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10-27-2009, 09:56 PM
Lapit na.

10-28-2009, 12:35 AM
Anyone who saw the 1st episode HBO's 24-7? What the hell are you doing Pacman? You should not take this fight lightly. After all the calamities that have affected us, a loss would further lower our kababayan's morale at an all-time low.

And for the other Manny, whose rag to riches strategy is simply annoying, just go to hell please...


Kid Cubao
10-29-2009, 09:05 AM
^^ matagal na po yun. since freddie roach's arrival and their transfer to wild card gym, the pacman has gone into training overdrive--in fact, freddie had to give manny a number of light training days because he's in danger of losing weight faster than he should. of course, manny would have none of that ;D

he was timed at below 12 seconds in the 100-meter sprint wearing a thick cotton sweat suit and nike cross trainers, according to his speed trainer.

10-31-2009, 08:42 PM
Two more weeks, and are you all ready? HBO has just released the primer for the Pacquiao-Cotto fight on Youtube:

* HBO Boxing: Pacquiao vs. Cotto: Fight Preview

* HBO Boxing: Pacquiao vs. Cotto: Heart, Courage & Determinaton

* HBO Boxing: Pacquiao vs. Cotto: Size Up The Opponent

* HBO Boxing: Pacquiao vs. Cotto: Fighter Strategies

* HBO Boxing: Pacquiao vs. Cotto: Firepower

11-02-2009, 07:26 AM
Kill Manny V. first. Freddie should have KO'd Camella Homes right then and there.

11-02-2009, 07:36 PM

Roach Stands by 1st Round Knockout Prediction

November 1, 11:50 PM

Brad CooneyIn an interview with http://www.8countnews.com famed fight trainer Freddie Roach is holding firm with his prediction that Manny Pacquiao will knockout Miguel Cotto in the 1st round. Roach has had a lot of time to study film on Cotto, and states that he see's flaws in Cotto's game that can and will be exploited,

"Cotto makes the same mistakes as Hatton does. We are going to destroy Cotto, he won't be able to hit us." Freddie stands by his 1st round knockout prediction," said Roach. "Cotto makes mistakes, and he's been hurt in the 1st round before. If Manny Pacquiao hurts him in the 1st round like others have believe me, He will finish him."

Training in the Philippines had it's issues with the typhoon, and the little throw down between Ariza and Koncz, but even with that, it seems as if Pacquiao still had a great camp over there, "There were some distractions, the typhoon killed a lot of people, and yes Ariza and Koncz got into it, but that was blown WAY out of proportion."

When asked to be more specific about the Ariza vs Koncz incident, Roach said, "Ariza hit him one time with an opened hand. He didn't beat him up. If he would have beaten him up he would have had a lawsuit against him by now. That whole thing got blown way out of proportion."

Roach praises the sparring that Jr Middleweight Shawn Porter has provided," That kid is going to be a future world champion one day. Out of all the sparring partners that we used, Porter gave us the best work."

During camp, reports surfaced that Porter actually knocked down Pacquiao. Roach clears this up, "Porter did stun Manny Pacquiao one time with a great punch. The very next round, Manny knocked Porter down."

When pressed on whether or not Pacquiao was actually knocked down by Porter, Roach said, "No, he was never knocked down. I still have my thousand bucks in my pocket! He did hit Manny with a great shot though, but Manny never fell down. Right after that in the next round, Manny dropped Porter with a perfect punch."

Seems as if all systems are go in team Pacquiao's corner. Time will tell how Cotto's camp turned out.

Jaco D
11-03-2009, 01:47 AM
They should interview Jinky. Diba mas mataas ang batting average ni Mrs. as far as pre-fight predictions are concerned? I haven't been following the news leading up to the fight that much, but what's with the one-grand statement of Roach? Did he promise a bonus for anyone who could knock Manoy down? Interesting. Is Manny's camp having the usual bonus for the staff who loses the most pounds prior to the fight? Dapat yung kampo ni Cotto should do the same thing. Did you guys see that sidekick of his who looks like a 400 pound toadstool? Nampucha, just looking at him would make you think Jabba the Hutt is Megan Fox.

Kid Cubao
11-03-2009, 04:53 AM
oh yeah, that's miguel cotto's marketing and promotions guy. i always get a kick seeing him dive into the deep end of the swimming pool in the rented mansion his camp is staying in. parang meteor na nag-crash sa dagat ;D

11-03-2009, 01:51 PM
HBO's "24/7 Manny Pacquiao vs. Miguel Cotto Episode 1" now already officially available on Youtube:


11-03-2009, 05:42 PM
In fairness to Roach, his predictions as of late are all bulls eye.

11-03-2009, 09:09 PM
In fairness to Roach, his predictions as of later are all bulls eye.

Pinacquiao lahat ang predictions. ;D

11-04-2009, 11:11 PM
Manny Pacquiao on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Ahh ..... he should stick to boxing. :D

* Manny Pacquiao on Jimmy Kimmel Live Part 1

* Manny Pacquiao on Jimmy Kimmel Live Part 2

* Manny Pacquiao Recycles Pumpkins

Looking up for that clip where he sang, though.

11-04-2009, 11:28 PM
This just shows you how brave Manny is. LOL

* Manny Pacquiao Singing on Jimmy Kimmel Live

11-06-2009, 12:11 AM
^In fairness, he can ctually carry a tune. His pronunciation, on the other hand, is another matter. ;D But still, I got a big kick out of watching that clip. Kaya ba ni Cotto yan??

11-06-2009, 12:45 AM
'Kantahan pa lang, e, Knock Out na si Cotto.' LOL.

