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Toto Battung
06-06-2009, 09:34 AM
The history of Philippine Basketball won't be complete without the games between the storied teams of the PBA, Toyota vs. Crispa. It captured the attention of the whole archipelago in the 1970's and the 1980's. Even now it is still talked about and the internet is making it known to the whole world of it's part of the lore of Philippine basketball. My hope for this thread is to be able to get all the games the two teams played in the PBA posted in this thread. To start I need all the help from Gameface members to check with friends, office-workers, grandfathers/mothers if they have stored clippings of Toyota-Crispa games and other stories, so we can have them posted here at Unrivaled Rivalry: Crispa-Toyota. Hoping for the best.

Here's the last game they ever played: The Classic Reunion of 2003


May 29, 2003- 2003 PBA All-Star Weekend

When the game is on the wire, you'd like the ball in the hands of your biggest player. And nobody else could be bigger than Robert Jaworski.
The current Senator of the Republic, playing for the first time in a long, long while, hit a three-point shot off an assist from Ramon Fernandez and led Toyota to a 65-61 win over archnemesis Crispa last night in the reunion match between the two rival teams that highlighted the start of All-Star weekend at the Araneta Coliseum.
Jaworski's triple came with 23.3 seconds left, icing the final score, and Bogs Adornado sealed Crispa's doom with a missed triple on the other end.
"The option was there. Alangan naman ipasa pa natin eh open naman," Jaworski said.
The assist from Fernandez brought back memories of the 1989 All-Star game, when Jaworski hit his former rival and teammate with a pass that led to the basket that won the game. This time, the roles were reversed.
"It's just fitting that I return the favor. I wanted to draw his man to keep him open and just like the Big J of old, he hit the shot," said Fernandez. "Parang scripted eh," said Jaworski.
"We couln't ask for a better ending," said Philippine Basketball Association commisioner Noli Eala.
Of course,it doesn't mean it's the end.
"Kailangan may rematch," said Crispa defender Philip Cezar.
"Kailangan bumawi kami," said Atoy Co, who missed several jumpers before nailing two clutch ones in the stretch, both which gave Crispa two point leads.
Oscar Rocha, unheralded as the stars that surrounded him, countered with two clutch shots that answered Co's sudden awakening to keep Toyota in contention late in the game.
Terry Saldana had a three-point play and Rocha had two free-throws as the Tamaraws, who led by as many as 13 in the third, blew off a one-point deficit and took a 62-58 lead, 54 seconds left in the game.
Adornado buried a triple to cut the lead to one but on the return play, Fernandez posted Abet Guidaben and hit Jaworski for the key triple.
Saldana led Toyota with 15 points and 15 rebounds while Chito Loyzaga added 14 and 15 boards. Guidaben led Crsipa with 17 points and 15 rebounds.
As expected several players got into heated confrontation, but only because of the passion with which the two teams play against each other. (See..only an exhibition but it seems the PBA title is on the line. What more when they were younger!)
The scores:
Toyota 65 -Saldana 15, Loyzaga 14, Rocha 6, Herrera 6, Camus 4, Marcelo 4, Fernandez 4, Cordero 4, Cortez 3, Gil 3, Segura 2, Rodriguez 0, Bauzon 0, Reynoso 0, Clarino 0, Legaspi 0 ( The total is correct but where's Jaworski's scoring?)
Crispa 61 - Guidaben 17, Co 8, Adornado 7, Cezar 7, Cristobal 5, Mamaril 5, Dela Cruz 4, Hubalde 4, Esguerra 2, Pages 2, Dionisio 0, Brodett 0, Varela 0, Franco 0, Tanduyan 0, Fabiosa 0, Cruz 0.
Quarter: 16-14; 34-25; 47-42; 65-61 (toto battung)

06-08-2009, 08:32 AM
The first match in the 1977 season of the PBA, where for the first time three referees were called to officiate the game-the common practice being two, Crispa vs Toyota, Game was tied at 121.

Spectators at the Araneta Coliseum were at the edge of their seats, all tense. the most crucial, nobody exactly knew what was going to happen in the dying seconds, or who would win. until a call by referee estefanio bernos.

Fort Acuna was trying to score underneath the basket, four seconds left in the game, when he was slapped with a charging foul, this drew the ire of coach dante silverio, who did not have any qualms voicing his objection, In response, a technical foul on the Toyota coach was called, sending Atoy Co to the free throw line.

