knight
04-05-2013, 12:13 PM

04-07-2013, 09:41 PM
Lady Eagles off the a flyer in V-League as guest player Daquis quick to fit in
By Reuben Terrado

April 07, 2013, 04:16 pm

Rachel Ann Daquis of Ateneo tips the ball past Jessey De Leon and Loren Lantin of UST.
ATENEO cruised to an easy 25-23, 25-23, 25-20 win over University of Santo Tomas in the opening game of the Shakey’s V-League Season 10 First Conference on Sunday at the jampacked The Arena in San Juan.

Alyssa Valdez tallied 22 points for the Lady Eagles, who adjusted well to the entry of Rachel Anne Daquis as their guest player and the absence of UAAP mainstays Dzi Gervacio and Gretchen Ho.

“Four days pa lang kami nag-papractice with Rachel kaya nangagapa pa kami with each other,” said Ateneo coach Roger Gorayeb. “Hindi katulad ng UST, guest player nila player din naman ng UST.

“’Yung relationship nandoon pa din, ’yung kay Rachel, malaking adjustment. Luckily, nakapag-adjust naman kami,” Gorayeb added.

But the Lady Eagles didn’t really look like a team still trying to find their way around with a new player, as they sprung to a 23-19 lead after the Tigresses closed in at 18-17.

Ateneo won the second set 25-23 but not after UST came to within 24-23.

The Lady Eagles overtook the Tigresses with Valdez scoring six consecutive points to grab the lead, 17-12, in the third.

Daquis, the former Far Eastern University star in the UAAP, had 12 points in his debut in blue and white.

UST guest player Aiza Maizo had 12 points while Carmela Tunay added 10 markers for the Tigresses, who failed to mount a comeback in the third due to errors.

04-10-2013, 10:30 AM
"Daquis, the former Far Eastern University star in the UAAP, had 12 points in his debut in blue and white."

Rocky Daquis?

Dark Knight
04-11-2013, 10:49 AM
probably too much coffee while writing that article.

05-22-2013, 06:47 PM
Santos and Company's presence in Gilas practice fans hopes of late call-up
By Snow Badua

May 21, 2013, 11:05 pm

Arwind Santos joined Gilas' practice on Tuesday and fellow PBA stars Beau Belga, Paul Lee, Jay-R Reyes, Alex Cabagnot, KG Canaleta , Denok Miranda and Chris Tiu will follow suit in the coming days

DON’T be surprised if you see new faces in every Gilas Pilipinas practice these days.

With most of the members of the Gilas pool still on vacation after a draining Commissioner’s Cup playoffs, national coach Chot Reyes has tapped a new group of PBA stars to join the practices as it begins its final buildup for the Fiba-Asia Men’s Basketball Championship.

Petron star Arwind Santos was the first non-pool member to join Gilas’ practice on Tuesday afternoon, and Reyes said Beau Belga, Paul Lee, Jay-R Reyes, Alex Cabagnot, KG Canaleta , Denok Miranda and Chris Tiu will follow suit in the coming days.

“Yung ibang players kasi namin (sa Gilas) hindi pa available. Kulang kami. Pingapapahinga pa yung ibang injured players ng Talk ‘N Text. Kaya madalas six players lang kami sa practice,” said Reyes, who sought the help of PBA Commissioner Chito Salud for additional players.

“Last week, sinulatan ko yung PBA. Humingi ako ng tulong sa kanila. Kasi alam kong marami akong hindi available. Kailangan ko nang i-practice yung iba,” he added.

Asked if the arrival of the new players has opened the door for more players making the pool from where Gilas’ Fiba-Asia team will be formed, Reyes said: “Never naman tayo nagsara ng pool.”

Pressed for a more concrete answer, the five-time Coach of the Year awardee continued: “Hindi natin masasabi yun. Pero syempre, kailangang makita natin yung consistency nila (new invitees) sa practice.”

The set-up of having ‘guest players’ in the Gilas practices will be in effect until the team leaves for Lithuania on June 2, Reyes said.

Dark Knight
06-04-2013, 04:00 PM
Lady Tams, Bulldogs win titles
By MST Sports | Posted on Jun. 04, 2013 at 12:01am | 118 views

Far Eastern University and defending champion National University posted contrasting victories over Lyceum University of the Philippines and Olivarez College respectively, in the winner-tkes-all finals of the Collegiate Athletic League last Sunday at the TrInity University of Asia.

FEU completed its Cinderella finish, beating University of Sto. Tomas twice in the semifinals to make it to the championship round against last year’s champion LPU, which swept the qualifying round of the tournament backed by Comm. Aiko Thomson-Guevara of the Philippine Sports Commission and Krooberg Outdoor Gear.

The Lady Tamaraws trailed the Lady Pirates from the start and were behind, 36-41, with seven minutes left in the final quarter, until Most Valuable Player Camille Sambile joined hands with Ana Valenzona to give FEU the lead for the first time, 43-42, with a little over two minutes left.

FEU was ahead by just a point, 50-49, with 16 seconds left, but the Lady Pirates failed to convert and lost possession with three ticks left, allowing the Lady Tams to escape with the win.

Sambile and Arlene Gesalan topscored for FEU with 13 points each, while Valenzona contributed 8.

Mheann Vasquez led the lady Pirates with 18 points, while Cabinbin had 10 markers.

Camille and Vasquez, together with FEU’s Vangie Soriano, Adamson University’s Sara Boot and Marian Mejia from UST made it to the Mythical Five selection.

It was a totally different story in the men’s finals as NU exploded for a 19-0 run at the start of the third quarter to transform a 22-30 deficit into a 49-22 lead.

The Bulldogs, led by Most Valuable Player Renen Selda, who scored 13 points, were never threatened en route to an easy 67 – 50 victory to win the crown.

“Olivarez defeated us by around 20 points in the elimination round and we learned from that and made adjustments, “ said NU coach Jey Guanio.

Selda also made it to the Mythical Five with Sea Lions Michael Villar and Mark Guillen, Joshua Alcober from TUA, and Enderun’s Ervin Maravilla.

Krooberg’s Raul Roque and Julius Penaranda from the organizing LAN Sports and Events presented the trophies to the winning teams.


Dark Knight
06-04-2013, 04:01 PM

06-08-2013, 07:16 AM

06-08-2013, 11:34 AM
D-Day is here
SPORTING CHANCE By Joaquin M. Henson (The Philippine Star) | Updated June 6, 2013 - 12:00am

The day of reckoning has come. It’s D-Day or Draw Day, for the FIBA-Asia Championships and the proceedings will begin at 1:30 this afternoon at the Centennial Ballroom of the Manila Hotel with FIBA-Asia secretary-general Hagop Khajirian of Lebanon supervising the lottery.

The draw will situate the 16 countries participating in the 27th edition of the biennial competition to be held here on Aug. 1-11. The tournament will mark the third staging of the event in Manila since its inception in 1960. Manila hosted the 1960 and 1973 jousts with the Philippines winning both. Whether Manila will keep its unblemished record intact as FIBA-Asia host remains to be seen. It will be 40 years since Manila last hosted the event and 28 years since the Philippines last captured the FIBA-Asia title in Malaysia in 1985 with coach Ron Jacobs.

Local organizing committee deputy chief executive officer Moying Martelino confirmed the other day that a “pure” draw will be held, meaning a random lottery of 15 teams excluding the Philippines which as host, has the prerogative to choose which group to join. In the past, a “modified” draw was conducted to locate the top four seeds in one group each so as to avoid an early clash of favorites. With a “modified” draw, the top four seeds based on last year’s FIBA-Asia Cup standings will be spread out to Groups A, B, C and D. The top four seeds would be Iran, Japan, Qatar and China in that order. But with a “pure” draw, it’s theoretically possible for the top four seeds to be in the same bracket.

* * * *

Gilas Pilipinas coach Chot Reyes was taken aback by the switch to a “pure” draw as he had studied various combinations and permutations under the assumption of a “modified” system before leaving for training camp in Lithuania last Sunday. But a “pure” draw may not necessarily be disadvantageous to the Philippines. It could mean the top favorites eliminating each other early and clearing the way for the Philippines to clean up. Whether the draw is “pure” or “modified,” the Philippines will pick 13th in the lottery or after 12 teams will have been situated in the four groups. That will make it easier for the Philippines to choose which group to join after assessing the balance of power in each bracket. The “pure” system leaves everything to the so-called “luck of the draw.”

There will be two boxes on stage for the draw. One box will contain 15 Molten “mascot” miniature rubber basketballs representing 15 countries while the other will contain four similar basketballs representing Groups A, B, C and D. Khajirian will draw first from one box to announce a country then draw from the other box to announce the match for a group. Every drawn ball will be removed from its box. After the four balls are drawn from the group box, they will be returned to the box to continue the draw for the next round. As soon as the Philippines exercises its right to pick the group to join, the ball representing that group will be removed from the group box to complete the last three draws.

Dean's Corner ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1 The preliminary round of the tournament will feature each team playing groupmates once. The top three teams in each group move up to the next round while the last placers are struck out. The 12 survivors will then be reclassified into two groups of six. The six teams from Groups A and B will make up a new group while the six teams from Groups C and D will comprise another new group. Each team plays one game against other teams not in its original group carrying over records from the preliminaries except with the eliminated teams. The top four countries in each group advance to play in the knockout crossover quarterfinals. The top four move on to the knockout semifinals with the winners disputing the championship and the losers vying for the third and last ticket to the FIBA World Cup in Spain next year.

