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06-11-2010, 08:55 AM
Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole!


Soccer. The Beautiful Game. The most watched spectator sports in the World (except inside America and her minions like the Philippines. ;D).

Watch the video:

Wavin' Flag (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgyJY9yndv4)

What a beautiful game!

06-11-2010, 01:40 PM
sino sa tingin niyo ang mag champion nagayon? :D

Kid Cubao
06-11-2010, 05:38 PM
^^ para kang nagtatanong ng nawawalang kalabaw.

anyway, in 2006, italy was crowned world cup champs against france in what is now known as the headbutt finals, when zinedine zidane rammed his cranium against the chest of italy's materrazzi after the latter allegedly maligned zidane's mother and heritage. although france lost, zidane was awarded the MVP. my opinion is that italy's fabio cannavaro should have won the accolade for his exceptional performance as defender. in the 2006 world cup, italy conceded all of two goals, which comprised of an own goal in the elims and a penalty goal in the title game.

this year, it's the rash of injuries among football's elite that threaten to overshadow the games. beckham, ronaldo, drogba--marami ang di makakapaglaro o maglalarong may iniinda.

let's see. here are the brackets:

GROUP A: south africa, mexico, uruguay, france (mexico is on a roll. i don't know about france's chances kaya may nagsasabing malakas daw ang tsansa ng south africa dahil swerte daw ang host countries sa world cup. which is why i propose that we host it as well ;D)
GROUP B: argentina, nigeria, north korea, greece (malamang argentina and nigeria ang lulusot dito)
GROUP C: england, USA, algeria, slovenia (ang swerte naman ng US at england ;D)
GROUP D: germany, australia, ghana, serbia (germany and ghana will likely advance in this group)
GROUP E: netherlands, denmark, japan, cameroon (i like the chances of netherlands and cameroon. japan is a dark horse)
GROUP F: italy, paraguay, new zealand, slovakia (ang swerte din ng defending champs!)
GROUP G: brazil, north korea, ivory coast, portugal (it'll be brazil and ivory coast. ronaldo of portugal, as mentioned, is still hobbling)
GROUP H: spain, switzerland, honduras, chile (spain is a shoo-in here. 2nd spot up for grabs)

06-12-2010, 03:42 AM
Have you seen Diego Maradona lately?


There can be many superstar players, but there is only one Superstar Coach. Argentina's Diego Maradona.

World Cup 2010: Diego Maradona – Argentina's prodigal son outshines stars

There are many stellar players here but only one box-office manager – and Argentina's icon basks in the attention

Madman, genius, cheat, hero, addict, maverick, lover, fighter – it's fair to say that without Diego Maradona, there would have been no Richie Cunningham. There may be many star players at this World Cup, but there is unquestionably only one star manager. Five feet five inches of pirate-bearded, earringed rebuke to the rimless spectacle brigade, Argentina's most prodigal son remains terminally self-effacing. As he explained to those wondering about surprises on the teamsheet: "The surprise is me. I am the only surprise in this whole team."

The fact that he is box office does not entirely escape him. "I'd like to thank the journalists for being here," he began, at a press conference ahead of Argentina's opening game against Nigeria tomorrow. "I never expected so many of them … but I feel good seeing them all here."

And if 250 hacks seemed faintly excessive for a 20 minute appearance, Maradona stressed it was vital that they shouldn't think this World Cup only happened because of him. Although having said that, he had been pretty instrumental, after meeting a doomsaying player at the most recent Cup of Nations. "Somebody – I don't know who he is, he wore a No10 – said Africa would not be able to host this," Maradona explained. "So, I went to meet with Danny Jordaan, and I told him: 'Rest assured, the World Cup will be played in South Africa." A reassurance which must have been gratefully received by Jordaan, South Africa's World Cup CEO.

As an elder statesman of the game, Maradona can struggle to convince. "Let's really look for fair play," he pleaded, fixing his audience with a pained expression. "The referees should understand what fair play is. If you don't want to play clean football, go and sit in the stands.


For live feeds:


06-12-2010, 07:03 AM
sino sa tingin niyo ang mag champion nagayon? :D

according to pele, brazil or spain and i agree.

06-19-2010, 02:56 AM
Hahahahaha! Spain was demolished by what team?

France and Germany too.

Maradona just called Pele an old man that should be placed inside a museum. With Argentina's 4-1 victory over South Korea, I guess he's all pumped up for another fight. :)

06-20-2010, 07:15 PM
Soccer is slowly but surely convincing me to move away from supporting basketball, to supporting this sport instead, thanks to the World Cup Games.

Matches for today (Sunday, June 20, 2010):

* 7:30 pm Slovakia vs. Paraguay
- Slovakia has shown a lot of grit in their game against the US a couple of days ago, it would be interesting to watch them play again.

* 10:00 pm Italy vs. New Zealand
- A game with a football power like Italy is always interesting

* 2:30 am Brazil vs. Ivory Coast
- Another football superpower Brazil, against Didier Drogba, a Premier League star. This should prove interesting, if only for the superstar attractions from both sides

06-21-2010, 10:09 AM
* Paraguay beats Slovenia, 2-0
- Bad news for the US team. They had a hard time against Slovenia, and by all accounts Paraguay manhandled Slovenia. That seems to show how far the US is from being the favorites in this World Cup.

* Italy draws with New Zealand, 1-1
- Italy initially looked very impressive. They play with a lot of calm and composure, and they were magnificent with their passing plays, both on defense and offense, the best I have seen so far among the teams. The problem is that despite them dominating possession and attempts, they just couldn't seem to score. They kept attacking the All-Whites all game round, attempt after attempt ... but just couldn't get the ball in between the posts. I get the impression that the Italians play very well technically AS A TEAM, but just don't have that extra individual skill that would enable them to dominate their opponents easily in terms of scoring. And to think this game was against a team ranked so far down compared to them. They are among the favorites, but the way this game ended up, I think its a wide open field out there for the championship.

* Brazil beats Ivory Coast, 3-1
- Wasn't able to watch the match, but it seems Brazil was stroetching its muscle and showing everybody who's boss. After Germany's second game meltdown, the name of game in this tournament is consistency, though. It still remains to be seen how consistent Brazil will be in the coming games.

Not so interesting matches today, Monday, June 21, 2010, about the only real interest is whether Spain can bounce back from the humiliation of its first game:

* 7:30 pm Portugal vs. North Korea

* 10:00 pm Chile vs. Switzerland

* 2:30 am Spain vs. Honduras

06-21-2010, 11:13 AM
* Paraguay beats Slovenia, 2-0
- Bad news for the US team. They had a hard time against Slovenia, and by all accounts Paraguay manhandled Slovenia. That seems to show how far the US is from being the favorites in this World Cup.

Actually, it was Paraguay against Slovakia. US and Slovenia are in a completely different group. ;D

06-21-2010, 12:29 PM
Actually, it was Paraguay against Slovakia. US and Slovenia are in a completely different group. ;D

Ooops ... sorry for the mistake there.

06-21-2010, 12:53 PM
Jon Terry on England's last match :

"I certainly felt there was a lack of passion," he said. "On paper we are a much better team than Algeria but there was no tackling, no-one winning headers, no-one winning second balls."It was not acceptable. You have to show a bit of aggression and a bit of fight. No player had that fire in their belly. I can assure everyone it is going to be there against Slovenia."

06-21-2010, 11:03 PM

Scandal-hit France back in training

By Patrick Vignal

BLOEMFONTEIN (Reuters) - The troubled France team returned to training on Monday to prepare for their final Group A match against South Africa, a day after boycotting a session in support of expelled striker Nicolas Anelka.

All the France players turned up on the pitch at their World Cup base in Knysna, Western Cape, and prepared normally for their final training before Tuesday’s game in Bloemfontein.

The players wore practice kits without any mention of their usual sponsors during the session. They did so to comply with tournament rules for sessions staged a day before a match, a team spokesman said.

Sponsors, however are starting to distance themselves from the scandal-hit team.

Bank Credit Agricole said on Monday it had canceled its television campaign with the team and fast-foodchain Quick decided over the weekend to stop using an advertising film featuring Anelka.

Reporters were asked to leave after 15 minutes but a team spokesman said Monday’s session went on normally.

“Everybody was there,” he said.

That included fitness coach Robert Duverne, who had a heated exchange with captain Patrice Evra on Sunday after finding out that the players had decided not to train.