11-06-2009, 11:38 PM
Manny Pacquiao is on the cover of Time Magazine's Asian Edition. Here's the article about him in that magazine:

11-07-2009, 09:15 PM
* Manny Pacquiao on Jimmy Kimmel Live Part 2

OMG! cook me! ;D

11-08-2009, 02:29 PM
HBO officially released episode 1 of the Pacquiao-Cotto fight a week late on Youtube compared to when it was first telecast, but now seemed to have stopped releasing it there lately for some reason. I think its a pretty stupid idea on their part. Anyway, here are episodes 2 and 3 of the "Pacquiao-Cotto 24/7" from alternate sources:

* Pacquiao-Cotto 24/7 Episode two

* Pacquiao-Cotto 24/7 Episode three

11-08-2009, 03:06 PM
The previous Pacquiao 24/7 episode 2 and 3 links I gave out played a bit jerky on my netbook. Here are two lower quality, but more watchable videos:

* Pacquiao-Cotto 24/7 Episode two (low quality video)

* Pacquiao-Cotto 24/7 Episode three (low quality video)

11-09-2009, 01:16 AM
Why Cotto will lose in November 14.

With this new information, it is very likely Cotto will have the living shi_ beaten out of him next Saturday.



Clan 'War' Hounds Cotto

By Joaquin Henson (The Philippine Star) Updated November 09, 2009 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines - Whatever distractions there may be in Manny Pacquiao’s training camp, none could be worse than the suit filed against Miguel Cotto by his uncle and former trainer Evangelista Cotto.

Last April, the Cottos slugged it out in a gym in Caguas, Puerto Rico, over a dispute stemming from the champion’s irreverent lifestyle, financial issues and training habits. It was an ugly brawl between a nephew and his uncle who’d worked together since the fighter was a boy.

Evangelista signed a contract to train Cotto when the Sydney Olympian turned pro in 2001. The deal stipulated a 10 percent share of Cotto’s purses as trainer. It was later revised to include another 10 percent cut from earnings in Cotto’s promotional company Promociones Miguel Cotto and a 33 percent slice of his purses as a world champion.

Tempers flared when Cotto wanted to move his training camp from Caguas to Tampa, Florida, against Evangelista’s wishes. They scuffled, leaving Cotto’s uncle with a broken nose and busted ribs. Evangelista said he was “brutally attacked” and suffered “serious injuries.” He filed a $7.5 million suit for damages, mainly for breach of contract, secondarily for injuries and “emotional stress” from the brawl.

The trainer claimed Cotto owes him 23 percent of his purses since 2004 when the fighter won the vacant WBO lightwelterweight crown. Evangelista said Cotto continued to pay him only 10 percent of his prize money when it should have increased to 33 percent since he became a world champion.

Their quarrel was so embittered that Evangelista threw a cement brick that shattered the windshield of Cotto’s 2009 Jaguar during their altercation last April.

Apparently, the problem started when Cotto’s brother Jose - also a fighter - parted ways with Evangelista who refused to patch things up despite efforts by the now WBO welterweight champion. Then, Evangelista openly chastised Cotto for leaving his wife Melissa Guzman with whom he has two children, Alondra and Miguel III, for another woman. The trainer was upset that Cotto often brought his girlfriend to the gym and exposed his children to her.

Cotto was separated from his wife for two years but they’ve reconciled. “I’m not the best husband but I want to be the best father,” said Cotto who has a daughter with another woman. In 2007, Cotto went to court for a protection order against the woman who was prevented from gaining access to his home in the Valle del Turabo sector of Caguas and the Bairoa gym where he trains.

“In Puerto Rico, we treasure and honor our boxing champions who are role models for our youth,” said Evangelista’s lawyer Carlos Dalmau. “We love and support them when they go into the ring. However, we cannot allow them to humiliate and abuse others outside the ring. No one is above the law.”

Cotto split with Evangelista before his fight against Joshua Clottey and elevated assistant trainer Joe Santiago, a 32-year-old nutritionist. With Santiago in his corner, Cotto nearly lost to Clottey and barely won on a split 12-round decision to retain the WBO title in New York City last June. More than Santiago, it was cutman Joe Chavez who saved the day for Cotto. The Puerto Rican’s left eyebrow was badly cut by a headbutt in the third round and he managed to survive the distance despite the deep gash that later required 20 stitches to close.

Chavez used to work in Pacquiao’s corner as a cutman. Curiously, Cotto’s former cutman Miguel Diaz of Argentina now works in Pacquiao’s corner.

The jury is still out on Santiago but at least, there is now peace in Cotto’s camp.

“For Cotto, things might have been calmer in camp without his uncle but can Santiago motivate Cotto the way Evangelista could?” wrote Boxing News’ Tris Dixon. “If the chips are down, does he know what buttons to push? There is no doubt his uncle knew how to and, despite their personal differences, they were a potent match on a professional level.”

While Santiago’s competence is questionable, there is no doubt about the qualifications of his counterpart in Pacquiao’s team. Freddie Roach is easily the world’s best boxing trainer today. And with Diaz at his side, Roach enjoys the assistance of a 71-year-old veteran who has bandaged 33 and trained eight world champions in a legendary career.

Diaz predicted another Pacman demolition in the fight against Cotto just like Ricky Hatton.

“Cotto is a damaged fighter,” said Diaz, referring to the Puerto Rican’s knockout loss to Antonio Margarito last year. “Cotto was once a lightwelterweight. I just think Manny’s too strong for Cotto. I’m very proud to be working with a great champion. I worked the corners of Oscar Larios and Jorge Solis when they lost to Manny. They couldn’t beat him. I couldn’t beat him so I joined him. It’s very rare you find a fighter like Manny.”

Diaz said at this stage in Pacquiao’s career, he has to be ranked up there in the all-time honors list with the likes of Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran and Carlos Monzon. If Pacquiao beats Cotto, he will win an unprecedented seventh world title in his seventh weight division - a feat no fighter has ever accomplished in ring history.