The last single shot by Co marked the end of the classic and first encounter in the All filipino conference of the PBA on April 18, 1977 with the score, 121-122 in favor of the defending champion Crispa, officially, that is on the tally sheets of the PBA.

Not so on police records.

For on the way to the locker room, all players from both camps, except bogs adornado who was then indisposed, figured in a 10 minute fight, Jaworski, Rudolfo Segura and Ramon Fernandez of Toyota and Co, Rudolfo Soriano and Reynaldo Franco of Crispa were those pointed out to have joined in the rumble.

That brawl sent all of the 13 Crispa and 10 Toyota players locked up in the stockade of Camp Crame for 13 hours on the charge of "alarm and scandal" A far cry from the mere warning that they receive from then PC chief Fidel V. Ramos when both camps figured in a similar but on the court fight in December of 1976.

Fifteen months earlier, then defense secretary Juan Ponce Enrile ordered a directive "warning basketball players against fighting under pain of arrest and detention."

when the investigation got underway, none of the countless witnesses wanted to testify. some thought have pointed to Fernandez and Co to have started it all.

Basketball experts, however, claimed that the fight would not have occured at all if not for the poor officiating, specially in the closing minutes.

Danny Floro, team manager of Crispa, responded positively on the experience: he directed all his players not to engage in any fight and that anybody found violating such would be kicked out from the team, on the other hand, he emphasized that Crispa never started any fight in two years that it was organized, that they only responded to the provocations of Toyota.

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Just when everybody thought that things were beginning to crumble for the Toyota Superdiesels, Big J and company came through in the clutch and successfully delivered the goods.
Without the PBA crown the year before, a silent feud brewing between its ace star and mentor, and the shocking death of their former bench boss, all these the Superdiesels bucked down to play as a cohesive unit and beat archrival Crispa Walk Tall Jeans for the 1981 PBA Open Conference crown.
Jaworski was again a pillar of strength in the Toyota backcourt during the championship series. Despite a seeming decline in his style of play and decreased playing time, the Big J was a key factor in ending the Superdiesels' title frustration. proving he was still an important man on the Toyota bench, Jaworski made his presence felt for the Superdiesels in the course of the Best of Five series.
Despite an anemic four-point performance from Jaworski in the first game, Toyota won the match, 123-116. But then, Walk Tall Jeans came roaring back in Game 2 with a 126-124 win to level the series at one win apiece.
In Game 3, disaster would struck the Superdiesels as Jaworski didnt see action due to an ankle injury. The Result was a disaster for Toyota as it lost, 126-116, to trail Crispa at 1-2. The Superdiesels thus were on the verge of losing another championship opportunity.
Through favoring his ankle injury, the Big J had no choice but to play the remaining games of the series to avoid another title shutout. In Game 4, the Big J came prepared. Teaming up with center Ramon Fernandez, Jaworski scored 16 points to power the superdiesels to a 116-98 morale-boosting win that sent the series to a no-tomorrow championship game.
The rest was history. The Superdiesels beat Crispa, 103-97, in the series finale behind the 20 big points of Fernandez. Jaworski finished the game with only 13 markers but was the glue that kept the Superdiesels together during the crucial stretch of the ballgame. Jaworski's heroic act in the series put an end to speculations regarding the Big J's rift with mentor Ed Ocampo as the power-playing guard readily gave the former Olympian a title in his very first conference with Toyota.
Although Ocampo did mention Jaworski as a big part of his team's success, the Toyota mentor, however, more than acknowledged the job provided by his men off the bench. "Crispa has a lot of good players, and I know we cant match up with them man for man. That's why I intently used my second stringers against them instead of relying more on my star players. Fortunately, they didnt fail us," Ocampo said.

09-11-2009, 01:46 PM
Sunday Magazine of the Bulletin Today
January 11, 1976

"We're no. 1,"