The key is to survive the knockout quarterfinals and for the Philippines, it’s critical to match up against a team that is conveniently beatable. Once a team is in the semifinals, it gains two chances to win once for a ticket to Spain. That’s because even if a team loses in the semifinals, it gets a crack at the bronze by playing off against the other semifinal loser. The homecourt advantage will surely play a role in buoying up the spirits of Gilas if and when the national team enters the semifinals.

In the draw, 14 of the 16 teams are confirmed to participate. Only the two countries from Southeast Asia are up in the air with the qualifying tournament to be played among Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore in Medan on June 20-23. Representing South Asia is India which clinched the only slot from its sub-zone by whipping Afghanistan, 64-46, in New Delhi last Tuesday. India earlier crushed Nepal, 109-26. Central Asia is bannered by Kazakhstan which trounced Uzbekistan, 80-60, in a one-game eliminator in Astana last May 7.

* * * *

South Korea, China, Japan, Hong Kong and Chinese-Taipei will represent East Asia which had its qualifications in Incheon last May 16-21. South Korea beat China, 79-68, in the finals but the Chinese didn’t send top players Wang Zhizhi, Yi Jianlian, Sun Yue, Liu Wei and Wang Shipeng. Japan defeated Hong Kong, 87-71 and Chinese-Taipei booked the last ticket to Manila by ousting Mongolia, 94-86.

The Gulf is represented by Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The sub-zone qualifiers were held in Bahrain last Sept. 30-Oct. 6 as Qatar topped the five-team competition with a perfect 4-0 record, beating Saudi Arabia, 66-60, United Arab Emirates, 81-62, Oman, 97-40 and Bahrain, 74-64. West Asia is represented by Iran, Lebanon and Jordan which competed in the four-team qualifiers in Tehran last February. Iran was unscathed, repulsing Iraq, 94-61, Jordan, 93-55 and Lebanon, 100-86, in overtime.

At the 2011 FIBA-Asia Championships in Wuhan, the Philippines finished fourth after losing a 70-68 cliffhanger to South Korea in the battle for third. China edged Jordan, 70-69, for the title and the right to represent Asia at the 2012 London Olympics. Iran wound up fifth but came back strong to capture the FIBA-Asia Cup crown in Tokyo where Japan came in second, Qatar third, the Philippines fourth and China fifth last September.


06-10-2013, 01:29 PM
Meron bang male equivalent ang muse? In the attached pic of the women's basketball team, bakit muse ang kasama at hindi yung male version? Sa Shakey's VLeague opening ceremonies, may kasama bang "muse" ang mga teams?

06-16-2013, 05:46 AM
Escort yata ang twag dun.. haha

06-16-2013, 06:56 AM
Harden, Gordon to visit PH for NBA 3-on3
Posted at 06/14/2013 10:21 PM | Updated as of 06/14/2013 10:21 PM

MANILA – Houston Rocket’s James Harden and New Orleans Pelicans' Eric Gordon will be visiting the Philippines for the NBA 3X event at the SM Mall of Asia on July 26-28, the NBA announced on Friday.

NBA 3X Philippines 2013 marks Harden’s first of two trips Harden will make to Manila this year, which will also include the first-ever NBA Global Games Philippines 2013 in October.

The NBA All-Star steered the Rockets to the NBA Playoffs for the first time since the 2008-09 NBA Season, leading the team in scoring (26.33 PPG), assists (4.50 APG) and steals (2.00 SPG) during their postseason run.

“I’m excited to return to the Philippines to be a part of NBA 3X,” said James Harden. “Filipinos have an unmatched passion for basketball and I look forward to meeting the fans and catching some of the best basketball talent the country has to offer”.

Gordon, meanwhile, averaged 16.98 PPG, 3.26 APG and 1.83 RPG over the course of the 2012-13 NBA Season for the New Orleans Pelicans (formerly New Orleans Hornets).

NBA 3X Philippines 2013, presented by Sprite, will also have free fan activities including a slam dunk contest, basketball clinics, 3-point shootouts, skills challenges and autograph sessions.

There will be performances by the Indiana Pacers’ dance team the Pacemates, Memphis Grizzlies’ mascot Grizz, live bands and DJs, as well as NBA merchandise giveaways.

The competitive 3-on-3 tournament features groups for boys under-18, under-16, and under-13, and for girls under-18 and under-16. There will also be an open category for both men and women.

Registration for NBA 3X Philippines 2013 presented by Sprite begins June 20, on a first-come first-serve basis, and will run till July 12 or until all slots are full.

NBA 3X Philippines 2012 saw record levels of demand with over 250 teams on the waitlist vying to get a spot into the tournament. As a result, the Philippine International Convention Center has been added as a second venue to accommodate more teams.

“The ongoing support from our Filipino fans is amazing and helps bring our game to life through NBA 3X presented by Sprite,” said Carlo Singson, Philippines Country Manager, NBA Asia. “Our passionate fans follow the NBA all season long on TV, NBA.com and through social media, and we are excited to bring NBA 3X Philippines back as a prelude to our first-ever NBA Global Games Philippines 2013 this October.”

“We are excited to continue on this journey with the NBA and establish the NBA 3X Philippines presented by Sprite as a marquee event in the Philippines," said Jing Atienza, Sprite Group Brand Manager at Coca-Cola Philippines. “Sprite and the NBA are long time partners and this is a great event for the whole family to come out and enjoy.”

Along with presenting partner Sprite, official partners of NBA 3X Philippines 2013 include adidas, KFC and Phoenix Petroleum. Official NBA broadcasters are SOLARtv Network Incorporated (Basketball TV and NBA Premium TV) and Studio 23. X-Play Online Games Inc. (X-Play) and PhilStar.com will act as official media partners, while Spalding, SM Mall of Asia and SM Cinemas will act as supporting partners.

All participants of the NBA 3X Philippines 2013 presented by Sprite will receive a jersey and NBA sling bag. There will also be prizes for the winner of each division. Registration fees for the age divisions run at Php1,000 per team, and for open divisions at Php1,600 pesos per team.

Including the Philippines, NBA 3X will be conducted in 14 countries outside of the US this summer.

06-18-2013, 06:44 PM
Escort yata ang twag dun.. hahaBakit yung mga kilala kong "Escort" eh mga kababaihan?

Dark Knight
06-23-2013, 05:18 PM
San ka kumukuha boss ng escort? Tip naman dyan.

06-25-2013, 01:24 PM
depende sa kukuha ng Escort boys n gurls pde.

07-12-2013, 09:56 PM
NBA mania hits fever pitch as LeBron James set for Manila visit on July 23
By Snow Badua

July 12, 2013, 03:53 pm

NBA mania is set to hit fever-pitch in the country when Miami Heat superstar LeBron James comes over for a one-day visit on July 23.

The two-time NBA champion and four-time league MVP will make an appearance at the Mall of Asia Arena during the whirlwind visit dubbed 'WitnessHistory' which will form part of his Asian tour, according to apparel giant Nike.

According to Nike, fans can get special passes to the MOA event that will be distributed free, on a first-come, first-served basis, at the Nike Park at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig on Wednesday (July 17) at 12 noon.

The Miami Heat star will hold a fans' day at the MOA Arena, but all the other details of his visit are still being kept under wraps.

James' visit will highlight months of NBA mania in this basketball-crazy nation, which will also host Chicago Bulls star and adidas endorser Derrick Rose from September 14 to 16 and its first NBA preseason game, pitting the Indiana Pacers and the Houston Rockets, on October 10.

On the other hand, Houston Rockets star James Harden and Eric Gordon of the New Orleans Pelicans are scheduled to come over on July 26.

News of James' visit immediately stirred excitement on social media on Friday, with Rain or Shine Elasto Painter and fellow Nike endorser Paul Lee expressing hope of meeting his idol.

“Syempre, kung may chance gusto kong makita si Lebron, para makita ko lang. Saka syempre sikat yun, kaya papa-picture din ako pag may chance,” laughed Lee.

Another Nike endorser, Ronald Tubid, was surprised when told about the arrival of James.

“Darating nga si Lebron? Aba OK yan ah,” said Tubid.

07-17-2013, 01:43 PM
Kobe Bryant coming back to Manila in August
By Celest R. Flores
11:38 am | Wednesday, July 17th, 2013 4 153 19

Kobe Bryant. AP FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines—NBA superstar Kobe Bryant — who has visited the country numerous times — is coming back to Manila next month, a mobile phone company announced.

The Los Angeles star guard is scheduled to visit on August 12, according to Lenovo Mobile Philippines in a post on its official Facebook account.

“Kobe Bryant is coming back to Manila! Mark this date, August 12, 2013,” the post read, along with a photo of Bryant with the phrase “Walang Iwanan.”

No additional details of Bryant’s promotional tour have been provided as of this posting.

Lenovo Mobile tapped Bryant to be its endorser earlier this year to enhance the brand’s market reach in China and Southeast Asia.

Bryant was last in the country in 2011 for a Nike event and for a couple of exhibition games with fellow NBA players.