11-09-2009, 08:28 AM
Five reasons why Manny will win.

1. Trainer / Coach - Freddie Roach, 49, is full of experience and adjudged the best trainer as of late. Joe Santiago, 32, is too young and inexperienced for a fight of this magnitude. Pacquiao-Roach relationship has been there for almost a decade. Cotto-Santiago connection as fighter-head coach just started a year ago.

2. Sparring mates - Manny's training will conclude with 150 rounds of boxing against quality boxers that could emulate Cotto's fighting style (i. e. Shawn Porter, Untillon, etc.). All of these boxers have gone a long way fighting professionally at least 30 times in their career except the young Shawn Porter whose record is is 10-0 with 8 KOs. Cotto only had two sparring mates and both of them are southpaw. The problem is these two are not even quality boxers in their career with average professional records of more or less 9-5.

3. Cotto's style - I watched some of Cotto's previous fights in youtube and Cotto's strength is indeed for real. There is one glaring weakness however, which is Cotto's tendency to telegraph a message whenever he is going to punch hard. I think this is one area Roach will exploit. Before Cotto release his punch, Manny will unleash his own power shot and then go sideways.

4. Manny's quickness, footwork and side-to-side movement. Cotto's style is best fit for a fighter who wants to fight fire with fire. Against a fighter who can hit quick power shots and go away sideway in less than a blink of a second, Cotto will find himself clueless.

5. Margarito exposed Cotto's weakness which is his face. Hatton, Dela Hoya, Diaz, Barrera, Morales, etc. Except Hatton, all of those guys are good all around fighters but Manny found ways to hit them hard in the face.

Dark Knight
11-09-2009, 05:24 PM
Even if the odds are against him, im rooting for Cotto.

11-09-2009, 06:12 PM
I just read the New York Times article.

The one bit of info that really stood out was his running away from home because his father ate the family dog. Damn. What kind of father does that?

11-09-2009, 06:53 PM
^ Can you post link? Tnx.

11-09-2009, 10:45 PM
Here it is, ML.


11-10-2009, 09:07 PM
Based on what I have read and seen lately, I think Manny will beat Cotto relatively easily, similar to the Diaz fight, for a couple of reasons:

* First, Cotto will obviously have problems matching Manny's speed. His punching power in terms of doing damage to Manny I feel is also a bit overrated. Cotto wasn't able to knock out Malignaggi, while a supposedly smaller fighter like Hatton was able to dispose of Malignaggi in the eleventh round of their match.

* Second, that split with his trainer, who also happened to be his uncle, has a big psychological effect on Cotto. It was an ugly split, with Cotto breaking his uncle's nose and ribs, and then Evangelista throwing a brick on Cotto's SUV. Evangelista has reportedly now filed a USD 7.5 million suit against Miguel in Puerto Rico. That kind of family problem has got to be a major distraction.

* Next, Cotto replaced his uncle, whom he has worked with in his corner winning title belts, with a nobody in Santiago. As a result, his performance against Clottey was not particularly convincing. In effect, Cotto is basically running his own show, with a mediocre trainer in his corner. Manny, on the other hand, has a genius in Freddie Roach in his corner.

* I agree with mighty_lion that Cotto's sparring partners were mediocre, basically unknowns. Manny, on the other hand, has been sparring with a boxing legend in Luis Castillo, and in legitimate future upcoming stars like Shawn Porter. Take note that Porter is a Jr. Middleweight, fighting at 154 lbs., heavier than Cotto who is only a Welterweight (147 lbs.). Porter is currently 10-0, with 8 knockouts. A bigger fighter, who can punch. I think this aspect alone shows the quality (or lack of) of the training camps of both fighters for this fight.

* Lastly, I think Cotto's devastating loss to Margarito has really affected him tremendously. He quit that match, kneeling down after the last onslaught by Margarito, and refusing to stand up to fight again. He surrendered, because he couldn't take it anymore. Roach himself talked about being knocked out, and losing ten fights in his next fights after that because suddenly, he realized that he was not invincible. Diaz, who is now on Manny's camp but previously worked with Cotto also said that Cotto was not the same fighter another after being beaten to a pulp by Margarito.

So, Cotto is at a disadvantage in terms of speed, with a mediocre trainer, hiring mediocre sparring fighters, and distracted by personal and psychological problems. A recipe for disaster in my book.

I hope my assumptions are right, and if they are, Cotto will go down hard on the fight this weekend.

11-10-2009, 10:06 PM
excited! ;D

11-10-2009, 11:57 PM
Speed kills. Cotto will be a sitting duck. Of course you can't count out the lucky punch. As long as Manny is careful and fights his regular fight then world title seven is already in the bag. The contrasting styles favors Pacman and the size difference does not give Cotto too much of an advantage. I would even bet that Pacquiao has more power than Cotto. It may be true that Pacquiao has never fought anybody with Cotto's power but you cannot hurt what you cannot hit. It is of course definite that Cotto has never faced anybody with Pacman's power and speed. Margarito's loaded hands would now seem like a Sunday stroll in the park compared to 12 rounds with Pacman.

On the side:

"Manny Pacquiao's nickname is 'The Mexicutioner.' He's beaten more Latinos than the police. Pacquiao...unanimous decision." - George Lopez, Comedian, Actor, and Host of Lopez Tonight!

Jaco D
11-11-2009, 02:22 AM
I was just surfing the web and looking at those old Cotto fights. I agree with Lion's comment that Cotto has a tendency to telegraph his punches: very pronounced yung pag "buelo" ng kamay just before he unleashes a strong punch. A smart opponent should have ample time to read the cocking of the arm and adjust accordingly. On the other hand, Manoy's power punches remind me of the late Bruce Lee's "one-inch" punch (boy, that was a joy to watch back in the day) - sheer power off the blocks and no need for momentum. The only way you could prepare for thiose punches is to have a good cut man in your corner and a bucket of ice to cool down your swollen face on your way back to the dressing room.

