View Full Version : Tie for 1st - Dapat pa bang i-playoff ?

10-15-2009, 12:26 PM
Tie for 1st - Dapat pa bang i-playoff ?

Pareho nang may twice-to-beat advantage.

Dapat pa bang maglaro and expose the players to injuries or suspension, hence give unwarranted advantage to the 3rd and 4th seeds?

10-15-2009, 12:42 PM
SBC vs SSC-R game to break tie for 1st, game played Oct 14.

Collegiate games are always played for pride regardless what's at stake. Nagkainitan, ayun, malamang may 1-game suspension si Aquino. Severe handicap when SSC-R goes against JRU in the semis.

Good walang na-injure. But I was constantly worried for Borgie Hermida who hasn't fully regained his form after that ACL.

These considered, was it all worth it?

Pareho nang may twice-to-beat-advantage!

They may not admit it, pero I am sure neither SBC or SSC-R would want to play JRU in the semis, so they would have preferred to take into their hands the matter of determining who does not play JRU.

But then, in an earlier game in the Juniors, the Red Cubs and Squires also had a play-off to determine F4 seedings for first and second. As if being 1st or second would matter relative to who they are playing in the semis.

Pero nagkainitan din ang mga bata. Red Cub Sara was fouled hard going for a fastbreak and the opposing player (sorry, I forgot who it was) was given a technical. So, it was a clear case of exposing the players to injuries or suspension in a game that has nothing but bragging rights.

So, dapat nga bang laruin ang pag-break ng tie for 1st and 2nd?

Or, may ibang paraan without having to play a "bragging rights" game?

Poging Baste
10-28-2009, 06:47 PM
These are rules set before the start of the NC.

They just adhere to what has been agreed... Its a matter of playing wise (taking it strong and hard during the game) or relax a bit, as both have a twice to beat advantage...

Either way, its the coach/players decision....

11-22-2009, 11:18 AM

11-22-2009, 10:35 PM
- kung mananatiling 10 teams ang ncaa, nakita na natin kung gaano katagal matapos ang double round elimination.

- dagdag pa na nariyan din na laging meron suspended/ rescheduled games dahil sa masamang panahon, na kailan man ay di maiiwasan dahil panahon ng tag-ulan ang first semester.

kaya marapat na baguhin ang paraan ng pag break ng tie sa pagitan ng mga koponan na pareho nang may twice to beat advantage. ang play-off ay nagpapahaba lang ng calendaryo.

sundin na lang ang fiba rules sa pag-break ng tie.

Sam Miguel
12-09-2009, 09:58 AM
If two teams tie for the Number 1 spot there shouldn't have to be playoff anymore simply because there is no real advantage here. Both teams already have twice-to-beat incentives and have no reason to further tire out or risk injury to their players.

Neither do I buy the argument that there ought to be a playoff because a situation may arise when a "weak" team comes in as the Number 4 team and thus would make for an "easier" assignment for a team looking to make it as trouble-free as possible into the Finals and win the championship.

Even then, what would be so egregiously wrong with a simple tie-break using a straight quotient or even a differential quotient? It saves the league time and money especially with the venue and officiating.

Presumably every team comes into the season looking to play hard and win it all anyway. If you do that right from the get-go, and you know the tie-break rules, then play your hardest and damndest best and let the math work itself out in the end especially if a tie ensues.

Hindi na kailangan ng playoff kung may tie for first.