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09-01-2009, 12:09 AM
With the Aguilar Imbroglio still ongoing here's what i consider a conflict between PBA and the SBP.

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Exec wants PBA’s active role in Asian tourneys
08/31/2009 | 09:46 PM
- GMANews.Tv

Just when the Philippine Basketball Association is about to give way to Smart-Gilas in representing the country in major Asian tournaments, controversial rookie Japeth Aguilar suddenly made the league’s new chairman change his mind.

Burger King team manager Lito Alvarez, who succeeded Joaqui Trillo early this month as the PBA’s new chairman, is now soliciting the support of the board to revive the league’s active involvement in major Asian basketball tournaments.

According to Alvarez, the PBA is now revisiting the Constitution and By Laws of the Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas, which supposedly designate the PBA to handle the RP team in Asian tourneys. The PBA is a stakeholder of the SBP and has four seats in its board.

“We want to have a more active participation in the elite Asian tournaments, which means we want to send our team," Alvarez told GMANews.TV. “I asked our lawyer in the PBA to revisit the league’s involvement as far as participation in elite Asian tournaments. We are entitled to playing in major Asian tournaments and that’s what we’re keen on doing now."

Alvarez said that the controversy involving top rookie draftee Aguilar should not come as a precedent wherein “a player can simply make a mockery of a 35-year-old institution" such as the PBA. Aguilar turned his back on Burger King in the PBA to instead join the SBP’s Gilas Pilipinas, the national team tapped to play in the 2010 Asian Games and 2011 FIBA Asia.

“Parang ang lumalabas pa kasi, nagiging kumpitensiya pa yung SBP sa pagkuha ng player just like what happened now with Japeth," said Alvarez. “Nagpa-draft na sa PBA yet nag-decide biglang maglalaro sa Smart-Gilas team."

The Smart-Gilas is composed of amateur players who are under contract. It has also signed up a naturalized player in the person of CJ Guiles, who played briefly for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Aguilar is also expected to sign a pact with the Smart-Gilas squad after refusing a three-year, P8.7-million offer from Burger King in the PBA.

Alvarez said he has informed Manny V. Pangilinan and Ricky Vargas, two key officials of the SBP and fellow board members in the PBA, regarding the plan.

The Burger King executive is confident he will get the board’s majority backing.

So far, he has already secured has the support of JB Baylon of Coca-Cola and Sta. Lucia board governor Buddy Encarnado.

Baylon, team manager of Powerade-Pilipinas, has reiterated their company’s support to Yeng Guiao’s all-pro national team and expressed willingness to tap the international companies owned by Coca-Cola for the continuation of the program.

Encarnado, for his part, has even suggested that Guiao put his proposal for the program’s continuation in writing which he intends to submit to the board.

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eto ang tinatawag na pikon-talo, Alvarez realized that they really can't get Aguilar to their fold, so the new tactic is to compete directly with the national basketball federation in terms of competing and sending national teams abroad.

alam ng PBA na lahat tayo ay humihiling na magparticipate pa rin ang PBA sa ibang bansa. pero halata at basado ang galaw ng PBA ngayon na ginagawa nila ito dahil sa maaring mangyari pa ang ginawa ni Aguilar sa mga susunod na draftees at tuluyang matuyuan ng balon ang PBA sa pagkawala ng mga bata at magagaling na players.

kung talagang sincere ang PBA sa pagsali sa national team, dapat noon pa nila ito ginawa hindi ngayon dahil lang sa isang draftee na di na tumuloy sa PBA.

and to say the SBP is competing in terms of recruitment of players, i think Alvarez should be shot at Bagumbayan for this unpatriotic statement, sinisi pa ang SBP dahil sa nawawalan sila ng players, i think the PBA is competing with the SBP and not the other way around. SBP is trying to develop and get the best team-oriented players for the national team.

parang ang gusto ng PBA at ni Alvarez na sila na lang at sila lang ang may karapatan sa mga magagaling na players. Pano naman ang bayan Mr. Alvarez?

