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07-11-2010, 05:58 PM
Sunday, July 11. 2010

* Ateneo Blue Eagles vs. FEU Tamarraws
- What a great, close game for both teams.
- It's as if only yesterday that Jai Reyes and Chris Tiu was with the Blue Eagles, managing to keep their opponent's defense honest with their three-point shooting prowess. With them out of the team, ADMU went 2 out of 15 from that area, indicating that they sorely miss those guys.
- The Eagles had the chance to keep the game close in the ending seconds but that brilliant drive by Salva, but attribute it to the breaks of the game that he missed. He had been playing very well for the Eagles in the second half, scoring from the perimeter, from the low post, etc.
- I can't say enough good things about Ryan Garcia. That guy, a Sophomore, is simply phenomenal. The only think I'm not sure of, is whether he will still be as unstoppable in the pros later on.

07-12-2010, 07:24 AM
Sana pahiyang lang--it seems the teams in their dark jerseys lost on opening weekend. :)

07-13-2010, 11:44 AM
Mga dehado nanalo ng Sat. Nung Sunday mga llamdo naman. ;D

Sam Miguel
07-16-2010, 09:19 AM
On the first weekday game day four teams are now tied at 1-1 in the standings: Ateneo beat Adamson then NU beat Lasalle. Both games were ugly and low-scoring grinders that showcased turnovers and a lot of physicality.

07-18-2010, 09:17 AM
* FEU Tamarraws beats the NU Bulldogs, 76-72
- I can't help but think that if Ray Parks Jr. gets to play for this NU team right now, it would be a very hard team to beat. As it is, NU will have to wait about two more seasons before Ray-Ray gets to play for the Bulldogs (I think), and I don't know how many of these NU players now would still be around by then. So it is important for NU to keep recruiting as many good players to support Ray-Ray until he finally gest to play in the UAAP.

- Kokoy Hermossisima initially outshoots Ryan Garcia. An Off-Guard trapped in a Point Guard's body, he is a streak-shooter, who rains you with points when he is on. But kinda short, even for a Point Guard, and only averages 1 assist per game at point? True to his streak-shooting nature, he started out like a house on fire in the first three quarters, before losing steam in the fourth.

- Mbe looks very impressive out there on the court. Tall, strong, athletic, and with good skills. But tends to favor his left a little bit too much.

- NU almost beat FEU, but you can't deny perhaps the strongest team in the UAAP right now. The fact that they led most of the way, and kept the game close despite losing speaks volumes of how far the Bulldogs have gone compared to last season.

- Garcia might have been outshot in this game by Hermossisima, but just great leadership out there on the court, becoming the go-to guy in the end game, and delivering the goods, hitting a crucial three point shot and making two crucial free throws.

- FEU is really a complete team. You have a go-to guy in Garcia, and a veteran, athletic frontline in Cervantes, Sanga and Ramos; Defensive specialists in Noonduo and Excamino; A veteran Point Guard in Knuttel, and a promising PG in Romeo; Cawaling can also give good support on a good night.