There's jubilation now in the Crispa quarters as there should be when a team feels vindicated. Twice the Crispa boys were close to it. Finally the pieces fit, the poem ryhmed and they took the PBA All-Philippine championship title.
Never mind the bruises, they'll heal in time and the fines, it's only money and Philip Cezar's suspension, he'll only miss half the '76 PBA's first conference. For the moment, the Redmanizers are ready to paint the town red.
Don Pablo and his eldest son Ernesto gave pep talks during their dinner meetings. Old man Floro would even call his boys and before they retired at night to boost their morale, recalls Danny. He was so enthusiastic the boys just couldn't break his heart. They rather broke their heads or their limbs than lose the deciding game. Rocha, Clarino, and the Reynoso brothers, tagged as the bad boys of basketball by even the most avid of Toyota fans, gave the Crispa boys the business? but Crispa's victory was beyond control. In the end, even the Redmanizers, including the usually tame Adornado, were also using more brawn to hit the opponents than the basket.
Danny Floro recalls that in the entire season of the PBA, whenever trouble erupted within the court, the Crispa players stayed in their bench while the Toyota boys rushed inside. He says he kept reminding his boys that they should be suspended if they joined the melees "Ngayon huli na lang pumasok ang mga Crispa players, masyadong agriabyado na kasi" he explains.
All Crispa's 15 years, since its MICAA involvement, Floro missed only three Crispa games, once because he was in the hospital and the two other occasions because he was abroad. He cares that much, he says and there's good enough reason to do so. Having a basketball team means goodwill from and towards the Floro companies, which include Floro Cement Corporation, Floro Textiles, P.Floro and Sons, and the Crispa department stores in Makati, Ermita and Dasmarinas.
Dalupan's plays are marvelous, hurricanes that destroy a slow-paced opposing team. Crispa storms into the court with speed and skill, a combination that is difficult to match. There's not a team hereabouts that's more solid than Crispa and even their arch-rivals, the Comets, admit that individually the Redmanizers are A-one players.
Philip Cezar stretches and jumps like no other Pinoy player and gave Toyota's Snake Jones a hell of the time at the backboards, together with Crispa's imported center Pete Crotty or Johnny Burks, William Adornado is a consistent scorer and hold's the PBA's record in highest point average. Rey Franco, Crispin Calilan and Alfredo Hubalde more thna make up for their lack in height with effective dash and ballhandling. Abet Guidaben, Rudy Soriano, Virgilio Dela Cruz, Bernard Fabiosa and Atoy Co are all-around in the trade.
No wonder the Seven-Up All-Filipino sports award for the team of the year went to Crispa. Some people are saying that it shouldnt be so because the Redmanizers only won the third conference while the Comets got both the first and second conference titles. but there's more to the third conference than meets the eye.
To explain: the PBA is like the NCAA in that it has two rounds to determine which teams qualify in the final championship round. "the only difference," Floro pointed out, "is that the PBA gives away trophies for winners of the first and second conferences while the NCAA doesnt."
"We're no.1," the Redmanizers proclaim as they pose for magazine and newspaper and calendar photographers. Back at the Crispa quarters, there's jubilation now. And a string of TV appearance to boot. And a wedding (Abet Guidaben's) to reunite the Redmanizers once more off the basketball arena. But it is in their union in the hardcourt that they have strength.

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Here's a story made by the legendary Vic Villafranca for Sports Weekly Magazine during Crispa's historic win in the 1980 PBA All-Filipino Conference. This was also the famed ouster of Toyota coach Fort Acuna at halftime of Game 3 which saw the Tamaraws spoiling the Redmanizers' bid for a 20-game sweep.

ON THE LINE by Vic Villafranca
Sports Weekly Magazine Vol. VI No. 342 Dec 19-26, 1980

Nine-thirty Thursday evening, December 11 was supposed to have been the time when the clock was to toll midnight for the Crispa Redmanizers in their mind-blowing bid to win their fourth PBA All-Filipino championship on the wings of an unprecendented 20-game sweep.

But in the night of shocks, both on the hardcourt and away from it, the Redmanizers saw their awesome winning streak snapped at 19 by the Toyota ballclub that lost its coach, Fort Acuna, at halftime only to make up for that loss with a resurgence in its old fighting heart to win, 97 to 94, and send the best of five playoffs to Game 4.

It was a terrible comedown for a team that looked like it was poised to keep its date with PBA history following solid wins over Toyota in the first two games of the playoffs. And as to what happened, why that sudden descent of the Redmanizers into the league of ordinary mortals, Coach Baby Dalupan attributed it all to the pressure that dogged his boys since the countdown began for their entry into the world where no other team in local basketball had been before.

"The pressure was too much for the boys," said the man who along with team manager Danny Floro had steered Crispa to seven PBA championships since the PBA began in 1975. "They lost their composure and became over-eager with their shots."

Although the setback stung, Floro took it well. "Let's forget the 20-game sweep, let now concentrate on winning the championship."