07-17-2013, 01:47 PM
Long wait over as fans get LeBron tickets
By Aldo Avinante, Philippine Star
Posted at 07/17/2013 12:59 PM | Updated as of 07/17/2013 12:59 PM

ABS-CBN News' TJ Manotoc posted this photo of the fans lining up at the Bonifacio High Street in Taguig on Wednesday morning to claim free tickets to LeBron James' Manila tour on July 23MANILA, Philippines – The LeBron James fever is in full effect and the basketball crazed-Philippines is not an exception as Nike Philippines gave away tickets Wednesday for James’ “Witness History” Manila tour on July 23.

Fans have camped out as early as 7 p.m. Monday night at the Nike Park at the Bonifacio High Street in Taguig for the tickets, which were eventually released at 10 a.m. Wednesday.

"Monday night there were about seven people already then another three followed. After that the numbers just grew," Rick Santiago, head of security for the event, told philstar.com.

An estimated 6,000 people lined up for the tickets to the four-time NBA MVP’s first-ever Manila. Despite the huge turnout, the ticket-giving went out smoothly and without trouble.

"The event was peaceful. People just fell in line to get their tickets. All of them are excited for LeBron and hopefully they get to enjoy their experience," Santiago added.

Godwin Alba, the last person in the line, was one of the fans who lined up Tuesday but was fortunate enough to get a stub to claim his ticket.

"Once in a lifetime ito, sakripisyo na din. Matagal ko nang idol si LeBron kaya worth it lahat ng hirap," he said.

Nike Philippines prepared about 4,000 tickets to be given free on a in a first-come, first-served basis.

“Witness History” is going to take place the Mall of Asia Arena.

James and the Miami Heat recently copped their second straight NBA championship last season in an epic seven-game series against the San Antonio Spurs

07-23-2013, 04:00 PM
LeBron James turns on the charm, says maiden Manila visit won't be his last
By Richard Dy

July 23, 2013, 01:45 pm

“Absolutely, coach Spo (Erik Spoelstra) told me all about it (Manila experience). It’s very exciting to be part of such (basketball) culture,” says a giggling LeBron James during the press conference. Jerome Ascano

NBA superstar Lebron James turned on the charm in his appearance before mediamen on Tuesday, paying tribute to his Fil-American coach at Miami, Erik Spoelstra, and assuring his fans that his maiden visit to the Philippines will certainly not be his last.

Wearing a simple Nike shirt and a broad smile across his face, the two-time NBA champion and four-time MVP said frequent Manila visitor Spoelstra briefed him on what to expect in his visit to this basketball-crazy nation.

“Absolutely, coach Spo told me all about it (Manila experience). It’s very exciting to be part of such (basketball) culture,” James said as cameras flashed inside the Makati Shangri-La's Rizal ballroom.

Arriving an hour late for the press conference, James appeared in a brief one-on-one interview with sports anchor Boom Gonzales before more than 150 mediamen that packed the ballroom which was adorned by an all-black stage bearing the NBA star's huge image.

James said he intends to repay the electrifying welcome he received on Tuesday by imparting whatever he had gained through his years of NBA experience that included back-to-back championships with the Heat.

“Can't believe this is my first time here but definitely this is not gonna be my last,” said the 28-year-old Heat star, as the crowd erupted in wild cheers.

Even before he could emerge, a large crowd of mediamen and plain fans awaited at the hotel lobby, with die-hard fans wearing Nike apparels or bringing items which they hope James could sign in his brief appearance with the press in the Heat’s star very first Manila visit dubbed “Witness History."

The 6’8” NBA superstar said winning a second NBA title is harder, especially against a battle-tested team like the San Antonio Spurs.

In fact, James said he had to go through the emotional highs and lows of the NBA playoffs, which he claimed is five times tougher than the regular season.

“Both the two championship runs were emotionally draining because you go from one series to the next. The next game to the (other) game. A playoff game is five times more difficult than (in) the regular season,” he added.

“But the emotions ran high and ran low at times. Throughout the whole series, my first year we lost to OKC (Oklahoma City Thunder) in Game One. My emotions went low, but after that game I showed my emotions.

“And this year, I was up the whole time, I knew the hard work and how well they played, but I’m just glad we were able to accomplish the goal."

After James’ brief media appearance, he went straight to the Nike Park at the Bonifacio Global City, the same outlet where 7,000 basketball fans gathered for two days last week to get free tickets to the `Witness History’ tour courtesy of Nike.

The Miami Heat superstar will be capping the day with a personal appearance at the Mall of Asia Arena where he’s expected to grace a skills challenge involving some local Nike endorsers, among other events.

The MOA Arena activity is set at 4 p.m.

James is set to leave Manila by Wednesday morning.

07-24-2013, 06:17 PM
After hectic day, LeBron James never too tired to work on game at MOA Arena
By Reuben Terrado

July 24, 2013, 01:08 pm

After the 'Witness History' tour, NBA superstar LeBron James stayed behind at the MOA Arena to stretch and work on his shot for around 20 minutes, says sportscaster Boom Gonzales. Jerome Ascano

THE crowd had emptied at the Mall of Asia Arena but LeBron James was still there, never too tired to work on his shot and his game after a long, hectic day.

Sportscaster Boom Gonzales tweeted photos of the Miami Heat superstar stretching and, later on, shooting hoops without the bright lights of the Pasay arena right after his ‘Witness History’ Philippine Tour on Tuesday.

“So lebron decided to come back out on the court to practice his shooting after everyone has left!,” tweeted Gonzales, who hosted the historic one-day event organized by Nike Philippines.

Gonzales reported on his @gamedaywithboom Twitter account that James worked out for at least 20 minutes.

James had a hectic Tuesday that also saw him attend a press conference in the morning, head to Nike Park at the Bonifacio Global City for another event, and give countless interviews in between.

Even players who took part in the event tweeted about James’ workout.

“Nothin like seein the 4 time MVP @KingJames do court work AFTER the #WITNESSHistory event! #Respect,” wrote Talk ‘N Text star Jimmy Alapag on his Twitter account @JAlapag3.

PBA player Sean Anthony wrote: “Supposedly Lebron game lifted at 6am did all his events all day then shot around for 1 hour after. That's dedication and why he's the best”

For GALLERY of LeBron's visit, see James turns on the heat

James left on Wednesday morning and tweeted a parting message to his Filipino fans.

07-24-2013, 06:18 PM
LeBron James ✔ @KingJames
What a great experience here in Manila Philippines!! Thanks for welcoming me with open arms, will never forget it #WitnessHistory #Inspire10:52 AM - 24 Jul 2013

Dark Knight
09-06-2013, 01:02 PM

former FEU Lady Tams Morada, Penaranda, Jose, Taganas and Dela Pena all playing for Meralco at Shakey's V League

09-23-2013, 05:23 PM
Lisa Macuja performs in Ballet Manila's 'Carmen' at FEU

September 19, 2013 2:10pm

Far Eastern University (FEU), through its President’s Committee on Culture (PCC), is proud to present Ballet Manila’s production of “Carmen,” featuring the Philippines’ first prima ballerina and the company’s current Artistic Director, Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, in one of her final performances on 25 September 2013, 3 p.m. at the historic FEU Auditorium.

Featuring music by Georges Bizet and Rodion Shchedrin, the ballet is a poignant retelling of Prosper Mérimée’s classic novella about an ambitious and manipulative woman whose lust for life, love and luxury ended in bitter heartbreak and misfortune. Macuja-Elizalde, playing the titular role, will also be joined by a host of Ballet Manila’s talents.

With choreography by Eric V. Cruz, Ballet Manila’s first artistic director, the production is part of Macuja-Elizalde’s “Swan Song Series.” The prominent ballerina is set to retire at the end of 2013.

"We at FEU are deeply honored to host Ballet Manila and Ms. Lisa Macuja-Elizalde in one of her farewell performances,” said Martin Lopez, director of the FEU-PCC. “Indeed, this production of 'Carmen' featuring Ms. Macuja-Elizalde is one of the reasons FEU's cultural season for the school year is entitled 'Debuts and Farewells'.”

The first foreign soloist to be invited to join the prestigious Kirov Ballet—now known as the Mariinsky Ballet—Macuja-Elizalde has collected numerous awards during her illustrious career, including the Pearl of the Orient Award and the Gawad Buhay Awards for the Performing Arts in 2008. She was conferred the Order of International Friendship by Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2001 and was part of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World in 1997 and the Ten Outstanding Young Filipinos in 1995.

Ballet Manila’s “Carmen” is part of FEU's 2013-2014 cultural season which carries the theme "Debuts and Farewells." The performance is free and open to the public. For more information, please call FEU President’s Committee on Culture at 736-4897 or visit www.facebook.com/FEU-PCC.

Press release from FEU

10-18-2013, 09:48 PM
Santos gets MVP nod while Abueva earns ROY honors

October 18, 2013 7:36pm

Petron Blaze Boosters Arwind Santos not only won MVP, he also had spots on the Mythical Five and All-Defensive squad. KC Cruz

Arwind Santos was named Most Valuable Player at the 2013 PBA Leo Awards held at the MOA Arena before game four of the 2013 Governors Cup finals series between the Petron Blaze Boosters and the San Mig Coffee Mixers.

Santos led Petron with a season average of 12.92 points, 8.77 rebounds, 1.08 assists, 1.00 steals and 1.02 blocks.

Calvin Abueva of the Alaska Aces meanwhile bagged the Rookie of the Year honors, as the former San Sebastian standout and 2012 second overall pick logged 12.25 points, 9.37 rebounds, 1.82 assists, 0.90 steals, 0.76 blocks in his freshman year.