11-11-2009, 03:48 AM
Even if the odds are against him, im rooting for Cotto.

DK, you always root for whoever Pacquiao's opponent is. ;D

11-11-2009, 08:37 AM
Philstar. (http://www.philstar.com/Article.aspx?articleId=522304&publicationSubCategoryId=69)

“We use supplements, not steroids. Someone who never finished high school, like Floyd Mayweather Sr., wouldn’t understand the difference and that’s why they make dumb comments.”

Alex Ariza

La lang. Hehe ;D

11-11-2009, 10:11 AM
The number one reason why Manny will win this fight : he uses Head and Shoulders. Pamatay ng cotto. ;D

Ok. I think Pacman will win via KO in the 7th or 8th round. If not, by unanimous decision. He will surely outscore and outpunch Kuto whose only chance against Pacman is to land a lucky punch.

Kid Cubao
11-11-2009, 10:27 AM
i subscribe to coach freddie's observation that for all of miguel cotto's technical skills as a fighter, he makes the same mistakes as ricky hatton, and that cotto might suffer the same fate if he doesn't watch out. i believe this is essentially the same comment posted by the other regulars here like mighty lion and jaco. so manny will be waiting for that opening when cotto uncorks and whapakk, down goes the defending welterweight champ. sana heto nga ang mangyari sa linggo.

Kid Cubao
11-11-2009, 11:25 AM
re the latest quinito henson column on manny p:

HIIT stands for high-intensity INTERVAL training, not intervolt ;D mukhang kulang sa research ang quinito ah.

HIIT is basically a training approach wherein an athlete subjects his muscles to maximum effort in short bursts throughout the day. it involves a lot of plyometric workouts like (but not limited to) depth jumps, clean and jerks, and 40 yard sprints as well as sports nutrition like amino acid-based meal replacement supplements. the idea is not only to build quality muscle but also to condition the body's fast twitch fibers to react faster, which are essential in a combat sport like pro boxing. thus i give conditioning coach alex ariza and his team a lot of credit for enabling manny to move up in weight without losing a beat in terms of hand speed and fight reflexes.

11-11-2009, 11:38 AM
Thanks for the clarification, KC. Sabi ko na parang may mali doon sa intervolt na yun eh. I had images of electric volts running over Manny's body, like that car battery commercial. :D

11-11-2009, 01:04 PM
The number one reason why Manny will win this fight : he uses Head and Shoulders. Pamatay ng cotto. ;D

Ok. I think Pacman will win via KO in the 7th or 8th round. If not, by unanimous decision. He will surely outscore and outpunch Kuto whose only chance against Pacman is to land a lucky punch.


Seriously, I think Cotto is a bigger version of Juan Manuel Marquez. Pacquiao will have his hands full on Sunday. This is the first time in a long while that Pacquiao will be going up against a younger foe.

If Pacquiao can't knock Cotto out in 5/6 rounds, I see this fight going the distance.

11-11-2009, 02:01 PM

Fighters make their Cotto-Pacquiao picks

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 | Print Entry

So, who do you like in the big Miguel Cotto-Manny Pacquiao welterweight title bout on Saturday night (HBO PPV) at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas? It's the question all boxing fans are talking about as we are just a few days away from the year's biggest, most anticipated fight.

You can read my official pick on our Fight Credential page, but how about some predictions from some famous fighters and former fighters?

• George Foreman (Hall of Famer and former two-time heavyweight champ): "I think there would have been a good opportunity for Pacquiao to win if he faced Cotto before he fought Clottey, but now Cotto is thinking defense. I think Cotto is going to pull out a decision, and now because of the terrible beating he took against Margarito, he knows he can't get into a knockdown, drag-out brawl. He's going to be smarter, and I think Cotto wins in a 12-round decision. Pacquiao has been riding high and has beaten some of the best in the world. And it leaves you kind of complacent when you're winning. And even if you don't want it to, sometimes you can't get up for a big fight. And that's a plus for Cotto."

• Mike Tyson (former two-time heavyweight champ): "I pick Manny Pacquiao by knockout. I think he will knock him out in [Rounds] 7 or 8. Manny just has too much for Cotto."

• Bernard Hopkins (former middleweight and light heavyweight champ): "Pacquiao is going to chop Cotto up. Out of respect, Cotto will get some rounds, but Manny is the Bruce Lee of boxing. His basketball and martial arts background give him that speed agility. You can't tell where his shots are coming from. Unlike Rocky, Bruce Lee was a real dude and so is Manny."

• Joe Calzaghe (former super middleweight and light heavyweight champ): "I think Manny Pacquiao is going to be too quick for Cotto. I was ringside when Cotto fought Clottey. He seemed to struggle a bit in that fight and it is hard to say what he will do against a faster, quicker Pacquiao. I know people say Cotto is the bigger guy but I still think Pacquiao beats him in a decision."

• Chad Dawson (interim light heavyweight titlist): "Manny Pacquiao, he's the best, he's on top right now."

• Sugar Shane Mosley (welterweight titlist, who has a decision loss to Cotto): "It's going to be an interesting fight, and I think Pacquiao better take it very seriously. I think Cotto will win because he's a little bit bigger and is a real welterweight. His power may be enough to overcome Pacquiao's speed. I think Cotto wins in a decision."

• Winky Wright (former junior middleweight champ): "If Cotto stays busy, he'll win a decision. I think that Cotto will win the fight, but I thinks it's gonna be a good fight."