* * * * *

And that was what the Redmanizers did two nights later, on Saturday, the 13th of December, as they threatened a walkaway with a 24-point lead in the second and then stood their ground against a last-ditch Toyota bid to turn the game around early in the fourth to prevail, 105-91, before an enthralled turnout of 25,000 at the Big Dome in Cubao.

It was the Redmanizers' 20th win in 21 games, and although they were frustrated from their bid to hit a big 20 on their way to the title, the feat remained a monumental one for a ballclub which never got to make the pennant playoffs of the PBA's first and second conferences this year.

It was a stunning comeback from the depths of two earlier third place finishes for Crispa, and as to what brought it about, both Coach Dalupan and Manager Floro had only one interpretation.

From a splintered group, the Redmanizers that set out on their campaign for greatness in the 1980 All-Filipino became one big solid family.

"Team harmony did it," said Floro. "Gumanda ang samahan."

Floro added that one other factor that made Crispa the cohesive outfit that it was in the All-Filipino was the way the players managed to change their attitude towards the coach and the players to the coach.

Other than the team's "magandang samahan," Dalupan attributed it success to an improvement in its defense. "It was a tremendous improvement," said Baby, who along with Floro, got the traditional joy ride even before the horn had sounded to end the game and signal the New Year's eve merrymaking that punctuated the Crispa camp's celebration of an epic All-Filipino conference campaign.

* * * * *

Following their numbing loss to Toyota in Game 3 of the series, the game, if they had won it, could have earned for them a coup equally as towering as their unforgettable grand slam feat in 1976, it looked as if the Redmanizers would be going into Game 4 feeling very much under the gun.

But when they shot off to an 11-point lead late in the first quarter and then blew that to 24 by outscoring the Tamaraws, 31 points to 19, going into the second quarter, they had the cushion they needed to absorb whatever shocks Toyota would still generate in the homestretch.

It was Arnold Tuadles, last year's rookie of the year, who singlehandedly almost wiped out what Crispa had labored so hard to erect in the first two quarters by leading a Toyota comeback that saw the Tamaraws bring down Crispa's lead to only four points, 81-77, as the game moved into the homestretch.

It looked to a pointas if the Tams were headed for a big comeback, but it turned out to be Toyota's last hurrah as Atoy Co, Freddie Hubalde, Joy Dionisio and Philip Cezar put together a 9-2 crusher that sent Crispa out front by 11 and inexorably on its way to the championship it also won last year over Toyota.

A crush of well-wishers crowded the jubilant champs at the wind-up and among them, was the man who found himself thrust in the role of acting Toyota coach when he fired Acuna for insubordination and for placing his personal interest over the interest of Toyota to give the public a good game always - Don Pablo O. Carlos Jr., Delta Motors Corporation executive vice president.

Showing all the attributes of a gentleman and a sportsman, Don Pablo laboriously made his way to the Crispa bench and offer his hand in congratulations to Danny Floro.

Later, he paid tribute to the champs. "Our boys tried their best," he said," but Crispa played like the champions that they are."

* * * * *

As for Jaworski, whose benching in the first two quarters by Coach Acuna was likened by Carlos to cheating the public and which eventually led to Acuna's summary dismissal at the halftime break, he said he was happy Toyota was able to give the crowd a good game.

"We got tired but I'm happy that the team gave its best and the public enjoyed the game. Basically, that was what we were after," said Jaworski, who earlier in the day of Game 4 found himself defending himself from the accusations hurled against him by his coach and former teammate.

* * * * *

And so it's all over - one of the most unforgettable All-Filipino tournaments of local pro basketball. It was a series that started out on a humdrum note, but picked in intensity and suspense as Crispa scored one win after another in its bid to accomplish what had looked like a mission impossible and then was capped by that Toyota sideline drama that led to the ouster of a coach in midstream and eventually, Crispa's ascencion anew to the pinnacle of what had always been considered the PBA's most prestigious and toughest to win tournament.

* * * * *

The day after the championship match, Toyota added a new dimension to its role as good losers by coming out a full page ad that drew praises from both the average fan and the Crispa camp for its message.

The ad, a first in the history of the PBA, conveyed Toyota's congratulations to the victorious Crispa Redmanizers, "our arch rivals, yet our sporting friends."

"That was a very touching gesture of sportsmanship," said Danny Floro and joining him in the sentiment were Coach Dalupan and team skipper Atoy Co.

* * * * *
Here are some of the more memorable quotes that came after the moment of high drama in Game 3 of the playoffs:

"If I was there, I could have kicked ass," - Delta President Ricardo Silverio in a statement supporting the ouster of Coach Fort Acuna.