The league also announced that fellow Ace Jvee Casio is the Sportsmanship Award winner for the second straight year, while Air21's KG Canaleta got the Most Improved Player award with 16.72 points, 5.33 rebounds, and 1.28 assists.

The PBA also chose Arwind Santos, Calvin Abueva, Barangay Ginebra's LA Tenorio, and Talk 'N Text teammates Ranidel de Ocampo and Jayson Castro as members of the First Mythical Team.

The Second Mythical Team consisted of Marc Pingris (San Mig Coffee), June Mar Fajardo (Petron Blaze), Sonny Thoss (Alaska), Alex Cabagnot (Petron), and Cyrus Baguio (Alaska).

The All-Defensive Team meanwhile was comprised of Pingris, Santos, Thoss, Petron's Marcio Lassiter, and Rain or Shine's Gabe Norwood. - RAF/AMD, GMA News

10-18-2013, 10:03 PM
Santos reminded of rags-to-riches story as he accepts first MVP award in PBA

By Celest R. Flores
9:45 pm | Friday, October 18th, 2013

MANILA, Philippines — For Arwind Santos, the long overdue Most Valuable Player award added more color to his inspiring rags-to-riches tale.

After a fine seven-year career in the PBA which saw him bag two Best Player of the Conference citations and a finals MVP plum, Santos cemented his legacy with his first MVP award.

“Maraming salamat po sa award. Nabigyan po ng kulang ang buhay ko [Thank you so much for this. This gave color to my life],” said Santos in his acceptance speech.

Santos nipped Ginebra guard LA Tenorio by just 21 points in a collated tally of statistical points, votes from media, players and PBA office.

He also stretched his record of making the mythical first team and all-defensive team for the sixth straight year, according to the PBA head statistician Fidel Mangonon.

As he was stepped off the stage at the Mall of Asia Arena, Santos knelt on the court and lifted the trophy and pointed up to the sky.

He said he was reminded of how he turned from selling scraps (bakal bote), working at carwash and driving the pedicab, among others, for a living in Pampanga to a succesful basketball player.

“Lahat po dinanas ko. Lahat po ginawa ko para mabuhay po kaming pamilya nung oras na yun [I experienced everything and did everything for my family],” said Santos.

And the award, Santos said, was a testament of how hard work and opportunities through basketball could change one’s life.

“Ito po ang nagsasabi na kahit mahirap may chance po makuha ang award na to. Sana po naispire ko kayo. [This proves that even if you're poor, you have a chance. I hope I inspired you].”
Arwind Santos is 2013 PBA MVP, Abueva Rookie of the Year

11-23-2013, 09:16 PM
The spotlight is on Terence Romeo! 34 points in just his second game in the pros. That must be a record for rookies

11-25-2013, 09:50 PM
The Final ScoreGod bless Terrence Romeo

By MICO HALILINovember 21, 2013 9:00pm

I’ll get to his hair in a bit.

To summarize Terrence Romeo’s first game in the PBA, let me use three words: nothing has changed. I’m glad I just wrote those three words.

I don’t know if his new coach, first-time PBA head coach Richie Ticzon, or his new teammates, that’s everyone not named RR Garcia, all share my elation. But if the number seven who played in GlobalPort’s season-opener was a subdued version of Romeo, I would’ve felt robbed.

God bless the stubborn ones.

Different level.

Different league.

Different team.

Different jersey.

Same mind-bending audacity.

What emboldens a rookie to go face-to-face with Marcio Lassiter, one of the best in-your-face defenders in the league, and instruct teammates to vacate the immediate vicinity? Holy kumpyansa, is he asking for a clear out? In his very first PBA game? Against Lassiter? Against Petron? Against common sense?

Romeo widens his eyes at nearby teammates and repeatedly flaps his left hand, like he’s shooing away flies from a plate of pancit palabok, while his right hand dribbles the ball. It’s the universal hand sign for please-don’t-take-this-the-wrong-way-but-get-out-of-my-driving-lane-and-watch-me-score. I’m not sure if such gestures are a result of muscle memory or finely-tuned offensive instincts.

God bless habits that are hard to break.

“Grabe talaga yung pride nung bata na yan,” Jens Knuttel, Romeo’s former teammate in FEU, says. “He always wants to prove himself and he has so much passion for the game.”

If Romeo simply surrendered to the defensive reputation of Lassiter and decided to safely toss the ball back to a teammate, wouldn’t that be a letdown? He’s not supposed to be a player who backpedals from the big moment. No risk. No reward. No way that’s the Terrence we know. You wanted to see Romeo but ended up watching a role player who only looks a whole lot like Romeo.

[Related: Late surge powers Petron past rookie-laden GlobalPort]

Now let me to get to the hair.

With Romeo’s fabled hair and shoulder fake, and it helps to sell the move when you have hair uncontrollably growing in all directions (search for The Cure’s Robert Smith from 1988 on Google), he propels past Lassiter. Just weeks ago, Lassiter was guarding James Yap in the Governors’ Cup Finals. So Romeo busting out moves like Jagger against a defender fit to play for Gilas in the 2014 World Cup is already an achievement right?

But the audacious one isn’t done. Romeo gallops towards the rim and sees the massive torso of June Mar Fajardo blocking his path. The sensible move is to kick the ball out or look for the possible drop pass, to anyone. Kahit i-drop-pass mo na lang kay Arwind Santos, okay lang. Everyone will understand. Temperamental playmakers, however, are always out to redefine what’s sensible or not. Against the tenets of personal safety, he keeps the ball. He drives all the way into Fajardo’s chest. Romeo proves it all over again: he is spectacularly insane.

“Mahilig talaga siya sa mga ganung situation,” Knuttel adds. “Parang gusto niya talaga maka-score against yung nag-cha-challenge sa kanya.”

Clearly, Romeo is not afraid of Lassiter. He is not afraid of The Kraken. He is not afraid of Petron. He is not afraid of how his own teammates will react. He is not afraid of what Nico Salva might tweet. He is not afraid of what Sol Mercado might retweet. He is not afraid of what I might write or what you might say. Sometimes I wonder if the only person he’s afraid of is the neighborhood barber – ayaw talaga magpagupit eh.

Maybe RR can convince Terrence to finally get a decent haircut.

Or maybe not.

Maybe Coach Richie can convince Terrence to pass the ball instead of smashing face-first into the pectoral muscles of opposing seven-footers.

Or maybe not.

Romeo took 15 shots in their opening game, second only to Jay Washington’s 19 attempts. He made five field goals in 26 minutes. He finished with 13 points and a couple of pulsating one-on-one moves.

From a philosophical view, what happens if Romeo stops being so intrepid? Will he cease from being Romeo altogether?

In the meantime, I can afford to celebrate the Romeo-ness of Terrence. I’m able to write an entire column on Terrence, even if his team loses, even if they lose big. Why? Think of the most unwatchable player. Multiply that player by four. Add Romeo. And you’ll still have a watchable team. Clearly, he is a player meant to play in primetime.

So God bless his hair.

God bless his team.

11-25-2013, 10:01 PM
Making a noise from Uaap Junior's scored 80pts plus to Uaap Senior's controversial tweets and spitting handsshake and Now one of PBA rookies who scored 34pts in his second game...well oh boy its amazing..

12-06-2013, 09:54 PM
FEU hosts Christmas chorale concert

December 5, 2013 5:36pm

Tags: Far Eastern University
Three choirs will bring holiday cheer to audiences at the Far Eastern University (FEU) Chapel of the University’s Manila campus on December 6, 6 p.m.

The Virlanie Children’s Choir hails from the Virlanie Foundation, a non-government organization (NGO) that reaches out to street children, and is composed currently of children from the Foundation and from poor communities where the group works. Since its formation 2004 to sing at a benefit dinner in honor of Princess Caroline of Hanover, the Virlanie Children's Choir has sung at major events annually, for charity, royalty, and United Nations organizations. Earlier this year, the group opened the Philippine exhibit at the Quay Branly Museum in Paris.

The FEU Chorale will also serenade the audience with OPM and Christmas tunes during the concert. The group, composed of undergraduate students from FEU’s various institutes, regularly performs in events both inside and outside the university and organizes the annual Musica FEUropa choral competition with the support of the European Union. Rounding up the pack of talented performers in the event are the Tamaraw Artists of Makati (TAM) Singers composed of students from FEU-Makati.

The FEU Chapel, the venue of the Christmas Concert, was designed by multi-awarded architect Felipe Mendoza and houses beautiful works of art by Vicente Manansala and Carlos "Botong" Francisco, National Artists for Painting; and Napoleon Abueva, National Artist for Sculpture.

The Christmas Concert, produced by FEU's President's Committee on Culture and held in cooperation with Inquirer.net, is part of the university's 2013-2014 cultural season, which carries the theme "Debuts and Farewells." The performance is free and open to the public. For more information and to reserve seats and parking, please call FEU-PCC at 736-4897, email the office at pcc@feu.edu.ph, or visit www.facebook.com/FEU-PCC.

12-09-2013, 07:15 PM
DENR, FEU and WWF celebrate recovery of tamaraw population

November 28, 2013 2:59pm

“By saving the tamaraw, we shall save ourselves,” explained WWF-Philippines Conservation Programmes Vice-president Joel Palma at the Tamaraw Month Celebration, held last 20 November at FEU’s Morayta campus.