Evra and his team mates had refused to train on Sunday to protest against the French Football Federation (FFF)’s decision to kick Anelka out of the squad after he insulted coach Raymond Domenech at halftime of a 2-0 defeat by Mexico last week.

Sunday’s chaotic events also saw France team director Jean-Louis Valentin say he was resigning over what he called a scandal.

The furor prompted President Nicolas Sarkozy to step in, asking sports minister Roselyne Bachelot to prolong her stay in South Africa to speak to Evra, Domenech and FFF president Jean-Pierre Escalettes on Monday.

The French press heaped scorn and derision on Les Bleus on Monday, lining up to denounce the players, coach and French federation for a crisis that all agreed had brought shame to the sport and the nation.

French football great Zinedine Zidane also criticized the actions by some of his former international team mates.

“There’s two things that will be remembered from this World Cup—the winner and the fact that the French team refused to attend the training session ahead of their match with South Africa,” the now retired Zidane said in Johannesburg.

The team were to fly later in the day to Bloemfontein, where a news conference with the coach and one player was scheduled for 1645 GMT.

France, who have frustrated their fans with uninspired performances since their Euro 2008 flop and needed a controversial playoff win over Ireland to win a ticket to South Africa, are in great danger of making another early exit.

Only if they score a big win against the hosts on Tuesday and Mexico and Uruguay do not draw at the same time will they stand a chance of reaching the knockout stages.

(Editing by Jon Bramley)

Jaco D
06-22-2010, 08:55 AM
That "pag-iinarte" stunt pulled by Ivory Coast against Kaka/Brazil sucked big time. Talk about crappy acting!

Kid Cubao
06-22-2010, 09:14 AM
the refs should do a much better job penalizing strikers who fake injuries especially in penalty areas. that's what the "simulation" call is for, remember?

06-22-2010, 06:27 PM
Monday, June 21, 2010

* Portugal massacres North Korea, 7-0
- Surprised by the score, since North Korea was able to hold powerhouse Brazil to only two goals while scoring a goal on their own in their last game. Since the Nokors played so badly in this first televised World Cup game in North Korea, I expect some of the families of these players to be on their way to concentration camps after the Nokors play their last game. LOL

* Chile beats Switzerland, 1-0
- Chile dominated the possession and number of attempts, but it still took them 75 minutes to score their goal. The undermanned Swiss (Behrami got the red card on the 30th minute) weren't losing most of the time, but they weren't winning, either, due to their lack of offense plays, content on playing defense. In fairness, in the few attempts they made, some came mighty close.

* Spain beats Honduras, 2-0
- Well, at least Spain is living to its lofty billing, no more nasty draws, or gad forbid, loses.

Games for today, Tuesday, June 22, 2010

* 4:30 pm Mexico vs. Uruguay

* 7:20 pm France vs. South Africa
- This has become the perhaps one of the most interesting matches in this World Cup. Can the French win despite great internal discord of having a player sent home (Anelka) after insulting the coach, and with the players openly revolting and refusing to train on Sunday? Or will South Africa, with their homecourt advantage slay a football giant?

* 11:50 pm Nigeria vs. South Korea

* 11:50 pm Greece vs. Argentina

06-23-2010, 09:01 AM
South Africa just gave France the deathblow. Shocker? Probably not, given the internal problems of this "mighty" French foreign legion.

Go vuvuzela!

06-23-2010, 09:20 AM
Anybody here in favor of video review on goals,offsides, or fouls?

I enjoyed watching every game and just when it seems like a good game, then a red card will appear and video replays will show it is not worth it.

Watcha reckon guys?

Kid Cubao
06-23-2010, 09:27 AM
^^ no to all counts. what the game needs is more referees and line judges. that's how international basketball licked its earlier problem of poor refereeing.

06-23-2010, 12:41 PM
Tuesday, June 22, 2010
* South Africa beats France, 2-1
- The French initially played well, it didn't look like the scandals were affecting the game, as they were stamping their class on the South Africans, with them gaining possession and attempts most of the time. But then suddenly the South Africans scored in the 20th minute off a corner kick. Then things went from bad, to worst, as a French player (Gourcuff) was given the red card afterwards, reducing the already embattled French team to only ten men. They never recovered, and so the number 83 FIFA ranked South Africans on their homecourt beat the number nine ranked France.

Games for today, Wednesday, June 23, 2010

* 7:20 pm Slovenia vs. England
- Fabio Capello will need a win, not a loss, or a draw to have any chance of having a future with this team after the World Cup

* 7:20 pm USA vs. Algeria
- Always great to see the USA play. I hope events will conspire so we will see them just a little bit more in this World Cup

* 11:50 pm Ghana vs. Germany

* 11:50 pm Australia vs. Serbia

06-23-2010, 12:50 PM
Anybody here in favor of video review on goals,offsides, or fouls?

Yahoo has an excellent, detailed coverage of the World Cup on their website:
- http://g.sports.yahoo.com/soccer/world-cup/

06-23-2010, 01:14 PM
I say scrap the Offside rule, and see the scoring improve a lot. However, looking around the forums, it looks like most of the fans are against it ...

Also, those two officials watching and implementing the offside rule can be used to referee the match instead.

Kid Cubao
06-23-2010, 02:50 PM
magbabago kasi ang fundamental nature ng football if you scrap the offside rule. the size of the pitch is big, and even with 11 players to a side, it's so easy to get behind the defense because they can't realistically cover the entire field. all you need to do is park your strikers near the penalty box behind the backs all game long, and it will be reduced to a long-kicking contest from beyond midfield.

06-23-2010, 03:26 PM
magbabago kasi ang fundamental nature ng football if you scrap the offside rule. the size of the pitch is big, and even with 11 players to a side, it's so easy to get behind the defense because they can't realistically cover the entire field. all you need to do is park your strikers near the penalty box behind the backs all game long, and it will be reduced to a long-kicking contest from beyond midfield.

I would suggest that perhaps FIFA try it out first, see how theory matches up in real life. Because sometimes, there are subtle factors that affect the game that were not taken into consideration but will affect the game eventually in ways not easily imagined.

Hockey used to have an Offside rule also, and there were similar fears when it was scrapped. However, it turned out well for that sport. Of course, there are fundamental differences between Hockey and Football, but at the very least, just try it out for a full season.

There will be growing pains, but I feel the game will eventually evolve to cover the loopholes, and perhaps Soccer will come out as a more exciting sport in the end.

06-23-2010, 11:31 PM
1. Payagan na lang ang "kick-in" in lieu of "throw-in". That way mas maraming scoring opportunity. Just as every corner kick is considered an opportunity to bring the ball near the goal and have a chance to score, ganon din ang "kick-in".

2. Gawing 2 pts yung goals kicked from outside the penalty box. Pero kung sa free kick na-score, 1 pt lang.

3. Allow more substitutions, and allow substituted players to re-enter. Here, you'll have a sustained fast paced game, mas maganda panoorin.

Pero sa dami ng purist, ewan ko kung may mababago sa rules ng larong itong.

Kid Cubao
06-24-2010, 05:37 AM
1. Payagan na lang ang "kick-in" in lieu of "throw-in". That way mas maraming scoring opportunity. Just as every corner kick is considered an opportunity to bring the ball near the goal and have a chance to score, ganon din ang "kick-in".

3. Allow more substitutions, and allow substituted players to re-enter. Here, you'll have a sustained fast paced game, mas maganda panoorin.

pabor ako sa dalawang ito. magandang pag-aralan nila sa FIFA.

dun sa ikalawa, baka sabihin nila sa basketball lang pwede ;D

06-24-2010, 07:02 AM
Pinapanood ko yun England -Slovenia game. Had no idea what was happening at the other group game between Algeria and USA. I know that even if Slovenia losses, if the USA doesn't win, the former advances to the rd-of-16 with England.

As the referee whistled full-time the Eng-Slv game, the English were ecstatic with the win.

Ang Slovenians, tulala.

Switched channels, clicking between CNN and BBC to get updates on the other group match. Lintek, USA scored pala during added time. That must have been one hell of a pulsating and nerve wracking game.

Seeing all the scoring opportunities the USA missed and the off-side call that was clearly not, a defeat would have made the game a lot more difficult to sell to the American public.

But to show that this game is played over 90 minutes and can be won in the 90th minute, adds another dimension similar to other favored sports. That as you can win baseball games at last at bat and football in the final drive and basketball in the last possession, this game called soccer by the Americans doesn't suck,and is as exciting and thrilling as their popular ball games.