"He could not deliver the many responsibilities of a coach. He lacked professionalism, the skills needed in the position of personal relationship with the players. - Pablo P. Carlos Jr. on Fort Acuna.

"I believe he's insincere and immature." - Ousted Toyota Coach Fort Acuna on Jaworski.

"Me, insecure and immature? He must be talking of another person. He must be talking to himself." - Jaworski on Acuna.

* * * * *

We wish to acknowledge the congratulatory letters sent by the following on the Crispa victory: Nars M. Ramos, Jojo Mendoza, Larry Hernandez, Bing Solicito, Ernie de Dios, Maximo Relosa, Jose Agbayani, Mimi Zelda and the National Crispanians.

04-13-2010, 08:21 PM
^Sadly, this episode ended in death, as Fort Acuņa later took his life rather than continue bearing the public humiliation of his firing.

04-13-2010, 08:56 PM
^There's another story behind Acuna's tragic suicide, and it involved something personal with Jawo. It actually explains why Acuna really benched The Big J in Game 3 of that finals.

06-18-2010, 07:10 PM
"I believe he's insincere and immature." - Ousted Toyota Coach Fort Acuna on Jaworski.

One of the more famous Quotes during that time, It is also said that when Acuna was fired as Toyota coach, he never watch a single PBA game on TV from thereafter, he was so depressed.

Acuna's tragic passing happen on the morning of July 7, Toyota was scheduled to play a semifinals game against arch rival Crispa that day, and the Tamaraws was somewhat affected by the shocking news earlier, losing to the Redmanizers, 133-118.

08-06-2010, 01:50 AM
"I believe he's insincere and immature." - Ousted Toyota Coach Fort Acuna on Jaworski.

One of the more famous Quotes during that time, It is also said that when Acuna was fired as Toyota coach, he never watch a single PBA game on TV from thereafter, he was so depressed.

Acuna's tragic passing happen on the morning of July 7, Toyota was scheduled to play a semifinals game against arch rival Crispa that day, and the Tamaraws was somewhat affected by the shocking news earlier, losing to the Redmanizers, 133-118.

From what I heard, he drank Baygon and commited suicide.

10-17-2011, 10:53 PM
June 21, 1979

Crispa beats Toyota, 172-142, behind 50 points of Atoy Co negating the 60-point effort of Abe King. Read More (http://servssports.wordpress.com/2011/10/17/points-galore-as-crispa-wallops-toyota-172-142/).

10-22-2011, 06:10 PM
for some good stuff on the Tamaraws (not only the Tamaraws but also 70's RP basketball in general) check out the Toyota Tamaraw page on FB...lots of pictures/news stories/lineups etc.

10-27-2011, 11:59 AM
June 1, 1982

Crispa beats Toyota, 111-105, behind the 35 points, eight rebounds, 11 assists and eight steals of import Glenn Hagan. Read More (http://servssports.wordpress.com/2011/10/27/hagan-steals-the-show-as-crispa-wins-111-105/).

11-01-2011, 11:36 PM
October 12, 1982

Toyota beats Crispa, 129-119, behind the 10 points of Arnie Tuadles in the overtime period. Read More (http://servssports.wordpress.com/2011/11/01/toyota-nips-crispa-in-ot-129-119/).

- since it is All Saints Day, we remember Arnie Tuadles, Lew Brown, Coach Ed Ocampo and Boss Danny Floro.

11-18-2011, 10:25 AM
3 Toyota-Crispa games were now able to be shown on Pinoy Extreme channel, too bad hasnt seen any of them yet. In the 1982 season, the elimination round format in the Reinforced and Open Conference had Crispa and Toyota playing 3 times during the eliminations.

01-15-2013, 07:18 PM
Toyota wins by 1
March 8, 1982

Rookie Terry Saldana scored 4 of his 17 points in the last two minutes to power Toyota past arch rival Crispa, 111-110, before 30,000 fans in the PBA Reinforced All-Filipino Conference' opening night at the Araneta Coliseum.
Saldana, a national youth player from multi-titled APCOR, scooped a loose ball from an undergoal shot, 109-104, and bailed the Super Corollas out of crisis in the last 30 seconds with a follow-up conversion, 111-107.
Toyota feasted on a sputtering Crispa defense in the second quarter to open up its first 18-point lead, 56-38, behind the penetrations of import Arnold Dugger, who finished with a game-high 33 points and Fernandez, who tallied 27, Crispa import Glen Hagan routed the Super Corollas on one-on-one situations to score 24 of his 27 points in the last two quarters and rally the Redmanizers from behind an 18-point deficit.
Earlier, Mariwasa-Honda survived three offensive bids by U/tex in the final minute to edge the Wranglers, 97-95, for the tourney's first upset.