Representatives from the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Far Eastern University (FEU), Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Tamaraw Conservation Programme (TCP) and the indigenous Tau Buid tribe celebrated the latest victories in conserving the world’s most endangered buffalo species.

During the Pleistocene Epoch 12,000 years ago, tamaraw (Bubalus mindorensis) herds ranged across much of Mindoro. Extirpated by migrants, an estimated 10,000 heads remained in the early 1900s.

This last population has taken severe blows – ranging from a crippling outbreak of cattle-killing Rinderpest in the 1930s to incessant land clearing and poaching. It is believed that only a few hundred hold out atop the grassy slopes and forest patches of Mts. Iglit, Baco, Aruyan, Bongabong, Calavite and Halcon in Mindoro.

Today the tamaraw is classified by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as critically endangered – the highest risk rating for any animal species. Four national laws protect it from poaching – Commonwealth Act 73 plus Republic Acts 1086, 7586 and 9147.

Since 1979, the DENR has been working tirelessly through the TCP to conserve the tamaraw. With its gold and green tamaraw icon, FEU has provided support for a tamaraw management and research-oriented program by participating in annual tamaraw counts since 2005.

To support existing DENR and FEU initiatives, WWF, local government of Occidental Mindoro and indigenous Tau Buid Mangyan inhabitants of Mts. Iglit-Baco joined hands to protect the verdant mountain habitats inhabited by the tamaraw.

Dubbed ‘Tams-2’ or Tamaraw Times Two by 2020, the campaign synthesizes camera trapping and other science-based research initiatives with improved park management practices to double the number of wild tamaraw from 300 to 600 by 2020. Says TCP Head and Mts. Iglit-Baco Park Superintendent Rodel Boyles, “I believe we can double the number of wild tamaraw way before 2020. We already counted 345 heads this April – the highest posted since we began our annual surveys in 2001.”

The partnership aims to revitalize much of Mindoro’s deforested mountain habitats. Healthy peaks and forests translate to a better-managed source of water so essential for the vast rice-lands of Mindoro’s western floodplains, while healthy reefs generate food for millions.

“Our goal is twofold – to conserve one of the Philippines’ living treasures, while delivering conservation results to the people that need the most help. We are seeing more and more that the tamaraw is a testament to the effectiveness of our alliance,” concluded FEU President Dr. Michael Alba.

Dark Knight
12-14-2013, 03:27 PM

Mac Belo being interviewed by no less than BBC after Sinag's win against Thailand.

Dark Knight
12-21-2013, 04:23 PM

Tamaraw tracksters and 27th SEA Games GOLD Medalists Isidro Del Prado Jr (4×400-meter relay) Jesson Cid (decathlon) and Christopher Ulboc (3000m steeplechase).

From Far Eastern University Official FB Page

Dark Knight
02-24-2014, 10:42 AM
Both the FEU Mens and Womens Football team captured Gold after trouncing their opponents UP andUST respectively. The womens team captured their 9th? championship, the most in UAAP while the Mens team captured their 5th title.

FEU Mens wood pushers also captured the overall championship in Chess while the Womens team settled for third place.

05-08-2014, 05:32 PM
FEU’s golden boy
By Luis Carlo San Juan
Philippine Daily Inquirer
12:13 am | Friday, May 2nd, 2014

CID JESSON Ramil after winning the SEA Games gold

It is never easy to be a student athlete, especially if one is part of the national team. These unsung heroes have sacrificed much for love of country, and most of them have gone unnoticed.

Setbacks did not deter our young athletes from giving their all when they got to compete. One of them is Cid Jesson Ramil, who won a gold in track and field at the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games late last year in Myanmar.

This native of Dingras, Ilocos Norte, was the protégé of former Ilocos Norte Gov. Michael Keon, who referred him to the track team of Far Eastern University. Ramil had just graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education, major in Music, Arts, Physical and Health Education.

The event Ramil hurdled in the SEA Games is probably one of the most mentally and physically grueling there is—the decathlon, a combination of 10 track and field events: the 100-meter sprint, long jump, shotput, high jump, 400-m sprint, 110-m hurdles, pole vault, javelin throw, 1,500-m run, and discus throw.

Physical strength isn’t all that’s needed to win in this event; a keen mental strategy is also essential. Since the event uses a point system, even if you didn’t do well in one event, there’s still hope for winning a gold medal. Ramil says, “One has to be positive during the game, and not give in to nerves.” Athletes from Vietnam and Indonesia were the strongest in the competition.

Ramil bagged the gold for the country. It was no easy task since he had to train in Baguio with the rest of the Philippine team. He would shuttle to Manila, arriving early Monday morning

#1 COOL Guy graphic tee and slim chinos, Human

to attend his classes at FEU, and go up back to Baguio to train. But thanks to his flexible class schedule, he was able to balance academics and sports.

Now that he has graduated, Ramil also has thoughts of joining the Air Force someday. But for now he’s making the most of what he loves doing—running, jumping, leaping, and throwing for honor and country.

Photography Toff Tiozon

Styling Luis Carlo San Juan

Grooming Justine del Rosario

Hairstyle Jet Babas

Clothes by Human

Read more: http://lifestyle.inquirer.net/158545/feus-golden-boy

06-15-2014, 12:43 PM
Johnny A.:Last man standing

THE GAMEOF MY LIFE By Bill Velasco (The Philippine Star) | Updated June 14, 2014 - 12:00am

Johnny Abarrientos is an inspiration to millions. Over the span of more than 20 years, he has become a symbol of what the little guy can achieve in what is considered a giant’s game: basketball. Johnny has constantly fought the odds, been doubted because of his size, and yet fought on, ultimately reaching all his dreams with his steadfast faith in God and his passion to succeed. It is a tale worth retelling over and over, at a time when our countrymen search for heroes.

But there is also more to his story that makes it poignant, heart-rending and moving. You see, Johnny did not come from a wealthy family. In fact, he was the youngest in a brood of nine, and often felt that he lacked parental attention, though he kept that sentiment to himself. But he found his muse in basketball, marveling at his older brothers, point guards all, who each led several community teams in small commercial leagues, with Johnny as their waterboy. In all his innocence, the young Johnny did not know what fortune lay inside the lines of a basketball court, he just knew it as a game he loved to watch and play. One time when he was ill, he told his family they could leave him behind when they took a two-week vacation in Bicol, as long as he had a tennis ball and a makeshift hoop. He never missed them at all.

Despite being under five feet tall, Johnny’s skill was exceptional. He led NCBA’s high school team to a league championship. Then he impressed the coaching staff of FEU in a scrimmage. He didn’t know at the time that it would leave an open door for him to reach the next level of success.

“The time came when most of us were in college already, and my father said I would have to stop studying because we couldn’t afford it,” Johnny told The STAR. “I was so worried, because I really wanted to be a doctor.”

Johnny was more than a month late in enrollment, but despite doubts about his size, he was taken in by FEU. He didn’t even know what a scholarship was then. It was a much better situation for him, since the schedule of classes and games didn’t conflict. But since his father, Johnny Sr., didn’t want him to play anymore, he has to keep his UAAP success a secret as long as he could. You see, two of his older brothers became policemen, two others never finished their schooling. The family’s youngest child was the last man standing, his father’s final hope for one of them to graduate with a title of doctor or engineer.

Johnny’s game was so impressive and irrepressible that his name was in all the box scores, and his name was spreading. Finally, he confessed to his father while handing him a ticket to a Final Four game.

“My father said I had been fooling him for a year, and I felt really bad about it,” Johnny recalls, tears welling in his eyes. “But when I got to the coliseum, the first person I saw behind the bench was my father. I always wanted his attention. There are nine of us, and my older sister born before me was deaf and mute so I never fought for attention. I finally got it then. And I knew that if he supported me, my other siblings would follow, it was as if a thorn had been taken out of my side. I wasn’t thinking of anything else but just playing. I’ll never forget it.”

It was not to be the last trial for Johnny, however. At the end of the 1980s, he was part of the initial pool of over 300 players being considered for the Philippine youth team. That number went down to 200, then lower and lower until only 15 remained. The final roster of 12 would be announced on television. Johnny’s name wasn’t on it. He was devastated.

“I locked myself in my room for a month. What was the point of playing? That was everything I dreamed of,” he reveals. “Then my father came into my room and said ‘It’s not your loss. It’s theirs. Now go out there and prove them wrong. Wherever you want to play, I will be behind you. Just go out and play.’”

That was all that Johnny needed. Soon enough, he got his chance. In 1989, the Philippines was cheated out of the men’s basketball gold at the Southeast Asian Games in Jakarta. But the 1991 games would be held in the Philippines. Johnny was point guard of a powerhouse team that included Marlou Aquino, Vergel Meneses, Bong Ravena, Nonoy Chuatico and Jun Limpot. In the semifinal, Johnny had sprained both ankles, but demanded that coach Francis Rodriguez just have them taped up again so he could play. He was not going to miss this chance of a lifetime, his vindication. The Philippines overcame Thailand for the gold medal in front of a deafening crowd at the Araneta Coliseum. I commentated that game. It was also the first photo this writer ever had taken with an athlete, a diminutive guard with a gold medal proudly hanging around his neck, a true warrior. I still have that photo.

That was the beginning of the legend of the Flying A, the last man standing.