• Felix Trinidad (former three-division champ): "Manny is a big puncher and a good boxer, but he has never faced a natural welterweight like Miguel. Cotto is the most dangerous fight of Pacquiao's career. On the night of the fight, Pacquiao will still not be a full welterweight. And Cotto is very strong. As the fight plays out, around Rounds 7, 8, 9, that's when Cotto starts taking over. I think Cotto will win by decision, but he might even get a knockout. With all of my heart I think Miguel Cotto will win."

• Hector Camacho (former lightweight champ): "I'm a Puerto Rican like Cotto, but I like Pacquiao because he has fought better guys, like Oscar De La Hoya. I see him having no problem against Cotto. Cotto is not a smart fighter."

• Carlos Ortiz (Hall of Famer and former two-division champ): "Pacquiao is a good boxer and Cotto is a fighter. I'm going to give the edge to Cotto, and not just because he's Puerto Rican, but because of the way he fights. He always comes to fight, he's always in shape. Cotto is going to have the edge. I see him winning by decision, but I do think he can knock Pacquiao out if the chance arrives."

I can't wait for Chino Trinidad's world-class comments during the fight. ;D

Seriously, sana lang international sportscasters yung sa araneta.


11-11-2009, 04:12 PM
Philstar. (http://www.philstar.com/Article.aspx?articleId=522304&publicationSubCategoryId=69)

“We use supplements, not steroids. Someone who never finished high school, like Floyd Mayweather Sr., wouldn’t understand the difference and that’s why they make dumb comments.”

Alex Ariza

La lang. Hehe ;D

'Aray. Sapul.' LOL

11-11-2009, 04:15 PM
Looking at Cotto and Manny's body, you would not think that Cotto trained a couple of weeks ahead of Manny. Manny, as usual, is RIPPED before the fight, with his trainers claiming about 6-7% body fat.

Cotto, on the other hand, still has some flabs around his belly area. Here's a recent article about Manny's current Nutritionist:



Expert Watches RP Icon's Weight

By Joaquin Henson (The Philippine Star) Updated November 10, 2009 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines - It’s no secret that Manny Pacquiao relies on his speed and power to wear down bigger opponents. Miguel Cotto, whom Pacquiao fights in Las Vegas this weekend, is cut in the same mold as David Diaz, Oscar de la Hoya and Ricky Hatton – all of whom were heavier than the Filipino ring icon when they fought.

Cotto is expected to enter the ring weighing at least 10 pounds more than Pacquiao but the disparity doesn’t bother strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza who guaranteed the other day the challenger will be stronger than ever against the defending WBO welterweight champion from Puerto Rico.

What makes Ariza so confident is nutritionist Teri Tom’s careful monitoring of Pacquiao’s body composition.

Pacquiao and Cotto agreed to face off at the catchweight limit of 145 pounds even as the welterweight division is up to 147. Pacquiao, who weighed in at 138 for his fight against Hatton last May, will pack in extra pounds to scale close to 145 while Cotto must bring down his usual walking weight of about 160.

Tom was brought in by Ariza for Pacquiao’s fight against De la Hoya because the catchweight limit of 147 was way beyond the Filipino’s normal weight last year. Tom’s mission was to make Pacquiao stronger and faster despite adding weight to his body. He weighed in at 142, his highest ever, for the fight.

“Teri has been with us since the Oscar fight,” Ariza told The Star. “She is doing the body composition. She wasn’t able to come to Manila (but) she’s with us in this fight (against Cotto). Her role is very extensive. She runs everything we do and gives us the base of everything I follow.”

Ariza said Tom monitors Pacquiao’s body progress and charts his muscle development.

“She doesn’t have to be with us everyday,” continued Ariza. “Her role is (to come in) once a week. She checks and makes sure everything’s on track. She keeps all the records of where we started from Oscar to Hatton. And we compare notes on Manny’s speed, body fat and weight. We compare everything from fight to fight to make sure we’re in progress.”

Ariza, in an exclusive overseas telephone interview, said the exercises that he puts Pacquiao through in the gym are elements of a comprehensive program formulated with Tom and another associate Andrea Macias of San Diego State.

“We work as a team,” said Ariza. “I run everything in our program through Teri and Andrea. We look at all the aspects of conditioning – isometrics, diet, muscle build-up. It’s not the work of any one person. We’re all focused on Manny and we’re excited to be working with the world’s greatest fighter, pound for pound.”

Tom is a summa cum laude graduate in communications at UCLA, earned a Master’s degree in nutrition science at California State-Los Angeles and completed her clinical dietetic rotations at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. She also has a certification as a personal trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. To top it all, Tom is a jeet kune do instructor.

Tom said she was challenged to build up Pacquiao’s body mass without compromising his speed and power when he decided to move up two weight classes to fight De la Hoya.

“Manny has a history of dipping into the 130s only several weeks into training which was fine when he was fighting at a lower weight but this time, we had to keep him heavy so he’d have some heft going into the ring with Oscar,” wrote Tom in her book “Martial Arts Nutrition.”

Tom said in Pacquiao’s diet, she increased the frequency of his meals and switched his supplements. She introduced a protein shake of about 20 grams in the morning before jogging and another 20 grams after his workout in the afternoon. There was also a mid-morning snack, usually an egg sandwich. The goal was to build his muscle mass.

Eating a lot of calorie-laden food at his favorite Thai restaurant beside the Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles was not a problem in Tom’s program.

“When you’re Manny, you burn through calories like there’s no tomorrow,” said Tom. “My feeling is if he’s four to six percent body fat and losing muscle is a concern, I’m not going to quibble about the Thai restaurant and coconut sauces. It’s more important that he get those calories in and that it’s palatable to him and that he enjoys his food. A lot of people ask me about the four cups of rice he’ll have. Again, not a problem when body fat is coming down and we are preserving muscle.”