Pagpaliwanagan lang ang mga Amerikano ano ang off-side. Lintek na off-side yan.

06-24-2010, 08:12 AM
Mark your calendars/ set your alarms:

JUNE 27, 10:00 EDT

GERMANY vs ENGLAND (rd-of-16)

06-24-2010, 08:16 AM
^And England's reward for squeaking through to the last 16 is....a date with Germany. Bakbakan ito. Wayne Rooney has to finally show up for his side to have a chance.

Ang tindi ng goal ni Donovan. I was toggling between Balls and CNN last night. I switched back to CNN expecting to see an official news item about the US being eliminated, but I was stunned to see the ticker at the bottom show USA 1, ALG 0.

06-24-2010, 10:29 AM
The Aus-Serb games was also a good one. sayang lang talaga na natalo ang Aussies ng 4-0 against gemany kaya di sila nakapasok sa r16. I think Australia deserves the 2spot in the group than Ghana.

06-24-2010, 10:45 AM
Mark your calendars/ set your alarms:

JUNE 27, 10:00 EDT

GERMANY vs ENGLAND (rd-of-16)

match of the decade...this match will save the world cup from the annoying vuvuzela!


06-24-2010, 11:07 AM
Mark your calendars/ set your alarms:

JUNE 27, 10:00 EDT

GERMANY vs ENGLAND (rd-of-16)

'Me Portugal vs. Brazil pa ... ' FIFA ranked number 1 vs. FIFA ranked number 3. And with their great showing this tournament, that would be one hell of a match ...

06-24-2010, 11:11 AM
Wednesday, June 23, 2010
* England beats Slovenia, 1-0
- England played much better, lots of attacks, and even close goals.
- Rooney continues to disappont, losing the ball a couple of times when challenged, looked very mediocre out there on the field. Undoubtedly the biggest flop in this World Cup. One wonders if he will ever regain his old form.
- Defoe was spectacular, probably the shortest, but also the quickest and fastest player on the field, scoring one goal, and had a couple more very close attempts.

* USA beats Algeria, 1-0
- I'm so darn happy to know that the USA, the team with undoubtedly the biggest heart in this World Cup, advance to the next round. If this were Philippine basketball, this team would be Ginebra San Miguel, with their never-say-die, give-it-100%-all-the-time attittude. At least we'll see a little bit more of Donovan, Dempsey, Bradley and Altidore.
- This team is so unlucky with the referees. First, there was Coulibaly disallowing that shot against Slovenia, and another one on this game when Dempsey's shot was disallowed due to a dubious offside violation call.
- Not only does the US advance, they are also on the top of their group.

Games for today, Thursday, June 24, 2010

* 7:20 pm Slovakia vs. Italy

* 7:20 pm Paraguay vs. New Zealand

* 11:50 pm Denmark vs. Japan

* 11:50 pm Cameroon vs. Netherlands

06-25-2010, 12:17 AM

14:30 EDT, 11 Jul 2010

It’s fandemonium after historic win

By Dan Wetzel, Yahoo! Sports

PRETORIA, South Africa – By the time Landon Donovan had commenced his celebratory slide into forever, the United States’ game-winning, group-clinching, World Cup-advancing 1-0 miracle goal safely in the back of the net, the first American fan had jumped the walls of the old stadium here.

Another fence and a row of security was all that could keep the swelling ranks of jubilant American fans from joining Donovan in a glorious pig pile. They had charged toward the field because they couldn’t contain themselves. The emotional reaction of wanting to hug a player had, in this magical moment, made sense.

The game had gone to extra minutes. The English were about to win half a nation away. The American dream of World Cup glory was about to be lost in the chilling air.

Then the U.S. broke free on a 5-on-2 break against the Algerians, the kind of numbers advantage that allowed Donovan to pounce on a rebound and slip the game-winner home.

It was pandemonium, real and raw and wickedly satisfying. It was as wild as any American sporting moment you’ll ever see. The USA had an earlier score disallowed by a phantom offside and now this was about to be remembered as the World Cup of referee errors. It was about to be remembered for bitter disappointment and blown chances.

Only no one had given up. Not on the American side, where missed chance after missed chance appeared to only strengthen their resolve that something, anything, would happen. Not on the USA bench, where coach Bob Bradley made offensive-minded substitutions, acknowledging a tie was as good as a loss and if nothing else, the Yanks were going to go down swinging.

“In soccer, sometimes you can’t always control a ball or a bounce,” Bradley said. “You can give everything in a game. I think that has become the special quality of this team.”

Not in Donovan, the team’s undeniable star who had suffered through a frustrating second half, playing a part in an epic blown chance when he may have interfered with Jozy Altidore in front of an empty net. The thoughts of another early World Cup exit was looming in his head, the memories of what he calls the nightmare of the 2006 defeat hanging everywhere. This was his team, and he wasn’t going to let it lose.

“I’ve been through a lot,” Donovan said through tears. “It makes me believe in good. And when you try to do things the right way it’s good to see it work.”

And certainly not in those stands, where the American fans, half a world from home, continued to stand and chant and wave their flags in hope that the dream would be answered.

And when it was answered, when the improbable had been produced, they started charging. These aren’t college kids. These are grown ups. They are mostly well-heeled who can take time away from work on an expensive vacation. Yet the moment was so magnificent, the goal so perfect, that broke all security measures anyway.

After the game, they had mashed up against the fence in numerous places, screaming onto the field at the American players who were hugging and kissing and dancing. The players ran over to party with their people – Altidore even doing a mini-mosh pit leap into the adoring masses.

“USA, USA” went the chants, audible even over the din of the vuvuzelas. All was right here in the South African night.

Now suddenly the United States had won its group, advancing to play Saturday in Rustenburg. The opponent will be determined later Wednesday, maybe Ghana, maybe Germany.

Maybe is all anyone here wanted; from the stands to the sidelines. The Americans can play they’ve kept saying. The Americans are dangerous, they’ve kept preaching.

Give these guys a chance and they’ll take everything.

So long after the team had headed to the locker room, as the rest of the place had cleared out, the American fans stayed and screamed. The bandwagon is moving fast for American soccer now, and why not? What’s not to love about a team that never quits, that shakes off adversity, that forces break rooms and chat sessions to overflow across the States. This is America’s team now.

Here in the grandstands it always has been. These are the die-hards, the ones who have always believed and continued to when the moments got short and the possibilities bleak.

“As we were coming to the stadium, the street was lined with U.S. supporters, waving flags, dressed up, chanting USA, knocking on the bus,” Bradley said. “We don’t always have that. To have that happen in a World Cup, in South Africa, that was a really special feeling.”

And so the fans that delivered it stayed and sang. And so they danced. The party will go on. Saturday is next. And then who knows. Maybe more. Maybe much more.

Here come the Yanks. Here come the cardiac kids. Here comes the red, white and blue.

Copyright © 2010 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy - About Our Ads - Terms of Service - Copyright/IP Policy - Help

06-25-2010, 11:04 AM
Thursday, June 24, 2010
* Slovakia beats Italy, 3-2
- Wasn't really expecting much from this game, mainly because I didn't know much about Slovakia. But what a terrific game it turned out to be. So, after France, another Football giant falls.
- Italy wasn't as fluid their game compared to the last time I saw them play. I think this was mainly because they were losing the challenges, and thus every time they attack, it was disrupted. The Slovaks just seemed more aggressive in the first half, to the point that they looked to be individually better than the Italians.
- The Italians normally played with a lot of calm and composure, but it backfired against them this time as they just didn't seem aggressive enough. They were more aggressive in the second half, but still wasn't enough to pull them thru.
- They did go out fight, as even when behind by two goals, they went out and scored one. And even when Slovakia scored their third goal, they still went out and scored another goal. The game would've been tied, were it not for the damn offside rule again.
- I have now seen three goals all throughout the games that were nullified due to an offside violation.
- To add insult to injury, not only was Italy eliminated, they ended up at the bottom of their group.
- Lots of play-acting on both sides. A slight touch, and they go down as if half of their faces were torn off.
- Slovakia looked really good on the field, though. It'd be interesting to watch their next coming games.

Games for today, Friday, June 25, 2010

* 7:20 pm Portugal vs. Brazil
- Too bad I won't be able to have a chance of watching this supermatch.