Dark Knight
08-05-2014, 03:10 PM
https://scontent-a-lax.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpf1/t1.0-9/p180x540/10511146_10152252818826149_3138488991464275500_n.j pg

The FEU Girls Volleyball Team Baby Tamaraws

08-14-2014, 12:01 PM
FEU Institute of Technology introduces its new website

August 12, 2014 3:34pm

FEU Institute of Technology, one of the leading Information Technology Colleges in the Philippines, launched their new website. The academe believes on the importance of the World Wide Web as an effective tool for information dissemination. The website provides the most comprehensive and up to date information resources and aims to gain online visibility as well.

The new website’s domain was changed from the former www.feu-eastasia.edu.ph. The new website name will be easier to remember as if befitting since FEU Institute of Technology is shortened as “FIT”. The new site makes a remarkable transformation bringing everything interesting to the table. The homepage itself has navigational menus and direct links to the courses they offer. You can leaf through the posted features and events to take a sneak peak of what college life is like at FEU Institute of Technology.

FEU Institute of Technology grooms their students to land a job or career in their chosen field, either in Engineering or Information Technology. They have fully equipped classrooms and modern facilities that aim to create the ideal study environment. They offer baccalaureate courses in Computer Science, Information Technology, Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and an associate degree in Computer Technology. They also have a Master of Information Technology program for those who want to advance in their current career path.

In line with espousing the tennets of providing ony the best learning to inquiring minds, the domain name change to fit.edu.ph also dawns alliance of FEU-East Asia and FEU Institute of Technology to form what is at the moment dubbed as FEU Tech Fusion.

Press release from FEU Institute of Technology

08-20-2014, 03:12 PM
Philippine team opens FIBA Asia U-18 vs Jordan
August 19, 2014 7:58pm

Another Philippine youth team will open its campaign on Wednesday in the FIBA Asia Under-18 Championship when it battles Jordan in Doha, Qatar.

The Batang Gilas U-18 squad will be backstopped by 6-foot-7 high school phenom Kobe Paras, who brings a dose of size and athleticism to the squad.

Three members of the squad — Jollo Go, Richard Escoto, and Paul Desiderio — are coming off a stint in the FIBA World Under-17 Championship earlier this month.

Completing the team are Aaron Black, the son of PBA Hall of Fame import Norman Black, Dave Yu, Mark Anthony Dyke, Joshua Caracut, Ranbill Tongco, Leonard Santillan, Manuel Mosqueda, and Rey Biennes.

The Philippines drew a bye in the first day of the tournament, which saw Group B opponents South Korea and Jordan do battle. The Koreans defeated the Jordanians by 57 points, 95-38.

Jamike Jarin, who also coached the U-17 squad, will call the shots for the U-18 crew. — JST,

08-20-2014, 03:15 PM
Feu's Batang Gilas FIBA Asia U-17 Arnie Padilla & Richard Escoto, Batang Gilas FIBA Asia U-18 Richard Escoto & Rey Biennes .

09-01-2014, 04:48 PM
Maria Sharapova, other tennis stars descend on MOA Arena for Philippine stop of International Premier Tennis League
From: From the wires
•September 1, 2014, 02:55 pm

The Manila Mavericks led by Maria Sharapova and three other teams battle it out for the title. AP

TENNIS stars descend on the MOA Arena for the Philippine stop of the International Premier Tennis League in the Philippines.

The Mall of Asia Arena, partner of the Manila Mavericks featuring Maria Sharapova and other top international netters, will host the International Premier Tennis League event from November 28 to 30.

The IPTL event, originally announced to be held in Quezon City, is a unique team-based tennis league founded by multiple grand-slam tennis winner, India’s Mahesh Bhupathi.

With four legs set in Manila, Singapore, India, and Dubai, the IPTL features 21 Grand Slam champions and 14 players who have held the No. 1 ranking.

Aside from Sharapova, the Manila Mavericks also lists Andy Murray, Jo-Wilfred Tsonga, Kirsten Flipkens, Daniel Nestor, Carlos Moya, and top Philippine player Treat Huey as players.

Other players participating in the Philippine stop are Serena Williams, Thomas Berdych, Lleyton Hewitt, and Patrick Rafter for the Singapore Slammers, the Indian Aces led by Ana Ivanovic, Gael Monfils, and Fabrice Santoro, and the UAE Royals’ Richard Gasquet, Goran Ivanisevic, and Eugenie Bouchard.

“We are very excited to house the IPTL. A premier tennis league deserves a premium venue with top-notch facilities,” said MOA Arena assistant vice president Arnel Gonzales. “ It is our goal to be an international tourist destination and to be home to the world’s best international and local acts. We are ready for the International Premier Tennis League.”

MOA Arena is also home to the UAAP, hosts PBA games and has held the Asian Men’s Volleyball Championship and One FC fights, among other sports events.

09-01-2014, 04:49 PM
Tennis Superstar

09-14-2014, 08:36 PM
FEU upsets NU in Group Stunts Competition


Posted at 09/14/2014 5:24 PM | Updated as of 09/14/2014 5:24 PM

MANILA, Philippines -- The Far Eastern University (FEU) Cheering Squad won the 2014 UAAP Group Stunts Competition Sunday at the Araneta Coliseum.

The FEU Cheering Squad showed creativity in their stunts, garnering a total score of 258.5 points.

The University of Santo Tomas (UST) Salinggawi Dance Troupe came in second place with 251 points.

Meanwhile, last season's champion, the National University (NU) Pep Squad, came in third place despite another remarkable display of flexibility from their cheerleaders.

09-14-2014, 08:50 PM
NU is back-to-back cheerdance champs


Posted at 09/14/2014 5:30 PM | Updated as of 09/14/2014 6:24 PM

MANILA, Philippines – (UPDATE 2) The National University (NU) Pep Squad performed a difficult, Native American-themed routine flawlessly to win the UAAP Cheerdance Competition for the second consecutive season in front of a packed crowd at the Araneta Coliseum on Sunday.

NU thus became the third team to win back-to-back crowns, after only UP and UST which both have eight cheerdance championships, and tied the Far Eastern University (FEU) Cheering Squad with a total of two championships.

Adamson, with a pirate-inspired routine, finished in fourth place (600 points), just ahead of the FEU Cheering Squad, which finished with 599.5 points for fifth place.

The De La Salle University Animo Squad, third-placers last year, dropped to sixth place this year with 557 points after performing an "out of this world" routine inspired by science-fiction.

The University of the East (UE) Pep Squad finished seventh (503 points), while the Ateneo Blue Babble Battalion was in eighth place (494.5 points).

09-21-2014, 06:17 PM
Former banker charts winning course of FEU

By Tina Arceo-Dumlao |Philippine Daily Inquirer
12:02 am | Sunday, September 21st, 2014

Being in education has been an education for Aurelio R. Montinola III, who took over as chair of Far Eastern University (FEU) in August 2013, four months after he stepped down as president and chief executive officer of Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), one of the country’s largest banking and financial institutions.

Montinola tells SundayBiz in an interview at the main campus of FEU, which he describes as “the best urban campus in the Philippines,” that while he has been on the board of FEU for years, he did not truly appreciate the challenges that constantly confront an academic institution until he took a much more active role in the running of its affairs.

These challenges center mainly on how to provide the estimated 40,000 students of FEU, which was founded by his maternal grandfather Nicanor Reyes in 1928, the best possible education that will help them become financially independent soon after they leave the school with college degrees in hand.

Keeping the facilities of FEU in top form is fortunately not so much a pressing concern, as the school has religiously kept up the tradition of improving its facilities every year.

FEU has also remained true to its winning tradition in cultural and athletic pursuits. These days, he is firmly on the FEU side of the coliseum during basketball games organized by the University Athletic Association of the Philippines, even if he did graduate with a management engineering degree from Ateneo de Manila University.

“Between family and school, which would you choose?” the 63-year-old Montinola asks with a smile, although he confesses to not being as rabid a basketball fan as his siblings and mother, whom he succeeded as chair of FEU, whose campus in Manila hosts the largest ensemble of Art Deco architecture that managed to survive World War II.

The world of academia may be far removed from the banking industry he was involved in for the better part of his working life but Montinola, twice awarded the Asian Banker Leadership Achievement Award for the Philippines and a former president of Bankers Association of the Philippines, says he has grown into the job and is looking forward to “cheerleading” and “networking” for the university.

One thing that has not changed in his approach, Montinola says, is the need to pay attention to the smallest details, which, when added up, determine the strategy and health of the operations of the growing university system.

“If you want to be a first-level president, you have to be a really good detail person. It is both about strategy and operations, and then handling details,” explains Montinola, who remains as director of BPI and chair of BPI Globe BanKO, BPI-Philam Life Assurance Corp. and BPI/MS Insurance Corp.

One of the projects Montinola is working on is the adoption of blended learning in FEU, which means combining traditional classroom teaching with online instruction.

“We are taking it seriously. It is one of those things that is easy to say and hard to do, but the way to go,” Montinola says, adding that he saw the trend even when he was still with BPI, where he served as chief executive officer from 2005 to 2013. “Online learning is good but blended learning is even better because when all is said and done, technology is still just a platform.”

Plotting the strategic moves of FEU is part of Montinola’s job description as chair and he has that luxury because FEU has always believed in hiring professionals. It is these professionals who run the academic side of the institution while a number of family members take care of the business side.

“We have the board meetings and then we have the executive committee, where we determine policy and talk more extensively on certain topics, such as scholarships or a new learning management system,” he says.