Tom said a careful balance of nutritional intake is crucial during Pacquiao’s training period. “Carbohydrate intake during extended bouts of exercise has been proved to improve performance,” she noted. “Carbohydrates are key to fueling your alertness and skill whether you’re training or competing.”

11-12-2009, 10:34 AM
"marquez only drank his piss. he forgot to eat his shit."

link (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kp1xlhZhEvA&feature=player_embedded)

11-13-2009, 09:51 AM
Manny will win in this fight because Senator Hillary Clinton said so. ;)

11-14-2009, 08:22 PM
Pacquiao-Cotto "New Moon" spoof:

http://photos-c.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc3/hs060.snc3/14743_1262972582718_1481824192_30730764_6598968_n. jpg

11-14-2009, 10:29 PM
Episode 4 of "24/7 Pacquiao-Cotto". A bit laggy on my netbook, but better than nothing:


11-15-2009, 02:47 PM
Tomorrow's tabloid headline: "Pacquiao, Nagmistulang Panlaban sa Cotto!!!"

Congratulations to the seven-time World Title Holder, and one of the Greatest of All Time Boxers. Even Emmanuel Steward agrees with it now.

11-15-2009, 02:52 PM
The commentator said it's like watching a firing squad to a traitor..

ako naman I feel watching a Gladiator getting ready to kill his enemy in the Coliseum. ;D

11-15-2009, 03:21 PM
I think the fight just proved weight doesnt equate to more power. At the end of the day the power within the punch is all about the speed, right acceleration, right amount of mass in the fist and then precision.

Cotto is a great fighter but it is just Manny is on another level. My hats off to Roach, Buboy and Alex Ariza. Congrats Manny.

11-15-2009, 03:22 PM

http://photos-a.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc3/hs060.snc3/14755_1291893819122_1283573378_867656_5100876_n.jp g

11-15-2009, 05:20 PM
I'm not a hardcore boxing fan so I would like to ask this question - Where does Manny rank now among the all-time boxing greats?


Kid Cubao
11-15-2009, 05:31 PM
for starters, he broke oscar de la hoya's record by annexing his seventh world title (five sanctioned, two lineal). so he's the first ever to get there.

among the pound for pound fighters, i think he already can be ranked as among the greatest non-heavyweights in boxing history. the select list includes joe gans, willie pep, henry armstrong, sugar ray robinson, and sugar ray leonard. idagdag natin sya ngayon.

in terms of versatility, his feat is unique, and historians go all the way back to henry armstrong--the only fighter to hold three world titles (featherweight, lightweight, and welterweight) at the same time. from 2008-2009, he won the WBC lightweight title from david diaz, the IBO lightwelterweight belt from ricky hatton, and now the WBO welterweight crown from miguel cotto. bang, bang, bang. no one has done that in a long, long, long time.

11-15-2009, 05:43 PM
^ I think he also won the superfeatherweight crown in March of 2008 before the Diaz fight.

So is it safe to say that he's now included in the top 10 of all-time?

Dan Rafael couldn't have said it better...


from flyweight, junior featherweight, featherweight. Junior lightweight (a.k.a. super featherweight), lightweight, junior welterweight and now, welterweight.


11-15-2009, 06:34 PM
super congrats, manny! you've made us proud! like the online US pundits say, in a country stuck in corruption and poverty, and at the mercy of nature, you're one of the few shining lights we have. congrats uli!

uhm, messrs. mayweather? your turn ;)

Liga Pilipinas
11-15-2009, 06:45 PM
Congratulations to Manny Pacquiao, team owner and guard of the MP Warriors of GenSan, for his latest boxing achievement. See you soon on the basketball court!

11-15-2009, 08:18 PM
^ I think he also won the superfeatherweight crown in March of 2008 before the Diaz fight.

So is it safe to say that he's now included in the top 10 of all-time?

Dan Rafael couldn't have said it better...


from flyweight, junior featherweight, featherweight. Junior lightweight (a.k.a. super featherweight), lightweight, junior welterweight and now, welterweight.


If he didn't skip the 115 and 118 lbs from his 112 lb title, Manny Pacquiao could have gotten 9 titles in as many divisions.

11-15-2009, 11:54 PM
In other news, Manny needs to update the tattoo on his arm. Di ba apat na ang anak niya? ;D

11-16-2009, 12:24 AM
watching manny is bearing witness to athletic genius. cotto is one of boxing's best defensive fighters yet pac landed 560 punches based on compubox stats, and that was with cotto backpedaling and refusing to trade from round 10 onward. it was supposed to be speed vs power. cotto went into the fight expecting to stalk the cat-quick pac - imagine his surprise when pac just stood against the ropes, giving cotto a free invite to hit him with his best shot. supposedly, pac will go down once he gets a taste of cotto's welterweight power. but pac got tagged and and he wasnt' even staggered. pac got his confidence while cotto's confidence on his power was shaken. the first KD was of the flash variety but the 2nd one really hurt cotto and it was downhill for the champ from there.

this fight makes you appreciate fighters like david diaz. the guy had heart, fought to keep his title to the very end. cotto in contrast refused to engage from round 10 onwards, running away and backpedaling. you'd think he was the challenger and way ahead on pts. even in the few seconds of round 12 and with his crown slipping away, he was still running away. i say either stop the fight or hunker down and engage. don't get in there just to save face and say you finished the fight.

but overall, cotto's a class act, just severely outclassed in the fight.

Kid Cubao
11-16-2009, 05:24 AM
ewan ko, but i think another brilliant game plan was prepared by coach freddie. it appears pacquaio's rope-a-dope ploy was meant to anticipate cotto's strategy of counterpunching his way to a win. simply, how can one counterpunch against a stationary opponent against the ropes? dun nalito si cotto; he must be thinking, "sigurado ka, magpapasuntok ka?!?" gutsy move as well by pacquiao. more than anything, as yungha noted, pacquiao proved to all and sundry that he can take a true welterweight's punch.