* 7:20 pm North Korea vs. Ivory Coast

* 11:50 pm Switzerland vs. Honduras

* 11:50 pm Chile vs. Spain

06-27-2010, 07:06 PM
laking kawalan talaga ang isang zidane as france is gone this early.

06-27-2010, 07:31 PM
Ghana eliminates US for 2nd straight World Cup (http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100627/ap_on_sp_so_ga_su/soc_wcup_us_ghana)

Jaco D
06-28-2010, 01:12 AM
Germany eliminates England, punctuated by another controversial call by the refs.

Bibigay na kaya ang FIFA regarding instant replay?

06-28-2010, 10:28 AM
malas talaga ang england pagdating sa world cup kahit malakas yung line-up. sayang yung goal ni lampard.

Kid Cubao
06-28-2010, 11:24 AM
it would not have made any difference since the final score was 4-1. and besides, this is not the first time it happened. in fact, this stunt pulled by german goalkeeper manuel neuer is one of the oldest tricks in the book of goalkeeping. classic patay-malisya.

06-28-2010, 09:49 PM
Having just come from a country where they had three channels showing games or replays of the 2010 World Cup, its kinda hard to believe that they don't have a single channel doing the same here in the Philippines. Okay, maybe my cable provider just sucks (Bacoor Cable TV), but, still, why can't Solar show some love for Football and show the games live?

I think they have that on their Balls channel, but come on, that channel isn't very accessible to the masses out there. Instead of showing games by the Minnesotta Timberwolves of an NBA season that was concluded weeks ago, why not the WC instead?

With this issue, I can sort of realize just how out of touch the Philippines really is with respect to the rest of the Soccer world. And just as I was starting to think that Basketball is a game for freak tall men. It seems in this country, the only way to follow a team sport event, is thru Basketball.

Kid Cubao
06-29-2010, 05:28 AM
^^ replays are aired on studio 23 every morning.

06-29-2010, 09:04 AM
Oh well, Studio 23 bawi na lang kayo sa UAAP ha? Kasi galit na galit na ako. ;D But oh I like the face of Mia Cabalfin. Request pwede tanggalin sa football si B### e. Si Ricky Olivares na lang.

Argentina-Germany match-up in the quarters would be a classical one (kahit maging penalty shoot-out). Will Maradona's boys impressive win streak be stopped by Klose and the big, nasty German machine?

Ah US and England. Bloody hell. Pinaasa lang sila na papasok e talo naman. Well US is really on the rise, too bad Ghana is better. As for England, well ewan. Masyado sila focus sa isa player.

I am rooting for Brazil and Ghana (bandwagon).

So who will watch the World Cup finals after the UAAP opening weekend?

Jaco D
06-29-2010, 11:11 AM
I just hope that if ever there's a silver lining on Team USA's abbreviated run, it was to kick-start interest in football in North America. In the USA/Canada more often than not you see girls playing football at the grassroots level, so it only seemed fitting that eyes were focused on the US ladies team when Mia Hamm and the rest were on it a few years back. However after Hamm retired, medyo humina ang interes sa football. keeping my fingers crossed on that one. Now if only interest in football in the Philippines could go into high gear....

06-30-2010, 08:38 AM
* Argentina vs. Germany
- Another blockbuster match, as both sides are aiming to win. I'm rooting for Argentina, definitely. The Germans are formidable, indeed, after that drubbing of England, but they have been inconsistent, somewhat on-off, on-off with their games. They were "on" against England, I hope they will be "off" against Argentina.

* USA vs. Ghana
- I was really hoping the USA would advance at least one more round, but that was not to be.
- There really is a problem with the USA's defenses, as they have been giving up early goals to their opponents all throughout their matches. Their offense is okay, but that defense is something they really need to work on.
- You don't see much in team sports where a poor country like Ghana gets to kick out the most powerful country in the world out of the World Cup not once, but twice in a row now.

* England vs. Germany
- I was anticipating a close match between those two, but Germany came and practically swept the English off the field.
- And now its official: Wayne Rooney is one of the biggest flops in this World Cup.

Kid Cubao
06-30-2010, 05:43 PM
^^ indeed he is, but he's a distant third in my book ;D

the two biggest busts in this world cup are the french and italian sides, the finalists in the 2006 games in germany, for crashing out of the first round. italy was a bigger disappointment in the sense that they were the defending champs, but the current lineup is composed of members of the "over the hill" gang. meanwhile, france's spectacular fall from grace is unprecedented. they've caused untold grief and shame to the whole french nation.

07-01-2010, 08:34 AM

French parliament hosts hearing about WCup fiasco

By ALFRED de MONTESQUIOU, Associated Press Writer

PARIS (AP)—Lawmakers taking part in a closed-door hearing about France’s World Cup fiasco said Wednesday that coach Raymond Domenech refused to take any responsibility for his team’s misbehavior and offered no real explanation for their debacle.

Lawmakers said Domenech, who is retiring, tried to pin blame on the media during the parliamentary hearing. Prominent lawmaker Jean-Francois Cope said his testimony “wasn’t very dignified.”

Many had kinder words for French Football Federation president Jean-Pierre Escalettes, who plans to resign this week, and who also testified at the hearing held by the National Assembly’s commission on culture and education.

The hearing went ahead despite a warning from FIFA about French government meddling in soccer affairs. FIFA president Sepp Blatter said the country’s national team risks suspension from global soccer if President Nicolas Sarkozy or political leaders interfere in the running of the federation.

Lawmakers retorted that it wasn’t Blatter’s place to tell them how to do their jobs.

“It isn’t FIFA’s role to threaten French lawmakers, we’re in a democracy and parliamentarians have the right to hear anyone they want,” said lawmaker Eric Ciotti.

“This isn’t just about football, it’s about France; it’s our honor that’s at stake,” added lawmaker Jacques Remiller.

Remiller said the whole hearing was “disappointing and not convincing at all.”

“There will have to be more resignations at the federation, because the problems are deeply, deeply rooted,” he said.

The France team, which won the 1998 World Cup and was runner-up four years ago, lost twice and drew once to finish last in its group. Even worse, players went on strike at training after forward Nicolas Anelka was sent home for insulting Domenech.

Then Domenech added yet more dismay by refusing to shake hands with rival coach Carlos Alberto Parreira after France’s 2-1 loss to host South Africa.

Lawmakers said Domenech blamed L’Equipe newspaper, which printed details of Anelka’s expletive-laden tirade, for the disarray. Domenech also said the paper misquoted the comments.

“All Domenech says is, ‘It’s the press, it’s the press,”’ complained lawmaker Bernard Debre.

Domenech entered and left the hearing through a side door, carefully avoiding reporters.

Domenech told lawmakers he refused to shake hands with the South Africa coach because Parreira reportedly made disparaging comments about the French team to reporters, Cope said.

“You can find that a convincing argument, or not,” he said, clearly indicating he didn’t.

Cope added that lawmakers were planning to offer a series of measures to “modernize the governance of the French federation.”

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07-02-2010, 09:50 AM

Netherlands-Brazil promises pure excitement

By ANDREW DAMPF, AP Sports Writer

PORT ELIZABETH, South Africa (AP)—Not much hype is required when the five-time champion faces the country that created “total football” in the World Cup quarterfinals.

Still, Brazil coach Dunga made a point of emphasizing just how spectacular Friday’s match against the Netherlands might be.

Dunga, who was captain on the Brazil side that beat the Netherlands in 1994 and 1998, said Thursday that he would pay to watch the game if he didn’t have a free pass for the sideline.

“Both sides play an attacking game, both feature very technical players, both know how to dribble and take risks, and both want to score,” the former midfielder said. “So you can always expect a great football game.

“We all know that in the knockout stage all the games are open. You can’t play defensively because all the players on the pitch are experts.”

The winner will face either Uruguay or Ghana in the semifinals.

A two-time runner-up but never World Cup champion, the Netherlands enters on a team-record 23-match unbeaten streak. The Dutch feature some of Europe’s top stars in Inter Milan playmaker Wesley Sneijder, Bayern Munich winger Arjen Robben and Arsenal striker Robin van Persie.

The Netherlands swept through the group stage with three victories and Robben and Sneijder found the target in a 2-1 win over Slovakia in the round of 16.

Brazil was also solid in the group stage, beating North Korea and Ivory Coast before a scoreless draw with Portugal, then restored its “beautiful game” in a 3-0 win over Chile in the second round.