Montinola has also taken it upon himself to lead the way toward raising the prominence of FEU, which boasts of having produced quality graduates, with a number having gone to take high-level positions in both the business world and the government.

“If you take a look at the Forbes list, we have a number of people there who had gone to FEU at one point, like Henry Sy Sr., Lucio Tan, Alfonso Yuchengco, Ramon Ang. These are examples of people who worked their way up. And then, in another realm, there is former Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban,” says Montinola.

Montinola, who also has a master’s degree in business administration from Harvard Business School, says what FEU wants is to produce each year graduates who are equipped with the right skills that will allow them to get a job soon after graduation. He is very much aware of the gap between what the industry wants and what the tertiary system produces, being vice chair of Philippine Business for Education Foundation.

“One of the biggest challenges is the industry-academe gap. The academe simply does not produce what the industry wants. So what we try to do is produce employable graduates,” Montinola says.

One of the skills he feels is badly needed in an increasingly interconnected world is critical thinking, which refers to the ability to solve problems, see trends and adapt to fast-changing conditions.

FEU has likewise given research more priority. It has already established research centers as well as a public policy center in cooperation with former Chief Justice Panganiban’s Foundation for Liberty and Prosperity.

FEU, which offers both basic and higher education, is also in the thick of preparations for the impact of the K to 12 basic education program imposed by the Department of Education.

While there will certainly be disruptions in the operation of higher learning institutions, Montinola believes that the increase in the number of years to the basic education program will augur well for the Philippines.

“We will have to suffer short-term economic pain for long-term student quality gain. We will have to figure out what to do,” says Montinola.

At the same time, he says, FEU has set out on a campaign to elevate its status and be among the five leading universities in the Philippines, if not among the Top 3.

“Clearly, it is ambitious. But there is no harm in reaching for the stars,” declares Montinola.

As FEU stands, he believes that the university is on the right track, with its continuous investments in facilities and teacher training, its active sports and cultural programs, and even corporate social responsibility projects, such as the campaign to save the tamaraw, the school’s much-loved and enduring symbol.

He also feels good about the thrust toward blended education.

“I am convinced that education will change significantly in the next five to 10 years, where we are going to have a mix of classroom and online education. We still have to chart our journey to get there,” explains Montinola, who received the Management Man of the Year award from Management Association of the Philippines in 2012.

The excitement of venturing into new territory reminds him of the days when BPI was starting to roll out automated teller machines and when the bank started to embrace online banking.

He did not know then where the technological advancements would bring the bank but he was sure those moves were the right ones to make. It is that kind of certainty that fuels his desire to chart a more defined strategy for publicly listed FEU, which he believes should be a stronger brand than it is today.

After all, it has been producing quality graduates since it was set up.

Among its most popular courses are BS Business Administration, BS Medical Technology, BS Tourism and BS Architecture. He is also particularly proud of FEU Institute of Technology, where 95 percent of the graduates get immediately employed in the field they studied.

Montinola admits that there was a time when some graduates tended to not boast of having come from FEU.

But he believes that those days are gone, and Montinola is committed to give the FEU community much more reason to be proud to bear the mark of a tamaraw.

10-15-2014, 01:25 PM
Avida awards P500,000 sports grant to FEU

11:39 pm | Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

MANILA, Philippines—Avida Land awarded a P500,000.00 sports grant to Far Eastern University, the winner of this year’s “Avida Hit It Home” on-ground and online promo.

Present during the awarding ceremony held last October 8 at the Araneta Coliseum were Tess Tatco, Avida Marketing Head, FEU Board Members Anton Montinola and Jocelyn De Leon, and Anne Baylon, Avida Marketing.

Now in its second year, “Hit It Home” is Avida’s way of supporting the UAAP games and collegiate sports by promoting unity, channeling students’ skills and school spirit towards a good cause. As one of the major sponsors of UAAP, Avida aims to continuously take part in the development of youth sports in the country.


Avida Land bags 4 awards at Asia Pacific Property Awards

Avida provides a taste of Tagaytay life

10-15-2014, 01:26 PM

10-15-2014, 01:53 PM
Terrence Romeo 3 x3


10-15-2014, 02:05 PM

10-15-2014, 02:10 PM

04-18-2015, 05:07 PM
NBA legends Nerlens Noel and Ruth Riley to arrive in Manila

on 17 April, 2015 at 12:06

MANILA, Philippines – Nerlens Noel of the Philadelphia 76ers and WNBA Legend Ruth Riley will travel to Manila to participate in the Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA Philippines 2015 National Training Camp. Noel and Riley will help coach participants from all over the country vying to be named 2015 Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA All-Stars. The National Training Camp will be held at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) Forum from April 24-25 and at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall on April 26.

Noel and Riley will join Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA Head Coach Chris Sumner to coach the 2015 finalists at the National Training Camp and will also serve as coaches for the annual Jr. NBA Alumni All-Star game featuring past Jr. NBA standouts Kib Montalbo (2010 All-Star) and Ricci Rivero (2013 All-Star). They will also conduct an NBA Cares basketball clinic in conjunction with World Vision for 60 youth. Noel and Riley join BJ Armstrong, A.C. Green, Luc Longley, Muggsy Bogues, Gordon Hayward and Tina Thompson as members of the NBA family who have been part of the Jr. NBA program in the Philippines.

“I’m excited that my first trip with the NBA will be to the Philippines, a country that is so passionate about basketball,” said Noel. “The campers have worked extremely hard to get to this point, and I hope to give them some added motivation to make one final push.”

“It’s great to know how much enthusiasm there is for basketball among girls in the Philippines,” said Riley. “I look forward to the experience and to inspiring even more young girls to pick up the game I love so much.”

Noel, a 6’11” forward from the University of Kentucky, was selected 6th overall by the New Orleans Pelicans in the 2013 NBA Draft before being traded to the Philadelphia 76ers. After missing the 2013-14 season due to injury, Noel averaged 9.9 points, 8.1 rebounds, 1.7 assists, 1.8 steals and 1.9 blocks in his rookie campaign and was selected to participate in the 2015 Rising Stars Challenge. Riley, a two-time WNBA Champion and former All-Star, was selected 5th overall in the 2001 WNBA Draft. Riley spent 13 seasons in the WNBA, playing for the Miami Sol, the Detroit Shock, San Antonio Silver Stars, Chicago Sky and Atlanta Dream before retiring in 2014.

The National Training Camp is the culmination of the Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA Philippines 2015 presented by Alaska program, providing the top 50 boys and top 24 girls the opportunity to train with and compete against their peers. The finalists were selected from Regional Selection Camp participants from Puerto Princesa, Binan, Iloilo, Baguio, Bacolod, Davao and Manila. At the end of the National Training Camp, 10 boys and five girls will be named Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA All-Stars and will have the opportunity to participate in a unique, overseas NBA experience together with fellow Jr. NBA All-Stars from Southeast Asia later in the year.

The search for the 2015 Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA Coach of the Year will also conclude at the National Training Camp, and the winning coaches will take part in the NBA experience trip alongside the Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA All-Stars.

Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA is the NBA’s global youth development program that promotes basketball participation and an active lifestyle among children. Participants are trained in the fundamentals of basketball and learn the importance of the Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA core values of sportsmanship, teamwork, a positive attitude, and respect (S.T.A.R.). The 2014 Philippines schedule included school clinics and coaching seminars in the lead up to Regional Selection Camps. The program, which remains free and open to players between 10 and 14 years old, concludes in Metro Manila with the Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA National Training Camp.

Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA is presented by Alaska. Gatorade, Globe Telecom and Phoenix Petroleum are Official Partners, while KFC and Spalding are Supporting Partners. Official NBA Broadcasters are Basketball TV, NBA Premium TV and ABS-CBN Sports + Action. Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA is also supported by the Basketball Coaches Association of the Philippines (BCAP).

The Jr. NBA program was first conducted in the Philippines in 2007. Each year a new city benefits from the grassroots basketball program that involves not just young players but also their parents and coaches. This year, with a first-time stop in Baguio, more than 100,000 students, parents, and coaches will benefit through Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA activities including camps and clinics, NBA Cares outreach activities, television programs and digital initiatives.

Visit the official Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA event website at www.jrnba.asia/philippines to learn more about the program and for full program terms and conditions. Fans can follow Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA on Facebook at www.facebook.com/jrnbaphilippines.

05-22-2015, 04:48 PM
After Russel Escoto and Mac Belo bagged the title in SEABA , another tamaraw will represent our country in international basketball league.

Richard Escoto (Russel's younger brother) is officially part of Team Philippines in FIBA 3x3 under -18 championship on june 4-7 in Hungary.

He will Team up with Kobe Paras, Paolo Rivero and Mike Nieto.

05-22-2015, 04:54 PM
Mike Tolomia ready to play mentor role to FEU rookies
by Denison Rey Dalupang on April 30, 2015

MANILA — Mike Tolomia is probably one of the few young cagers who deserves a spot in the Philippine contingent that’s now seeing action in Singapore.

But being snubbed from the national team lineup could also mean as a blessing in disguise for the veteran Tamaraw.

“Siguro,” Tolomia said of the Gilas cadet snub. “‘Yung main goal ko naman talaga is makapaglaro sa [professional league].”

Tolomia, who had the chance to play alongside former Tamaraw standout RR Garcia and now PBA All-Star MVP Terrence Romeo as a newcomer, is now carrying the a chunk of a veteran’s burden—which is to make sure the incoming recruits acclimate well with FEU’s system.