11-16-2009, 06:11 AM
I will go out on a limb here and agree with Bob Arum, Pacquiao is now the greatest professional boxer of all-time. No top 10, No among the greats, he is now the best of all time. He is the GOAT in boxing just as, Jordan is to basketball, Tiger is to golf and Federer to tennis.

I cannot believe my eyes when I saw Cotto backpedal for 3 rounds and simply trying to finish the match. He backpedaled against Clottey as well but that was just for certain short instances just to shake the cobwebs after getting tagged but not here. It was also bizarre that Manny wanted Cotto to hit him while staying in those ropes. I also think he wants to know how powerful are those punches so that he can gauge in the latter rounds if Cotto is losing his power. In the end you can see that the tide has turned, Manny wasn't afraid of Cotto's punches and he in turn became the stronger and bigger guy in the ring.

11-16-2009, 08:50 AM
Manny stands tall, head and shoulders above the top ten greatest fighters of all time. ;D

11-16-2009, 11:04 AM
I cannot believe my eyes when I saw Cotto backpedal for 3 rounds and simply trying to finish the match.

"Ito na siguro ang sinasabing surpresa ng kampo ni Cotto. Ang tumakbo ng tumakbo."

Chino Trinidad

Hehe. Signature.

11-16-2009, 01:15 PM
link (http://sports.yahoo.com/box/news;_ylt=AmEAdn7D2HarbCXePEtExCKUxLYF?slug=ap-timdahlberg-111509&prov=ap&type=lgns)

“Just look out for his left hand,” Cotto’s trainer, Joe Santiago, told his fighter. “It’s all he’s got.”

Bad advice. Less than a minute into the third round, it was a right hand from Pacquiao that put Cotto down for the first time. He was up quickly and the two continued battling at a frenzied pace late into the fourth round when Pacquiao threw a huge left hand as Cotto was moving forward and dropped him for the second time.

after diaz, dela hoya and hatton (1st KD) why do people still insist that pac is still a one-handed fighter? and coming from cotto's trainer no less. freddie roach talks a lot of smack but he's accurate in his assessment that joe santiago has a lot to learn in terms of training a world-class fighter.

Kid Cubao
11-16-2009, 01:28 PM
joe santiago has no credentials to speak of. in all the fights he handled, it was cotto's cutman that spelled the difference. miguel cotto is still young at 29, and despite the beating he got from manny, i believe he still has what it takes to return to championship contention. but in order to achieve that, changes will have to be made. joe santiago will have to relinquish his position as chief trainer, and perhaps go back to being a valuable assistant in the cotto camp. they should find a way to get a more experienced, tough-minded trainer who can properly prepare and motivate miguel cotto like his uncle used to in better days. the only one i know who fits the bill is nacho beristain. now if he so wishes to relocate to detroit, emanuel steward is another.

Jaco D
11-16-2009, 01:53 PM
Wasn't it Arum himself who said he was considering Roach to train Cotto when the latter and his uncle/trainer had that falling out? Now that Pacs is like a fight or two away from retirement (heck, he can retire now if he wants to - he's got nothing to prove even if Gayweather's mouth thinks otherwise) maybe Freddie should consider taking Cotto under his wing. That probably would be Pacs' legacy to the sport - retiring so Freddie can train Cotto properly and Miguel can silence the Gayweather family once and for all. Marquez? Isama mo na rin siya sa mga "pabilin" ni Manoy kay Cotto.

11-16-2009, 03:40 PM
Another gem from Joe Santiago was his remark after the fight about them underestimating Manny's punching power. "We didn't think he would hit that hard" or something like that.

Duh. After what Pacquiao did to Hatton and De La Hoya, the least you could assume coming into the fight is that the guy punches real hard.

Dark Knight
11-16-2009, 05:04 PM
Even if the odds are against him, im rooting for Cotto.

DK, you always root for whoever Pacquiao's opponent is. ;D

yes, maiba lang. ;D

Go Mayweather!!!!!!!!!!! :D

11-16-2009, 05:14 PM
Walang karapatan mag-retire si Pacman hanggat hindi naging Pacman supporter si Dark Knight. Hehe. ;D

No clearcut sign of decline on Manny's end. The guy is still at his peak. I hope Arum can arrange fight versus Mayweather, Margarito & Mosley.

11-16-2009, 05:41 PM
^there's at least one person who's NOT interested in a pacquiao-mayweather fight:

At least one person affiliated with Mayweather, though not officially part of the fight camp, said he wouldn’t make a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight.

Floyd Mayweather Sr. said he continues to suspect Pacquiao’s achievements as a welterweight are the product of performance-enhancing drugs.

“If Floyd wants a really big payday he’s going to have to fight him next,” Mayweather Sr. said. “But if it was me, I wouldn’t fight him. Whether I could whip him or not, I wouldn’t fight him, because things ain’t right. I’m pretty sure that’s what it is."

here's the the link to article - link (http://www.mlive.com/mayweather/index.ssf/2009/11/hbos_ross_greenburg_talks_to_b.html).

what an asshole.

11-16-2009, 11:49 PM
The Mayweather group now keeps spreading this rumor that The Pacman is on drugs. Mayweather Sr. approached a couple of scribes, and implying it, saying, something like, "I don't want him to fight Pacquiao, but I won't tell you why".

Anyway, it looks like the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight is likely to go on, what with PBF now starting his trash-talk.