While he still hasn’t scored, Brazil playmaker Kaka is returning to form and his pinpoint passes have helped Luis Fabiano rekindle his scoring touch. Also, speedy forward Robinho has given the Selecao an added weapon again, notching the third goal against Chile.

Even with so many crafty players on the pitch at once, Netherlands coach Bert van Marwijk doesn’t agree with Dunga’s prediction, practically pronouncing the death of “total football”—the famous Dutch “clockwork orange” attacking style of quick passing and running off the ball.

The Dutch game reached its apex in the 1970s when the Netherlands reached consecutive World Cup finals—losing to Germany and Argentina in 1974 and 1978, respectively.

“It was ‘total football’, and I also remember Brazil’s samba football, but sport changes and football changes also,” Van Marwijk said. “It has to do with the fact everybody is getting fitter, better organized so if you play as you did in former times I think it would be very difficult to win the World Cup.”

Dunga must make do without suspended midfielder Ramires, while injuries to Elano, Felipe Melo and Julio Baptista leave the coach with few options in midfield. Elano is definitely out because of a bruised bone in his right ankle, while Felipe Melo and Julio Baptista are doubtful.

Netherlands midfielder Rafael van der Vaart has returned to full training following a left calf injury and Van Marwijk declared him fully fit. But it remains unclear if Van Marwijk will put Van der Vaart back in the starting lineup after Robben returned against Slovakia and scored in his first start of the tournament.

Stadium venue manager Archie Charalambous said that all 42,286 seats had been sold, the first sellout in seven matches at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium. There were 100 of the highest-priced tickets left, but those 2,100 Rand ($275) seats were all sold Thursday.

There are concerns about the worn-down pitch, and a sharp wind blowing in off the nearby Indian Ocean was also a worry.

“The wind factor is going to be problematic and troublesome for both teams, especially since the Jabulani ball has a very complicated trajectory,” Dunga said. “It will be tricky, but the players we’re going to see tomorrow know how to handle the ball.”

Dunga’s declarations about a spectacular game may have more to do with the coach’s hope for a wide-open match than an expected up-and-down game.

“A lot of it has to do with the way Holland reacts, but quite clearly when both players go on the attack the quality of the game is higher,” Dunga said. “It’s a numerical issue. If 20 players stay in one half it’s going to be more difficult to score, whereas if they spread around the pitch it’s going to be more open. We always want a more open game because that’s more beautiful.”

While they haven’t faced each other since 1999, these two teams know each other extremely well.

Brazilian trio Julio Cesar, Maicon and Lucio spent last season together with Sneijder in Italy helping Inter Milan win a historic treble—the Champions League, Serie A and the Italian Cup; Thiago Silva and Klaas Jan Huntelaar were teammates at AC Milan and Kaka and Van der Vaart shared midfield duties at Real Madrid.

Brazil was beaten 1-0 by France at this stage four years ago in a match decided by a defensive error.

This game could also be decided in defense, and Brazil center backs Lucio and Juan are two of the best in the business, both possessing top tackling skills along with dangerous abilities in the air. And it was less than a year ago that Italy’s Gianluigi Buffon declared that Julio Cesar had surpassed him as the world’s top goalkeeper.

“Brazil doesn’t depend on just three players but a whole collective,” Dunga said. “The entire team is important and if they all play up to expectations we’re going to get the results we’re looking for.”

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Games today, Friday, July 2, 2010

* Brazil vs. Netherlands
- FIFA ranked number 1, versus FIFA ranked number 4 for the Final 4.

* Ghana vs. Paraguay
- The last African hope in this World Cup, versus South America. If it doesn't end here, Brazil or Netherlands should end it in the next round.

07-03-2010, 07:03 AM
tssk! brazil is out. >:(

07-03-2010, 09:53 AM
'Patay si Melo.' LOL


Fri Jul 02 12:34pm EDT

Felipe Melo, Man of the Match (in a bad way)

By Carter Daly

Things were all going according to the Dunga-approved Brazil plan against the Netherlands in their quarterfinal match Friday. One of Dunga's defensive midfield prodigies, Felipe Melo, got off to a flying start as he sent a splitting through-ball in between a gaping hole in the Dutch defense, sending Robinho on his way to an early goal and Brazil to seemingly another semifinal appearance. Remember, Brazil hadn't lost in the 38 games all-time in World Cup play after scoring the first goal. But Melo was yet to leave his biggest impact on the match.

In the 53rd minute, the match was turned on its head. Well against the run of play, Wesley Sneijder sent a dangerous cross from the right side into the mixer, where Melo decided to get in the way of assured Brazilian keeper Julio Cesar, impeding him from claiming the ball and supplying a touch of his own to help the Jabulani fly into the net and send the orange-clad Dutch supporters into raptures. Congratulations to you, Felipe Melo, you were just credited the first own goal in Brazil's long World Cup history. Ole! Be sure to send your thanks to Cesar as well, who probably had no business coming off the line in the first place.

The 68th minute saw the Netherlands take an amazing lead when it played a near-post corner to Dirk Kuyt, who flicked on to a wide-open Sneijder, who clinically finished with his head from a standing position at the back post. The closest man to him? Melo.

The final stamp of the match was applied by the boot of, guess who — Felipe Melo. Fed up by Arjen Robben's constant pestering and near-deaths on the pitch, Melo intentionally stomped on Robben's thigh (video above) as he writhed on the ground after a foul was called, earning him a straight red card and effectively ending Brazil's hopes of a sixth World Cup title. It also cemented Melo's place as Dirty Tackle's less-than-positive Man of the Match.

The Brazilian supporters' ire will now surely turn toward Dunga, who may have imparted a little too much of that signature defensive bite on a squad that was bitten by its own aggression. But now it can at least turn its full attention to the inevitable samba domination it'll exact when Brazil hosts the tournament in 2014.

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07-04-2010, 11:25 AM
* I knew Germany was good, but a 4-0 drubbing of Argentina? Wow. Now all both of my bets are out of the World Cup contention, the USA, and Argentina.

* No other team has been beating their opponents as impressively as Germany. They have scored 4 goals in a game for at least three games now. They definitely are the favorites.



World Cup: Germany beats Argentina, 4-0

By NANCY ARMOUR, AP National Writer

CAPE TOWN, South Africa (AP)—Don’t mess with Germany, on or off the field.

Miroslav Klose scored twice to move into a tie for second on the all-time World Cup scoring list, and Germany backed up its pre-game trash talk with an emphatic 4-0 rout of Argentina in the quarterfinals Saturday. The dominant display—along with Germany’s two other four-goal games—should demand the attention of everyone still playing in South Africa.

“It was absolute class,” Germany coach Joachim Loew said.

Hard to argue with that.

Argentina had been one of the tournament’s darlings, with coach Diego Maradona’s every move causing a stir and superstar Lionel Messi showing you don’t need to score to be sublime. The Argentines rolled into the quarterfinals as one of only two teams to win all its games—the Netherlands was the other— and had been so powerful they never trailed.

No wonder a star-studded crowd was on hand at Green Point Stadium, with German chancellor Angela Merkel, Mick Jagger, Leonardo DiCaprio and South Africa’s own Charlize Theron were all spotted in the VIP seats.

But Germany overwhelmed the Argentines, and shut down Messi in the process. The reigning FIFA world player of the year leaves South Africa without a goal, and was in tears after the game.

“He played a great World Cup,” Maradona said. “And I tell you, to see Messi cry in the dressing room, whoever says that he doesn’t feel pride for his shirt is stupid.”

Maradona was equally devastated. He walked slowly to midfield with his hands jammed in his pockets when the game ended, and couldn’t muster any energy or enthusiasm at his news conference.

“I’m as disappointed as all Argentinians,” said Maradona, who cast doubt on his future as national coach. “To see my country lose a football match is very hard for someone who has worn the shirt.”

Germany will play Spain, a 1-0 winner over Paraguay, in the semifinals Wednesday in Durban. This will be Germany’s third straight trip to the semis and its 12th overall—nobody has more. But the three-time champions haven’t won a title since 1990.

Maybe that’s why their celebration was so low-key—the Germans are hoping for something bigger in a week. Players hugged and high-fived each other before walking around the edge of the field to salute the crowd. Even a post-game visit from Merkel was taken in stride.

“It’s important that we should not emotionally overreact,” Loew said.