Sam Miguel
01-22-2013, 09:08 AM
Black’s TNT as great as ’83 Crispa

By Musong R. Castillo

Philippine Daily Inquirer

1:38 am | Friday, January 18th, 2013

TALK ‘N Text will go down in PBA folklore as one of the best teams ever; a squad painstakingly assembled several years back with nothing but greatness in mind.

By ruling the Philippine Cup for the third straight season with a 4-0 sweep of Rain or Shine Wednesday night, the Tropang Texters carved their names permanently in the annals of Asia’s first play-for-pay league.

They achieved what only one team was able to do before, a feat which only Crispa owned for so long that very few people thought it would ever be duplicated.

So now comes the question: Had these teams been on the same era, which would have been better?

Talk ‘N Text lost just four of 24 games this time, two of them coming in the eliminations and two against Alaska in the Final Four.

In Crispa’s all-Filipino run in 1983, the Redmanizers, according to coach Tommy Manotoc’s recollection, lost just the first game and “I don’t remember losing again for the rest of the tournament.”

The Redmanizers ripped Gilbey’s Gin apart, also scoring a sweep, but at that time, in a best-of-five series.

“It would have been a toss-up,” Talk ‘N Text coach Norman Black said. “That team had a superstar in every position. It was actually ridiculous. I played against that team several times and I know how good all of them were.

“If at all, the only advantage we have is that we could be the more athletic team because of Kelly Williams,” Black added. “All things being equal, I think it would be a great game or series. But I really cannot say who will win because that (Crispa) team was great.”

Black, like Manotoc, also owns a Grand Slam, pulling it off while with San Miguel in 1989, while Manotoc had his in Crispa’s swan song season of 1983, when Billy Ray Bates played as an import in two of the three conferences.

“I think we were as deep as Talk ‘N Text is today,” Manotoc told the Inquirer yesterday. “The only difference I can see if you compare them (Texters) with Crispa in 1983 is that they have Fil-Ams now.”

“And in that regard, with Kelly Williams and Ali Peek there, they have more horsepower than we did in 1983,” Manotoc continued. “But looking at their lineup, and remembering my team, we’re practically the same in the sense that we can both win games using our second units.”

“We are basically the same as far as depth goes because both of those teams can go 10-deep on any given night,” Black said. “In those days, you didn’t know who would star for Crispa in a particular game, like in my team now, I’m the coach, yet I don’t know who is going to be the star of any game.”

It would have been enjoyable to find out whether Ryan Reyes and Jared Dillinger could shut down scorers like Atoy Co and William “Bogs” Adornado; or whether Jason Castro is quicker than Bernie Fabiosa; and how a smooth center like Abet Guidaben could operate in a very physical atmosphere against the likes of Peek, Williams and Ranidel de Ocampo.

And Black admits that Crispa in 1983 could have been younger, because that time, the likes of Yoyoy Villamin, Mon Cruz, Padim Israel, etc., were recruited and were on the way to stardom themselves.

“Another thing that is very different is that the players are more conditioned in these days,” Manotoc said. “The players today are obviously stronger. But I think, if it (Crispa-Talk ‘N Text) is a best-of-seven series, even with the physical conditioning that we had before, we can hold our own.”

Black echoes that fact, acknowledging that teams these days have physical therapists and nutritionists that take care of the players. And in those days, Manotoc and Black were one in saying that players didn’t do physical conditioning that much.

It’s really impossible to know how both Crispa and Talk ‘N Text would fare against each other. It won’t happen.

And while everyone is harping about the ‘three-peat’ of the Redmanizers that the Texters had matched, it seems that this fact has escaped everyone’s mind up to now: Talk ‘N Text is now in a position to win four straight, and if it does so next season, then all bets are off.