Although for the remainder of April, Tolomia will be the only person dealing such problem, as Russell Escoto and Mac Belo are lending their services to the national team in the SEABA Championships.

“Medyo nahihirapan lang talaga ngayon, kasi wala ‘yung dalawa,” Tolomia shared to Rivals. “Pero di naman ganoon kahirap, kasi halos ganoon parin naman ‘yung setup (of the team) pag nandito na ‘yung dalawa.”

Tolomia also lauds Escoto and Belo’s effort to strike a balance between representing the flag and country and donning the green and gold. “Dati naman nagpapractice parin naman sila samin, so di naman mahirap yung adjustments.”

“Next game namin is on May 6,” the chief playmaker, who will be playing his final year in the UAAP, said. “By that time, nandito na sila.”

“Makakapagfocus pa ako na maipakita yung galing ko sa last year ko sa FEU,” he chimed in. “‘Yung mga ganoon, bonus nalang din ‘yun,” he opined.

For now, Tolomia said his crew had to rely on his incoming rookies. After all, the FilOil hostilities are an avenue to build chemistry and mount a dry run for various teams.

“Magaling yung dalawa,” Tolomia said of Brandrey Bienes and Wendel Comboy. “Kung magkaproblema man sa lineup, ma-sit out man sila, wala namang problema kasi magaling naman.”

“Kailangan din iimprove yung toughness nila, yung decision-making,” he added. But Tolomia understands that such tweak entails time. “Naiintindihan ko naman… kasi malaking adjustment ‘yun from juniors to seniors.”

Tolomia, in closing, remains optimistic that rookies will easily fit the FEU mold.

“Walang problema dun… Marunong din sila magadjust samin (seniors),” he said.

The FEU Tamaraws is seeking to redeem their opening day loss against Jose Rizal University. They will battle it out with the new-look Letran Knights who are now 1-1, May 6, at the Flying V Arena in San Juan. — Rivals 2015

05-22-2015, 04:59 PM
No stopping Rachel Daquis from fulfilling SEA Games dream
by Mac Dionisio on May 18, 2015

MANILA — There is no time for Philippine Army to mope around after losing to PLDT Home Ultera in the semifinals of the 12th Shakey’s V-League Open Conference as they go to a do-or-die duel with rival Cagayan Valley Tuesday at the FilOil Flying V Arena.

Having been limited to only seven points in five sets, Army’s star spiker Rachel Daquis had to shrug off the loss quickly, choosing to move on and focus on the task at hand.

“‘Yung good side naman nun, lumaban. ‘Yun lang siguro talaga may reason kung bakit nangyari ‘yung talo. Siguro kailangan pa namin mag-improve.” said Daquis on the classic five-set thriller against powerhouse PLDT.

And while a defeat like Sunday’s will never bring satisfaction to a championship-caliber team like Army, it will be a perfect platform for the squad to have a clearer view on what needs to be done to make it to the finale.

“Siyempre talo, hindi satisfied,” the former FEU star said. “Pero doon namin na-gauge kung ano pa ‘yung kulang ng team. At least tumataas naman ‘yung level. Basta kung ano ‘yung nilaro namin ngayon, mas gagalingan pa and mas bibigay pa namin ‘yung todo effort namin.”

On what they must improve on fast, she adds, “Kailangan namin manalo para makapasok kami ng finals. Mas magfo-focus lang kami sa service-receive.”

Rivals also took the opportunity to ask Daquis regarding her status with the SEA Games-bound national team which is being mentored by Roger Gorayeb.

Though the 12 coveted spots are still up for grabs for the talented volleybelles on the pool, the 5-foot-10 outside hitter revealed she and the PH team head coach already talked last weekend regarding the matter.

“Pumunta kami noong Saturday. Nakipag-meeting kami kay coach pero hindi pa kami nakapag-training kasi nag recover pa kami doon sa finals ng SuperLiga,” she said. “Nag cramps kasi ako doon. Cramps lang pero namaga kasi siya eh.”

Thankful for Gorayeb’s patience, she adds, “Okay naman na. Naintindihan naman na ni coach na hindi pa kami nakapag-training.”

And with the Shakey’s V-League nearing its curtain call, the likes of Daquis, Dindin Santiago-Manabat and Jovelyn Gonzaga, who are all /in the talent pool of the national team, will finally be able to give their full attention to playing for the tri-colors.

“Dream ko ‘yun. Dream ko na makapag-SEA Games. And this time wala nang makakapigil sa akin. Para sa country.” she closed. — Rivals 2015

05-22-2015, 05:00 PM

05-22-2015, 05:11 PM
Terrence Romeo of Batang Pier scored 40 points vs Rain n Shine in Dubai .

05-22-2015, 05:13 PM
MANILA, Philippines – Rain or Shine banked on a more balanced rotation and balanced game as the Elasto Painters topped the Globalport Batang Pier, 119-112, in a Dubai showdown to finally barge into the win-column in the PBA Governors Cup Thursday night (early Friday morning in Manila).

Import Wendell McKines made team-highs 28 points and 13 rebounds while JR Quinahan fired 24 points and Beau Belga tossed in 12 to lead a productive 61-point output by the ROS bench compared to measly 33 by their Globalport counterpart.

The Elasto Painters played with a sustained firepower and overcame the huge 90-point effort of Terrence Romeo, Omar Krayem and debuting Globalport import Jarred Famous for their first win in three starts after a runner-up finish in the Commissioner’s Cup.

05-29-2015, 12:14 PM
In wake of Servillon death, BJ Manalo recalls how knee injury ended up saving his life

From: Snow Badua1
May 28, 2015, 09:31 pm

FORMER UAAP superstar BJ Manalo can’t help but recall his own story of frustration and triumph in light of the shocking death of Jose Rizal University high school stalwart CJ Servillon.

Manalo was among the most celebrated players of his time, winner of championships both with Ateneo in high school and La Salle in college when an injury that prematurely ended his career ended up saving his life.


The combo guard had the world at his feet, a college star and prospective top PBA pick with matching good looks that paved the way for a brief showbiz career as one of the hosts of the noontime show 'Magandang Tanghali, Bayan.'

Then his world came crashing down when he suffered a horrific injury to his right knee in 2003 that damaged his ACL, MCL and fractured his meniscus.

“I devoted all my life sa basketball then naudlot,” Manalo recalled.

“That time hirap na hirap akong tanggapin ang lahat. ACL, MCL tapos meniscus fracture ang naging injury ko,” he admitted. “Lumaban pa ako nun by undergoing rehab almost every day sa Moro Lorenzo (Sports Center) for eight months.”

[See Despite warning signs, CJ Servillon just won't quit on dream to play in UAAP someday]

Healthy enough to resume his career, Manalo saw action in the defunct Philippine Basketball League (PBL) and was later selected No. 13th overall by Purefoods in the 2005 PBA Rookie Draft.

Manalo, however, knew everything had changed.

“God really has other plans for me. Masakit sa akin tanggapin pero after the injury, nag-iba ang laro ko. Nag-iba ang galaw ko. Hindi ko matanggap nun kung bakit,” he said.

Offers from other pro teams still came, but the former La Salle gunner decided to give up his basketball career and follow what he believed was the path laid down for him by God by becoming a missionary with wife Dianne.

“That time, maraming nagtanong at naghanap sa akin, why I suddenly turned my back on basketball at a time when a lot of people are expecting me to make it big in the PBA,” he said.

“It was only in 2010 when all of God’s plans became clear to me.”

That was then that he learned that he has a life-threatening genetic illness - pulmonary embolism, a disorder where blood clots can develop in the most vital organs of the body like the heart and lungs.

“I realized na may plano pala talaga Siya sa akin. He wanted to save me so I can help other people in other ways,” said Manalo.

“Dahil sa injury ko nung 2003, lumabas 'yung sakit ko na pwedeng ikamatay ko if I continued playing. Nag-develop kasi ako ng deep vein thrombosis na nag-result ng pulmonary embolism,” he said, showing to Spin.ph his leg wrapped in stockings to stimulate good blood circulation.

Now given a clean bill of health, Manalo admitted he has his regrets but is looking forward to achieving success as coach and consultant, which he believes is his divine calling.

“I am glad that I am okay na. My illness kasi was the same that struck Serena Williams, Anderson Varejao, and Chris Bosh. Fortunately for them, naituloy nila careers nila,” he said.

“As for me, itutuloy ko na ang talagang career ko and that is to shape the careers of young players out there who are in pursuit of their respective dreams. And I am happy for this new challenge,” Manalo added.

[See Heart ailment forced Danny Francisco to retire at 19. He talks about Servillon's death]

He has also given up his job as team manager of GlobalPort in the PBA to take on a new career path, now working full time at his More Than Winning (MTW) Sports Consultancy - one of the support services behind the phenomenal rise of the NU Pep Squad as UAAP three-peat cheerdance champion.

MTW is also into basketball clinics.

“Passion ko talaga after my basketball career is to train young players and coaches, at the same time inculcating values and teachings about life and showing concern for players. Kaya nga 'More Than Winning,'” said Manalo, now the head coach of the FEU-NRMF basketball team of businessman-sportsman Nino Reyes.

On June 14, Manalo will lead a culminating event dubbed as ‘MTW Sports All Star Sunday,’ where he will pit all of the teams under his wings in a fellowship and skills challenge activities at the FEU-NRMF gym in Fairview Quezon city.

05-29-2015, 12:16 PM