if Mr. Alvarez is trying to revisit the constitution and by-laws of the SBP just to circumvent it, i think the we the fans should also invoke the provisions of the Philippine Constitution, kasi mukhang nagiging unpatriotic at against the national interests na ang ginagawa ng PBA.

alisin na rin ang word na Philippine sa Philippine Basketball Association because the league it seems is not really bent on supporting and establishing a long term national basketball program like the SBP's Pinapalabas lang nila na ituloy ang participation ng PBA sa international stints dahil sa pubic pressure, dwindling popularity and ratings tapos itong lame issue ni Aguilar. this is clear blackmail and sabotage to our country's national basketball program.

halatang halata tuloy ang pagiging makasarili at saboteur nitong si Alvarez. wag nyong gawing isyu against the SBP ang problema nyo kay Aguilar. kung iba-ban ninyo, then do it..

dapat yung word na Philippine gawing Personal Basketball Association tutual personal at vested interests lang talaga ng liga ang iniisip nito.

i think this will really bring the PBA down.

Enough PBA!!!

Reform the PBA!!!

Sulong Basketball ng Pilipinas!!!

09-01-2009, 12:32 AM
Since SBP came into the picture it hasnt made any friends.

SBP ang dapat pag babarilin sa Bagumbayan dahil puro para sa bayan kuno ang nasa isip!

Bayan bayan bayan talo pa si Rizal alam naman nating PERA lang yan.

09-01-2009, 12:37 AM
Aguilar case may spark cage row
By Nelson Beltran (The Philippine Star) Updated September 01, 2009 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines - Burger King top official Lito Alvarez expressed deep concern yesterday that the “Japeth Aguilar controversy,” if not managed well, may lead to a dispute between the SBP and the PBA.

Alvarez, also the PBA board chair, said there is now even a call in the PBA board to review the SBP by-laws to see if Smart Gilas has the mandate to prepare and play in elite tournaments like the 2010 Asian Games and the 2011 FIBA Asia championship.

“For all we know, Japeth has no Smart Gilas team looking to play for,” said Alvarez.

“I’m really bothered with what’s happening. This case is dragging. If this is not managed well, this may have a real big impact. This may lead to a fight between the SBP and the PBA which we all don’t want to happen,” Alvarez also said.

The BK top honcho is hoping SBP executive director Noli Eala to come out and help resolve the matter.

“Noli is a former PBA commissioner. He knows the PBA rules. He can manage this just by advising Japeth to come back to Burger King and honor his commitment,” said Alvarez.

In his Twitter account, Eala posted: “If Japeth had to leave PBA for an NBA contract say with the Lakers, do you think he’ll get the same flak? Why the big issue if it’s RP team?”

“This is an opportunity for Japeth to be the highest paid basketball player in the country. Burger King is giving him the maximum pay while also allowing him to play for Smart Gilas. As he plays for Smart Gilas, he may also get the same amount from them. He enjoys the best of both worlds,” Alvarez added.

Alvarez, however, is hoping Aguilar will reconsider his decision. He’s not yet filing a case with the PBA Commissioner’s Office as he plans to get in touch with Japeth’s father Peter.

“I will talk to the father. He may be enlightened,” said Alvarez.

But whatever happens, Alvarez said the PBA board is now set to review the SBP by-laws in a meeting Thursday or Friday.

“The PBA was already preparing for exit plan (from international play). But with this controversy, members of the board now want to revisit the SBP by-laws and see what our role is. I think there’s no resolution yet giving our role in representing the country in elite tourneys,” said Alvarez.

09-01-2009, 12:39 AM
Since SBP came into the picture it hasnt made any friends.

SBP ang dapat pag babarilin sa Bagumbayan dahil puro para sa bayan kuno ang nasa isip!

Bayan bayan bayan talo pa si Rizal alam naman nating PERA lang yan.


and the BAP vultures are once again ready for battle..

well, i'm no longer surprised.. ;)