11-17-2009, 01:51 AM
It is really surprising that Manny's right hand haven't earned enough respect from the Cotto camp. It spelled disaster for them because I reckon it is his right hook that caused the cut on the eyebrow. . . .

surprise surprise we do not hear any trash from the mayweather camp. . . .

11-17-2009, 05:47 AM
^ Latest trash:

"Easy win, easy fight. He's one dimensional" - Gayweather Jr.

11-17-2009, 08:56 AM
I listened to an interview with Ronnie Nathanielz yesterday and in this occasion he was right. Pacman should not be pressured of what others want at this point. Not by the mainstream US media or the globe clamoring for a Mayweather fight, Mayweather and even fellow Filipinos. If he wants to retire now he should and he will be the best fighter in all of history. Mayweather had his chance after the Hatton fight but chose Marquez.

Manny could leave on his own terms and leave the US media wondering for years to come. Filipinos have no reason to be feel disappointed or grumble, they never had it so good in boxing until Manny came along.

If Manny wants to fight then it's his choice and we should support the guy in this epic battle with Mayweather. If he can take the punches of Cotto, he can easily take those of Mayweather's. The only risk is he mightl lose on points since the opponent just runs away from you all night long. But I think all the running and shoulder rolling in the world will not save Floyd from this one. We got a preview of this when Cotto ran from Pacman in the 8th to the 12th round and got tagged numerous times. Of course Floyd does all those better than Cotto but the Pacman did not prepare for this last Sunday. In the fight with Floyd, Freddie Roach will have a game plan.

11-17-2009, 10:19 AM
this one's sick>>>>>>> http://www.eastsideboxing.com/forum/showthread.php?t=184782&page=3

11-17-2009, 12:46 PM
anyone else notice that new punch unveiled by manny, sort of a low twisting left uppercut not to the jaw, but to cotto's right ribcage. cotto got hit by that several times and any lesser fighter would've gone down. it's hard for cotto to counter that move because manny bends so low.

11-17-2009, 09:34 PM
For those who think that success has gone to Manny's head, this article's for you. Short answer: of course it has, but so what?


11-18-2009, 01:02 AM
I cannot believe my eyes when I saw Cotto backpedal for 3 rounds and simply trying to finish the match.

"Ito na siguro ang sinasabing surpresa ng kampo ni Cotto. Ang tumakbo ng tumakbo."

Chino Trinidad

Hehe. Signature.

Sa pagkakatanda ko eto ang sinabi ni Chino... ;D

"Yan pala ang sekreto niya? Backpedalling? Cotto is not known for that pero dito gumagamit siya ng bisikleta."


11-18-2009, 01:10 AM
Updated. Next na si Floyd Jr. 'Di ko lang alam kung saan pa siya puwede malagay. :D



11-18-2009, 03:19 PM
Pacman with an 11-punch combination in about 4 seconds (tama sana ang math ko!) ;D



11-18-2009, 04:49 PM
^ Could that be the answer to the shoulder roll of Mayweather? Tremendous pressure on the weak side of the defense?

Kid Cubao
11-18-2009, 08:04 PM
the shoulder roll is a defensive maneuver used to parry body blows and/or head blows from a crounching position with your deltoids and upper arms. muhammad ali and sugar ray leonard were famous for that long before PBF.

11-18-2009, 10:31 PM
Courtesy of "observer" from the Philboxing forums:

* Cotto First Knockdown (Angle One)

* Cotto First Knockdown (Angle Two)

* Cotto Second Knockdown (Angle One)

* Cotto Second Knockdown (Angle Two)

* Pacquiao's Eleven-Punch in Four Seconds Combination

* Pacquiao's Ten-Punch Combination

11-19-2009, 09:11 AM
what do you think were pac and cotto's respective weights on fight night? before the fight freddie said they intended to climb the ring at around 149 and expect cotto to be around 160. that seem a pretty accurate assessment. cotto seemed around 10 pounds heavier than pac. that makes pac's achievement all the more extraordinary.

11-21-2009, 09:45 PM
Courtesy of "dlsukid" of PEx, here is the "Before", and "After" picture of Miguel Cotto for his fight with Pacquiao. 'Nuff said:


New Surgeon's General Warning:
"WARNING: Fighting Manny Pacquiao could be detrimental to your health". LOL

Jaco D
11-22-2009, 10:38 AM
Putres, Hatton's before-and-after mugs were bad. This is worse. Does that mean Pretty Boy will be......

Somebody should show Gayweather all of the before-and-after mug shots of Pac's victims. I'd pay a kings ransom to hear what sh_t he has to say about that.

Kid Cubao
11-22-2009, 01:03 PM
he looks like a victim of police brutality. kawawa naman. that gives graphic credence to freddie roach's earlier assertion that cotto's corner should have thrown in the towel as early as the ninth round. but no, "trainer" joe santiago neither had to good sense nor the clout to stop his ward from further harm.

as for mayweather, he better start training with hall of fame cornerbacks darrell green and ronnie lott on the fine art of backpedaling. he's going to need it. halos di na maitago ni manny ang pananabik na makasalpukan ang mokong na ito ;D

11-22-2009, 01:09 PM
Courtesy of "dlsukid" of PEx, here is the "Before", and "After" picture of Miguel Cotto for his fight with Pacquiao. 'Nuff said:


New Surgeon's General Warning:
"WARNING: Fighting Manny Pacquiao could be detrimental to your health". LOL

For a moment there, I thought Cotto's "after" mug shot was Nikolai Valuev. :D

11-26-2009, 06:31 AM
In a day and age of arrogance and false pretensions of superiority in boxing, Manny Pacquiao thanks Miguel Cotto in his column.

"Malaking papuri at pasasalamat ko kay Miguel Cotto sa pagiging maginoo niya kahit sa gitna ng pagkatalo. I salute Mr. Cotto for making our fight one of the best fights of the year, if not the best."