11-06-2013, 06:18 PM
The night Toyota ran over Crispa
June 1978

Tuesday night at the packed Araneta Coliseum, a fired-up Toyota team, playing as if there's no more tomorrow, unloaded its big bombs against a badly outclassed Crispa outfit, 158-135, to round out its qualifying round playdates with a 12-2 won-loss record.
It was the same record posted by the Crispa Redmanizers for the same stretch - Crispa's first loss coming off an opening day setback to the U/tex Wranglers, and its second, the drubbing that was almost cold-bloodedly administered Tuesday by Toyota. As for the Tamaraws, their two losses came at the hands of the Redmanizers in the first round and to the Tanduay Esquires Friday last week in an out-of-town match in Davao.
With the crowd on hand estimated at 25,000 at the Big Dome, the Tamaraws pulled away by 17 points late in the first quarter and never gave the Redmanizers a chance to breathe, the first period ended with Toyota's lead down to 11 points on two quick hits by Philip Cezar and Tito Varela, Sonny Jaworski and Danny Florencio opened the second quarter with two completed fastbreak plays, Francis Arnaiz, back in the groove as Toyota's best clutch-hitter, teamed up with Estoy Estrada and Jaworski, to touch off an 11-4 Toyota blast that closed out the first half at 78-57.
In the third quarter, the Tamaraws relentlessly banged in 45 points against Crispa's 26 to bust the match wide open going into the final period, early in the fourth quarter, the game was threatened by a melee and with 8:33 left, the Redmanizers hace attempted a last gasp turnaround by bringing Toyota's lead to 21 points.
As in so many Toyota-Crispa encounters, Tuesday night's fever pitch confrontation was not without its share of tense moments, Crispa's Abet Guidaben, the 6-5 center suffered a busted jaw when he got hit by Fernandez as he was driving in for a lay-up. Toyota's Fort Acuna was thrown out of the ballgame when he touched off a melee after 1:25 in the final quarter.
By dealing the defending All-Filipino champions the worst beating ever administered to Crispa this season, Toyota fully settled a two-month old score with the Redmanizers.

10-12-2016, 02:45 PM
When Comets soared and Crispa faded
1976 2nd Conference
September 7, 1976 (Most likely date based on calendar which is tuesday, taken from Sept. 17-24 issue)

Tuesday night, the smoke-filled Araneta Coliseum had all the trappings of a PBA championship affair, courtesy of the pro league's arch rivals, the Toyota Comets and the Crispa Denims.
But despite the fact that it was more for the placings enroute to the all-important jockeying for the round of four, it was one hell of a fight that the two predestined crown contenders dished out.
Less than an hour before the preliminary setto between the Bird-led Tru Orange and the Hirten-assisted Tanduay Distillers, which the Distillers won, 108-106, the poorly airconditioned Coliseum was already bursting at the seams, save for a few seats at ringside. And outside, there was a big turnaway crowd that could not just be accommodated.
The three children of the first family, Irene, Imee and Bongbong Marcos were there, properly escorted of course by no less than GAB chairman Louie Tabuena. And their security men added to the crowd, and the avalanche of media who trooped to the Coliseum like it were the PBA finale.
Baby Dalupan started with Bogs Adornado, Abet Guidaben, Rey Franco, Cris Calilan and import Bill Bunton. Toyota's Dante Silverio fielded in Sonny Jaworski, Mon Fernandez, Fort Acuna, his prized import Snake Jones and surprisingly, the ancient Jake Rojas.

***Fast forward to the fourth period***

After Acuna jumped with a looper from the right side, Co, Hubalde, Mann and Dionisio scored successively for 86-80 in the Denimmakers' favor. Fernandez scored on a Jaworski assist but Cezar hooked in the return play off Mon and after Sonny Jaworski drove in on a lefthanded lay-up, Adornado jumped from the deep side, near the Crispa bench upping his team's lead by 8, 90-82.
With time down to 6:03, Cezar fouled Fernandez but the wiry Toyota slotman failed to cash in on the opportunity. Then Jaworski drove, got a foul and converted both throws. He followed this up with a stab from under, again using his left.
But after a steal off Adornado, Jaworski drove but lost the ball to the baseline. Cezar jumped with 3:18 to go for 92-88 in Crispa's favor. But Jones stabbed on the return play and after a Crispa fumble, Acuna lobbed in a jump tying the score at 92-all and getting the crowd into a wild feet-stomping, hand-clipping frenzy, time down to 2:12.
The hulking Snake Jones converted a jumpshot using the backglass, simultaneously with the Coliseum barker announcingthe last two minutes, to give Toyota the lead. New Crispa convert Joy Dionisio drove off Jones, intentionally fishing for a foul, the former Fiberglass maker converted only one of his two gift shots, with the clock showing 1:38 to go.
Sonny Jaworski pumped in a wrist-pushed jump from the side, near the Toyota bench, putting the Comets ahead by three at 96-93. With time down to 56 seconds. Fabiosa crossed the centerline heading towards the Crispa goal on a fast dribble, he rifled a pass on Cyrus Mann, but Fabiosa's pass sailed into Acuna who threw a fastball at Jones for an easy lay-up.
Fabiosa redeemed himself on the return play with a jumper and after a Toyota miss, the Denimmakers had a chance to close in but Cezar missed on a hurried shot. Jaworski took the rebound and gave it to Arnaiz who was fouled by Fabiosa and the Comets dribbled the last remaining seconds to victory.
It was a clean though rugged fight which the full-house crowd of 32,000, the biggest ever in the second conference lapped up with gusto. The only sore thumb that stuck out was the spotty officiating of referees Obias and Bernos who were outstanding in their inconsistent calls. At one time, Obias slapped a penalty only when one of the players virtually shouted at him to make a call.