There was no such restraint from the fans. Several hundred stuck around Green Point Stadium for more than a half-hour after the game, dancing, singing and banging on drums.

Argentina and Germany have had a testy relationship since trading World Cup titles in back-to-back finals 20 years ago, and it’s been downright ugly lately.

After Germany eliminated Argentina on penalty kicks four years ago, also in the quarterfinals, the two teams exchanged punches and kicks in a scuffle. A few team officials even got involved in the scrape.

Germany didn’t wait for the game to get its digs in this time, with Bastian Schweinsteiger on Wednesday accusing the Argentines of lacking respect for opponents and referees. Captain Philipp Lahm chimed in a day later, essentially calling Argentina a bunch of hotheads.

The trash talking appeared to be carefully orchestrated, intended to ignite Maradona’s infamous temper and distract his team. Or, perhaps, to put the refs on notice.

Turns out, Germany didn’t need the head games.

“Are you joking?” Maradona said when asked if he was satisfied with his team’s performance. “This is a country where you live and breathe football. I don’t think that any will be happy when the team loses 4-0.”

Germany’s spacing, pace and stingy defense made the Argentines look out of sorts all afternoon. The Albiceleste didn’t get their first shot on goal until the 33rd minute, and any time they appeared on the verge of making something happen, the German defense shut it down.

It was enough to make Maradona clutch his fists in agony, looking as if he was physically pained. The sight of the German offense couldn’t have made him any happier.

Germany has now scored four goals in three of its five games, and routed England and Argentina by a combined score of 8-1. Those numbers are better suited for PlayStation than the World Cup.

“To lose like that is very painful,” forward Carlos Tevez said. “We played badly and sometimes when you make mistakes you go home.”

Klose, making his 100th appearance for Germany, was simply masterful in the second half. With Germany clinging to a 1-0 lead and unable to get that all-important insurance goal despite several chances in the first half, Klose showed the skill that’s made him one of the most prolific players in German history.

In the 68th minute, Lukas Podolski crossed the ball from just beyond the box, slicing it between Argentina goalkeeper Sergio Romero and defender Nicolas Burdisso. Klose got control of the ball in front of the goal and effortlessly tapped it in for a 2-0 lead.

And Klose wasn’t done. In the last minute of regulation, he volleyed in a cross from Mesut Oezil from no more than 10 yards, then broke out his trademark somersault. It hasn’t been seen in months after a tough season at Bayern Munich, and German fans were no doubt thrilled to have Klose’s swagger back.

“I am just pleased that we are in the semifinals,” Klose said, “that was our target.”

The two goals give the 32-year-old Klose four in South Africa, one less than Spain’s David Villa. He now has 14 in three World Cups, tying him with German great Gerd Mueller for second place on the all-time list. Brazil’s Ronaldo holds the World Cup record with 15 goals.

Klose also is second to Mueller on Germany’s all-time list with 52 goals. Mueller scored 68.

07-04-2010, 12:53 PM
Diego Maradona was quoted by the media a couple of months prior to the World Cup that if Argentina fails to snatch the World Cup he will run naked in the streets of Buenos Aires.

07-04-2010, 01:52 PM
all eyes will be on klose in their match-up against spain. will he be able to tie or surpass the wc goal record of "the phenom" ronaldo?

Kid Cubao
07-04-2010, 03:37 PM
Diego Maradona was quoted by the media a couple of months prior to the World Cup that if Argentina fails to snatch the World Cup he will run naked in the streets of Buenos Aires.

good thing i'm not argentinian.

07-05-2010, 08:09 AM

Sources: AC Milan interested in Dempsey

By Martin Rogers, Yahoo! Sports
53 minutes ago

The World Cup form of United States star Clint Dempsey has attracted the interest of Italian club giant AC Milan, Yahoo! Sports has learned.

According to multiple sources, Milan officials have monitored Dempsey’s progress for several months and were impressed enough by his efforts in South Africa to be considering a formal transfer bid.

Dempsey scored the USA’s goal in its World Cup opener, a 1-1 draw with England. He also drew the foul which earned the penalty kick that Landon Donovan converted in the Americans’ 2-1 extra-time loss to Ghana in the round of 16.

The 27-year-old has played midfielder and forward for English Premier League club Fulham for the past three seasons and has improved steadily to become a leading figure in the Cottagers’ squad.

While Milan would be a big step up, the Italian club’s new coach Massimiliano Allegri believes Dempsey’s hard-working approach could add some backbone to a team that floundered last season. Former coach Leonardo was fired after Milan could only manage a third-place finish in Serie A last season, 12 points behind city rival and league champion Inter Milan.

“[Dempsey] brings a lot of action and energy but he can be creative too,” said a Milan source who is close to the club’s board. “There are some options on the table but Dempsey is a realistic one. A bid is very possible, and soon.”

The source added that Dempsey’s magnificent chip for Fulham in a victory over Juventus in last season’s Europa League brought him to the attention of several Italian clubs.

Dempsey has settled into the squad at Fulham, but the London team’s future plans were thrown into doubt this week when manager Roy Hodgson jumped ship to take charge of Liverpool.

Money is not a serious issue with Milan, which could easily afford the transfer fee of around $12 million that Fulham would command.

The deal mirrors the one that took American defender Oguchi Onyewu to Milan a year ago. Onyewu had been on the club’s radar for several months, but his performance for the U.S. in the Confederations Cup convinced Milan he was the right man.

“[Fulham] are aware that if a club like [Milan] comes in it is hard for a player to say no,” said a source close to Fulham. The source added that while no formal bid had yet been lodged the EPL club was “well aware” of Milan’s interest.

07-07-2010, 10:02 AM
Wednesday, July 7, 2010
* Netherlands beats Uruguay, 3-1
- Refused to read any World Cup news before watching the Netherlands vs. Uruguay game on Studio 23 this morning, and it was truly a WC level game, at least before Uruguay conceded two goals within three minutes of each other in the second half.
- The Dutch celebrated a little bit too early, and the game got more exciting after Uruguay scored another goal with only two minutes remaining in the game.
- I wonder why Studio 23 doesn't show the remaining time on the top of the screen like in other countries during the games.

* Studio 23 will be airing the Germany vs. Spain match LIVE tomorrow (Thursday, July 8, 2010) morning at 2:00 am. Thank you, Studio 23.

Kid Cubao
07-07-2010, 10:46 AM
schort, actually it was 3-2. you may not have caught uruguay's second goal in injury time off a classic "nakaw' play from a free kick. in that play, an uruguay midfielder faked a cannon blast from 30 meters out and instead fed teammate maximiliano pereira at the right flank, who maneuvered his way deep into the penalty area and booted a gem of a goal. it's too late, though, and team orange defended well enough in the last to minutes to seal the win.

07-07-2010, 12:32 PM
Ooops, I stand corrected. Yup, its 3-2 for the Netherlands.


Bad news for German fans, "Paul The German Octopus" predicts a victory by Spain in the coming match:


Germany v Spain: Paul the psychic octopus predicts World Cup defeat for Joachim Löw

Germany have been dealt a 'massive' blow to their World Cup chances after the psychic octopus, Paul, picked Spain to win their semi-final clash.

By Tim Hart
Published: 12:45PM BST 06 Jul 2010

Ominous for the octopus: Paul the psychic octopus has predicted Spain will beat Germany but its days may be numbered as angered Argentinan fans have threatened to cook it in a paella.

Paul has predicted all of Germany's World Cup results correctly so far, including wins against England and Argentina.

Paul even said that Serbia would beat Germany 1-0 in the group stage.

However, there is still a glimmer of hope for Germany. In all his years of making predictions, the only one Paul has ever got wrong was the Spain v Germany final at Euro 2008.

The octopus opted for Germany but Spain were the victors, winning 1-0.

German fans are now hoping the opposite will happen and by picking Spain to win it will actually be Germany who come out on top.

Such is the popularity that surrounds the octopus the German news channel n-tv actually broadcasted its Germany-Spain prediction live, even having two reporters commentating on it.

The handlers of the psychic octopus at Aquarium Sea Life in Oberhausen encourage Paul to make the predictions by putting mussels into two glass cubes, with each cube having one of the nation's flags on the front.

The mussel Paul chooses first is taken to be its prediction.

Paul initially went to the Spain-marked container before moving around the tank and then hovered over the German box. But he eventually opted for the European champions.

Paul has become world reknowned, but this good humoured, quirky phenomenon has not been well recieved by everybody.