The official final score was not given in the article, best guess is still 98-95 win for Toyota.

07-20-2018, 07:57 PM
Toyota-Crispa: 129-128
The Crispanatics were not convinced
Game was played on May 1, 1982

Going into this game, both teams were smarting for a win, Toyota had just come from back-to-back losses to Yco-Tanduay and U/tex and needed this one badly. Crispa, too, was still hurting from its second loss to San Miguel and haven't quite forgotten their opening day one-point loss to Toyota.
Coach Baby Dalupan started with an All-Filipino five, for reasons all his own, held on to Glenn Hagan until there was but a minute left in the first quarter. Crispa shot a measly 35 percent from the field and ended the period down by six at 26-32.
Hagan, working against Arnaiz, shot the first basket in the second quarter. Toyota erected an 11-point spread as Ramon Fernandez became a problem for Crispa's frontliners. It was Bernie Fabiosa's hustle and playmaking that kept them together, giving the fans a lot to cheer about as the Redmanizers fought back. The game was tied for the first time at 49-all. Four more deadlocks kept the crowd on its feet. The loudest roar came when Crispa shot ahead by four, 61-57. Then while going for the final shot at the half, Hagan was blocked by Fernandez, Bay Cristobal got the loose ball just before the buzzer and was about to lay up when Fernandez caught him right smack in the face. No foul! And Dalupan was incensed. He stormed on courtand in no certain terms gave the referees his opinion about the state of their eyesight. Referee dela Cruz summoned enough courage to reestablish authority with a technical.
The crowd was still worked up when the two teams came out from the dugouts, the referees were booed and Cristobal was applauded when he appeared looking alright. The game itself continued with more intensity. The third quarter ended with Toyota back in the lead at 94-91. Action escalated in the fourth, it became a period of heart-stopping deadlocks and lead changes punctuated with big plays and spectacular shots. Atoy Co broke a 98-98 all tie with a beauty from the three-point area, Abe King retaliated with a fantastic hook shot. A moment of comic relief came with six minutes left to play when Philip Cezar desperately hung on to Jaworski's jersey in a futile attempt to stop a fastbreak. But the laughter immediately died down as the resulting three-point play gave Toyota another five-point lead, 114-109.
Crispa kept coming back, even grabbed the lead again at 117-116, only to lose it when Jaworski uncork his own three-point shot but Cezar fought back for Crispa. He gave them their last deadlock at 121-121. Then the double-teaming on Fernandez resulted in Terry Saldana getting open for a five-footer. This was followed by King intercepting and giving Toyota a four-point lead just as the "Last two minutes" was being announced.
They were able to preserve this lead through two exchanges of baskets. Dalupan called his last timeout with 41 seconds left in the game and the scoreboard showing Toyota up, 129-125. Atoy Co put in the last word in the night's argument with a three-pointer that pulled Crispa back to within reach at 128-129. The Redmanizers had a chance to win the game but Bay Cristobal flubbed the last shot of the evening, allowing Toyota to escaped with another one-point squeaker. Naturally, the Crispanatics were not convinced, "Kung ipinasok lang yun ni Cristobal,,," "Kung hindi lang na technical si coach."

Note: This game was the last one-point victory by either team. Their two previous games, the opening game of the 1982 season and their quarterfinals match in the previous conference last year, were also decided by one point with the scores on exact opposite, 111-110 for Crispa on October 15, 1981 and 111-110 for Toyota on March 7, 1982.