Following the quarter-final prediction where Paul correctly guessed Argentina would lose to Germany the Argentineans threatened to kill the octopus and put it in a paella.

The newspaper El Dia gave this recipe for anyone daring to capture Paul: "All you need is four normal potatoes, olive oil for taste and a little pepper."

Argentinan chef Nicolas Bedorrou has suggested on Facebook a far more simplistic and brutal way to cook the octopus.

"We will chase him and put him on some paper. We will then beat him (but correctly!) in order to keep the meat tender and then put it in boiling water."

07-08-2010, 10:09 AM
Thursday, July 8, 2010
* Spain beats Germany, 1-0
- Spain looked calm and calculating early in the match, great passing plays, and dominated possession. They looked very impressive early in the game. The Spanish gameplan seemed to be to simply keep the prolific Germans from possession of the ball as much as possible.
- A fan in blue shirt was seen running unauthorized into the field early in the match, before being led away by two security men in black.
- Spain just wasn't hogging the ball, they were getting good shots at the goal, too. When they scored their only goal on the 73rd minute, I sort of knew they would win the game, as Germany just wasn't taking many good shots at the goal. And when they did, the Spanish defense and Casillas was there to thwart it.
- It was odd to see the mighty German team humbled in this game, but the Spaniards deserve to be in the finals. They were the better team, with the better strategy, and better execution.
- Well, "Paul The Psychic Octopus", the new "Oracle" was spot on. Again.

07-08-2010, 03:37 PM
I think they'll be serving "inihaw na pugita" in the streets of Berlin as comfort food for a lot of disappointed drunken German fans. ;D

Kid Cubao
07-08-2010, 08:51 PM
spain played a highly-tactical game against the explosive, counterattacking german side. right at the onset, spain's game plan was to play conservatively and use time of possession as a weapon. made clear sense: germany can't attack if spain had the ball, so spain monopolized it to the utmost. on defense, spain did a good job marking podolski, miroslav klose, mesut ozil, and muller.

and puyol has the most glamorous hair since farrah fawcett in the 70s ;D

07-08-2010, 09:05 PM
^they were able to achieve this due to the efficiency of players like Xavi, Iniesta and Xabi Alonso, crisp passes which almost always found the right target. not to mention, the defensive show put on by Puyol and Pique, and of course, Casillas. That rather thin defensive line was sufficient enough to frustrate the German squad the entire game. over-all, a good showing by the boys from Camp Nou.

an intriguing question: would the complexion of the game been much different if Muller were around for Die Mannschaft?

07-08-2010, 09:10 PM
- double post -

07-09-2010, 06:37 AM

The World Cup Final: a game of firsts

By Ryan Bailey

The 2010 World Cup Final will be a groundbreaking game in more ways than one. What's that? You want to know exactly how many ways it will be groundbreaking? You got it — here's why Sunday's match at Soccer City, above, will see a number of firsts...

1. This year's final will be the first time a team from Europe wins the tournament outside of Europe. Only Brazil and Argentina have won away from their home continent.

2. This is the first final that will not feature one of Argentina, Brazil, Germany or Italy.

3. It will be Spain's first time in the final. Their best performance so far is fourth place in the 1950 edition, and this tournament is the first since then that they have even reached the semifinals.

4. This could be the Netherlands' first World Cup victory, if they overcome David Villa et al. They've been losing finalists twice.

5. If you followed the two previous points closely enough, you will see that World Cup 2010 will definitely see a first-time winner.

6. Additionally, it's also the first time the Netherlands will not face the host nation in the final. In 1974 they lost 2-1 to West Germany in Munich, and in 1978 they succumbed to Argentina 3-1 in Buenos Aires.

7. The game will also be the first time either manager has won anything on the international stage. Bert van Marwijk has won the UEFA Cup and the Dutch version of the FA Cup with Feyenoord, and Vicente del Bosque won the Champions League, La Liga, the Supercopa de Espana, the UEFA Super Cup and the Intercontinental Cup with Real Madrid.

8. It's the first time a psychic octopus has shaped the outcome of the final. If Germany had managed to prevail over the Spanish, this would also have been the first time a mollusk would have had the chance to reveal the outcome of a final before it took place.

9. The final will be the first game in this tournament that Fernando Torres maybe thinks about possibly scoring a goal. If he plays, that is.

10. And finally, the final will give you your first chance to talk about something other then LeBron this week.

07-09-2010, 02:54 PM
an intriguing question: would the complexion of the game been much different if Muller were around for Die Mannschaft?

Yes, definitely, but I think the result would have still been the same, whatever the score.

A "win via Muller" would only occur if the entire Spanish team and coaching staff did not know how to adjust to Muller's presence during an ongoing game. This is of course impossible for a team of Spain's caliber.

07-09-2010, 05:59 PM
spain played a highly-tactical game against the explosive, counterattacking german side. right at the onset, spain's game plan was to play conservatively and use time of possession as a weapon. made clear sense: germany can't attack if spain had the ball, so spain monopolized it to the utmost. on defense, spain did a good job marking podolski, miroslav klose, mesut ozil, and muller.

and puyol has the most glamorous hair since farrah fawcett in the 70s ;D

Spain beat Germany because:

- Spain's mastery of ball-handling is second to none in this cup. Germany, which was used to relying on pouncing on errors, was unable to capitalize because Spain had very few errors when it came to taking care of possession.

- Spain's pressing game pretty much put a wall that one might normally see on defense on the German side of the pitch. Because of so many options for Spain, Germany was forced to hold back. And if Germany managed to break through, they'd have to go through Pique, Puyol, and then Casillas.

- Xavi = Steve Nash of football = excellent passing.

- Puyol's goal was one of the things that the marking by Germany didn't seem to account for.

A better analysis is here: http://www.zonalmarking.net/2010/07/07/spain-1-0-germany-2010-world-cup-tactics/

And KC, Puyol's hair reminds me of this guy:


That's right. Dr. Brian Harold May, Ph.D., C.B.E.. ;D (May Ph.D. sa Astrophysics. San ka pa?)

07-12-2010, 02:05 AM
The FIFA World Cup Finals is about to start!

07-12-2010, 02:20 AM
i predict spain 2-0, possibly 2-1 on goals from Villa and Alonso.

07-12-2010, 04:15 AM
Potek, penalty kicks pa yata ito.

07-12-2010, 05:22 AM

07-12-2010, 10:46 AM
Monday, July 12, 2010
* Spain beats Netherlands, 1-0
- Lots of play acting, especially on the Spanish side. A physical play, and they end up on the ground clutching their thigh / knee / shin / ankle / foot. The Spaniards started it all, and the Dutch just followed suit, though they didn't get as many calls as the Spaniards.
- The play acting by the Spaniards I think was part of their general strategy. The Dutch tended to play rough, and all that play acting was to highlight that part of the Dutch game. And it paid off. The Dutch got a LOT of yellow cards, and even had a player sent off from the field in the second extension. With the Dutch down to ten men, it was then that Spain scored the only goal of the game.
- Puyol again had a nice header off a corner kick, just like in that game againsts Germany, but this one didn't go in. Must be the bushy-pubic-hair-on-top hairstyle.
- Spain covered Robben very well in this game, there were always at least two or three defenders on him whenever he went on one of his famous attacks on the right side.
- Navas really looked impressive out there. He is fast, light-footed, and a terrific ball handler. A worthy substitute for Pedro, creating a lot of scoring opportunities for his team.
- Villa missed quite a lot of shots in this game. Spain had most of the possession and attempts, but credit the Dutch defense for making it so hard for the Spaniards to score.
- The second straight World Cup final to go into second extension, with so much at stake that both teams defending the goal with their life. On the other hand, about a dozen offside calls in the game for both sides. I think this is a good time to finally review that offside rule.
- Iniesta botched two good attempts before finally scoring the winning goal of the match in the 116th minute.
- And Paul the Octopus is right again!!! That Octopus really is something else. I think its life is in danger, though. Some overly superstitious nut might try to kill and eat it in the hopes of gettings its psychic powers ...

Jaco D
07-12-2010, 10:55 AM
- And Paul the Octopus is right again!!! That Octopus really is something else. I think its life is in danger, though. Some overly superstitious nut might try to kill and eat it in the hopes of gettings its psychic powers ...

Nah, a cold case of beer and a hot grill easily trumps wanting psychic powers.

But seriously, all those instances passing off as bad acting really put a damper on The Beautiful game, whether part of an overall strategy or not.

One thing for sure, I'm not gonna miss those vuvuzelas.

07-13-2010, 07:53 AM

World Cup winners and losers

By Martin Rogers, Yahoo! Sports

Follow Martin Rogers on Twitter at @mrogersyahoo

JOHANNESBURG – The hard of heart would say that there is only one true winner at a World Cup and 31 losers. But the past month and the showcase of soccer gave everyone involved the chance to grab their moment in the spotlight.

Reputations rose and fell, controversies came and went and there was even a gritty run from a resilient U.S. team.

Spain, of course, go home with the prize that all of the teams wanted, but here is a look at those who gained and lost the most during the 2010 World Cup.

Winner: The beautiful game

Rarely has there been a more physical final with the Netherlands coming to Soccer City intent on kicking the living daylights out of Spain. But thankfully, and for fans of flowing soccer, the purer footballing side won out in the end.

Spain’s method is everything that is good about soccer: fluid movement, crisp passing and a determination to keep the ball on the ground instead of hoofing it forward aimlessly. After securing a second straight major tournament, it’s mindboggling to think that we could still be watching one of the most underrated teams of modern soccer. This Spanish side is a team for the ages, but not everyone realizes it.

Loser: The superstars

The biggest names in soccer didn’t fare too well at this year’s tournament, while more unheralded heroes came to the forefront. Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo and England’s Wayne Rooney were the two biggest casualties, as they totally failed to perform up to their potential.

Brazil’s Kaka and Argentina’s Lionel Messi didn’t produce the goods either, and even though Messi was a surprise choice on the short list of the 10 best players in the event, his status as the world’s best player is now under real threat from Spain’s Xavi and the Netherlands’ Wesley Sneijder.

Winner: Landon Donovan

Donovan came into the tournament nursing four years worth of pain following his dismal showing at the 2006 World Cup. He was desperate to deliver for the U.S., and deliver he did.

His three goals were all vital: an equalizing penalty against Ghana, a ferocious strike against Slovenia that sparked a furious comeback and the most memorable strike of his career – that goal which sealed victory against Algeria, sent a nation into rapture and booked a place into the round of 16.

Loser: adidas

The Jabulani World Cup ball was supposed to be the most accurate in history, set to reward the most technically proficient players on the planet and produce glittering soccer. Problem was, either someone forgot to check how the ball would react to South African conditions or they thought that an unpredictable beach ball effect was satisfactory.

Things got a little better after the group stage, as teams became more accustomed to the ball’s flight and movement, but the Jabulani remains an embarrassment for the manufacturer and a folly that must not be repeated.

Winner: South Africa

Bafana Bafana didn’t last long, but the passion that the South African people showed for this event never waned. The smiles, the joy, the pride and the sparkle that the host nation gave to the World Cup will be tough to replicate.

Yes, there were some teething troubles, but in general, security concerns were largely unfounded and a nation that so many expected to fail actually put together a truly memorable and intriguing tournament. The World Cup won’t be back in Africa for a long time, and that’s too bad.

Loser: Koman Coulibaly

The referee from Mali was the blundering official who got most of the attention in the U.S. thanks to his bizarre decision to disallow what would have been a winning goal for the USA against Slovenia. He was struck from the FIFA list for remaining matches at the tournament and wasn’t seen again.

Coulibaly was far from the only man in the middle to make an error of judgment. Glaring referee mistakes littered the event – many in critical matches. Frank Lampard of England had a legitimate goal cross the line by a yard but it was disallowed, while Mexico’s campaign was cut short in large part to an Argentina goal that was way offside.

FIFA has vowed to improve refereeing standards and look into video technology. It’s about time.

Winner: Xavi

The little man from Barcelona didn’t score a goal in the tournament, but finally everyone understands just what a special player he is. The midfielder was the engine that made the Spain machine hum, allowing it to dominate the midfield and set up countless scoring chances.

After the semifinal victory over Germany, I wrote that Xavi is now the best player on the planet. It will take some pretty compelling evidence before I change my mind.

Loser: Dunga

It generally takes a lot for a World Cup-winning captain to become hated in his homeland, but that is the fate that befell Dunga. Sixteen years after lifting the trophy as a player, he led Brazil to an embarrassing exit as head coach and was quickly relieved of his position.

Brazil’s quarterfinal loss to the Netherlands isn’t what hurt the Brazilian soccer public the most. It was the manner of the team’s demise. Dunga’s hard-nosed tactics disgusted a nation that has become accustomed to magnificent, flowing soccer. The campaign will go down as a forgettable chapter in a proud history.

Winner: Thomas Mueller

An international audience knew precious little about the 20-year-old German before this tournament, but they sure know all about him now. Mueller won the Golden Boot for his five goals and three assists, and he was the spark behind a young German team that went on a strong run to the semifinals and won third place.

Mueller’s presence was missed in the semifinal against Spain (he was suspended), but at least he has shown Diego Maradona, who dismissed him at a press conference earlier in the year, what he is all about.

Loser: African teams

This was supposed to be the year when one African side (or more) finally made the big breakthrough by reaching the late rounds of the World Cup. Much was expected of the Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Nigeria, while even host nation South Africa was seen as capable of providing some shocks.

However, things didn’t turn out that way, with only Ghana progressing through to the knockout phase, where the Black Stars and star striker Asamoah Gyan suffered the worst kind of soccer heartbreak.

In the quarterfinal against Uruguay, Gyan had a penalty kick that would have taken his team to the final four, but he crashed it against the crossbar. Moments earlier, the team had a shot cleared off the line by the hands of Uruguay’s Luis Suarez – an action that earned him a red card but kept his nation in the tournament.

Winner: Diego Forlan

Forlan won a whole lot more than just the Golden Ball award, which is given to the tournament’s best player. His reputation, once in tatters after a disappointing move to Manchester United, is now at an all-time high after a series of sensational performances.

He was the primary reason that Uruguay managed to confound the doubters and qualify for the semifinals, while more heralded South American neighbors Brazil and Argentina fell by the wayside. Forlan probably won’t be seen at another World Cup, but he left this tournament with glowing memories.

Loser: France

The fractured story of the French team was so murky, so strange, so pathetic and so unprofessional that there is no obvious target to blame. Raymond Domenech was a joke – he had no respect from his players and no tactical common sense.

But he also had to put up with a bunch of arrogant, petulant, overpaid stars who questioned his authority and didn’t even have the decency to turn up for training ahead of their final match. A government inquiry was set up upon their return home, but it could take a long time to get to the bottom of this debacle.

Kid Cubao
07-13-2010, 10:24 AM
- Lots of play acting, especially on the Spanish side. A physical play, and they end up on the ground clutching their thigh / knee / shin / ankle / foot. The Spaniards started it all, and the Dutch just followed suit, though they didn't get as many calls as the Spaniards.
- The play acting by the Spaniards I think was part of their general strategy. The Dutch tended to play rough, and all that play acting was to highlight that part of the Dutch game. And it paid off. The Dutch got a LOT of yellow cards, and even had a player sent off from the field in the second extension. With the Dutch down to ten men, it was then that Spain scored the only goal of the game.

i don't they were simulating howls of pain. the way i saw it, the spanish side was really getting the business end of the dutchmen's vicious tackles and questionable tactics. the orangemen really played ugly ball and were bent on disrupting the flow of la furia roja.

07-13-2010, 03:04 PM
Spain has 6 players that plays currently for FC Barcelona. According to ESPN, it is a record for most players from one football club to play in a World Cup Final. Now, that's cohesion for you.

Congratulations to Spain.

07-15-2010, 08:31 AM
i don't they were simulating howls of pain. the way i saw it, the spanish side was really getting the business end of the dutchmen's vicious tackles and questionable tactics. the orangemen really played ugly ball and were bent on disrupting the flow of la furia roja.

I beg to disagree. The Dutch do play rough, as a team they got a lot more Yellow cards all throughout the tournament than the Spaniards, but as the excellent slow motion replay cameras showed, whenever the Spaniards got tackled, they were clutching some part of their leg in agony. Then as soon as the Yellow card is given, or the refs ignored them, they just got up and played the rest of the long game without mishaps.

There were some real damage, like that De Jong's kick to Alonso's chest, but overall I wasn't convinced the action by the Dutch during those fouls/tackles merited the reactions.